tagRomanceA Sensuous Story

A Sensuous Story


I pulled up to your house, noticing that it was dimly lit. As I approached the porch, I noticed the light from one candle being lit, coming through the big living room window. It was just letting off enough light that I could see your shadow sitting in a chair in the middle of the living room. I started to knock, but the door seemed to open by itself.

I stepped in to the entryway, watching you turn your head just slightly to acknowledge my entrance. I stood at the door, scoping out your fantastically toned body, as you slowly rose up. You were wearing my favorite peach colored baby-doll top, low cut in a "v", exposing some serious cleavage through the lace bodice between the spaghetti straps. I viewed the outline of erect nipples pushing the fabric out. As you made your way to me, I noticed the hem of the top gave me just a 'hint' of the little triangle patch of fabric covering your vagina as your legs pushed it out. You looked straight ahead, your eyes piercing mine in a determined look.

I looked down at your feet and saw your 5" stilettos that made you tower as you got up next to me. You wrapped your arms around my back, pulling up my burnt orange pullover as your right thigh pressed against my hardening cock. You felt so good and so sexy to me. You pressed against my cock as your nails found my bare back and raked across from my waist to my shoulder blades as you kissed my ear, whispering quite softly, "Oh, you're so hard already....I like it".

You tenderly kissed my ear, my jaw, my chin, and worked up to my lips. As our mouths met, your tongue was already extended to push into my waiting mouth. You licked the roof of my mouth, wiped over my teeth, and then pressed it on back toward my throat, while entwining my tongue. The use of your nails on my back was livid to me. I moved my hands to your ass, squeezing your flanks, pressing your pelvis to mine. I felt like my cock was getting harder and harder. You broke off our deep kiss and turned around, putting your hand behind you to feel for my cock. You then pulled me to follow you to the center of the room to the chair where you had been sitting when I arrived.

For the first time I noticed there was stand-up mirrors on the side of the chair. You picked up a brush, as a much manicured nail pointed to the floor in front of the chair, telling me to kneel. As I kneeled, you removed your satin panties before you sat down into the chair. You dropped them on the floor beside me and I noticed a slight damp spot in the crotch. You spread your beautifully dark tanned thighs and I could tell of your excitement by the smell of your arousal. You brought the brush to your pubic hairs and slowly started to stroke the tender blonde hair. You know that I adore when you sometimes 'forget' to shave for a period of time, and then I am allowed to either watch you shave or tenderly shave you myself. I watch you manipulate your brush as you began to fluff your lower blonde tresses in soft, upward strokes, making the "wheat patch" very thick and fluffy.

I reach a finger upwards towards your vagina, finding puffy lips and a slight moistening just below your protruding clit. I look at your tilted face, as it seems to be asking how I liked what I was looking at. As your stare becomes one of extreme lust, I don't know if you are going to attack me, kiss me, and claw me or what. I was not really sure, but was willing to take my chances and take whatever came my way.

You sensed my hesitation and reached for my chin, pulling me slowly to your moist nether region. Then you grabbed the back of my head, stopping just short of your pussy by grabbing my hair, holding me there to bask in the aroma of a very hot woman. I licked my lips to your moaning of approval, and then you let my head inch closer so that I could lick ever so lightly at your beckoning slit.

You knew what you were doing to me as I sought to have my tongue plunge all the way into your dampened depths. I continued to slowly lick and tongue methodically until, at your urging, I probed deeper. Tenderly licking your sweet nectar to fill the taste buds of my lapping tongue, my need for your nourishment is rewarded.

You quickly discarded your top, leaving my view to become breathless as you revealed your breasts, so firm; your nipples, so hard; your skin, so smooth and so velvety. Your nails pried my chin up to look at your face, with your hair pulled over to one side.

You whispered to me "Tell me what it is that you want to do."

I could only respond through your blonde "forest", as your growing clit was playing with my tongue, "I want to eat your pussy."

You gave a devilish grin. You grabbed my head tighter."What did you say?"

"I want to eat your hot, swollen, wet pussy and make you come in my mouth," I reply.

You rose up, pushing me back to the floor while you stood over my face looking at me with fierce, wild and horny eyes. You spread your thighs while hovering slowly over my face, your pussy slightly hunching back and forth. You reach down and hold my head in your hands like a brace, lifting my head up, while lowering your pussy to my mouth. You begin to undulate a little lower with each hunch or two, until your heated pussy nearly swallows my face.

Your moaning and groaning was so sensual, your speech garbled as you fucked my nose, mouth and tongue with ardent pressure.

"Do you like my wet pussy, baby?? Doesn't it taste soooooo good? You just love me to fuck your face, don't you?" you growl.

Suddenly you stiffened, groaning low and animalistic. You then expel the most heavy breath as your release comes, flooding my mouth, face, neck, chest and shoulders with your delicious nectar. I breathe as best as I can, as I soak up most every drop of your thick, sweet tasting juices.

You kept hunching slowly, taking in my satisfied facial expression on every back movement. That's when I took your huge, hard nub in my lips and sucked it hard into my mouth.

Groaning, you erupt again into my mouth as your cum slams the back of my throat, and floods my face once again. All I could do was smile into your beautiful blonde forest, delightfully taking in the pleasure that I was being able to give to you.

Finishing your climax, you then lowered yourself to lie on top of me to kiss me very passionately and to taste your own sweet nectar that I wanted to savor on my tongue for a long time.

Slowly, you began to move, rubbing your erect nipples on mine. With your nails you rake my sides and ribs as you raised and lowered yourself up and onto my cock, already hard and thick due to your pleasure. You gasped deeply, but you took it all the way in, dropping your head back.

You sat up and started riding me wildly while your eyes took on a faraway look, mesmerized. I saw your pupils disappear somewhere into the back of your head, your nails working on my chest and ribs. I loved it that you never sped up, just kept rocking, hunching and fucking me, working your way to more orgasms.

Eventually we moved to in front of the fireplace that was flickering with soft, warm flames. You snuggled your nakedness up close to me, nuzzling into my neck. I covered us with your velvet-down comforter.

You lay there half asleep as I began to stroke your miraculous body up and down, moving my hand over all the sensual curves, to the approving tune of your moans. I traced a finger down the side of your face, over your cheekbone, down your jaw line, and circling the edge of your lips. Your eyes riveted on mine as our forms melted into one as we fell into a deep slumber.

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