A Service Wife Ch. 1

byLinda Jean©

Jack said, "No, just come dressed real sexy. Remember, you are eye-candy here, nothing else. Tell you what, dear. Wear something real short, maybe a mini skirt or a real short dress, and no bra. My girls here never wear a bra, and panties are optional " He stood up, and so did we, we shook hands and said our goodbyes. Walking to the car, Bobby asked, "Do you think you will like working at a place like that?" I waited and said, "I think it will be a blast. It is like living in one of your dirty sex books, you know, where the wife goes to work and ends up fucking everyone she meets before coming home and having her husband getting sloppy seconds or fifths, so to speak." I laughed and as I did, so did Bobby. Still laughing he said, "Sure, sure, like that would ever happen. I think you have read too many of my sex books Sandy. Jack told me you would be eye-candy and sex was not allowed there." I quickly said, "Yeah, but if you're out of town and I am all horny and I want some cock, you got to admit I'll have plenty to choose from working there."

Bobby laughed again and said, "Sure, sweetheart, sure, you're not that kind of girl, we both know that. Lets just go home and get some sleep." All the way home, all I could think about was Bobby telling Jack about his escapades when he was out flying. Gangbangs, girls every night meeting them at the base clubs, and how much he loved fucking sluts with stretched out pussies. I have never been to the club on base and as we drove home, I said, "Lets stop and celebrate my new job. Can we stop by the base club and get a drink?"

Bobby gave me a glance and said, "Sure, if you want, we can stop. Got your ID?" I said, Sure, why?" Bobby told me, "Well, they won't let you in without it, and even though you look old enough, the drinking age is still 21 but I am sure we won't have any trouble getting served".

We arrived and like Bobby said they checked our IDs to get in. I looked around and the place was packed. It was a Tuesday night around 8 and there were many women there, just like Bobby told Jack. Oh, there were men there also, but it was a good two to one of women over men. I held onto my husband's arm as we went to a table. I sat down and he left to get us our drinks. I love screwdrivers and he knows it. Sure enough, he came back with my screwdriver and a beer for himself.

As he sat down, he toasted my new job and I asked him, "Do you come to these kind of clubs when you are at another base?" Bobby looked at me funny and said, "Well, the boys and I sometimes go to them to grab something to eat, maybe a drink." I looked around and asked knowing the answer, "Are the clubs always so full of horny women looking to take home a man for the night?" Bobby took a long drink of his beer and I was curious to see just how truthful he was going to be with me. He said, "Yeah, almost all the bases have clubs like this and when the men are out on missions, some of the wives go to the clubs to wind down or maybe just be with other people."

I thought to myself, "Good answer." I was sitting there really pissed at Bobby. Here I thought he was being faithful to me but tonight I found out from his own lips that he hasn't. I sat there not knowing how I was going to deal with it or what I was going to do for that matter. I looked at him thinking, "How could you?" I saw him glancing around checking out the women there, some of the women were dressed very sexy and all of them seemed to checking out the men there, including my husband.

I heard Bobby say something breaking my train of thought. I said, "What?" He then said again. "I asked you if you think you would enjoy working there. You're sure going to get a lot of attention from men, can you handle it, Sandy?" I sat there looking at him and my mind was racing. I was mad, I was angry, I was hurt, I could see him in a bar like this with one of these horny women. I wanted to hurt him the way he had hurt me, I said, "Sure, I can handle it. Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about my working there. I think it is going to be fun, when you're off someplace for three or four days I'll have a place to go and plenty to do. Then I guess if you don't want me to work there I could always come here to the club and meet new friends and people if for only a night."

The look on Bobby's face was priceless, I thought of that MasterCard commercial. You know, the drink cost $1.50, this cost $2.00 but the look on your husband's face the time you tell him you may go out and get laid while he is gone was "priceless" I watched him take a big drink, finishing off his glass. He said, "Lets go home." I smiled, knowing I had done just what I wanted to and said, "Oh, do we have to? This place looks like a perfect place to meet new friends even if only for an hour or two. I bet you have met some very horny wives at places like this and I would go so far to say you even took some to bed. I'm sure any man away from his wife would do just that, don't you, dear?" Again that look on his face was priceless. I swear his face turned red as he stood there waiting for me to stand so we could leave.

I finally stood and we went home. For the very first time since we had been married when Bobby was home, we did not have sex. I started to say "make love" but thinking on it I realize that making love was giving my love to my husband, and tonight I did not feel like that at all. If he wanted sex, I think I would have given myself for two reasons: first of all, I enjoy the hell out of it, and second, I wanted to fantasize of going all the way with Jack or John in their car when we went on a date.Yes, I said I was a virgin when I got married, I did not say I was a prude.

As I drifted off to sleep, I kept kicking myself for saving myself for Bobby. Right now I did not think he deserved me that way. I vowed all my love to and for him, yet he after making the same vows, he was out fucking other women every night he was away from me. I fell asleep with tears in my eyes. I woke up as Bobby kissed me on my cheek as he did every morning before he left; he said, "I'll call you later" and left. I drifted back to sleep and woke again about 8:30, I took care of the apartment made the bed and by 10:30 I was finished ready to contemplate my new beginnings at the "One Stop, Fun Shop" That was the name of the place I was now going to work at. I had all kinds of feelings running through me as the time ticked away. I knew that I was hired for my looks and my gender. I knew, as Jack said, I was "eye-candy," so in order to be good eye-candy, I was to dress real sexy. Funny thing about dressing sexy, to some that is nothing special. To me it means showing my sexuality and dressing to turn boys on. (Something I use to love to do at school.) I was glad I still had my short skirts and a few of my sundresses.

I pulled out one of Bobby's white T-shirts and taking scissors I cut the bottom off a good three inches above my belly button. After putting it on, it looked just how I wanted it to. My firm breasts stuck out and it left a nice open area below them. I could see my nipples in the reflection in the mirror. Perfect for my top, I thought. I put on my favorite white thong pulling the back of it right up the crack of my ass. I don't know why but I always love the feeling of it riding up between my cheeks. I am sure that everyone that looked at me would think I was bare under my skirt or dress, as I never had any panty line. I braided my long hair into two ponytails and decided to wear my light blue mini skirt. I choose a pair of pure white Bobbie socks and slipped on my white tennis shoes. Looking at myself I swear I looked maybe 15 or 16. I know men, and I knew that I would be a hit based on what the other girls looked like that I saw there.

I walked to the bus stop and I think every car that drove past me the man whistled at me or made some cute remark. I had all kinds of offers for rides; I just smiled at myself and made it to the bus stop as it pulled up. I rode it downtown with the same sort of response from every male I came across. I felt like my old self, I really got a kick out of turning boys on in school, and that always lead to making me horny. That always in turn lead to masturbation at night, but luckily I had Bobby for that now. As I got off the bus at my stop, I realized that I was a little damp between my legs. I smiled as I had always loved that feeling during classes.

I walked the one block to the "Fun Shop." It was 11:25, so I was a good 35 minutes early. I told the young woman in the front booth that Jack hired me and I was early. She buzzed me in and I went back to Jack's office. I knocked and he said to come in. As I walked in Jack whistled and said, "You sure you're 18, honey? My God, you look like a young schoolgirl, I sure hope you brought your ID with you just in case we get checked. Have a seat, honey", He gestured to a chair in front of his desk.

I sat and asked, "Why did you do that last night, Jack?" He gave me a funny look and then I guess it hit him about how he talked with Bobby last night as I watched and listened. He gave me a funny smirk and said, "Look, honey, I know men, and I know servicemen in and out. I knew your old man was getting laid on the side, I felt it only fair for you to know. After all, if you're going to be working here for me at this shit hole, you must know all the assholes coming here will want to get into your panties, provided you wear any. I also know that if a young wife like you knows up front that her husband is fucking around on her, well, you may be willing to do more than just show your tits and your ass to the guys."

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