tagRomanceA Sentimental Heart Ch. 08-09

A Sentimental Heart Ch. 08-09


Chapter Eight

Marcus stretched out beside Miranda and watched her as she slept.

The sun wasn't even up yet, and he could hear the wind howling outside.

That wasn't the reason that he wanted to stay right where he was though... Why he wanted to stay here in Miranda's bed...

She was lying on her stomach, her head turned so that she was facing him.

Her dark hair was sprawled across her white pillow, looking like the wing of some large bird.

Her lids covered her incredible blue eyes, but her lips still looked swollen from their heated kisses.

He was still more than a little amazed by her.

She always seemed so nervous around him, but last night...

In her dreams, he always seemed so much in control; he was masterful and demanding of her...

But in reality... now that she had found the courage to invite him into her home, he seemed hesitant, as though not entirely sure of himself – or the situation.

After the heat of her dreams, Miranda found it all more than a little bit disconcerting!

They stood in her hallway, and neither of them seemed to know quite what to do next!

Miranda gave a little sigh, it had all been too long for her; she'd not been involved with anyone since before the death of her parents, since she had taken on the responsibility of Peter and his education.

Peter was an adult now, and independent; and she felt free once more, to pick up the threads of her life again. But Miranda had been on her own for too long now, and the whole idea of dating and all that that entailed... well it all seemed to be too much of an effort – if she was being honest with herself...

She looked up at Marcus and the thought that; HE was more than worth the effort, slipped through her mind.

She smiled at him in what she hoped would be a seductive smile; and Marcus's eyes dilated, and she saw him swallow.

Not much of reaction, but enough to nurture her confidence, as she stepped nervously towards him and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck.

"You said that you didn't want to come in for a nightcap..." she whispered softly. "So why did you come inside?"

Marcus's eyes darkened further still, and she could feel the tension in him.

"I came inside for you Miranda... I want you!"

She smiled again, partly in relief – but mostly with such a sense of euphoria, that for a moment her head swam. "Good... because I want you too!"

He didn't need any further encouragement it seemed, as his mouth found hers again and he kissed her hungrily.

His arms went around her waist and he pulled her hard against him, letting her feel just how much he wanted her.

Miranda's mouth went slack for a moment, but then he felt her smile again, against his mouth as she moved against him suddenly.

Marcus' hands cupped her bottom encouraging her to rub and to move, against his sensitive groin – it felt so incredible!

But it wasn't enough!

Soon he needed more, and so with a soft growl of impatience, he swept her up into his arms, loving her startled squeal, and headed for the stairs, with a determined stride.

"Which way!" he muttered breathlessly, even though she was as light as a feather and as easy as a child to carry... the effect she had on him was – overwhelming.

"Straight up – first door on the left."

He chuckled at the tone of her voice – it sounded so... self-satisfied?

Her bedroom was small and feminine with the faint aroma of her perfume hanging around it.

The days were short, and darkness had fallen before they'd even finished work for the day.

He dropped Miranda to her feet in the door way, and waited there whilst she moved to draw her curtains and switch on her bedside lamp – rather than the main overhead one.

It gave the room a cosy romantic feel, and Marcus smiled a little cynically; right now the mood was not so much romantic – the mood was in fact a little more basic than that!

She turned to him, and hesitated.

"I want to see you..." he muttered still on the threshold of the room. "I want you surrender to me Miranda... to drop your defences and lose your inhibitions – I want you to do – because I tell you to do!"

He stepped into the room but kept back from her.

"I want you to undress and bare yourself to me... will you Miranda... will you submit to me?"

Miranda's dreams flittered through her memory and she slowly began to undress.

She slipped her jacket from her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor – discarded and forgotten.

Her hands moved to her blouse – where she slowly began to work the buttons, starting at the top and working her way down, she pulled it from the waistband of her skirt, and allowed it to slip from her shoulders.

The blouse followed the jacket – down to the floor – discarded and forgotten.

Marcus could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins, as he studied her with hungry eyes...

The tininess of her waist; and the soft swell of her breast – covered now only by the lace trimmed fabric of her bra.

The colour was a deep dark blue that almost matched the shade of her eyes, and he couldn't quite believe that this beautiful stunning woman was about to become his...

She reached back to unfasten her bra.


Miranda had been lost in the soft hazy memory of her dreams, where she was his for the taking... to do only what he wished... commanded or desired.

She blinked and looked across at him as reality came back.

"The skirt next... please."

She was surprised that she didn't feel awkward or embarrassed, but once she had conceded to Marcus... yielded to the desires and the emotions he incited in her... everything seemed to click into place for her... it was time... time for her to start living again – rather than just existing.

She smiled softly as she saw the expression on his face...

She would never feel awkward or embarrassed around Marcus again.

She unzipped her skirt and slowly shimmied it over her hips, wriggling them a little bit too excessively as she watched Marcus through lowered lashes.

His reactions to her were so gratifying, that he was going to her head like alcohol.

She allowed the skirt to pool around her feet and then stepped out of it... where she left on the floor – discarded and forgotten.

Marcus could not take any more.

She stood before him in just her bra and the tiniest of briefs, and he knew that he could not hold back any longer.

He strode across to her in three long, urgent strides, and grasped her arms to yank her against him.

"Mine!" he muttered just before his mouth crushed hers in a merciless kiss that set out to invade, overwhelm and brand her as his woman.

Miranda clung to him shakily as she weathered his onslaught, he was her dream lover made real... and then some!

She found herself lying on her bed with no real idea of how she actually got there; Marcus had this ability to make her feel as though she was floating...

He stood over her tearing off his clothes as though they were burning him.

His apparently desperate rush flattered her – even while it unnerved her... It had been a while for her, since she had last made love with a man... she did so hope he would be gentle with her... would be able to slow down a little and give them time to gain some pleasure...

Marcus had removed the last of his clothing and was about to join her on the bed, when he caught the slight look of worry on her face.

He smiled reassuringly as he lay beside her.

"I want to touch you... I want to learn what pleases you..." he kissed her gently and his hand glided down her skin, and Miranda relaxed even as she sighed with pleasure.

"Oh... yes... please!"

Marcus had never realised how controlled he could be, as he spent the next hour or more exploring Miranda's body...

He had kissed her gently on the lips, before moving to her throat, her shoulder, her collarbone...

As he met the resistance of her bra, he pushed the strap down her arm.

His hand slipped beneath her to find the clasp, and with a quick flick...

The garment seemed explode; to allow her breast to spill out, where he instantly began to lick, kiss, and occasionally nibble on them.

The little noises that Miranda was making in reaction to him; were almost addictive!

If he licked the flesh of her breast, then she made a little whimpering sound; if he kissed the tip of her nipple, she would groan and gasp and squirm a little... but when he took that hard little nub into his mouth, and allowed his teeth to gently graze the edge...


Her body stilled and went rigid, her eyes rounded wide and dilated... and the funny little noise, that came from the back of her throat... well it was intoxicating... he could listen to that all night!

He took the nipple into his mouth again and began to suck hard, and his hand stroked down over her abdomen, over her navel; and down to slip under the elastic of her panties...

Again she gurgled and whimpered and moaned at him, and her legs opened to allow him access.

His finger pushed down over the soft spikey hair, to slip between the lips of her very wet pussy.

"Oh... yes... pleeease!" she gasped again, as her hand grasped his wrist to encourage him further in.

He paused over her hard clit, and she shivered as he gently massaged it, with a slow circular motion.

She shivered and trembled, and she sucked in a breath that forced her chest up; almost suffocating Marcus as his nose and mouth became filled with her soft, warm, flesh – due to the sudden upward thrust of her breast.

His head came up reluctantly and Miranda looked at him beseechingly.

"Please... Marcus!"

He knew then that she was ready; he knew then that he could not endure any more of his self imposed abstinence....

"You want me babe?" he asked with a sexy little smirk. "You're ready for me?"

"Yessss.... oh yessss!"

His leg was already lying half across hers and so it was the smallest of movements that put him between her legs, although they got into a bit of tangle; as he tried to removed the lacy scrap of material, that was still barring him from his ultimate pleasure.

Miranda lifted a leg awkwardly in an attempt at helping, but in the end Marcus grew impatient, and with a firm grasp and a sharp tug...

Miranda's panties were torn from her.

She gasped and shivered and Marcus watched with excitement as she enjoyed her first orgasm with him.

"Pleeeeease Marcus!"

He slid into her like a hot knife through butter – and as her velvety warmth enveloped and welcomed him, Marcus felt he'd come home!

In his whole life... nothing had ever felt so very right – as being here with Miranda... as being inside Miranda... making love to her was something he knew he would need for the rest of his life... his very survival might be at stake here!

His smiled whimsically as his lips found hers once more and slowly and gently at first, he began to move...

Hours later he slept a dreamless sleep of exhaustion, his mind his heart and body so totally at peace that he couldn't even think anymore.

His sleep for a while was deep, but as the initial exhaustion left him and his sleep lightened to a slumber, he slowly became aware again...

Someone was touching him?

His mind was confused; he couldn't remember where he was.

Someone was stroking his chest.

He knew that he should remember; he knew that he should open his eyes and then everything would become clear...

But he was just so relaxed!

Someone was kissing his skin... nibbling and licking and touching...

The phantom touch moved slowly down, until it reached his rock hard dick, where her soft, warm lips closed around him.

Marcus's eyes shot open, he stiffened for a moment as the memories of the night before came screaming back.

She was sucking and licking and at any moment now he was going to cum...

She wouldn't stop, and Marcus was caught in her web of lust and desire, and it didn't take much for him to succumb to her persuasion.

His release when it came was made so wonderful, because it had taken no effort from him at all; he had simply lain back and let it happen.

"Amazing woman!" he mumbled. "Lovely... wonderful... sensational woman... my woman!"

He pulled her close to him, and together they dozed once more.

The next time he awoke the sun was streaming through the curtains and he was alone in Miranda's bed.

Miranda had stirred as the sun began to rise. She turned as she felt the still unfamiliar presence of Marcus beside her.

She was still a little shocked by herself... by that need to explore his body whilst he had slept... that need to pleasure him, even in his sleep he had responded to her featherlike touch, his voice low and husky, and so very sexy.

The fact that he was getting so much pleasure from her hesitant fingers, had emboldened her to do more; and before long she had been kissing, and licking... and finally sucking on him in a way she never would have thought herself shameless enough to do!

She had known that he was close to fulfilment, and had stayed with him until his release.

Again she had never thought herself capable of such... brazen behaviour... maybe she was having a midlife crisis?

She moved from the bed slowly so as not to disturb her sleeping lover – lover?

He was her employer, and they had both agreed that this would be a mistake.

She slipped into a robe and left him in bed, to sleep.

She needed some space, a little time to think, and come to terms with the person she now realised she was... a shameless hussy!

She cringed as she imagined what he would think of her now; would he expect her to do it again?

Would he be disgusted with her?

Oh god! What had she been thinking, to violate him in such a way!

But he had seemed to be getting so much pleasure from her!

She walked through to her kitchen, and put the kettle on to boil, her thoughts all muddled and growing worse by the moment.

At the ripe old age of – not quite thirty, Miranda had discovered her sexuality – and it shook her to her very foundations.

Right now she didn't know quite whether to sit down and burst into tears of humiliation... or march back up those stairs and re-join Marcus in her bed... to wake him with her kisses, and the touches he seemed to love so much; and demand he make love to her – and keep making love to her, until this ache in the pit of her stomach was gone forever!

The kettle boiled for a moment, before switching off and Miranda stood staring at it blankly as she heard the tell-tale creak of the stairs.

Oh god! She thought in panic she was so not ready to face him yet!

She lurched over to the kitchen sink as a feeling of nausea suddenly rose up in her.

The kitchen door swung open and she was aware of him coming up behind her, would he make his excuses and leave in embarrassment? Would he demand that she explain herself? Would he ask her to resign her position in his offices, feeling that they could not work together anymore?

Miranda leaned over the sink weakly, watching in fascination as the water ran from the cold tap.

His hand on her arm; caused her heartbeat to falter and then start up a frantic beat.

"Good morning," he murmured huskily as his arms circled her waist and he nuzzled at her neck, slowly turning her around.

He smiled before kissing her gently on the lips, and Miranda once more melted into his embrace.

She didn't care... as long as he kept on kissing her like that, then she didn't care what he asked of her, she would do anything and everything, and she would do it happily.

She was nothing more than his own personal little sex slave, and Miranda did not care...


Chapter Nine

He couldn't quite believe it!

She always seemed so demure and passive...

Who would have thought that she would be such a...

It had not taken Marcus very long to realise that whatever he asked, whatever he could dream up... Miranda was game for a go!

"I've always had this fantasy..." he murmured huskily and Miranda looked across at him eagerly, her eyes bright with anticipation.

He wondered just how far she was willing to go, and hesitated for a moment so that he could soothe his racing heart and control his breathing, she was just so damned hot! He could not get enough of her, and the fact that she seemed to be as hungry for him...

"I always wondered what it would be like to..."

Her eyes dilated, and her lips parted as she waited for him to finish.

"Never mind... it's nothing," he looked away from her.

Marcus suddenly felt uncomfortable and ashamed of himself... playing this game with her.

She was never anything but sincere towards him, and here he was treating her like some sort of sex toy!

His parents would be ashamed of him!

Miranda came and knelt at his feet.

"Tell me," she invited huskily.

"It was nothing," he insisted awkwardly.

"It was nothing that you always wondered about?" she mocked him lightly.

She wasn't going to let him off the hook; she would keep on at him until he said something.

"Let's take a shower together!" he blurted out the first thing that came into his head.

"Okay!" she was on her feet and tugging him to his, before he could even come to terms with what he'd said.

God she was just so damned sexy!

He realised then that he would never get enough of her... would never be satisfied enough to walk away...

Marcus sat on the edge of the bed and fastened the cuffs to his neatly pressed shirt.

Miranda had insisted on washing and ironing his clothes before allowing him to climb back into them, and in truth Marcus had been more than happy to stay naked with Miranda whilst his clothes were in the washing machine.

They had had a lot of fun over the last couple of days, but he thought that the shower would be one thing, he would not quickly or easily forget.

He was smiling as he pulled on his trousers, his mind full of how she had looked with the water streaming down her flesh, how she had washed him, from tip to toe, and lingered in places that had him gasping and groaning, and pulling her to him to so that he could kiss her hungrily on the lips, even as he thrust into her with a slick wet slurping noise.

He held her against the cold tiles and screwed her senseless whilst the water poured down over them!

Miranda walked into the bedroom holding out his mobile phone.

"It's rung a couple times now, so I thought it might be important," she explained as he gave it to him.

Even as he took it from her, it began ringing and lit up with Amanda's name and number.

Marcus scowled impatiently as he pressed the button.


"Oh god Marcus!" Amanda's devastated voice whispered down the phone, followed by a high pitched; "Where have you been, why haven't you answered?"

Marcus frowned as he tried to fight down the knot of panic.

"'Manda? What's happened?"

Miranda stood and watched helplessly as the man she had always thought of as strong, and in control – totally fell to pieces.

"What is it? What's happened?" she asked anxiously as she walked across to him, and cupped his face with her hands, forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"It's my father," he murmured in a strangled tone. "He's suffered a stroke... and they're not sure that he's going to make it!"

Miranda's eyes filled with tears as she remembered a time when she had lost her own parents.

"Oh Marcus... I'm so sorry!"

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight – seeming to need that contact... as though he was drawing on her strength.

Then he pushed her away gently. "I have to go... I'm needed at the hospital..."

She could see the mask as it slipped into place – covering his grief and anxiety and portraying the strength his family would need from him – but which Miranda knew was fake.

"Let me drive you to the hospital Marcus!" she begged. "You're upset and worried about your father and your family – you're in no shape to drive... please Marcus... let me drive you there!"

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