tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Serendipitous Adventure Ch.02

A Serendipitous Adventure Ch.02


Finally I have completed the second chapter to this story. The first paragraph is just to refresh minds to where I left off.

Elicia's mouth kept working on him as his shaft started to go limp. He would need at least a few minutes to recover he told them. "No, Trent," Destiny spoke, "you will rest now and when you awaken you will be inside the back of your Semi bearing my namesake and Elicia will be beside you." She paused once more letting him process her words, "When the time is right she will lead you back here and you will be allowed to share many more nights with all of us." He felt himself drifting to sleep as a lot of men do after an orgasm of such magnitude, "One final thing," her voice invaded his thoughts, "you will marry Elicia as soon as you have your next lay over. A simple civil ceremony is fine and when you awaken in the rig you will spread her thighs and lick her wet sweet labia and suckle her clit." Destiny's final words seeped through his once again fogging mind, "Once she is prepared you will take her by sliding that big human cock inside her and claiming her as your own, this will remove her final illuminating inner light but do not worry she will retain it for you to see when a child is conceived." "NOW SLEEP"...............

Trent awoke with a start hours later and realized he had somehow returned to his semi. My god what an amazing dream that was he thought as he stretched out. As he stretched his arm hit something, or someone that normally wasn’t beside him. Trent gasped and wondered if it was all real.

Rolling over he looked at the soft form next to him and recognized Elicia. It had been real, he thought to himself, as he remembered the previous hours of the night in vivid detail. The pixies and sprites all working their tiny mouths up and down his shaft, and also the words that their guardian Destiny had spoken to him.

Trent slid down slightly in the bed trying not to awaken his sleeping beauty and slowly lifted her leg closest to him and spread it apart from her other. As soon as he did this she stirred slightly and then resumed her sleeping state. Trent stared for a few moments at the virginal sex before him, then raised his eyes to stare at her beautiful face.

In all his wildest fantasies he had never imagined a girl as perfect or as innocent as Elicia was having any interest in him. Yet he had been chosen, by Elicia and Destiny the guardian and all the other sprites and pixies. Him, he reveled, out of all the males in the world they had chosen him and he was going to make sure at all costs that he lived up to their expectations.

Trent lowered his mouth and sucked one of the girl’s soft petals of her opening into his mouth. He slowly ran his tongue up and down the sensitive flesh as he tasted her strawberry honey like mixture already starting to leak from her slit of love. He could barely focus on the task he had been given as he thought about just how tight and good she was going to feel soon as her pixie pussy would be wrapped around his shaft and gripping him with otherworldly control.

Yet, he did remain focused and slowly he pulled the other moist lip between his own and sucked in the same manner as he ran his tongue over it and then down the side and out of his mouth to taste the pink flesh that was now swelling with arousal. Trent pulled away from Elicia’s pussy lips long enough to move a hand up and spread them with his fingers. There it was swollen and he thought he could see it throbbing as he looked at it. Her little pink clit, poking out from its hood as he moved closer he could even smell a scent of honey and strawberry mixture.

Trent leaned in and stretched out his tongue and lifted the little nub of pleasure with it as he sucked it between his lips. It tasted so sweet and at once he felt Elicia’s hands running through his hair as she lifted her hips closer to his mouth and arched her back in pure pleasure. “Dolche vienmont grousteive,” she cried out.

Trent had no idea what that meant as she reverted back to her native tongue but even as he thought that she opened the telepathic waves with him in order to communicate without words. Her words were translated easily in their minds and he suddenly realized that she was screaming out in her pleasure, “Heaven brought you to me.”

Trent smiled to himself even as he flicked his tongue over her erect clit. Elicia tasted so good to him that he could do this forever but he also remembered that he was to take her virginity tonight and soon he would.

“Oh yes please, soon,” her words echoed in his mind.

Trent realized that she could read his thoughts as well as communicate and he knew not how to shield these thoughts yet. But it didn’t really matter to either of them for they were both pure of heart and mind and had no secrets they would hide from the other.

Elicia felt a sense of urgency now, Trent had awoken a deep hunger in her belly and that desire must be quenched. She ran her fingers through Trent’s hair and then pulled softly urging him up.

“Trent,” she whispered inside his mind, “please take what is yours to take now, I need to feel you inside me and fulfill our desires and destinies.”

Trent thought back to her and hoped she would understand, “Yes, my beautiful little one, I will take you when you are ready and it appears we are both prepared now.”

Even as he was thinking he was sliding up her body and lining up his large penis with her soft dripping wet slit. He knew this would hurt her at first and that bothered him enough to hold back just a little while as he kissed her tender hard nipples.

“Trent the pain will be much easier to bear than the agony of not having you inside me a moment longer,” she telepathically whispered to him,”I will guide your efforts my lover.”

Trent felt relieved and as he lifted up slightly Elicia reached between them and stroked his manhood a few times before using her other hand to reach down and open herself to him. Slowly she guided the bulbous head of his shaft towards her center until she felt the head brush the sensitive inner lips of her pussy. As soon as his cock head had touched her she quivered with lust and pulled his shaft even more inside her opening. Lifting her hips she arched her back and reached one hand around his back and lay a hand on his ass and pulled him into her.

Trent felt the maidenhead of his new lover against the tip of his penis and then suddenly it broke free and he slipped deeper inside her now uninhibited pussy. Elicia screamed in both their minds and vocally as Trent tore through the barrier of her virginity. She felt their bodies meld together in unison at their sexes and she felt whole now. She communicated to Trent that he should give her just a moment to adjust and then he should slide all the way inside her to the hilt.

In a few moments the trucks windows were fogged and the rocking motion of the joining of the two lovers had commenced. Her legs wrapped around Trent’s hips as he slid deeper with every stroke inside her hungry little sex mouth. It had been painful when he ripped through her hymen but now she felt nothing but glorious pleasure as he thrust inside her. His cock seemed to fit perfectly inside her snug little pussy and she could feel every vein and throb of his cock.

Trent wanted to make Elicia’s first act of lovemaking enjoyable so he did his best to pace himself and not cum to soon inside her. “Stop thinking about baseball lover and cum inside me,” her words broke through his train of thought as she arched and wiggled her hips pulling him inside her to the hilt.

Trent started pumping harder and harder inside her and as he did her nails raked down his back and her pussy clamped repeatedly around his cock. He knew in an instant he was about to cum and he told her so as he kissed her full lips and probed them with his tongue.

Elicia opened her mouth and sucked his tongue inside and ran her own tongue over it as she writhed beneath him. His cock was pulsing and swelling inside her pussy now as it had her mouth earlier that same evening. As Trent came it sent waves of pleasure through her pixie body and she came with him on their bed.

Trent’s mind was awash with cries of pleasure and gasps and moans of orgasm. He couldn’t contain these thoughts in mind only and as he gasped for breath he cried out, “Oh yes, my beauty receive my gift of cum.”

Elicia responded with her own passionate words as she whispered into his ear, “I love you Trent and your large penis.”

A few hours later they both awoke with Elicia’s legs still wrapped around him. Trent realized they must be going so that he could drop off the last delivery he had and then they could go find a courthouse and be married.

Elicia understood and she rummaged through his clothing next to the bed and pulled on one of his shirts which dwarfed her tiny frame and a pair of sweat pants. She giggled as she climbed up front with him as they headed down the highway. This was the first time she had been away from the brook and her family and she was giddy with excitement and fear.

Trent spoke softly to her as he reached the speed limit and took his hand off the gearshift to lay it on her clasped hands in her lap. “Elicia, I will do all I can to love and protect you my beautiful one.”

Elicia thought for a moment and then opened her mouth and spoke slowly, “I love you already Trent, and together we will um con... conke...no um conquer all.”

Trent breathed a sigh of content and then gave her hands a soft squeeze. They talked over the next couple of hours about his world and all the things that he hoped to accomplish and how they would best find a way to teach her all she would need to know. Elicia didn’t tell him that the guardian Destiny had already altered some of Trent’s plans for the future in her own unique way.

Destiny had managed to get help from other guardians and devised a plan to make Trent the head of his own company and set him up financially so that his time and effort would be able to focus mainly on Elicia for the first few months at least. All the guardians had chipped in their own little areas of expertise to further give the two a happy chance for their life together and also for the unborn child that would hold the key to future growth in the earth’s rebuilding and restoring of essence.

Trent slipped his rig into the loading dock and asked Elicia to remain inside out of sight and perhaps read a book while he was gone so that her English would improve a bit. Jumping down from the rig and heading inside the loading dock doors Trent was greeted by the usual group of unloaders and the manager of the dock.

“Well, hello Mr. Lucke, so nice to see you again,” the manager said with a smile and warm handshake. “To what do we owe the pleasure of you delivering a load yourself today? Just felt like getting out there one time and reliving the good old days?”

Trent wondered if the manager had recently suffered a severe blow to the head or something but suddenly in his subconscious thoughts shifted and he was aware that now he owned the largest semi delivery network on the east coast. Wow he thought when did that happen?

“Why yes David,” Trent responded, “I just needed to get behind the wheel again and show some of the newer guys that I am not afraid to come out from behind the desk and drive. You know sort of like I wouldn’t ask them to make the long hauls if I wouldn’t still do them myself.”

“That’s why your company is one of the top ones Mr. Lucke,” David replied, “you allow everyone to get a profit of the shares, your fair, and you will not ever just be a suit behind a desk, or at least that’s what all your driver’s tell me when I ask how they like working for you.”

Trent saw the dock workers rapidly unloading his trailer and he decided he would just leave it for pickup by one of the other guys on this route so that he and Elicia could go and be married sooner than if he had to drop of an empty trailer. He told David this and the manager just smiled and said that was fine they would use one of their own rigs to move it off to the side until someone came to get it.

With a wide smile and proud heart Trent unhooked his rig from the trailer and hoped back inside the semi. “Do you know how all of this happened?” he asked Elicia with a grin.

“Well, Trent, the guardians are watching out for us,” she said in perfect English. She went on to further explain everything to him as Destiny had related them to her and she hugged him hard as she finished the details.

Trent leaned down and kissed her before pulling the rig out and into the small town a few miles up the road. Within an hour they were a married couple and felt blessed and eager to resume their intimate needs.

A few months later Elicia regained some of her once illuminating inner light and Trent knew that they had conceived a child. Elicia was understanding and speaking English perfectly by now and she had taught him how to shield his thoughts from others while also easily conveying his thoughts to her. They seemed to everyone that knew them, the perfect couple, and indeed they were.

A few weekends into the month of April Elicia rolled over and kissed her husband deeply in their bed, “Trent honey,” she started, “it’s time to journey back to the cave and reveal our newfound joy and unborn child.”

Trent smiled down at his wife who radiated beauty all the time even if her soft glow was invisible to everyone else she radiated sheer beauty and happiness to him. “I was wondering about that but why now?” he asked.

“Well you humans have a special day called Earthday where people gather to talk about the environment and celebrate mother earth together,” she told him. “But, in our realm,” she continued, “this represents a day of feasts and joining of all the tiny beings that live just outside of human consciousness.”

She had slightly lost him with her last statement but he would be finding out soon enough just what she meant. So a few days later on Earthday they traveled the distance from home to the rest area where he had first been lulled to sleep and then awakened inside a nearby cave to meet his bride.

As they pulled into a parking space and Trent exited the car and walked around to help Elicia out they heard little whispers riding the wind. The voices were exited and there were so many of them but it seemed they were all cries of joy and happiness.

“Come to us....” was the whispered Trent and Elicia heard over and over inside their heads.

Trent entwined his fingers with his wife’s and headed down the path to the small brook. For such a bright and sunshiny day there was no one about and the two sat down on the brook’s edge for a few moments to take in the beauty and to smell the lilacs and jasmine that scented the air. Just on the other side of the brook they witnessed tiny flashes of light and suddenly there were tiny pixies all around them.

Normally the pixies would not reveal themselves to anyone but one of the two sitting here was one of their own kind, and the other was the “Chosen One.” “Welcome back Elicia and Trent,” the pixies spoke in harmony to them.

“Thank you little ones,” Elicia spoke, “please lead us to the cave and let us celebrate today’s joy with everyone.” The pixies and sprites giggled and floated just above the blades of grass leading the way. Elicia could have made her way back here no matter what but she still had a desire to make the pixies feel special and wanted them to feel needed. Following quickly behind the pixies they made their way to the mouth of the cave in only a few short minutes.

“Come, come follow us,” the cheerfully cried as they illuminated the way down deep inside the cavern.

Through many twists and turns they were led until finally they had reached the bottom of the cave and the soft green moss carpeted the floor and thousands of tiny beings were gathered inside.

At once everyone grew silent and in a flash of blue lighting Destiny appeared before them. “Welcome loved ones,” she greeted them. “We have longed to see you again, since the very day you left us.”

“Trent and I have more blessed news,” Elicia spouted in her excitement unable to contain their great fortune, “I am pregnant guardian Destiny.”

Cheers of joy rang out through the cavern and the tiny beings flittered next to them all kissing and rubbing Elicia’s stomach and congratulating them.

A pixie feast had been lain out and yet there were other beings inside the great dome dwelling deep inside the cave. Trent would be hard pressed to figure out just what manner of beings they all were but it was soon revealed that there was only one male in each species. This was strange but it was how it had always been since the beginning of time.

“It is how we survive with no wars and no feuding of any sort Trent,” Destiny had told him. “I am so pleased that you have kept your end of our bargain and that you have taken such good care of Elicia.”

Trent blushed slightly still amazed that the little ones had this effect on him. “It was my pleasure Destiny,” he responded, “I live each day to the fullest with her and can’t imagine a life without her in it.”

“Now as for your reward for doing such a splendid job you are going to be initiated into the realm of pixies, fairies, sprites and other beings,” Destiny told him.

“But I need not these things although it would be an honor Destiny, for Elicia is all the gifts I would ever need,” Trent said.

“Ah but dear husband this is an honor I bestow upon you as well,” Elicia giggled.

As soon as she had spoken Trent was surrounded by the little ones again as he had been before. They disrobed him with Elicia’s help and soon he was lying on his back while their little mouths and hands stimulated his shaft.

Elicia had slid next to him and disrobed as well and she was softly sucking on each of his nipples as she pulled his big hand down between her legs. Parting her thighs she pushed his fingers inside her moist center and rode his fingers to the first of many orgasms.

Trent loved the sensation of Elicia’s tight pussy clenching his fingers and the tiny mouths of her sisterhood. The joy and ecstacy of all this attention soon had Trent on the verge of having an orgasm. “Not yet,” whispered Destiny into his ear as she sucked his earlobe.

Trent felt Elicia nudging him up to a sitting position and then helping him to his feet. She led him to the brook that ran through the cavern and slowly waded into the middle of the water. Trent was confused yet eager to respond to his wife’s touch and direction. Once they had reached the middle of the brook the fairies and sprites surrounded them and a small smooth sandstone rose from beneath the water’s surface. Elicia lay her bare chest down against the smooth stone and raised her hips up just above the water line.

Trent could see the glistening pink moist center of his wife as she presented him with a rear view of her body. Behind him Destiny suddenly appeared before reaching around and grasping his cock in her tiny hands. She was nude now as well and the soft red wisps of pubic hair above her pussy were grinding against his ass as she pulled him forward by his cock until it hit the pink center of his pixie wife.

Instantly Trent felt the soft tiny tongues and hands of so many little ones roaming his body as he pushed in cock inside the tight sheath that was his wife’s pussy. The little ones had appeared on her as well rubbing and kissing her ass and teasing her swollen rosebud of an asshole gently. He watched as others still floated to her front and lifted her torso up enough to stimulate her nipples.

Elicia was cooing and crying out now in her pleasure as orgasms rippled through her body in fierce jolts of energy. Each orgasm made her inner light brighten as if she were recharging it somehow. “Trent,” she squealed to him, “fill me up with all your beautiful cock and cum, my husband.”

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