tagGroup SexA Seduction Fantasy Ch. 02

A Seduction Fantasy Ch. 02


You gradually relaxed as the powerful but brief orgasm released its grip on your loins. In all too short a time, you had been manipulated from the mildly aroused state that came with nervous anticipation as you knelt submissively on our floor to the hot flash of pleasure you had just enjoyed. As the sexually induced fog melted from your mind, you realized you were slumping a little on the straps holding your arms above your head. You felt the wet trickle of your free flowing cunt juices cooling on your inner thighs. And you smelled the fragrance of your own fresh pussy scenting the air of the room. The sense of embarrassment returned, bringing a new heat to your nipples and vagina.

"Victoria, did you like that?" asked a woman's voice from nearby. Reflexively, you turned your face toward the sound, even though the scarf over your eyes prevented any sight of the woman. You hesitantly nodded.

"I want to hear you say it," she admonished you. "Call me by my name and tell me what you felt."

"I...It was surreal. God did it feel good, Kelly..." you began haltingly. As you said my wife's name, her hand lightly stroked the nape of your neck. "You hardly even touched me and I was sucking on that thick dildo, and it was so humiliating, and then I came and all I wanted was..."

"My husband's cock," Kelly interrupted.

You nodded once again in admission.

You felt the hand leave your next and sensed movement near you. Straining to hear, to gain any idea of what was happening, you heard the soft whisper of clothing sliding against skin, and the gentle plop as a light garment hit the floor. Panties, you wondered? Your answer was clear moments later as you caught a whiff of Kelly's wet cunt as she stepped in front of you and pulled your face between her thighs. Blindly, you leaned as far in as possible, seeking her mound with your mouth. Finally, as you reached the limit of your restraints, your lips brushed against her closely trimmed pubic hair. Kelly released a soft moan when your mouth pressed against her sex, and you felt the first wetness leaking from her cunt to stain your lips with her flavor. Her hands came down behind your head and settled you in closer.

You began to slowly tongue Kelly's slit from bottom to top in gentle strokes. At first you were simply licking her outer labia, but your loving ministrations rapidly caused Kelly to spread her legs wider and open her inner pussy for your touch. You could smell the clean, womanly odor of her sex and felt your own vagina getting slick in response. Gaining confidence, you started probing more aggressively, alternating swift licks across her clit with long probes as deeply into her hole as you could force your tongue. Kelly's breath started coming more quickly and more shallowly.

For a while, I let you enjoy the simple pleasure of eating my wife as I have done so many times. It wasn't long, though, before I was ready to up the ante. I quietly stepped up behind you. You felt my hands reaching down to touch your breasts and felt my cock rubbing against the back of your neck, its tip leaving a wet mark of precum in its wake. The teasing touches of earlier were history, you realized, as I firmly grasped each of your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I slowly began lifting your tits by the nipple, pulling and squeezing until I was rewarded by your gasp of pleasure and mild pain.

"Are you going to fuck her now, honey?" my wife asked.

You felt a hot sensation in your cunt as she said that, praying my answer would be yes. Redoubling your efforts at cunnilingus, you hoped that by pleasing Kelly with your mouth, you would influence me to please your aching cunt with my hard cock. However, I was not quite ready to do so. Instead, you felt a different dildo pressing against your pussy. Unlike the one from earlier, with its outrageously thick head, this one felt a little more manageable with a normally tapered head. I didn't give you long to think about it, however, as I quickly twisted it in your wetness until it was well lubricated, then pushed it fully into you in a few short strokes. You realized belatedly that it was still awfully big, both in thickness and in length. Of course, you knew from talking to me that Kelly and I don't have many small dildos.

I paused to make an adjustment to the base of the latex cock and you felt its vibrating motor begin to run, sending a strong buzzing sensation in a straight line from your cunt to your brain. You smiled into Kelly's pussy as the pleasurable sensation as the toy started working its magic upon you. The constant pressure of her hands on your head reminded you to stay focused on the delicious cunt lapping you were providing at the same time, and you began to lose yourself in the pleasure. If it weren't for your hands being held above you by the velcro cuffs, and the awkward, forward leaning kneeling position you were thus confined to, you would have been feeling quite relaxed and turned on. Even so, the embarrassment of your earlier treatment was fading rapidly to the multiple sources of stimulation you were enjoying.

You felt me get up from behind you and sensed me leaving the room. It didn't really bother you, though, since the dildo was plenty long enough that your kneeling position easily kept it forced deeply inside you and I'd left the vibration on. In front of you, Kelly was getting more and more into the eating you were giving her. She began to softly grind her pussy into your face with her hips moving in a fucking motion. Suddenly I returned and you felt my face next to your ear.

"How did we first meet, Victoria?" I asked you.

Beginning to moan softly from your stimulation, you tried to think. "I- I read- oh. I read one of - oh - your stories and - mmmm - emailed you." My hand dropped to your ass and lightly stroked it as you gasped your reply.

"That's right, but what else did you do?" I prodded.

You felt a cool, slippery touch on your ass cheek and tried to place it. It moved around your ass, leaving a greasy trail. "I sent you - oh God - I sent you my - mmm yeah - story." The touch became a pressure on your anus and you finally realized where I was going, and what I was beginning to press inside your hot rectum. "Butter! I sent you 'Butter'!"

"That's right," I whispered, kissing your earlobe. Pressing the stick of butter firmly into your ass, while the vibrator whirred inside your cunt, and Kelly's pussy engulfed your mouth. Letting the heat from your ass melt the butter until you were well and completely lubricated in your beautiful nether entrance. Then I knelt behind you.

The position you were in, awkward and uncomfortable as it may have been, was perfect for me because your forward lean lifted your ass off of your heels and revealed your puckered ass hole to me. You felt the head of my cock press against you and then slip slowly into your bowels, inch by pleasurable inch. As the long seconds passed, I finally came to rest deep inside you, with my balls pressed against your ass cheeks. From what you've told me, my 8" of respectably thick cock is not at all as large as the giant 2" thick dildo you've handled before. Still, from the gasping of your breath and the wet juices I felt leaking from your cunt onto my knees as I held motionless inside you, I was confident that you were enjoying the full sensation I provided. And since I could feel the vibrations of the big dildo that still filled your pussy through your thin inner wall, I knew you were experiencing a great deal of pleasure.

I began slowly assfucking you with long, gentle strokes. Gradually, I brought up the tempo until I was pushing in and out of you with a steady pace that left no time for recovery. I could faintly hear Kelly approaching orgasm as she grunted, "Fuck her. Fuck her," to me while you tried to keep licking her clit as fast as possible. She looked me in the eye and moaned as you pushed her over the edge, watching my cock ease in and out of your ass. Kelly came with a loud cry and left a fresh trail of juices on your face.

I knew I wasn't going to be far behind, because the feeling was far too intense, but I didn't want to come before you did, so I strained to hold back. Fortunately, you were as hot as I was, and within a few more strokes I saw your head tilting back towards me and heard your ragged gasps announce the impending arrival of your orgasm. As your ass and pussy began wildly spasming and clamping around the dual penetration of my cock and dildo, Kelly came forward to kiss you on your cunt cream soaked mouth, her tongue swirling over your lips to taste her own flavor. That pushed me over the edge and I thrust as deeply as possible into you and began shooting my hot come into your bowels. You felt my cock pulse several times with hot jets of semen, then begin to relax. I turned off the vibrator but left it inside you, along with my semi-erect cock, and Kelly undid your wrist cuffs.

As you lowered your fatigued arms to your sides, I wrapped my arms around you and gently angled us both onto the soft blanket covering the floor. Kelly lay down in front of you and wrapped her arms around us and we all began to relax. And I undid your blindfold and allowed you to see us for the first time...

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