tagNonHumanA Sensual New Beginning with a Bite

A Sensual New Beginning with a Bite


In the cool darkness of the night they meet in the moon light. The desire was great, emotions high and the need greater than the rest. One willing to change, the other willing to perform the act. A new union was to take place this night.

As the couple lay on the blanket in the field they talked for a long time. How there was no turning back, life would be forever change. They wanted to be sure the decision was steadfast.

They started holding each other, softly kissing. Soon her breasts were being massaged and his cock stroked. Her blouse was ripped, buttons flying. His pants were torn pass the zip as her hurried to free him. This would be their last sexual love making as a mixed species.

The look in ones eyes was total abandonment, the others the fiery lust of blood. She spread her legs wide and he drove as hard as he could into her wetness. The moans were animal like. The breathing was a swirled with the sounds of two bodies grinding together. The time was getting near. Near for their orgasm and near for ones death.

The timing had to be right or they both could perish. The vein had moved to the surface during their mating. Now? A whispered "Yessssssss" was to be heard. The teeth punctured the artery of the neck. The coppery warm liquid was eagerly being drunk. They continued their death fuck. The sounds being produced where not of this world, but of a darker one. At the last second the bite was released, the body racked with orgasm and death all at once.

A wrist was slit, the blood flowed and moved to the mouth of the dying mate. Coughing, then a sucking sound, hands grasp the wrist for survival in some other form. A sharp grimace from the provider jerking the warming liquid away. Then the other watched intensely awaiting the transformation. They had come to know that ending life while experience and orgasm made the transformation somewhat easier.

Even though they knew what to expect, the changes could not compare to the fore mentioned words. It was a new world and theirs to share as they kissed deeply.

The hunger was great. They left together to find what they needed. Later the body of a waitress at a truck stop near I-70 was found. She was sitting in the middle of the back seat. Her dress was ripped down the middle exposing her curves. The look on her face was one of extreme pleasure, proven by the pool of cum on the seat between her legs. Her chest was thrust out, head back and legs spread wide. The skin was as white as a china doll. Matching bites were found on either side of her body on her neck wrist, breasts and inner thighs. However one set was larger than the other.

As the first sun rose of this new existence, a couple shared their first day embracing in their coffin. In the future some will join them and some will serve them, others will nurture their bodies.

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