tagMatureA Seniors Club Ch. 01

A Seniors Club Ch. 01


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Gary Pollard finished his dinner at the posh steakhouse he had entered over an hour ago. He signaled the waiter and gave him his credit card to pay his check. He glanced at his drivers' license to check the renewal date and saw his birth date. 'Damn' he thought, 'I can't be that old and still have all these young thoughts and desires.' His mind retraced his activities of the last few years when he had been fortunate enough to date, and bed, several younger women. With the help of Viagra, or similar drugs, he had performed adequately and had happy memories of those encounters. But he also knew that none of those encounters would ever become permanent relationships because of the age difference.

He was now seventy and had been involuntarily celibate, except for his right hand, for nearly two years. His last romantic involvement was with a married woman of forty two. When he found out she was married he also helped her realize that the path she had chosen, dating him, would only lead to more problems. At his urging, she had made a genuine effort to rekindle her marriage with her husband and it had worked out well. But that was the last time he had been with a woman and she was thirty one years younger than he. People were confused about his age because his hair was still a brown shade with some sparse gray blended in at his temples. Most women thought he was in his fifties, or early sixties. Most of them were a little put off when he told them his true age. 'Maybe I should start lying about my age," he thought.

He decided to stop in the bar and have a Drambuie to top off his dinner. Gary ordered his drink and sipped it slowly while he watched the football game on TV. He noticed a woman that had come in the bar. She sat a few barstools away and sipped her red wine. She smiled and asked the game score. Gary realized that she asked that question to open a dialog because the score had been flashed on the TV screen. She appeared to be in her late forties, but he really couldn't tell because of the dim lighting. Her hair was a dark blonde shade, shoulder length and neatly styled. She seemed of average size, dressed well with a nicely shaped body. Her breasts were just right for her body size, a C cup he judged, and seemed to sway provocatively when she moved her upper body. Gary watched as she finished her wine and placed the glass on the bar.

"Would you care for another?" Gary asked. She hesitated for a moment then smiled.

"Yes, that would be very nice, kind sir," she replied. The bar tender served the wine and she held up her glass in a salute to Gary. He raised his Drambuie in recognition of her gesture and they both sipped their drinks. "Are you alone?" she asked. Gary nodded yes and she smiled again, "Come sit here," she said, patting the barstool next to her. Gary grinned and moved to the barstool next to her, bringing his drink with him. He introduced himself and sat down. The slight scent of her perfume wafted pleasantly to his nostrils. "Hello, Gary. I'm Laura...Laura McQueen. Pleased to meet you," she said with a smile and very pleasant voice.

Gary returned her smile as Laura turned to glance at the game on TV. "I gather you like football." Gary said to her.

"Oh yes, it's my favorite sport. My father was a high school coach in both football and baseball," she told him. They talked about the things they liked and seemed to hit it off very well. She liked the same things Gary liked in music, art, recreation and other fun things to do, including staying home with a good book occasionally. He ordered his second Drambuie and offered another glass of wine for Laura, but she declined. Laura's clothes were fashionable and upscale. It was obvious that she knew how dress to really look good and she seemed very meticulous about her accessories.

Her makeup was subtle, but suited her just right. In all, Laura was indeed a very good looking woman. They talked about their lives and that both had been widowed in the last few years. Laura lived alone and her only child, a married daughter, lived on the west coast with her husband and their son. She worked as a realtor, owned the company and also its best salesperson. During their conversation Laura told him that she was sixty four years old. Gary remarked that, without a doubt, she was the youngest looking sixty four year old lady that he had ever seen. Laura grinned as she thanked him for the compliment.

Gary glanced at the clock behind the bar and it read ten o'clock. They had been talking for over two hours and had lost track of time. Laura said that she had to get home because her daughter was going to call her at eleven. She asked the bartender to call a taxi for her, but Gary interceded and offered to drive her home as it was on his way. Laura hesitated for a moment, but the bartender told Laura that he knew Gary for several years and that she would be fine if Gary drove her home. She thought it over for a few seconds then smiled and agreed. Gary held her hand as she got off the barstool and they headed to the parking lot to Gary's car.

He pulled up at her home, prepared to go around and open her door. But Laura opened her own door and stepped out. "Thank you, Gary, for the wine, but especially for the wonderful conversation, and for being gracious enough to give me a lift home," she said. Gary accepted her thanks. Laura gave him her business card with her office phone number, "If you like, you may call me at this number. I'd invite you in, but I have to call my daughter and I know we'll talk for hours." She smiled, shut the car door and went inside. Gary put the card in his pocket, noted her address, waved goodbye and drove off. Interesting, he thought, deciding that he would indeed call her.

It had been two days since Gary had met Laura. He decided to call her at her office and ask her out to a movie and dinner. Dialing her office, Gary asked for Laura. When she answered he told her that he was her chauffer from the dinner club where they met. She laughed and they easily drifted into a telephone conversation. Laura was impressed that Gary was so easy to talk with and seemed as though she had known him for years. Gary asked her if she would like to take in a movie with dinner to follow. "Gary, I think that would wonderful," she said. "Shall I meet you or will you pick me up?" she asked.

"I'll come by your house around six o'clock, if that's ok," he replied. "The movie starts at seven and is almost two hours long. Is dinner after nine pm ok?" She replied that those arrangements were perfect and she would be waiting for him. He pulled into her driveway promptly at six pm. Laura was ready and dressed casually too, in a top, skirt and a cardigan sweater. Gary told her she looked great as he held her door open to his Town Car. Following the movie, Gary suggested dinner at the same restaurant where they had first met and Laura agreed.

They finished dinner and Gary offered Laura an after dinner cognac. "Let's have one when you take me home," Laura suggested. Gary nodded agreement, paid their check and they went out to the car. Soon they were at Laura's house and parked in her drive way. Entering her home, Gary noticed that the furnishings were elegant and obviously high end brand names. Her home was well cared for and nicely decorated. Laura invited him to take a seat and she would fix drinks for both of them. She returned from the kitchen with a Drambuie for Gary and a glass of Blush wine for herself. They touched glasses and sipped their drinks.

They talked a short while when Laura drew herself up into a stiff sitting position. "Gary, I don't know how you will perceive what I'm about to say, but I will say it anyway." Gary seemed puzzled, but urged her to say whatever was on her mind. "Ok," she began, "It has been over three years since I have been intimate with a man and I can hardly stand another second of it!" she declared. "Gary, please don't think ill of me, but I really need you to take me to bed and make love to me." Gary was surprised, but not shocked at hearing her words. He too had similar problems.

"Laura, it would be my pleasure to make love to you, but I need my little blue diamond shaped 'helpers' to make you happy," he confessed.

"I don't have any Viagra, Gary, but my husbands' Cialis is in the medicine cabinet and is just aching to be used," she said with an impish grin.

"Here I come to save the day!" Gary sang the Mighty Mouse refrain with a grin. Laura laughed, sat on his lap, and they kissed one another deeply. Laura sighed as they broke their kiss, clasped Gary's hand and guided him up the stairs to her bedroom. Inside she turned to kiss him again then reached into her nightstand to withdraw bubble package of Cialis and handed it to Gary. He popped one bubble open and put the pill in his mouth. He swallowed it with a sip of the Drambuie he had brought upstairs with him. Laura said that she was going to change into something more comfortable. But Gary embraced her with one arm and started to unbutton her top as Laura began to breathe harder.

"I want to do this," Gary whispered as he slowly unbuttoned her top. "It's been much too long since I've done it, Laura." She moaned and relaxed as his expert fingers opened her top to reveal her lacy white bra underneath. Gary kissed her neck and unclasped her bra behind her back. He let it hang over her breasts without revealing them. His thumbs glided into the waistband of her skirt. He kneeled to pull it down her shapely legs and Laura stepped out of it. Gary rolled her thigh high stockings down her legs and off of her feet. Then he leaned in to nuzzle her warm thighs with his face. He kissed her warm inner thighs and she sighed with a deep desire.

He kissed the soft skin of her firm belly and briefly drew his tongue around her navel. Laura groaned as her fingers rippled through Gary's hair. He slipped his thumbs into the waist band of her bikini panties and slowly pulled them down and off of her ankles. Her dark neatly trimmed bush was full and crowned her pussy, now laden with moisture. Gary nuzzled the soft curls of Laura's bush and she moaned when he kissed the hood of her clitoris. Her scent was tantalizing and Gary was eager to taste her, but decided to prolong her desires, and his, until they were both naked. Gary stood up and gently removed her bra to reveal her shapely breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly as they protruded from two well shaped globes, with just a little sag.

Gary could not wait any longer. He nuzzled Laura's breasts, kissed them and finally drew his tongue over her nipples. She groaned with passion and desire and laid her head back while Gary's mouth moved from one nipple to the other. Sighing deeply, Laura stepped back and began to unbutton Gary's shirt. She smiled as his shirt came off then his undershirt quickly followed. Laura kneeled, unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and removed his pants. Laura removed his socks and his boxers quickly followed his slacks.

Laura leaned back on her knees to look over his semi hard cock. She was pleased that he had an ample foreskin and she drew it back to reveal his pinkish purple head of his cock. Looking up at Gary she grasped his seven inch cock and brushed it all over her face, kissing it as she rubbed it over her lips. Laura opened her mouth and took Gary's cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around the velvety head. She licked the sensitive spot on the front of his cock, just beneath the cleft of his cockhead, as Gary moaned with delight.

He stroked her hair as she took his cock deep into her mouth and tried to deep throat him. Laura gagged a little as it had been too long since she had done this, but she was determined. After several attempts she stopped gagging and Gary's cockhead entered her throat. His cock began to stiffen more under her oral expertise. Then she sealed her lips around his cock to bob her head up and down. Laura's tongue swirled over his cockhead while Gary moaned in pleasure and passion. Every so often she would deep throat his cock and try to swallow it, but of course could not. However, the sensations on the head of Gary's cock were incredible.

"Mmmmmmm," Laura moaned as the incomparable feeling of a cock once again filled her mouth. His smooth huge cockhead and its unique taste rekindled the memories of her late husband. She paused momentarily to withdraw the cock from her mouth, "God, I love it, Gary. Its sooo good!" then resumed licking and sucking his now rigid hardon. Her lovely breasts swayed and jiggled as she moved her head up and down his stiff cock. Laura cupped Gary's balls in her palm and rippled her fingers through his scrotum, gently pulling at his balls as she sucked lovingly on his cock.

She licked away his salty sweet thick, clear precum and swallowed it. Then Laura hardened her tongue and placed the tip on his cockhole as though to thrust it inside. Holding her tongue firm against his cockhole she brought his foreskin up over his cockhead and her tongue. Gary groaned at the remarkable sensations this newly found Goddess of love performed on his cock. Laura swirled her tongue around and around his cockhead several times. Then she drew his foreskin down again and licked him under the rim of his cockhead. Gary felt the initial stirrings of his orgasm begin to build deep inside his cock. Laura too, felt his balls begin to draw up tight and realized that he was close to cumming. Desperately wanting to taste his lover, Gary grasped Laura's underarms and lifted her to her feet. He guided her backwards to her king sized bed and laid her down on her back across the bed. Gary placed her legs on his shoulders as he gazed down at his passionate lover and he kneeled between her legs. He could see her engorged clitoris eagerly erect and begging for attention. Laura grabbed a pillow and put it under her head so she could watch what she had been praying would happen to her for the past few years. Gary didn't disappoint her as he leaned in and kissed her sopping wet pussy as though it was her mouth.

"Oh my God," Laura moaned deeply and lunged her pussy toward his mouth, crying out when he French kissed her pussy. Then Gary drew his tongue along the creases where her thighs joined her torso while Laura writhed with pleasure and desire. He nuzzled the soft curls of her bush then placed the tip of his tongue at the bottom of her pussy. Gary drew his tongue along the out sides of Laura's pussy. He licked up over the hood of her clit, avoiding touching her throbbing nub then licked down the other side several times. Laura thrashed about groaning, "Oh my God," over and over.

Laura was on the edge of exploding, but Gary kept changing the way he teased her succulent pussy, thus preventing her from cumming. Though she was nearly mad with an eager need to cum, Laura thoroughly enjoyed his sexual teasing of her pussy. Gary flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed pussy lips, gathering her nectar as it seeped out between them. Her taste was delicious and he parted her pussy lips with his tongue to finally plunge his tongue deep inside her pussy. Gary swirled his tongue into the soft, pink, inner folds of her pussy. She moaned and thrashed about as he tongued her deeply.

She tried to reach out to rub her throbbing clitoris, but Gary took her wrists in his hands and held them to preclude her from pleasuring herself. Laura groaned and gasped as he defeated her efforts to try and make herself cum. Gary continued to swirl and drive his tongue deep into her delectable pussy. All the while Laura squealed, squirmed and twisted her body from the intense pleasure she was receiving. While Laura groaned and writhed constantly, Gary's tongue flicked over her swollen throbbing clitoris. She cried out and pulled her wrists from Gary's loose grasp, grabbed his head firmly to grind her clit into his 'tormenting' tongue and mouth.

She screamed, "Oh God...I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" then thrust her pelvis hard against Gary's mouth as she erupted in a savage orgasm. She spewed her juices all over Gary's face, mouth and tongue as her pussy spasmed each time his tongue flicked over her clit. Gary continued to lick and suck her clit throughout her orgasm, determined to try and make her cum again. Laura's spasms drove her relentlessly into another massive orgasm that caused her to release her hold on Gary's head and drop her arms limply at her sides, as her second orgasm consumed her. She lay still, unable to move, moaning about how wonderful she felt, and declared that she had never cum twice in a row like that.

Gary's tongue moved softly over her pussy and very sensitive clit to lick up her succulent juices as he 'dried' her pussy with his tongue. He stood up and gazed down at his lover as she labored to breathe, trying to recover from her orgasms. He placed his hands on the bed on either side of her, to support his body then lowered his head to lick her areolas. She moaned delightedly as she felt his warm wet tongue on her breasts. Gary licked all around her nipples, but avoided touching them to once again sexually 'torment' her. "Oh God, Gary, suck my tits," she gasped as she laid her hand on the back of his head to guide his mouth to her nipples.

Gary surrendered to her desires. He eagerly licked and suckled her delicious nipples. She moan with pleasure as his magic tongue danced from one nipple to the other several times. Gary managed to slip his hand, nearly unnoticed, to her pussy and spread her pussy lips apart with his fingers. Laura happily enjoyed getting her nipples suckled and accepted this pleasure with her eyes shut. Suddenly her eyes popped wide open as she felt his massive hardon slide firmly into her pussy impaling her. "Oh God, yes!" she cried, as Gary embedded his cock deep inside her.

"Fuck me...Fuck me, Gary!" she screamed. He withdrew to leave only his cockhead inside her then thrust his fleshy cock deep inside her again. "Ooooooooooh, that's sooo good, Gary...sooo good," she groaned. Gary began a rhythm of withdrawing his cock then pushing it deep into her wonderful pussy. Laura's passion was uncontainable. She quickly raised her legs to wrap them around Gary's waist, locking her feet together. Laura met Gary's downward thrusts with upwards thrusts of her own, driving his marvelous cock deeper into her clenching pussy. She clenched his cock firmly with her vaginal muscles on every in-thrust. This pushed his foreskin back exposing his sensitive cockhead to the inner folds of her pussy. On the backstroke, the muscles of her pussy clutched his cock pulling the foreskin back over his cockhead to ease the sensitivity a little.

"Oh, Gary...it's been sooooo long...sooooo long," she sighed as they happily fucked. She reveled the renewed feeling of Gary's balls slapping her ass with every in-stroke of his cock. It had been too long since Laura had experienced the enchantment of making love and she replenished her lost ecstasy. Gary groaned when he felt the stirrings of orgasm deep inside him. His balls drew up tight and prepared to empty themselves into this awesome and sensual lady. Laura sensed that Gary was about to cum. She squeezed her pussy muscles tight and pulled Gary's cock deeper inside her with her legs.

Laura was exquisitely lost in the passion of the moment. She felt her entire universe converge to her pussy and clit and she exploded in her third orgasm. She groaned aloud in Gary's ear and her arms held him tight against her breasts. Her legs compressed his waist as she shuddered and came hard. Gary kissed her lips. Their kiss muffled his joyous cries and he erupted in a sea of warm, thick, pearly cum that spurted deep into Laura's pussy. His warm seed filled her pussy and his balls emptied their rich, thick, gooey goodness into her. They both felt his ample cum push its way back along Gary's cock and the walls of Laura's pussy until it leaked out.

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