A Sexual Twist Ch. 02


"I am sure Ian would find that bikini interesting." I said, without thinking. "It's almost like there is nothing there."

Her hand trailed over her breasts and pulled one towards her face so she could see what it looked like properly. Then she pressed against her stomach so she could see what the bottom part looked like, not that it could look like much, after all, the material wouldn't have been more than a couple of square inches of fabric in each place. Helen reached down and stroked her very visible pussy lips gently and slowly for a few seconds; her face reddening slightly.

"It almost feels like there's nothing there." She said almost wistfully but with a certain edge to her voice.

"Well, I hope you didn't pay a lot of money for it, 'cause it is so small, it might as well not be, I can see absolutely everything now that it's wet. You might as well not be wearing it!" I replied shaking my head, fascinated by her finger as it continued to move up and down her outer lips.

"Ok then!" came the overly confident if somewhat raspy reply, and before I realised that she had taken my flippant remark seriously, she had wiggled the bottoms down. She carefully extracted the string from between the cheeks of her bottom, and reached behind and undid the top and dropped it to the floor. She laid there, completely naked, and all I could do was stare at her from up on my elbow. She really didn't look any different, and yet she was. I became aware of an ache between my thighs as I looked down and along her naked body and remembered. Without the bathing costume, I could see just about the same amount of skin as with it, the same nipples and pussy lips, but now she was actually naked. She blushed slightly with me staring at her, and then I got embarrassed and didn't know where to look. Well that wasn't entirely true, because I had been looking, blatantly. She had stripped off and had even touched herself lightly right there in front of me, and I had a kind of nervous tension, an excitement, something akin to when we had been shaving her pussy so Ian wouldn't notice the difference 4 weeks ago. But surely the tingling of my nipples and the wetness and arousal I had felt that afternoon when we had been doing all that had only been because of what was going to happen that night...wasn't it? If that was the reason then, what excuse did I have for a similar feeling now? I was confused and I so wanted to find the right time, the right moment, the right amount of bravery to discuss all that with her. I could feel my heart beat in my ears and my nipples were tingling right now, and that telltale ache between my thighs was still there from the thoughts I was having. It had been there on and off most of the day.

"Do you think about it?" she asked out of the blue, looking up at me.

"Yes...do you?" I asked, knowing that she meant that night.

"Yes.." she replied, looking away from me, down to her finger that was now touching her nipple, " I have thought about it a lot... " She breathed in very deeply and let it out slowly, " ...it was very... sexy... wasn't it?"

"Very." My heart beat louder.

"Do you...have you... you know...enjoyed yourself while you thought about it?"

I didn't know what to say!

Did I admit that I found it incredibly erotic and arousing? Should I tell her that I masturbated to those thoughts every chance I got for the first three or four days after? Or should I make her feel bad and tell her I had certain pangs of regret because of the guilt it had caused me tricking Ian that way, so much so that it had affected our love life? No that was too much, but I was hoping this might lead down the path that I did want to talk about, but didn't know how.

But to be truthful, despite that guilt, it had been an arousing experience and it did make my body respond every time I thought about the whole thing. The orgasms had been very strong, drawn out and as delicious as the memories. I decided, after a deep breath and a sudden flush to my face, that I would tell her that part and see where the discussion went from there.

"Yes..oh God yessss." I grinned.

She seemed so incredibly relieved and a smile sprang to her face.

"Really? Oh God Kay, I was so worried ..." She gushed, and grabbed hold of my hand that was on my thigh."... I haven't been able to stop! Bits of it just flash into my head, it was so sexy, and I get all ... fluttery down there, ..." she looked down at her pussy, "...and I can feel myself getting wet, and my nipples go hard, and I can't keep still. It happens at the most inopportune times too!" And as if to accentuate her statement, her hips started wiggling sideways and up and down, making her lower lips come in and out of my view just below her other hand that was creeping down towards her mound. "... and every night, every morning, God, I can't keep my fingers off my clit. I have used up 6 sets of batteries on my vibrator. Six sets!"

Seeing her wiggle and get aroused talking about it, had me thinking about the intimate details of that evening and I couldn't help but feel the familiar throbbing between my thighs intensify. I could feel my nipples stiffening, and I looked down at them, only to see Helen looking at them press outward through my dark bikini top. I am sure she also couldn't help but feel the movement of my hips as it caused the hammock to move under us slightly.

"Getting to you a little bit now too is it?" she asked, as her fingers strayed across the upper part of her pussy, some moisture just barely visible. She squeezed my hand that was still on my upper leg.

"Yes...a little." I swallowed, "but it's funny, I have thought about it over the last 4 weeks and it has been very arousing, but being here with you just makes it seem more..."

"More realistic,... no,... more intense." She added, completing my sentiment.

I laid there on one elbow almost side on to her, looking down the length of her naked body. She had one leg dangling off the edge of the hammock, allowing her knees to be a long way apart. I watched as her finger pressed down onto the upper part of her pussy lips in rhythm with her hips as they moved up and down in unison. Her other hand squeezed mine in the same tempo.

"I have a confession to make though." She said, very huskily, "... and it's why I didn't return your calls, ...and why I haven't come to visit in the last month."

I froze!

My mind raced, wondering what it might be that she had to confess. Given our discussion, was there something wrong that I had missed? Had I upset her somehow? Had I done something wrong? I let out a long breath and laid down beside her, looking up at the blue sky through the gaps in the leafy branches of the peppercorn tree, not wanting to meet her eyes. I consoled myself that it couldn't be too bad, after all, she was stark naked next to me, touching her pussy, and her hand now rested on the upper part of my bare thigh very close to a place where I could feel an increased throbbing in time with my heartbeat.

"Are you ok?" she asked, squeezing my thigh a little and letting her hand come to rest a little further around on my inner thigh.

"Yes...confess away." I replied much more calmly than I felt.

"Ok.." she said, taking a deep breath as if it was needed to get her through this. It seemed to me that she had been playing this exact moment over in her head for a while, and now that she had come down to it, it wasn't quite the same as it had been in her head . I knew first-hand how that felt! She looked like she was about to give up. While she laid there, with her mouth partially open in indecision, wondering how to get started, her hands were busy. One was gently pressing down on her pussy in time with her equally as gentle hip movements; the other hand was gently caressing my inner thigh. This felt very nice, but it was distracting from what I wanted to hear her say.

"Well, as you know, I hadn't had... sex... for quite some time before ...you know... last month, and it was just fantastic! Ian's cock felt wonderful..."she blushed further and her hands became a little more insistent in their movements, "... the whole scenario was very erotic and ...and... you know that I came a couple of times on your bed, and , again a couple of more times when I went back to my room."

Her eyes flicked to mine but she wasn't able to hold them and looked down at her own hand that still continued to gently massage the upper part of her pussy in gentle time with her hip movements. I was quite nervous, and took some time for me to realise that she was actually touching herself in earnest, with one leg off the side of the hammock. That thought, and her ever widening gentle caresses on my inner thigh made me a little fuzzy. A strong urge to press my own hand between my thighs washed over me, but I wanted to hear what she was saying.

"I am not sure how to say this..." she almost whispered, "... it's not bad...it's very sexy in a way,... but...I..."

Her caresses of my thigh had become softer and wider reaching, and I jumped slightly as her little finger lightly brushed my pussy through the bikini bottoms. Warmth spread from her touch, which was instantly removed, and yet, when the stroking hand came back up my thigh it definitely made light contact again. I wanted to hear what she had to confess, but these inadvertent accidental touches were making it difficult to concentrate. Looking at her naked body and the blatant touching of herself, combined with us talking about that night, to make things very hot and steamy. That and the thoughts in my head of that night made more vivid with Helen being present, was making me very horny and her accidental contact with my pussy didn't help one bit. I grabbed her hand to stop it moving so I could concentrate, but only succeeded in grabbing it at its uppermost edge of its travels and thereby pressing it against my pussy. It felt good feeling pressure against it, but it wasn't the result I had intended. Still, I was able to gather some of my fleeting faculties.

"Just tell me, for crying out loud!" I said rather exasperated by the laboured breathing and the pleasant feeling radiating outward from the hand pressing against my pussy. Before she could answer it struck me that I hadn't pushed her hand away from where it was, and what was more confusing was that my hips were moving slightly against it involuntarily, but I wanted to hear her say what was bothering her, so left it where it was.

"Ok..." she breathed rather raspily, her other hand still doing things between her legs, "... here goes."

" Like I said, I found the idea and the actual, you know, sex with Ian, very arousing and at first I thought about that and , well, masturbated a lot, but..." she paused, thinking, adjusting her leg and making more intense circles with the hand on her pussy, ".. but then I started thinking about the preparations we did and the shaving and ... the touching, you know, while we kinda checked things out, and how good it felt, it was very sexy, and I got really turned on... and then, of course, that lead to thinking about what went on between us behind the curtain... and that got my juices flowing even more." She sounded almost apologetic, but went on, now that she had started, "... The orgasms were so incredibly intense, when I played with myself thinking about what you and did, to each other, and well, I'm sorry if it offends you, but I don't regret doing any of it, in fact, I liked it, I liked it as much as the rest, you know the penetration and the naughty bits, and stuff, and I..." her voice trailed off, but I became aware of her breathing becoming more laboured and the hand I was firmly holding against my pussy was moving back and forth against my pussy.

"I have never done anything like that, ever..." she went on, "... but I think I like it... a lot... and it's something I might like to explore, you know... sort of...a little bit more."

Both her hands were certainly exploring at that moment. Her hips moved quite a bit more as her hand moved with purpose, and I couldn't stop mine from responding to the pressure of her hand still held pressed against my pussy, ... by my own hands!

"So how did you feel, about... it all, you know, us touching each other?" she asked in a very coarse whisper.

Here it was, the subject I had wanted to raise, the doubts, the confusing feelings and guilt, the arousal offset by that guilt, that it was fun and exciting, yet trying to balance the feeling that I was being unfaithful to Ian by remembering, by thinking about how very arousing contact between Helen and I had been throughout that whole day.

This wasn't how I had envisaged the discussion going. I certainly hadn't counted on Helen being here naked, caressing her pussy. I hadn't counted on her hand being firmly pressed against my own willing pussy while I ground it into her wrist, and I hadn't counted on those feeling of arousal being so strong when I answered.

And it was hard to answer. Her nakedness and her overt sexuality made me aroused too. The pressure of her hand against my now soaking pussy had forced my pussy lips apart so that her hand was in contact with my clit at the top, and I could feel and see the wetness getting onto the side of her hand through my bikini. It was a struggle to think straight, but my body was obviously replying. How could I say I didn't like it, when my body was responding to her touch and even wanting that touch to continue?

"Why...?" my voice caught in my throat, "..why did you...touch me on the bed that night?"

"I'm not sure.." she breathed,"... but it felt so good while you were shaving me. I know it was all exciting with what was going to happen later, but you actually touching me..so... intimately, I really did almost cum, a few times I nearly, went over the edge. And then, later... while I had my butt out and Ian was, you know... having me from behind, I couldn't keep my eyes off you while you touched yourself. And when you grabbed my breast, I almost came as well!"

She was breathing very hard. The hand on her pussy was moving quite quickly, and her hips moved at the same speed. Her voice had become very quiet and husky as she told me, and her stomach clenched as her hand moved. She pulled her hand away from between my legs and shocked me as she slowly trailed it up over my bikini bottoms and slipped first one finger under the edge of the material, then all the others. I gave a sharp intake of breath at the touch of her fingers on the bare skin of my stomach. This had the effect of making her access even easier. She moved her fingers slowly downward over my mound until they encountered the upper parts of my lips that were coated in my slick wetness. I couldn't stop my hips from lifting to meet her exploring fingers and when her middle finger slipped down between my wide open lips, an involuntary gasp escaped my lips, despite my biting my lower lip. Still I didn't stop her.

"Go on." I breathed, as I turned my head to look at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back. The scent of her arousal was strong in my nose, but was it just hers? Her mind was obviously replaying the night in her head. I could see her hand moving very quickly over her pussy, I could see the wetness that soaked her fingers of that hand, she was obviously very turned on. I looked down at her hand that had disappeared under my bikini bottom and saw it doing delicious things to my own soaking pussy at the same time; it was such an erotic sight and nothing I could think of told me that I should stop this right now.

Her hand slid out from under my bikini bottoms, with almost a feeling of loss, but then it tried to push them down on one side then the other. As if on autopilot, I lifted my hips to help her, and when she still couldn't get them down, I reached down and slipped them off myself. Her hand slid back across my thigh to my exposed pussy and pushed my leg away. I let it drop off the other side of the hammock, mirroring her, allowing her better access, and felt the coolness of the air against my incredibly hot pussy. It was accentuated by the incredible wetness that coated the whole area. Her fingers found my lips and moved up and down them, teasing my clit and bringing the wetness up from inside. I momentarily heard the next door neighbors back door slam, but knew they couldn't see into our yard. I heard a car start up and drive away, and I was able to relax as Helen went on with her confession; her words coming in short bursts, mingled with sounds of her arousal and impending climax.

"When Ian was ...fucking me...I watched you touch yourself, and when I came it was so incredibly strong... Then when you had your head out and your butt and pussy were right there, I was intrigued...mmm...fuck...this is wonderful... then it struck me that you were the only one that hadn't cum... so I thought I would help. That's how it started, but the more I did it, and the more you responded, the hornier I got and the more I got into it. When you came and your pussy juices covered my face, oh fuck, that was enough to send me over again... well, that and my hand on my pussy... so.. you see... I have thought about it, thought about this, about us... doing...fuck... doing... things like this.. and...it's...so...fucking... arousing...I'm.. gunna...cumm... ohhhhh...fuuuuckkkkk"

Her hips thrust upwards; her hand on her clit was just a blur. Her back arched upwards too as a long loud moan escaped her lips. She dug her fingers deep into herself as the waves of pleasure wracked her body. Her stomach clenched with each wave and she was drawn almost to the sitting position each time the burst of pleasure gripped her, but for the whole time of her orgasm, her other hand never left my pussy. It was the first time I had watched anyone cum so openly, and it spurred my own arousal almost to its peak.

As her pleasure was lessened, she turned towards me and showed me her soaking wet hand that had come from between her legs. She smiled and moved it slowly towards my open pussy, and for the first time ever, my pussy juices were mixed with another. Her free hand pulled up one side of my bikini top, exposing an aching nipple. She put her mouth to it as her wet fingers found my clit. She moved her hand with such intent and vigour, and along with the delicious feeling of my nipple being sucked into her mouth, my own orgasm crashed through into my conscious. I bit my bottom lip to reduce the sounds but it seemed like I screamed aloud with pleasure as the electric shock spread through me, my toes curled, and my stomach clenched too as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over and over and over me. I collapsed back into the hammock and held her rampant hand still for a few seconds as the sensations spread like a warmth throughout my whole body.

We both laid there, half dead from the exertion and pleasure, close together feeling each other's closeness; feeling each other's laboured breathing ease as we came down off the mountain. I was still confused, but less so, but I wasn't overly worried, it all felt so natural and right. I worried that it was just the arousal talking but I would have to wait and see wouldn't I? A dog barked over the fence and I looked around suddenly nervously, suddenly aware that while we were largely screened from view, we weren't necessarily completely hidden from all angles. I prompted Helen to move from the hammock and we both picked up our bikini bottoms as I heard the car door slam again. Next door's car was obviously back again. I slipped my bikini bottoms on again, and Helen did too, although there was still little point with hers, I noticed.

The next hour or so wasn't as awkward as I thought it might have been. We swam again, played with the ball in the pool, hugged, held each other and Helen even gave me a small kiss when I complimented her on her body. It was really very relaxing and sweet. We sat in the hammock together and talked, really talked. She told me about Ian's brother, their sex life, their problems, even some their very sexy early encounters, but there was no barriers, no pretense. I had my friend still, even after her admission, although, I struck me that I hadn't actually said anything about her confession, although, were my actions after and during the confession an answer of sorts? Had I tacitly agreed that I found her advances sexy or that it was ok for us to explore? It was sexy and I suppose I did give agreement, otherwise I would have stopped her wouldn't I? Perhaps the uncertainty wasn't completely eliminated, but it certainly felt good right now.

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