tagErotic CouplingsA Series of Fortunate Events Ch. 03

A Series of Fortunate Events Ch. 03


A while had passed since I'd left my girlfriend for my supervisor at work. At been staying the night shift, and was treated to some amazing sex. After I'd left my girlfriend, I decided to rent a small apartment. That worked out fine, but the amount of sex we were having wore me out, and I ended up staying with Tiff most the time.

We decided I should move some stuff in, which I thought was good, except a lot of my stuff was still with my ex.

Later that day I was at my ex's house trying to gather the last of my belongings before she got there. Just as I had finished with my last box, the door opened, and she walked in. She was wearing some black biking shorts, and a t-shirt. She was all sweaty, and out of breath.

"I was just leaving." I told her.

"Okay, well, before you go, I need some help getting some boxes put up, do you think you could help?"

She turned and went to the basement, I followed, being the nice guy that I am. There was a stack of boxes in a corner that I assumed is what she was talking about. She walked over and grabbed one, I did the same. As we were walking up the stairs, I couldn't help but notice that she'd been working out. While we were dating, she'd gone lax on her personal fitness, allowing her self to get a little thicker around her mid section. Apparently, she was set on changing that since I'd left, and her firm ass swaying in my face was proof of it. We'd made a couple of trips, and I couldn't help but check her out every chance I got. She was looking good. We'd went to the basement to discover that we'd already taken all the boxes up stairs. We turned to go back, and she bent over in front of me to pick something off the floor. Her tight ass right in front of me took all of my resolve, and I reached out and started rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

"Stop!" She said.

"Sorry, it's just been a while for me, and you look amazing" I quickly lied about the length it'd had been since I last had pussy. The truth on that would be less than 16 hours, but I didn't think she'd go for that.

"Sucks for you." I could tell she hesitated slightly.

We walked up the stairs and again I couldn't help but to reach out and rub her snatch again.

"Stop!" She repeated, while doing nothing to stop my roaming hand.

A slight moan escaped her lips as she pushed my hand away from her pussy. I stepped closer and wrapped my arm around her now very thin frame, reached down, and massaged her clit through the thin fabric her shorts were made of. I could feel her hot snatch beneath my fingers. My cock, now stiff, was poking her through my jeans. She pushed her ass back against it, reveling the hard prick that she'd often stayed up at night longing for.

"No. You left me."

I continued my assault on her pussy, and she kept pushing herself into my cock.

"You miss that?"

My free hand snaked it's way under her shirt to her firm tits. I pulled her to me, and started kissing the nape of her neck.

"Uh-huh" she moaned.

I quickly removed her shorts and freed my cock from my pants. I aimed it strait for her wet hole and shoved it in. It surely felt as if she hadn't had a dick in her since before her sister had moved into our house. I grabbed her hips and started pulling her back to me, inch by inch. Her body quivered and a moan once again slipped from her mouth.

"God! I've missed this"

She pulled off of my dick, kicked her shorts off and ran upstairs. I followed, and was surprised to hear the shower running. I opened the bathroom door and saw her slender body standing in the shower. When she saw me, she motioned me to her with her index finger. I quickly removed my own shorts, and stepped in the shower. She dropped to her knees, bringing her eye-level with my dick. She wrapped her hand around my engorged dick, and started to lick the tip, then slowly swirled her tongue around the rest of my head. She began taking the rest of me into her mouth. I was shocked. She didn't usually go for giving me head, yet here she was, going to town on my throbbing dick. I felt my balls tightening, and decided to halt my impending orgasm. I stood her up, knelt down and engulfed her slit in my mouth. I flicked my tongue all over her pussy. She began moaning loudly, and her knees began to shake. I'm not much on eating twat, so I stood back up, and positioned myself behind her. I bent her over, rubbing her pussy. I pushed my head into the folds of her hot pussy, lubing my cock. I gently pushed forward until my whole dick was in her welcoming sex. I worked up a rhythm as she braced herself on the towel rack. Her moans became louder as I intensified my thrusting.

"Ah, ahhhh, ahhhhh God!"

I took a handful of her full tits in both hands and released wave after wave of my seed into her. She collapsed in front of me, panting loudly.

After a couple of moments she got out and toweled off. I kept looking longingly at her lithe body.

"Want a second round?" I asked as my dick started to stiffen again.

"No, I'm late for work. I hope you enjoyed what you got. It won't happen again."

With that, she went to her room, dressed in her work clothes, and left. I finished cleaning off, and stepped out of the shower. In my mind I was replaying what had just happened. My dick jumped thinking about her pussy, and how it wrapped itself tightly around my dick as I struck her pleasure cords.

"Mmmm" I moaned as I allowed my hand to start stroking my dick.

"Need some help with that?" a seductive voice asked.

As I looked up, I saw Emily, rubbing herself through her panties. Which was all she was wearing, save a baggy t-shirt. Her sister's moaning must have woke her from her sleep.

"Hope you didn't waste all of your load on her" She said as she pulled her panties down.

I felt my dick harden even more as I cleared the distance between us. I lifted off the floor and helped her wrap her legs around my waist. I then turned and pushed her gently against the wall, pushing my dick into her wet pussy.

"You miss my dick to?" I asked arrogantly as I aggressively rammed my spear into her twat

Emily's nails dug deep into my back as she hissed in my ear to fuck her hard. I turned around and set her on the counter. I began kissing her neck and rubbing her tits as I thrust into her faster and faster.

Emily's moans became screams as she came again and again from my battering ram hitting the right spots. With one last thrust, and a moan, I unleashed another wave of seed deep into the belly of my ex's very hot younger sister.

"Ah, that was just what I needed. Why did you take so long to come by?"

I told her I'd been busy, but she gave me a skeptical look.

"Fucking someone else" She shot at me.

I smiled wryly.

"Next time, invite me. I'm up for anything that'll put your cock in my pussy."

"I'll see if she goes for it."

I gave Emily another kiss, grabbed my clothes, and the boxes I'd packed up, and took off.

As I drove towards Tiff's house I couldn't help but wonder if she'd go for a three some.


Thanks for reading. Please leave me some feedback to let me know what I need to improve upon, or any ideas you'd like to see me write.

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