tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Serving Girls Tale

A Serving Girls Tale


It is 1675. I am 18 years old and work as a serving girl at the Earl of Buckleys mansion in the north of England. Every once in a while he hosts a night for a few mates where they drink and play cards. This particular night there were 4 guests and I was chosen as one of the girls to wait on table. It was no secret that the girls for these occasions were picked for their looks and were made to wear low cut dresses which laced tightly at the front and gave you an impressive cleavage. I was supposed to look after the Earl of Hunslet who was only 23 and inherited when his father died suddenly a year ago. It would be my job to take a tray with water and a towel to his room last thing. I'd been warned that could be tricky as drunken guests sometimes tried to take advantage of the maids.

We all gathered in the kitchen and from time to time had to take food and drink to the games room where they were playing cards.

The other girls were teasing me that the young earl had his eye on me.

"He can't keep his eyes off your tits," said my friend Mary.

Old Nellie the cook was more down to earth.

"If he does anything you make sure he pays. Their lordships have to pay a guinea if they take a girls maidenhead. Don't be like that stupid Lizzie Bennett - lovely buxom figure on her, but the Earl of Stutton only paid her 5 shillings."

It was midnight before the guests retired to their rooms and thankfully the young earl wasn't drunk so I hoped there wouldn't be any problems.

I set the tray down on the dressing table and asked if there was anything else he wanted.

In reply the earl turned back the sheets on the bed.

"I am in need of a woman's company. Pray spend the night with me."

I blushed. "Beg your pardon sir, but I cannot do that, so please excuse me."

I made for the door, but he blocked my route.

"Come madam stay."

"No sir."

He tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away. Annoyed he grabbed hold of me and tried again to kiss me. I turned my head and tried to push him away, but one of his hands was feeling my bottom and the other pulled at the front of my dress which gaped open. We stumbled against the dressing table and he pushed me back across it. Again he pulled at the front of my dress and my breasts tumbled out. His head went down and he began to lick and suck my nipples. Next he pulled at the hem of my dress and I wasn't strong enough to prevent him pulling it up past my waist. Then he started fumbling with his trousers. Something warm and very hard butted against my thigh and I realised he had got his prick out. Desperately I scrabbled round on the tabletop with my free hand. My fingers touched a knife. I grabbed it and pushed it hard against his throat.

"Stop now or I will cut your throat."

He froze and the shock of the situation made him lose his erection.

Nothing happened. We stayed motionless.

"Leave me or I will cut you," I said, pushing the knife harder against his throat. Unmoving he looked deep into my eyes with a challengiing stare. I became aware that his erection was returning.

"Then you must cut me," he said.

He moved his hips slightly and the tip of his penis brushed against my virgin pussy. A shockwave ran through my body and I felt sure he must be able to feel the heat of my moist arousal.

He was calling my bluff and I had few options. If I stabbed him and he died I would be tried and hung. If I merely wounded him then I would go to jail for a long time and it was common knowledge that the warders at the gaol took it as a perk of the job to rape any female prisoners. I may have had a knife in my hand, but my options were very limited.

With a barely perceivable motion I moved the knife a fraction away from his neck. It was a tiny movement, but hugely significant.

There was a flicker of approval in his eyes, then the tip of his penis nuzzled against my cunt lips. There wasn't a sound in the room as very slowly, very gently he penetrated me. Finally he was deep inside me. His hand reached up and touched my hand, which was still holding the knife. I let go and the knife fell to the floor with a clatter. That was the signal for him to begin thrusting in and out of me. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head to the side. However he pushed my face towards him and this time I let him kiss me. Indeed I responded and we kissed with a passion I had never experienced before. Then instinctively and without thinking I raised my legs and wrapped them round him. He stopped for a moment, then redoubled his thrusting. Seconds later he buried his face in the side of my neck and groaned deeply. I felt his prick jerk as he pumped his sperm into me.

We stayed motionless for a while, then he eased himself off me. I straightened my clothing and as I left he pressed money into my hand. Outside in the corridor I was surprised to see 5 gold sovereigns - a small fortune!

Of course I was last to return to the kitchen and the others must have guessed that the earl had taken my virginity, but they knew better than to ask.

That night, alone in my bed, I thought about the young earl moving between my thighs and the blazing heat as he came inside me. I played with my breasts and my cunt until I came.

In the morning I was surprised, and worried, to be called to see my master.

"It seems the young earls' cock is larger than his brain. He thinks he is in love with you," he said with a laugh. "He has asked that I release you from service so that he can marry you and I have agreed. It will be a scandal, but he is the earl so his family cannot refuse. You are a very fortunate young lady. You have achieved the impossible for a serving girl - welcome to the aristocracy!"

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