tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA September Honeymoon

A September Honeymoon


The Honeymoon

It turned out to be a great decision. Getting married the last week of September was perfect. It was the best weather all year. There were no disasters, and none of the family members created havoc. It was hectic of course, but now the newlyweds were at the Oregon coast resort letting all their cares and worries wash away with the crashing waves.

On this first day of their five day honeymoon, they had spent the day lounging around the beach resort and exploring the nearby beaches. They got up late, had breakfast in bed, made love, and ventured out into the warm-ish (it's Oregon after all) late summer day. The retired tourists flock to the coast in late September, but most of them wander the quaint little beach towns, leaving the beaches nearly empty for the new couple. They climbed rocks, looked at starfish in the tide pools, hunted sand dollars, and built a little windbreak from driftwood where they could snuggle up tight and watch the surf break. At the resort, they played a game of tennis, got dressed up for a fancy dinner, and sat on the edge of the cliff listening to the waves crash against the rocks below. It had been a wonderful day.

About 9:00 that evening they decided to head to the pool. Cindy modeled her skimpy flower print bikini for Tom. He couldn't keep his hands off her. She looked awesome. She had worked really hard to look good in that wedding dress. Her body was tight, and her skin felt so soft. She pushed Tom away and directed him to put on his swim suit. She pulled his warm t-shirt over her head, put on her flip flops and headed for the pool. Tom ran out the door behind her, bare-chested, his sandals in his hands.

Ground lights lit the path. The ferns and moss on the pavement sucked as much light as they could. To their left, the ocean roared as the high surf smashed against the rocks below. To their right, the solid forest wall leaned out over them and swallowed the sounds of the ocean. The taste of salt hung in the air. It was loud and quite, scary and peaceful. Cindy was nervous, or excited, or both, or maybe just cold? The sound of her flip flops echoed off the path. Scrtchflip, scrithcflip, scritchflip.

The pool was empty. The underwater lights mirrored the moon overhead. Tom jumped in first. Cindy did a quick striptease on the deck. She was cold. Her nipples stuck out like bullets. The water came as a shock, but their bodies quickly adjusted. They swam and snuggled and giggled, and kissed.

"So let's go sit in the sauna...." Tom suggested.

"But they're not coed..." Cindy pointed out.

"Ah, it's ok. We'll go get in the one in the men's locker room. Look around. There's no one here...." Tom countered. He kissed Cindy and headed for the pool edge. She swam after him and the two headed for the showers. Cindy grabbed two towels on her way from the pile.

In the shower, Tom pulled off his shorts, rinsed off quickly, and held the sauna door open for Cindy. She looked at him smiled, and said, "You just want to get me naked in public, huh!"

"Guilty!" He smiled back. "Baby, you look so good naked you could charge admission!"

She pulled off her bikini, rinsed off in the stream of the shower and stepped naked through the sauna door. She laid out her bikini on the top bench to dry, spread out one towel to sit on, and draped the other over her body as she sat down facing the door. Tom took the bench just below hers and they both leaned their backs against the cedar wall.

It wasn't but two minutes later and the door opened. Two middle aged gentlemen stepped in. Cindy sat up straight, waiting to get lectured. "I'm sorry," She said apologetically. "I can leave if you want me to. It's just we're newlyweds, and can't be apart from each other you know.... I don't want to make you uncomfortable...."

The two men's eyes slowly focused on the girl in front of them.... "Us. Uncomfortable?" The taller one said. "If you don't mind sitting naked in a room full of dirty old men.... YOU ARE WELCOME TO STAY."

"....in fact," started the other. "If you wanted to charge us admission, we would totally understand!"

Tom started to laugh. Cindy punched him in the arm. The first man looked at Cindy with a puzzled look on his face. "He said the SAME THING, right when we walked in!" Cindy explained. It seems you men are all too willing to start a business on all the hard work I put into getting into that damn dress!"

"Baby, you look HOT!" Tom explained. The two men nodded their heads in agreement.

Cindy leaned back against the wall, and the two men took that as their cue to make themselves comfortable. They each took the lower bench sitting at Cindy's feet.

She started the small talk, asking questions about where they were from, what they had seen and what they liked most. The two men joined in and introduced themselves as Murray and Bill. They were on a golfing expedition and brought their wives along this time. They had made the trip two other times before, but without their wives. They chatted easily as they talked about the coast, the courses they had played and all the money their wives had spent along the way. Murray joked about how much more expensive it was when they brought their wives along, and Bill said it was hard to fathom that because without the girls along, they would be spending their money on "hookers and blow."

Murray chuckled at the joke, then said, "I usually get more sex without the girls along too!"

This comment caught Cindy's attention, and out of the corner of her eye she started to really examine her sauna mates. Murray was taller, looked to be in his late 40's, easily twenty years older than her. He was very well groomed, but still had a wisp of chest hair. He was really ripped... but in an old man way. His arms, shoulders and abs were covered in strong muscles, but there was a layer of fat over them that softened their angles. She thought he was probably an athlete in college, still worked out, but liked to drink and enjoy life. His grooming, looks, and easy going demeanor said "money." She looked at the bulge under the towel that he had rested over his lap and wondered if she was making him hard or if he was just that big. The thought made her grin and blood instantly flowed to her pussy.

She looked over to Bill to check him out and was more brazen as she began to get lost in her growing lust. Bill was shorter, a little more belly fat, but his arms and chest were bigger than Murray. Bill was the frat boy partier who could bench press the family sedan, only now he was all grown up. He too smelled of money and success. His gold rings caught her attention. They were studded with diamonds and each was as fat as his fingers. Were they achievement rings? Fraternity rings? Super Bowl rings? She looked to his crotch and watched as his cock jumped and expanded under the towel. She looked up to notice him looking at her. He smiled as she caught his eyes and he looked down at his crotch. Her eyes followed his and he made his cock jump again. Embarrassed, she turned her head quickly to the side. Bill chuckled. Cindy's pussy was on fire and was gushing fluid. Bill's laughter caused her to blush. Her whole body blushed and her nipples became hard.

Murray began talking in his easy going tone, saying that they all really loved how beautiful the Oregon coast was. Bill chuckled again and commented that their wives were in the rooms comparing their collectables and planning the next day's adventures.

"I would MUCH rather be sitting in the sauna with a hot naked girl any day of the week! He explained.

Cindy's pussy pulsated and she grinned at Bill's comment. God he made her hot. "How does he do that to me so easily?" She wondered.

She tried to relax and her towel shifted. Every nerve of her skin fired off. She was intensely aware of every wisp of air, every breath, and every glance at her semi naked body.

Tom said, "I really like hanging out in the sauna with hot naked chicks too. But it's not as much fun when they wrap their towels tight around them like sausage casing!"

He tried to grab between Cindy's legs. She reached out and punched him in the arm.

"What the fuck is Tommy doing to me!?" She said to herself. "Can't he see I'm about explode? Does he really want me to share myself with these guys?"

The thought caused her heart to skip and her pussy to pulsate even more. Her head and her thoughts were a jumble of emotions and she couldn't think straight.

"I've got to get control of myself!" She thought, trying desperately to gain some composure and clear her head.

She sat back, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let her shoulders relax. The towel, which was hanging onto her nipples for dear life, had nothing left to hang onto when she exhaled. It fell to her lap. She tried not to grin as the "wheezing" in the sauna became far more pronounced. Every ounce of her resolve disappeared with the sounds of heavy breathing coming from her adoring fans.

"If he wants to share me, and he wants me to give them a show, I'm gonna make these boys cry!" Cindy said to herself, turning her waning resolve into power and control. "They may have power over my pussy," she thought, "but those three dicks are MINE to control!"

With her eyes still closed and a smirk on her face, she asked Bill and Murray about the shops their wives had drug them to, what they had found, and which coastal sites they had visited thus far. They mumbled answers, trying to be polite. Their easy going nature and the fluidity of their speech quickly was deteriorating. With her eyes closed she could imagine their engorged cocks growing in length and girth. Their degrading brain function was proof of her expectations, and her smirk became a brazen smile.

Tom asked if Bill and Murray had found a good strip club they could recommend. Cindy kicked out her leg and caught him in the chest with the top of her foot. The swift movement stole her towel from her lap leaving her left side completely bare and her pussy open to their gaze. She caught a glimpse of Bill. She thought he might have a heart attack he was so red. His eyes were transfixed on her glistening pussy. She looked over to Murray. He looked helpless, childlike, simple, like he might even start drooling. She felt adoration for him, like he was a cute puppy on the side of the road. When she looked back at Bill's obvious erection, a rush of confidence ran through her body. She was alive. She never felt more powerful in her entire life. She was making two older, hot, sophisticated, rich men drool! Her pussy clenched in reaction to her thoughts. Murray chocked on his drool. She flexed her pussy again. His eyes got huge.

Cindy sat there basking in the attention. She loved being the object of their lustful desire and was struggling with a plan. She really wanted to give these guys a show and more importantly, teach Tommy a lesson at the same time.

"I'll keep them busy looking at me... " she thought scheming, "then give them a shock back to reality... then make them so hot they'll wish it was January!"

It was obvious that none of the guys could form sentences anymore so she just strung together sentences. She talked about the recent wedding, about the guests, about the food. She could tell none of them were hearing her, and realized even she wasn't paying attention to what she was babbling on about. Cindy looked over and one by one examined their crotches: three little tents, pitched in the sauna! After several minutes of talking, Cindy stood up. Her towel fell onto Tom's bench. She stood naked in front of Bill and Murray. Tom's eyes were glued to her ass. She felt his warm hands begin rubbing the taught warm skin, starting where her legs and butt cheeks met. She stood an easy twenty seconds naked in front of Bill and Murray, amused at watching their eyes dance from her tits to her hairless pussy.

"WELL?" She finally said exasperated. "It's time for a cold plunge. Let's GO! Haven't you been listening to a word I've been saying!?" She giggled knowing the answer.

They looked at each other, looked back at her and turned their legs so she could get by. Cindy threw open the door and jumped out. A wave of cold air crashed in, making that moment, when they all realized that their dicks were hard and the object of their desire expected them to follow her like puppy dogs, even more awkward.

Tom looked and the older men, who were struggling with their thoughts, smiled and ran after her.

"Aren't you coming?" He screamed.

They looked at each other again, stood up and ran to the pool to catch up with the youngsters. Their towels fell to the floor. Their erections slapped their bellies as they ran.

In the pool, the newlyweds were splashing in the deep end. Bill jumped in first, then Murray. They felt like stupid kids, skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool. It was invigorating. Tom and Cindy started making out at the deep end. Bill and Murray looked at each other and grinned.

Tom kissed his beautiful wife, rubbed her pussy and got three fingers into her without resistance. She groaned a little, grabbed his cock and stuffed her tongue down his throat. As he devoured her body, she began hatching the rest of her plan.

"I've got to get them into the hot tub. There I can work over Tommy and make him so hot his brain will melt! I'll get him so worked up that he'll do whatever I want!" She thought to herself.

She squeezed her husband's dick, giving it several pulses, kissed him hard, pulled out of his arms and swam quickly away. She though she heard him whine as she escaped his embrace. She was all smiles as she swam closer to Bill and Murray. The two of them had found their way to shallower water. Their crotches were fully submerged, but their chests were exposed. Cindy had a naughty thought and about ten feet away from them she dove under the water. She swam submerged right up to where they stood, and with her eyes open underwater, she looked for their dicks. Their erections had subsided a little, but they were still aroused. She grinned at her handiwork and surfaced three inches away from Bill's chest. The water cascaded down her hair and face and breasts as she stood. She unconsciously blew out her breath spraying Bill's face and brushed the hair and water out of her eyes. Bill sputtered. Murray stared. She let her hands drop, and without her husband seeing, she lightly caressed each of the hardening cocks. She let her fingers flutter a little and made an invitation.

"Tom and I are gonna sit in the hot tub for a while. You boys want to join us?"

It took several seconds, but Bill finally gained enough composure to respond. "Sounds good to me!" He answered as he watched Cindy's naked ass climb out of the pool and her tits bounce their way to the hot tub. He was transfixed on the water that ran down her back, between her legs, and over her pussy.

Tom made his way from the pool into the hot tub, splashed his way toward Cindy and snuggled up to his new bride. Bill got in next and sat down right across from Cindy. Murray padded his way to the timer on the wall and turned on the water jets. He climbed in the tub and sat on Cindy's left side, between her and Bill.

"So it's your honeymoon." Murray started. "Congratulations Cindy. Tom is a VERY lucky guy! He better take good care of you."

"Oh Tommy's a sweet heart!" She answered in an over-the-top gesture as she kissed Tom on the cheek.

"So how long have you two been married?" She asked the older men.

"Thirteen years for me. But she's my second." Bill responded.

"Twenty two for me and Linda." answered Murray."

Their hard-ons started to droop, and the big smiles on their faces fell.

"They're like my little puppets!" Cindy thought to herself.

She began asking them a thousand questions. She asked about their honeymoons, where they went and what they did. She asked where they grew up, about their jobs, and where they went to school. Slowly she started to steer the discussion towards sex. At first she asked what had attracted them to their wives, then she asked what sex was like that first time. Their answers were honest, reassuring, and funny. They were very comfortable with her and she knew that they would tell her anything she asked.

She asked Murray what his favorite sex position was. He stared into her tits as he told her how he loved to 69 and be on the bottom. She asked Bill how he gets his most powerful orgasms. He told her how much he loved to fuck his wife in the ass doggy style. She asked Murray who was his best lover. He told a story about a prostitute that he paid for on a fishing trip in Mexico. Bill laughed out loud.

"I remember that trip! You said you picked that girl up at the dance club!" Bill shouted, a little too loud.

Murray grinned, and blushed. "Oh she was a professional! Damn! That girl was a professional!" He muttered, lost in his powerful memories.

"What did she do that was so incredible?" Cindy asked, sensing that her plan of manipulation was escaping her.

"Fuck!" Murray exclaimed. "That girl was HOT! Not as pretty as you – not even as fit," he qualified, looking at Cindy. "Man, she just loved sex. I paid her for an evening and she wouldn't quit. She fucked me like her life depended on it, like, if she wasn't fucking, she'd suffocate. She was the only girl to massage my prostrate.... And she sucked the cum off my dick... even after it was in her ass! It was amazing.. DAMN, she did stuff I wouldn't even ask my wife to do... and it was always her idea. I was just on a wild sexual ride. I was afraid to pass out, 'cause I thought she might rob me blind so I wouldn't shut my eyes.... and she kept getting me hard! So I'd fuck her again! I think we fucked for eight hours straight. I came seven times! I finally couldn't take it anymore. I picked her up, threw her naked ass over my shoulder, stuffed 800 bucks in her shoe and carried her out into the hall. She was screaming at me in Spanish as I walked back into the room. I didn't catch all of it, but I think she wanted me to take her home with me...... Fuck that was intense!"

Bill was laughing at Murray's story. Tommy was grinning. Cindy was silent. She wanted to be that girl. She wanted to be used and powerful at the same time.

Bill told a story about a time he was in Bangkok and how a prostitute had put him in a sex swing. He laughed and spoke loud as he told the story. Cindy was mesmerized. She was lost in the enthusiasm of his facial features, she watched as his shoulders and arms flexed while he waved them around. She watched Murray as he chuckled, and she grabbed Tommy's dick, holding him and pulling him closer to her.

"So what was the most amazing sexual thing has your wife done for you?" Cindy asked the two men.

Tom was rubbing her pussy as she listened. Her face went flush and she found it harder to concentrate. Bill and Murray both looked at her and grinned. Her arousal was obvious, and endearing. She looked like she was on the brink of an orgasm.

Murray told a story about how his wife had gotten really drunk at a party and had given another man a blow job in front of everyone. Tom listened and rubbed her harder.

"Damn. I wish I had been at that party!" Bill exclaimed. "I bet your little Linda is an amazing cock sucker!"

Murray laughed. "The girl's got skills!" He said with a wide grin.

"My first wife was a dead fish." Bill explained. "That was part of the reason we broke up. But Denise.... She's a terror. She once dressed up as Elvira on Halloween. Just the black dress and the wig. Nothing else. We danced at this really packed club. There were people pressed in against us really tight. Soon the hands started to grope her... her ass, her boobs. Someone pulled the front tie on her dress and the whole thing opened up. It was like a feeding frenzy after that. There were hands all over her. In her mouth, in her pussy, even a finger up her ass. She came like a ton of bricks there on the floor. Her legs even gave out! I had to pick her up and carry her out. Of course I let the dress flop to the side so that everyone in line could see her naked ass and her shiny pussy as we walked back to the car..... Damn that was a good night! We didn't even make it home before I had fucked her twice!"

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