tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Sex Genie's Autobiography Ch. 09

A Sex Genie's Autobiography Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – A Legacy

Katarina woke up this morning feeling conflicted, she still had two days left in the journey and she knew she would be finishing the book today. She hoped that this craziness would be explained somehow.

She asked herself for the hundredth time, "Where did the book come from? Why is the story affecting me so much? Could the genie have really existed, or is this just a fairy tale and her mind compensating for boredom?"

Kat went over her daily chores and maintenance tasks then relaxed back into the lounger with a fresh cup of coffee. Still conflicted she opened the book back up to where she left off....


I do not want to bore anyone reading this, my autobiography, it would be beyond reason to expect anyone to read about the next 21 decades, but I will go over a few highlights.

First and foremost, my family. Over my lifetime I have raised 15 Sons and daughters, and watched over 100 children over 5 generations grow up and join society. This is my masters and I greatest legacy.

By this time my master has amassed enough wealth to support children's homes, charities, and grants across the known galaxy for the foreseeable future.

There is one more story to tell, of the last time spent with my master, my husband, my love, right before I penned my tale.

We were in the bedroom, our youngest daughter Aria moved out of the house just a short 2 months ago. I looked at my master and saw a body of 23 year old in perfect health, maintained that way for over 200 years and said, "Master, it is almost time my love, my magic will not hold you much longer."

Mike turns to me with a tentative smile and says, "Sara, it is my time, but there is something I need to tell you, something that I have been hiding from you all these years."

I look at him with surprise, took his hand and wait for him to continue.

His eyes got a faraway look as he brings up the past memory and starts talking, "Do you remember when the greater genie visited me that one time? Told me I was doing a good job with what I was given and I was deserving of you."

I gave him a soft kiss and murmured into his ear, "Yes, I knew there was more but didn't want to push you, it did seem that something was weighing you down before that day."

He smiled and said, "Yes, I hid my sadness at the fact that when I die, my soul would move on but you would simply cease to exist, it was a vague worry, having over 200 years left with you, but it was there."

He looked into my eyes and spoke softly, "You see, she didn't just say good job, she rewarded me with a wish, a wish without limit that only the greater Genies are capable of as you know."

Tears were pooling in his eyes as he said, "I just didn't think death was a good enough reason to let you go."

I started to get nervous; I did not want to live without him and asked, "So what did you wish for?"

He grinned, "I told her what I wanted, that you had to stay who you are or there would be no point, I didn't want you put back in a vessel for the next guy that came along, I needed you to stay you.

She told me what would be required for that to happen, and based on that information I formed my wish. It is also bound to acceptance, the recipient would have to agree, or the wish would be undone and you would cease to exist."

I was still concerned but less so, at least I would be me and not be remade to some stranger's thoughts, but I was confused, I would be nothing without him. What would be the point?

I said, "I am not so sure I understand, what exactly was your wish" He got up from the bed and opened the wall safe that had the brown volume in it, my old vessel and brought it over to the bed.

He replied with a wink, "I haven't actually made it yet, you'll find out any time now." He then kissed me until I was breathless.

There was a great flare of light in the center of the room and when it died down it was replace with a stunning raven haired woman with bright golden eyes.

To my genie senses she radiated unfathomable power and I dropped to my knees and lowered my head in respect.

She spoke. Her voice filled with power, but not unkindly, "Sweet Sara, you may relax in my presence."

I slowly got up and sat back on the bed.

She looked to Mike and said, "Your time passes, it is time to make the wish, if you still desire it."

Mike replied, "Yes, I am ready, just a quick goodbye." He held me in his arms and told me he loved me and kissed me for the last time, then stood up off the bed.

Mike spoke, "Thank you for this, she is the most important in my heart."

He looked thoughtful for a second then began his wish, "I wish the time my soul is not on earth she be bound to this book, her essence and everything that makes her who she is unchanging. My souls desire for her should never change with reincarnation and be offered an informed choice to break this wish once per lifetime."

I was shocked, he was offering to be bound to me eternally as long as his subsequent lives agreed and didn't break the wish. I wept as I realized how much he must love me, to make this his concern.

I realized that the weight on his shoulders for the first 9 years was in fact the thought of my permanent destruction at his death. Call me thick for not figuring it out sooner, but genies just do not think that way, the one we are bonded to is our concern.

The greater genie smiled at him and said, "Wish granted."

She turned to me and said, "I will give you the power you need and the requirement that it is used after each life to complete the informed part of the wish. When you enter the book after each life you will add the experiences of that life to its pages, thus informing the next incarnation of what is at stake."

She smiled and touched the cover the words shifting and changing to 'A Sex Genie's Autobiography' as the title.

She continued, "The magic of the book will find his soul sometime in the 23rd year of his new incarnation."

Her smile got very bright and she winked at me and said, "You really know how to pick 'em, this has to be my favorite wish ever." She left in another bright flash of light.

I held him, bittersweet tears on my face until I felt myself being pulled into the book as his soul departed.


Epilogue – The Wheel turns.

The year was 2490, Stephen was cleaning out his storage when he came upon a strange book he had never seen before. He felt compelled to read it so he grabbed it, quickly glancing at the title.

He opened the book named 'A Sex Genie's Autobiography' to the middle of the book and started reading.......


No time seemed to pass, this place is timeless. The conditions were met and I was released from the receptacle, a spell did not connect me to master's mind as the first time. I was simply formed into Sara on my knees my head bowed.

All my memories seemed to be in tact from the last 200 years. I felt Mike's soul a few feet away, it felt the same which brought a tear to my eye. Kind and loving but right now saddened and confused. I looked up to see my new master, but what I saw stunned me.

She had long red hair, and beautiful green eyes, facing away from me, not seeing me yet. She was about 5'8" but it was hard to judge with her sitting down. Her breasts were perky and between a B and C cup, I found myself stunned for a minute, she was absolutely perfect.

I still missed Mike, having seen him 5 minutes ago but I could feel him here with us at the same time, it was his soul reincarnated in this lovely young woman I already loved and wanted to get to know. She had my receptacle and she looked upset.

I didn't know what to say to comfort her, or anything at all, so I said the first words I spoke to Mike, with a slight change, "Good evening mistress."

She turned her head in and stared at me in surprise, "How...... Wow...... Sara?" She looked at the book in amazement then back up at me and whispered, "You are more beautiful than in my dreams."

I smiled shyly and said, "Thank you mistress, what is your wish?"

She replied, "My name is Katarina, please call me Kat for short."

She got up off the chair and came over to me. Dropping to her knees so we were level to each other and said with awe in her voice, "My souls wish has already been granted", and she kissed me with abandon exploring me with her hands as I explored her.

She broke off the kiss long enough to pull me to my feet and lead me to her bedroom. As she started stripping me of my clothing she whimpered, "I've been waiting and hoping for this."

It seemed my old autonomy wishes were still in place, bound by the soul, not the body. So I said, "You shouldn't have to wait anymore mistress."

I started kissing Kat and pulled her close against me, suddenly there wasn't a stitch of clothing between us, our breasts were crushed together and I could feel the heat coming off of her silken folds on my thigh.

I laid her onto the bed and began kissing my way down her body stopping shortly to tease my mistress's nipples with my lips, tongue, teeth and fingertips. Taking delight in every soft gasp and moan I extracted with my touch.

Her loud moans and total surrender of self to my ministrations made me work harder and gasp in pleasure at the taste of her flesh. I continued to make my way down as her fingertips blazed fiery trails on my neck and shoulders.

Mistress radiated wanton abandon as my kisses made their way to her now soaked velvet folds. I was gasping in pleasure as her body's responses escalated even further, arching her back and mewling in anticipation.

I touched her clit with my tongue and she gasped out, "Oh god Sara, I'm cumming, lick me!"

When I licked her pussy for the first time, her taste was amazing, this first time was so erotic I gasped and moaned into her pussy as I had an orgasm despite my wet folds being untouched, just from mistress's reaction and the emotional feedback from our connection.

I sucked and licked at her pussy trying to swallow all her tasty juice, when I got the last of what was running out I started circling her clit with my tongue to create more.

I pushed my finger into her soft, wet and very tight pussy. She started gasping again, arching her back to grind on my tongue and I flicked her clit to carry her over into her second orgasm, her body shaking with release I dove back down to greedily suck and lick all her juices into my needy mouth.

After her over-sensitivity died down but while she was still high on the orgasm I slid two fingers past her velvety folds, occasionally curling my fingers inside her to brush her g-spot and tapping her clit with my thumb as my tongue found its way to and inside her delectable puckered star.

I drove her through the third, fourth and fifth orgasm one after the other, her body spent and shaking. I softly licked around her silken folds to bring her down gently until she stopped gasping and her breathing evened out.

She fell over onto her side, aftershocks running through her body with the occasional quiet gasp. I crawled up the bed and spooned her, holding my beautiful and sexy but very spent mistress tenderly, playing with her hair and kissing her shoulders and neck lightly and cooing in her ear.

She turned over and gave me a kiss on the lips and said, "Wow, I am completely worn out, sleep with me?"

I smiled at the vulnerable question and wiggled closer up against her body, lost in her bright green eyes replying, "Yes my Mistress, my Kat, my love, anything you wish."

NOTE: Hoped you enjoyed it, I don't plan on writing anymore in this story, or at least not with the first person autobiography part. I am contemplating short standalone posts for Kat and Sara in the third person. Let me know if you all are interested.

This is my first story really, mostly to see if I could write at all. The succubus one I started after this and plan to put in more obstacles for the main character.

The only real obstacle in this short story (just over 18.5k words) was Sara's destruction. Outside of the obvious evil sorcerer route there really isn't much that a genie needs to worry about, plus, the story was about love and sacrifice in the end anyway.

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