tagLoving WivesA Sexy Massage

A Sexy Massage


My wife, Marie and I were planning a trip to Miami for a much needed vacation last March. The weather sucked at home in Boston and we both had a sever case of cabin fever.

Marie and I have been married for 12 years. We were high school sweethearts and married at the tender young age of 19. Marie isn't your average 31 year old married lady though, she could easily pass for a 24 year old runway model. She's tall, 5 feet 9 inches tall, blonde, blue eyed and gorgeous. Her greatest assets are definitely her natural 36C's, still as perky as they were when she was in high school.

Marie has always been a flirt, but as far as I know, I'm the only man she's ever had sex with. I can't say the same for me, I had a few experiences during high school, though I'd never admit it to Marie.

I'm Rob, the same age as my lovely, sexy wife. I'm quite tall, 6 feet 4 inches tall and in the best shape of my life. We have our own exercise equipment at home so I try to work out regularly. Marie thinks I have the perfect body for her but being a man, we usually wish we had more in the cock department. I'm a little above average in size, about 7 inches long.

We've both talked about fantasy partners while having sex but neither of us have ever pressed the issue, attempting to participate in any of these. I don't think she'd ever go for it, but I'm a typical guy, I'm up for just about anything.

Our trip to Miami was just going to be a short, three night stay. Just long enough to get a little sun and take the edge off the winter blahs.

Everything went perfectly, the flight down to Miami was on time, the weather forecast was perfect too. The temperature was going to be in the 80's for all three days. The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach with a fantastic view of the ocean, great pools, restaurants and night clubs.

On our first day in Miami, I noticed an advertisement in our hotel room for massages, given in the room by professionals. They actually would come to the room with a massage table, the cost only being $100 an hour. I thought it would be the perfect gift for Marie, she loved massages but never wanted to spend the money to have a real professional give her one.

I didn't tell her about it until we had settled in for the night, it was about eleven o'clock. I had a choice of having a man or a woman giving the massage so I chose a man, hoping for a good looking guy for her. I knew she'd love it after she got over the shock of someone coming to the room but it seemed innocent enough. I knew I'd enjoy the show and asked if I could be present when he came to the room, knowing also how uncomfortable she would be if I wasn't there.

"Hey babe, how would you like a massage tonight?" I asked.

"I'd love one, it's been a long day. Are you up for it tonight?' Marie answered.

"Well, actually, what would you say to having a professional come to the room with a massage table?" I said.

"I'd say it's a waste of money, but thank you for thinking of me."

"I've already paid for it, I'm expecting them to come to the door shortly. I'll have to call to cancel if you really don't want one."

"If you've already paid for it, maybe it would be nice, thank you," Marie said to my surprise.

"Wonderful! I hope it relaxes you. You've always wanted a real one," I said excitedly. "He should be here any minute!"

"He? I don't know about this. Couldn't you have hired a lady?"

"I could have but thought a pair of masculine hands would feel better to you."

"I guess so if you're comfortable with it," Marie said sheepishly.

"I'm very comfortable with it, I'll be right here with you."

A knock came from the door, our masseuse had arrived. I got up to answer the door, pleased as I opened it. Before me stood an olive skinned, very rugged man, wearing a sleeveless shirt and loose fitting shorts. He was absolutely ripped, he looked to be Italian. He was carrying his table in one hand.

"Hello Sir, I'm here as requested for massage services. May I come in and set up?" the rugged, handsome man said.

"My name is Anthony, you can call me Tony if you like," he said.

"Pleased to meet you, please come in," I said.

Tony came in, setting his table up next to the bed quickly. The table was small, with a thin mattress and a set of sheets folded on top as the table unfolded. I could sense the tension coming from Marie but also noticed her checking Tony out. I can't remember her ever looking at anyone quite like that ,other than me. I was actually a little turned on by it.

"Would you like to change into something madam or would you prefer to be nude under the sheets?" Tony asked.

I knew she'd choose clothing, especially with me sitting right there. Instead, her response surprised me.

"If you'll turn around and face the other way, I'll get undressed and wrap myself in a sheet if you like," Marie said as she looked at me for a nod of approval.

I gave her the nod, still in shock at her response. My cock was already moving just thinking about my sexy wife naked with only a sheet covering her. I was wondering just how much she would be willing to expose or what he was planning to massage. He seemed very comfortable and secure with his job, he also seemed very professional about it.

To my surprise and delight, Marie disrobed right there as she climbed onto his table, pulling the sheet around her body as she lay on her stomach. I was getting very turned on at this point, my cock straining under my shorts. Marie noticed this, giving me a wink.

"I give my clients a choice madam, I massage fully clothed or can also disrobe to your level of desire. Would you like for me to remain fully clothed?" Tony asked. "Also Sir, I can also massage you if you like."

"I'm going to just sit over here in the chair and enjoy watching if you don''t mind," I said.

"I'd love for you to take your shirt off Tony, you look like you have a great chest," Marie said.

I was again surprised with how comfortable Marie was, maybe the wink meant something. I could tell she liked how this guy looked. He removed his shirt, exposing his huge, hairless chest. This guy definitely spent many hours a day in the gym and Marie was checking out every ripple, straining to hold her head up to take him all in.

My cock was so hard at this point, anticipating Tony's hands caressing and massaging Marie. I was ready for whatever show he had in mind, maybe even hoping for the unthinkable.

"Please don't call me madam Tony, call me Marie."

"OK Marie, are you ready? If anything makes you uncomfortable, please stop me," Tony said.

"I'm sure I'll be comfortable with anything you do, you might want to ask Rob though."

"I'm good with whatever you like Hun," I answered, my cock now very noticeably hard.

Tony stepped toward Marie, pulling the sheet down just enough to begin massaging her shoulders and neck. His hands were huge and masculine, but definitely talented and gentle as well. I sat mesmerized watching him as Marie relaxed, enjoying the massage.

I was getting really turned on as Tony stood so close to her, his crotch at her eye level. I swear she was stealing glances at it, checking him out. From what I could see, he had quite a bulge. I couldn't believe the thoughts going through me head now, naughty thoughts, wondering if she was thinking along the same lines.

Tony continued massaging her upper back working his way slow and gently to her lower back, the sheet lowered now exposing the side of her naked tits, pressed firmly against the table. I swear I heard her moan in pleasure as he continued gently caressing her lower back, now rubbing her hips.

My cock was so hard, I shifted in my chair trying to reposition to take some of the pressure off my growing erection. Tony discretely glanced toward me, noticing my excitement.

I could see Marie's breathing quicken, she was almost panting now, thoroughly enjoying his masterful work. Tony could sense our arousal as he continued removing more of the sheet covering my sexy wife. He ass was now partially visible as he was now massaging her lower legs, the sheet inching downward as he massaged upward toward her thighs.

Her moaning became very noticeable, her arousal certain at this point. I could hardly stand it. I looked at Tony's crotch again, his excitement now very visible as well. Marie could hardly take her eyes off his crotch now as a tent was forming beneath his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear under his shorts, I could tell, I know she could as well as the head of his cock was well outlined hanging partially down his leg. This guy must have been hung like a horse.

The sheet was now totally exposing Marie's ass now, only covering her legs. She wasn't at all uncomfortable about it, now kicking it completely off the table. My wife was now naked in front of another man! His erection was straining under his shorts, pushing outward.

Marie's eyes were still on his cock as his hands moved to her inner thigh, it almost looked like he grazed her ass. She actually arched her back, moaning at the same time. I could see the moisture forming on her pussy now, I had the perfect angle to witness her arousal.

His hands worked back toward her back, now caressing her sides, grazing the sides of her tits. Her breathing was definitely at a pant now, moaning so we both could hear. She shifted to the side as her massaged her side, allowing him unobstructed access to her tit, exposing it for him to massage,

He wasted no time, his hand now massaging the exposed tit as his other hand moved toward her ass. I was so fucking horny, I had to reach into my shorts and lift my cock upward, freeing it from it's restraint. Marie's eyes were closed, completely lost in her pleasure now.

Marie did the unthinkable, she reached up with one hand, pulling down Tony's shorts, exposing his semi-erect cock. He stepped out of his shorts, now standing naked next to her, still massaging her tit. His other hand was now rubbing and cupping her ass cheek firmly.

I couldn't take any more, I took my shirt and shorts off, now sitting naked in the chair with my cock standing at attention. Marie looked at me smiling, winking, knowing I was as turned on as she was.

Tony's huge cock was becoming erect, now freed and standing at attention next to Marie. Her eyes were like saucers, staring at his huge mast. His cock must have been 10 inches long, as thick as a can, huge balls hanging down several inches, the mast bulging with veins. She couldn't take her eyes off it, neither could I. I have to admit, he was still a gentleman, not doing anything unless invited to do so.

Marie looked at me as I nodded my approval for her to do whatever she wanted. That's all it took. Both of his hands were now caressing her ass, sliding between the cheeks touching her moist pussy. He was leaning forward, his cock within inches of her face as he continued massaging.

Marie reached up with her right hand, grasping his massive cock, sliding upward toward it's head. He paused for a moment, his cock twitched in excitement as she smeared the moisture from the hear of his cock. Marie actually licked her lips, looking back at me. I nodded for her to do something.

She pulled his meat toward her face, pulling the angle of his cock down to meet her lips as she kissed the tip, then licked the moisture from it's hole. He was so hard and stiff, I could tell she actually had to force it downward to be on the same level as her mouth.

I was so fucking horny now, I started slowly stroking my cock. I felt like I was going to cum already, I let go quickly, staring at the action before me.

Marie's lips parted as she inserted the huge head of Tony's cock in her mouth, stretching to fit it in. I could her her suck, voiding him of the milky pre-cum that had escaped him. I knew her tongue was working the slit of his cock, she'd done this so many times to me.

He was now leaning over her, his cock in her mouth as his fingers searched her moist folds, spreading them for my viewing pleasure as he inserted a few fingers. He was giving me as much a show as giving her pleasure, he was a real pro.

She took his cock deeper into her mouth, still stretching to fit the massive pole in her tiny mouth, devouring his length as far as she could until I heard her gag, his cock touching the back of her throat. He was so big she could only take about half of him in her mouth.

Marie was turning over on the massage table, now facing him with his cock still in her mouth. I knew she wanted a better angle on him. One of her hands cupped his huge sack, fondling his balls, as the other slid up and down his cock. Thick saliva was coating his shaft as she drooled and spit, lubricating him.

Tony pulled away, his cock springing to attention as it popped out of her mouth. He cradled her in his massive arms, carrying her to the bed. He placed her gently on the bed as he looked at me, making certain we both wanted this. My cock was still in my hand, holding it still so I wouldn't lose my load too soon. I wanted to take it all in and enjoy it.

Tony crept between Marie's legs, inserting his flickering tongue into her moist pussy, running the full length of her labia, searching for her clit with his tongue.

Marie arched immediately, holding Tony's head into her as she quivered, cumming on his face as he eagerly drove her over the edge to an orgasm. Her moaning and whimpering was so so sexy, her eyes closed tightly as she clenched his head, pulling his hair.

As she relaxed, her eyes opened, searching for me. I nodded as I gave my cock a slow stroke.

"Please fuck me with that monster," Marie said.

I couldn't fucking believe it, my wife actually asked him to fuck her. Tony stood above her again, offering his cock to her again to suck as she eagerly accepted him. She tried to devour him, slamming his massive member as far into her mouth as she could, saliva running from her mouth coating his cock as he bucked back and forth, fucking her mouth.

She suddenly released his cock from her mouth. He knew what she wanted and slowly mounted her. I watched intently from my chair, having a perfect view of his massive tool as he lined himself up for entry.

The head of his cock touched her pussy as her legs wrapped around his torso, trying to pull him into her. She wanted him now. I saw the head of his cock disappear into her, stretching her to her limits as her pussy clenched his huge shaft. As he withdrew I could see her labia pull back, exposing her pink pussy before her pushed forward again. He pushed in about halfway as she screamed in pleasure. She arched again, shaking and shuddering in an intense orgasm as she held him still.

As she screamed and shook he pushed forward, burying more of his massive meat in her tiny, tight pussy giving her the most intense orgasm I'd ever witnessed. She was breathing so fast and so loud, panting as he fucked her.

He had his entire cock in her, holding steady making her feel his every inch and massive girth. As he withdrew slowly I could almost see her pussy retreat with it, his cock tightly wrapped by her cunt. His cock was now soaked with her moisture as he pushed forward again, his balls slapping her ass. He got into a rhythm , slowly fucking her as his huge balls swayed against her ass each time he buried his cock deep within her pussy.

She still had him wrapped up, her legs pulling him in, not letting him go as he started pounding her pussy.

I couldn't take any more. I got up, moving toward them as Marie reached for me, grabbing my cock.

"Let me have you from behind," Tony said to Marie.

He immediately removed his cock from her as she relaxed. Marie moved to the bottom of the bed getting on her knees, Tony standing behind her.

"Fuck me hard," Marie said to Tony as she reached for my cock.

He slid into her wet pussy, his balls slapping her ass as he commenced pounding her pussy, assaulting it with his huge cock. I stood in front of her as she eagerly took my entire cock into her mouth. I knew I wouldn't last long. I held her head as I began fucking her mouth, forcing my cock deep within her throat on each thrust.

Every time Tony slammed her from behind my cock was driven deeper in Marie's throat, gagging her, but she loved it. She was cumming again, almost biting down on my cock as I continued fucking her.

Tony was now pounding her, I could hear his cock slosh in and out, she was soaked now, his balls slapping her ass.

I tensed, feeling myself losing control as my eruption was building. My ass clenched as I pulled her head toward my cock, stuffing myself down her throat as my first load erupted forcefully into her throat, gagging her with the amount of cum and pressure behind my orgasm.

Tony's head was now back, his eyes closed as the veins were showing on his neck. He was tensing to explode in Marie as she shook violently beneath him. He growled as he shot into her, slamming his huge cock, erupting forcefully.

My cock was stiff, shooting another hot, sticky load of cum deep into wife's mouth as she eagerly swallowed, as another load erupted immediately following it. It was a steady load of cum, pouring into my wife's mouth, spilling from the corners of her lips as I filled her mouth. She couldn't keep up with the heavy flow.

I could hear Tony's cum being sloshed in and out of Marie's pussy as he continued growling and cumming, shooting a massive amount of semen into her swollen pussy. We were filling her with semen, hot sticky cum from both ends as we both collapsed in orgasmic pleasure.

Marie was exhausted, totally satisfied and given the ultimate gift by her husband.

I was happy, feeling no jealousy as we separated, cum oozing from her pussy. Tony was a perfect gentleman and a great fuck for Marie. He helped clean everything up, including her pussy as he licked her clean, devouring his own cum from her.

He thanked us for an erotic night.

Tony wouldn't accept payment for his services, he actually offered to pay us. It was a thrilling night, maybe just the beginning of our sexual adventures with others but we needed time to digest everything. It was certainly more than expected.

"Next time, I'll call for the massage for you Rob. It will be a sexy lady," Marie said slyly after Tony left.

"I can't wait," I answered.

We'll tell you about our next adventure when it happens, and it will happen, very soon.

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Nice story

My wife and I both enjoyed massages for years. We finally found a woman that had no inhibitions which was neat, most of those are far from anything erotic. Just hands though, then I saw an ad for a guymore...

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