A Sex Slave to Slaves


Unable to breath with the cock blocking her airway, Abby thought she was going to pass out, and started to lose her composure. Then a calm seemed to descend on the girl as ripples of pleasure began to course through her crotch. Not an orgasm, but pleasurable sensations none-the-less. Abby began to time her breathing to the thrusts of the cock that was blocking her airway. This calm and the concentration of the timing of her breathing was enough to stop her gag reflex from activating too.

Rodney’s cock now entered her throat as easily as it would have a cunt. Abby’s hands moved around the thrusting black man and grasped tiny handfuls of his muscular ass cheeks and appeared to be assisting in his impalement of her face and throat. The huge cock completely disappeared in face now.

Abby was realizing the potential of an accomplished cocksucker and also that this was pleasurable for her because it was certainly giving her tormentor pleasure. Rodney was grunting and moaning with each thrust now.

Her lips stretched tight around the huge black fuck stick, Abby looked up at Rodney towering above her.

His eyes were closed. His mouth hung open as he sucked in huge gulps of air as a sprinter might at the conclusion of a race. A glistening layer of sweat covered his body from the spring warmth and humidity in the stillness of the barn, and the effort he was exerting, in his use of the plantation owners young virgin daughter. Rodney felt his balls draw up in their sack and knew he was about to blow his lusty spew into the little white girl’s mouth. He didn’t want that.

In his militancy, though he knew he would be beaten or worse when it was revealed he was the father, he could only think of the humiliation the white plantation owners would experience when their poly-pure appearing little daughter delivered a half-black baby. He wanted his virile black seed to erupt in her cunt and make the journey to her egg awaiting fertilization deep in her womb. He had slowed in his face fucking efforts, but Abby had just taken up the slack to compensate.

He now reached under her armpits and picked the girl up, easily lifting her high above and in front of him. The clothing bunched around her waist quickly fell in a heap on the floor of the barn.

Abby blushed as her nakedness was revealed completely to the hulking black man. Though the barn was semi-dark, if she could see him without difficulty surely he could see her. No adult male had ever seen her naked since her father had bathed her as a young child. Her cheeks flamed red, briefly. The embarrassment of being held naked, except for stockings and boots, in the air by this huge black man was brief and ended quickly as he started to lower her back down. She watched as he flexed his steel-toned ass and his cock raging with lust lifted from perpendicular to 45-degrees, and he started to lower her onto it.

Abby felt the electricity of the contact as the warm, wet bulbous head slipped through he swampy labia and made contact with the entrance of her virgin cunt. Though no hymen would obstruct the insertion, due to her masturbatory exuberance, this was to be the loss of her virginity.

She felt the head begin to inextricably enter her never before probed inner depths, going places even her tiny fingers had never gained. Inch by excruciating inch the cock impaled her tight virgin orifice. Abby hissed as she sucked air through her tightly clenched teeth as the stretch of Rodney’s huge black cock tested the limits of human ability. After only the tip and an inch or so was inside the tiny girl, he started to lift her again.

Abby’s cunt sucked at the intruder and her inner lips were drawn outward as he lifted her off his impaling member. Reversing direction again, he slipped her back down his hard hot shaft and another inch disappeared inside the girl. The pleasure of fucking was just starting to assail the girl’s fevered crotch and her cunt was beginning to accommodate the large black member impaling her tiny body.

Her legs came up around his waist in a vise-like grip. Her hands went first to his upper arms then to his shoulders. When Rodney started to raise her again, she bounced on him. She had to have all of this ripping cock inside her. She had to feel the stretch and the pain that accompanied it and to give pleasure to her tormentor. She rode up and down on the he black rod, the stretch excruciating, but less and less as she accommodated more and more of the huge rod. After several bounces she felt the tickly sensation of his pubic hair in her outer lips, signaling she had taken all of him. It was truly a case of ten pounds in a five-pound bag, but Abby had to get fucked, not just impaled. Her submissiveness required she be used thoroughly now. She had a cock in her now un-virgin cunt and she had to feel the sensations of being fucked.

Unconscious to her in the thought processes that went through her head now, too was the desire to experience a fuck-induced orgasm. She moaned at the feeling of fullness and sat still for a mere moment as she adjusted to the stretch. Then she spoke the words she had heard Jasmine speak so many times.

“Fuck me.”

”Use your whore.”

Rodney had every intention of doing just that. He realized he couldn’t gain as much pleasure and do as effective a job with her riding his cock in this manner. He moved toward a bale of hay stored in the stall a few feet away and laid the waif of a girl down, never disconnecting his cock from inside her. He came down on top of her and started to thrust into her as his huge hulking black frame completely covered her tiny white body.

Abby’s legs came up in the air on either side of Rodney’s thrusting hips and her hands found their way to his steel banded muscular ass. He rode her hard, his thrusts demanding as he used her newly acquainted body to fucking. Abby wasn’t a passive recipient of his fucking either.

Her hands kneaded his ass and it appeared she was aiding him in his deeply penetrating thrusts. Her hips thrust back in a counter rhythm to his deep impaling. She was getting the shit fucked out of her for the first time and she loved it. As she felt her orgasm rising, she spoke oh her lust.

“Oh fuck me.”

“Fuck your slut.”

“Use me like a whore.”

Then her orgasm tripped and she wasn’t quiet as she screamed her pleasure.


The occupants on the next stall hadn’t heard the activities of the two before now, their own noise and preoccupation with Jasmine, masking Rodney and Abby’s sex in the neighboring stall.

Abby’s orgasmic proclamations erased this modicum of discretion though and all seven occupants of the adjacent enclosure heard her pleasurable exclamation. Jasmine and the six stable slaves all entered the stall as Rodney unleashed his virile seed in the heretofore-virgin girl’s cunt. The explosion of his lusty spew and its splattering on the walls of her clutching pleasure-hole triggered yet another orgasm and Abby exclaimed again.

“Oh fuck yes.”


When Rodney disengaged from her a rivulet of his black baby making seed ran from her stretched and well-used cunt. He turned to the others.

“Fuck the little white slut.” He said as he gestured toward Abby.

One of the slaves backed away.

“Nigger is you crazy? Fucking Abraham’s daughter is dangerous, but fucking Massuh’s daughter is suicide.”

“Why should a white slut be treated any differently than a black one?” he reasoned.

The protesting slave wasn’t convinced though. Taking Jasmine by the hand he led her back to the adjacent stall. The others didn’t share his fear though and one quickly took up position on top of the girl, sticking his turgid cock into Abby’s willing body.

They took turns using her willing and accepting body. Abby’s submission was complete and she welcomed the use as slave after slave mounted and fucked her. Her introduction to sex would forever change her life.

After they all had fucked her once in the missionary position, they had her to get on all fours on the hay bale so they could use her two at a time. Now just as she had seen Jasmine used that first day and many days since, one would fuck her mouth and throat as another fucked her like a dog from behind.

Rodney’s time was running out and he needed to return to the fields, but as Abby lovingly sucked his cock again, effectively cleaning cum and cunt juice accumulated on the stiffening black rod, he spoke to her. His words carried an understanding of her hopeless addiction to her submissiveness and to black cock. Rodney was no stranger to dominating young white plantation owner’s daughters. It was part of what fueled his militancy.

“Tomorrow you will return so I may fuck you again.”

Abby looked up at him, the thought to refuse never entering her mind.

“Yes sir.” She spoke, her submissiveness apparent in her show of respect to the slave she should be commanding and not taking commands from.

Rodney returned to the fields, taking the wrath of the overseer for his extended absence in stride.

The five stable slaves that had remained, continued to use Abby until the time of the afternoon rest period drew to a close, each sampling her pussy and mouth multiple times.

Abby quickly dressed and returned to the plantation house, sneaking in the back way to preclude encountering her parents, and before the kitchen slaves returned to their duties after their afternoon rest, so none would see her disheveled appearance.

She did return the next afternoon, and many afternoons after that. Her newfound submissiveness and the emerging slut inside had a voracious appetite for use and abuse.

Abby had been fortunate that first day. For her cycle was such that her egg was past its fertile window and no pregnancy ensued. Rodney’s militancy softened after a time as he saw himself treated kindly as all the other slaves at Shaded Oaks were. He stopped trying to impregnate the girl and had begun to withdraw from her and spray his lusty spew on her face of breasts, which pleased Abby to no end.

The next time Cyn visited it was Abby telling the stories. Cynthia Kincaid found a fascination with the stories Abby told. Soon the two girls were conspiring for a way she might involve herself in the lusty activities that took place in the feed barn most afternoons.

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