tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Sexy Day At Work

A Sexy Day At Work


About 6 months after the events of my last story (Busted in the Car Park) I had quit the job in the bakery and busted up with Adam. After partying 3 nights a week, picking up (or being picked up by) about 8 guys in a month and blowing over $1500 on alcohol alone in the same period of time, I decided to settle down a tad. Not too much of course, just enough to get a job and hold onto it.

I was pretty lucky really, it only took me a week or so to find one and while it was not exactly what I wanted, I could not really complain. The job was with a fairly small real estate company who mainly did property evaluations for banks and insurance companies. There were only 3 other people in the firm. The boss, Mark, was about 45 years old and single. A real sleazy stereotypical real estate agent but nice enough once you got past the bullshit exterior. The other evaluator was Sean, he was about the same age as Mark but married, a lot quieter guy and really friendly. However, he was still a typical salesman, but nice none the less. The third person was Katherine, a lovely lady and funny as a fit. She was in her late 30s and was there to do all the receptionist and secretarial work. Her and I got along great from the start. She would humour Mark and Sean when they made some sleazy comment but ran the place immaculately.

Anyway, I was hired to learn the trade and eventually take over so that Sean and Mark could get one day off every second week. In hindsight I was not totally surprised that I was hired, being the youngest and best looking girl who applied for the position. My guess was proven correct when Katherine later told me how Sean and Mark had been talking about me for the rest of the day after my interview. Mind you I had worn a rather tight, skimpy skirt coupled with an equally tight button up white shirt, which my breasts strained against and with the right buttons undone showed just a hint of my cleavage. I figured I might as well use every advantage I could get, especially when I heard that it was a male interviewing me.

For the first month or so I was Mark's tag along. I would follow him around to the places he would inspect while he explained what I was looking for in a good place, what things added value and what detracted from it. In my spare time at the office I would research recent market prices. It was basically a good job and after the first month Mark started to listen to my evaluation then double-check it. The goal was that once I was getting the same results as what he would have got then I could go out on my own. It was around this time that my story took place.

I arrived at work one Monday morning; fresh after a big Saturday night and a new man I had sunk my teeth into. This day I was wearing a similar outfit to the one I wore for my interview except with a pale blue shirt that showed by breasts off quite nicely. My skirt was also a bit shorter but without looking too slutty. However I did have a fair amount of skin showing. Mark whistled as I walked through the door and made some comment about how I looked that day. I was used to it now and was quite flattered by my daily morning compliments. This particular day I flashed Mark a smile and gave a little curtsey.

This bought great laughter from Katherine who said "Sheesh, Mel. Why don't you suck up to the boss just a bit more?"

I turned around and poked out my tongue at her. To which she replied "I would put that thing away love before you start giving Mark more ideas than he already has in that sick little head of his."

Mark cracked up at Katherine's comment. "Looking at those legs already gave me enough ideas to keep me going for one day," he said. Katherine and I both gave him mock disapproving looks as he walked away laughing at himself into his office.

I sat myself up on Katherine's desk to have a chat about our weekends, as it was ten minutes before we actually had to start and she did not seem to be too busy just yet.

"You poor thing," she started off saying. "Now that you're here you cop the brunt of Mark's sexual fantasies. It doesn't bother you does it? While he means what he says, he would stop if you asked him. There is no malice behind it, you know."

"Oh yes, of course I know," I replied. "It doesn't bother me at all. Nothing like a compliment to do a girl's ego a bit of good!"

"Yeah, it might be all right for you. All young, slim, perky and gorgeous. But how do you think an old bird like me feels being compared to you?" Katherine had a huge grin the whole time she said this as she was only joking.

"Sure!" I said. "As if you have anything to be embarrassed about. You still get the odd compliment from Mark. If I was a guy I would look out if I were you!"

She laughed at that. "Thanks, Mel. But I am not quite in your league. What are you, size 8 with D cup boobs?" I nodded. "What girl wouldn't kill for that?"

"Oh, and yours aren't a D cup?" I said, knowing full well they had to be. She did have quite a big rack, and on not that big a figure either. Most women over 35 would love her body. She was still an attractive lady and did get her fair share of attention from clients and passers by.

"Yes, they are, I'll admit that. But the only difference is I am a size 12 and mine don't have the same perk as yours do. I bet you wouldn't even have to wear a bra and you would still sit exactly the same way."

"I suppose they do," I said thoughtfully looking down at my breasts, while she just grinned at me. "But they still bounce around more than if I wear a bra"

"Well of course," she said. "But I bet if you took your bra off now they would just sit in exactly the same position." I just shrugged my shoulders at her.

"Go on then," she continued. "Take it off and let's see."

I could not see any reason why not, so I agreed. I am always up for a bit of fun, especially if it is sexually related. Plus, I was in the mood to show off my body a bit. Especially with all these compliments flying around!

"OK," Katherine said. "Just stand there for a sec and let's see where they're sitting." After a moment of staring at my breasts through my shirt she nodded and continued, "Alright, now take your bra off under your top and we'll see the difference." So I reached around to unclip my bra but the shirt made it difficult, as it was so tight and had little give.

I asked Katherine for a bit of help and turned around to let her unfasten my bra. She put her hand up the back of my shirt and quickly unclipped it. I felt my boobs spring free slightly and slipped the shoulder straps off my arms, pulling the bra out the armpit of my shirt. So now I was braless. I put my recently shed white bra on Katherine's desk and posed for the comparison. She was right, they did sit pretty much exactly like they were before, especially in such a tight shirt.

"See, Mel. What did I tell you? They sit in the same position."

"Yeah," I said. "But this shirt is tight so that would be holding them in place." To tell you the truth I quite liked standing around without a bra on. It was slightly kinky, especially having just slipped it off in such an open arena.

"Well maybe we will have to do a comparison without the top?" Katherine grinned.

Before I could answer, Mark called out for Katherine to bring in his morning coffee.

"Saved by the bell," she said cheekily. "I might have got a peep at those freaks of nature that sit there on your chest." As she got up to go out the back and make the coffee she quickly grabbed my bra and flashed me a very cheeky grin. Before I caught on she had her head stuck in Mark's door waving my bra around.

"Look Mark," Katherine said teasingly. "Mel is taking her bra off for you!"

I was mortified at first but just waited outside to see what happened, expecting my bra back any minute now. However, Katherine had other ideas and threw it over to Mark. I heard a few comments come his way as I stuck my head in his door. He had my bra held up in front of him staring at it as if it was the most amazing thing in the world. I walked over to his desk and calmly took it off him. Giving him an unimpressed look as he asked me to undo my shirt to prove it was really my bra. Trying to save at least some dignity I headed out the back to the toilet with Katherine hot on my heels to the coffee room.

When we were out of earshot I turned around and said "Gee, thanks so much for that. I love sleazy old men getting all horny over my bra."

Katherine just winked at me and said "Oh come on. It wasn't that bad. You just gave Mark his thrill for the day. Plus it got you out of showing me your boobs."

"I never said I was going to show you anything. I think I have drawn enough attention to my chest for one day."

"Don't be a bad sport, Mel. It isn't as if I haven't seen a pair of tits before. I do have my own you know? I just wanted to see how perky they really were. At first I thought they were fake, because they were so big on such a petite skinny girl."

"Fake?!?!" I gasped. "As if they are fake! They aren't that outrageous, Katherine. Anyone would think they were a double G cup the way you're going on about them!"

"No. They're just a pretty amazing set of tits. All I want is one peek."

"Oh God. If it will shut you up," I said. I still have no idea why I decided to show her. I guess I could not see the harm in it because she was just a good friend. Plus she was starting to bug me and this would shut her up. Anyway, girls had seen me topless before and I am pretty free with my sexuality so it did not really bother me.

I went over into the corner of the room with my back to the door (in case anyone came in) and motioned for her to come over in front of me. I unbuttoned my shirt from the top, revealing more and more cleavage as I went. When the last button was finally open I pulled my shirt apart at the front and faced Katherine. The cool air on my breasts made my nipples hard as Katherine stared at them. I took a quick peek myself and they were sitting up pretty firm.

"No tan lines?" Katherine asked. "Do a bit of topless sunbaking?" I nodded, waiting for some sign that she had seen enough. But she just kept staring. "They're unreal," she continued. "Can I touch them? They just look so firm. Like really small tits but they're big."

I looked at her kind of strangely at that but, without thinking about it now that things were getting sexual, nodded saying "Hurry up I can't walk around topless all day." She gingerly reached out and with a soft grasp grabbed a hold of one of my breasts; cupping it in her hand she gave it a squeeze. Her touch felt really good. She was firm but gentle, just right. It got my mind racing for a minute. I did not want to stop but knew I had to before I got too out of control. Friends and I had talked about experimenting with each other to see what the whole lesbian experience was like but this was just about equal to the furthest I had been with a girl. I had full on kissed another girl when we were dared to do it while drunk at a party and a friend of mine, Jess, had also touched my boobs when we were comparing sizes, but this incident with Katherine took things to another level.

"God," she said, as she let go. "They are unbelievable. Thanks for that. Not that I have ever touched another woman's boobs before but they are one amazing set."

I just smiled at her and doing a quick check for Mark, I quickly took my shirt off completely, put my bra on and got myself dressed again. "Your turn next time," I said to Katherine with a grin, breaking what had become a rather awkward silence. She just laughed and went off to make the coffee.

About a half hour later Mark and I had to go out on our first evaluation for the day. We were not going to be back at the office for lunch and he offered to buy me lunch at a café. Our first job went off normally, I learnt a few new tricks of the trade, which we talked about in the car. At lunch however Mark left all though of work behind and began chatting about our weekend.

"So, did you make any young men get lucky on the weekend?" he asked with a grin.

"Luckier than you," I said.

"Oh, and what makes you so sure about that? I got lucky myself you know."

"Maybe. But he was still luckier because he had ME and you didn't," I answered with a laugh. This comment bought a raised eyebrow from Mark. "He was so lucky by the time I left Sunday afternoon that his luck had run out!" I added the last comment for a tease factor. Not that Mark needed much encouragement.

Mark followed along with the joke by adding "So what are you doing this weekend?"

"Something you'll wish you were," I said as I got up and walked back to the car. I liked playing the tease with Mark. He asked for it, and loved it. Plus it was fun and a bit cheeky as well.

The next place we got to was a rather big flashy place owned by a 30ish year old woman who lived alone. She was recently divorced and wanted an evaluation done to help work out the settlement. When we knocked on the door she opened it after a long wait with just a towel wrapped around her. She apologized for being caught in the middle of a shower which neither Mark nor I minded. I could tell Mark liked what he saw - a slim attractive brunette with long brown hair and very pretty face. We watched her disappear up the stairs after telling us to go ahead with our evaluation. Mark decided I might as well look upstairs while he did the bottom floor. So I headed upstairs and called out to our client.

"Mrs. Vincent," I called. "Is it Ok for me to look around up here?"

"Sure thing, love," the reply came. "Come in here and I'll show you around."

I followed the call, which came from the bedroom. When I got to the door I peeked my head around to see the attractive brunette standing there with her towel still on, looking through the closet.

"Come in and look around," she said. "This is obviously the master bedroom. The ensuite is just through there and this is the walk-in closet which I'm in now," she added with a giggle.

"Its not urgent to look in here," I said, feeling slightly embarrassed at having this semi-clad woman walking around in front of me. "I can wait until you're decent if you like."

"Oh gosh, it isn't as if you haven't seen it all before love. Just look at what you have to and don't mind me."

What she was saying was probably strange enough, offering to strip off in front of me. But as she finished talking she had obviously found what she wanted to wear and off went the towel. It was hardly easy to continue on evaluating her house when Mrs. Vincent herself seemed to be commanding all the attention. I was obviously staring at her, probably in disbelief but also because she had a very trim taught body, with perky boobs and bum for her age and a noticeable lack of pubic hair. She bought me back to earth in a hurry though with a clear of the throat. I quickly looked back at her gorgeous face to see a wide grin there.

"Maybe I was wrong then, love." She said, "The way you're staring I would swear you never have seen anything like this before."

"Sorry, Ma'am. I guess you just caught me by surprise. I will have a look around now."

God! How embarrassing! Here I was all tongue tied after seeing a strange and attractive woman naked in her bedroom after I had been letting Katherine ogle over my tits just a few hours earlier. So I went into the bathroom and looked around in there, taking note of anything relevant and when I came back out into the bedroom Mrs Vincent was slipping on a G-String over her tight round arse. Forcing myself not to stare I looked around the rest of the room.

"Mel," she said. "Don't fret about staring at me, I would stare at you if you were naked too, probably. I actually like a bit of attention and it was deliberate to strip off in front of you. I'm glad you like what you saw, if I may be so bold to assume so."

I answered this with a sheepish grin.

She continued: "See I kind of like the look of your boss, Mark. I was wondering if you could call him up because since the divorce I have wanted to sink my teeth into some other men. Do you think he would mind?"

"Mark mind? God no!" I said. "Knowing Mark he would not even think twice. I'll go call him up now if you wish and make myself scarce if you like. Although knowing Mark he would probably like more than one woman."

She giggled at that and said, "I bet he would. If you could call him up then leave him to me that would be great. You can go watch TV downstairs and fix yourself a drink if you want. You might want to try channel 1, I hear there is a good movie on at the moment."

"Ok, thanks," I answered and went downstairs calling Mark as I went and telling him the master bedroom was interesting and I wanted his opinion.

I was getting pretty excited thinking about them shagging like rabbits as I went into the kitchen and got a drink before sitting down in front of the TV and flicking through the channels. I didn't find anything I liked, then I remembered channel 1. I turned it on and to my surprise there was the front porch with a menu up the side listing various other rooms around the house. Now I knew what Mrs. Vincent was on about! After fiddling around with the controls I finally got it to "Master Bedroom" and sure enough there they were on the bed, both naked and practically mauling one another. They sure didn't waste any time. I had been downstairs less than five minutes and they were already well on their way.

As I watched them I was surprised to notice that Mark did seem to have the goods to back up his boasting. He had once tried to convince me he had a 9 inch penis which I did not believe, but I could now see he was not far off. Although 9 might have been slightly exaggerated. I could see Mrs. Vincent liked it as she wrapped her hand around the shaft and jacked him off as he hungrily lapped at her breasts. I was getting very excited from watching them, especially as she pushed Mark back down onto the bed and straddled him, sitting bolt upright and placing herself onto his cock, then riding him as she felt her own tits. As Mark reached around to grab onto her tight butt, I lifted my skirt up around my waste and slipped a finger inside my panties. I was going to enjoy this show!

I could tell I would have to be quick as neither of them were in this for the long run. They were fucking, and fucking hard; wanting nothing more than pure physical satisfaction. I could tell Mrs. Vincent was getting close after only a few minutes of action, as she arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair. Mark's hand replaced her hands on her tits and I could tell from the look on his face that he loved it. I was too as I slipped a 2nd finger as deep inside of me as it would go. I decided this was a two-hand job so I rubbed my clitoris with my other hand.

My orgasm was building nicely, as were those of both Mark and Mrs. Vincent. The closed circuit cameras were without sound but as Mrs. Vincent climbed off Mark and lay on her back and he climbed on and banged away I got all the sound I needed. Her moans were traveling down the stairs, whether for my benefit or not I am not sure. This added to my excitement as I marveled at the bounce of her large breasts with each thrust. When I saw her dig her nails into Mark's back accompanied with a scream from upstairs I knew she was finished. It was not then long before Mark got off her and she finished him off with her mouth, to Mark's obvious delight. I orgasmed through this whole finale, trying to keep my own wails silent.

As they spent another few minutes in a sweaty after-sex embrace I re-arranged my clothing and changed the channel to something less entertaining. About ten minutes later they both appeared downstairs, looking relatively composed and discussing when we would get the evaluation back to her.

"Your evaluations were spot on as usual, Mel," Mark said. "I think you're just about ready to go out on your own."

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