tagErotic CouplingsA Shepherd Afield Pt. 04

A Shepherd Afield Pt. 04


Author's Notes:

'A Shepherd Afield' is a continuation of 'A Shepherd in France' which continued the story of 'The Shepherd of Ashburn Court'. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Chapter 24

Gabriella was on pins and needles. She saw on the board that Ben's jet had landed and he should be on his way into the terminal. She was practically vibrating with excitement. It felt like ages since she'd seen him.

When he'd called her from Costa Rica and offered to invest so much of his money in the company she was desperately trying to save he proved beyond a shadow of doubt how much he believed in her. She'd never felt so honored in her entire life. Ben not only loved her, he trusted her implicitly. That took her breath away. Her husband would never have done that. Daniel was far more in love with his money than her and he trusted no one with it other than himself.

She craned her neck to see the doors where Ben would come out. Each time they opened her heart leapt up into her throat but some stranger would walk through instead. Her nerves were fraying when the door opened once more and Ben walked through pushing a cart. She was surprised by the number of bags on the cart. Then she saw he was pushing the cart with one hand while holding up his phone with the other?

"MOM!" squealed two very excited voices.

Gabriella froze when she saw Miriam and Daniel rush around from behind Ben's back. Then her kids were in her arms and she was crying tears of joy as she clung to them.

Ben put his phone away and smiled at the three hugging each other as they laughed and cried. Gabriella reached out and pulled him into their midst and soon they were all hugging.

When she finally got control over her emotions Gabriella looked at Ben with pure happiness as she kept her arms around her kids. Both were grinning at Ben with their shared joy at surprising their mom.

"Thank you Ben! Oh my god, I can't tell you how much this means to me!" she cried.

"I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway and I had that big jet all to myself so I thought, why not," Ben teased.

Gabriella took his face between her hands and kissed him as her kids looked on with surprise. Daniel turned away with a grin and Miriam bounced on her tip toes as she smiled at them.

When she pulled back Ben's head was spinning. "Wow," was all he was able to say.

She hugged him again then gave her kids another hug.

"Mom! Are we going to see Milan or stand around the airport hugging all day?" Daniel complained as he smiled at her.

"Fine! Let's go!" she grinned. Ben got behind the cart once more and followed them through the airport to the parking garage. He had such a warm feeling in his heart seeing Gabriella so happy and reunited with her kids.

They barely managed to get everyone and all the bags into the small car Gabriella was driving. It was fortunate that she'd rented the largest one she could get to fit Ben's large body. Daniel and Miriam giggled in the back seat at Ben's antics of squeezing into the car.

"It was all they had!" Gabriella said, supressing her own giggles.

"It's fine! I understand spleens are redundant organs anyway. Off we go!" Ben said theatrically.

Gabriella drove them to the apartment in the fashion district. Miriam's eyes were glowing with excitement while Daniel just took in the sights. They took a few moments to get settled into the apartment and checked it out. There were two bedrooms and a pull out bed in the living room which Daniel would use.

Now that she had her family with her Gabriella was excited about taking them to see everything. They only had the weekend so she chose a few things. They visited the main cathedral, Duomo di Milano, then saw the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Daniel took pictures of the group as they went.

Her kids really wanted to see the company she was working at but she couldn't visit with Ben because the staff were planning a little party for him on Sunday night. She promised they would all get a tour then.

They were passing through a road with several tech shops on their way back to the fashion district. Ben fully expected to be making several stops to check out the clothing before they reached the apartment. He spotted a camera shop. He'd watched Daniel shooting and reviewing all day and a smile came to his lips. He called a halt and dragged the curious family members into the shop.

"Daniel, I think it's time to upgrade your equipment. You've proven you have the eye and the skill. You should have the tools to push you to the next level. I'd like to invest in that if you and your mother are ok with it," Ben said seriously. Daniel's eyes lit up with excitement and Gabriella beamed a smile at Ben. She nodded and Daniel grinned with excitement.

"I know nothing about cameras or the different brands so I'll rely on your knowledge. Is there a brand you're interested in?" he asked the boy.

"Nikon," the boy blurted.

Ben smiled. Obviously Daniel had done some research. "Ok, let's look at some of those."

Daniel rushed forward and looked in the display cases. Gabriella kissed Ben's cheek and pointed across the street to a store which sold watches. He nodded and she left with Miriam who was all smiles.

Ben saw Daniel was still looking at what looked like entry level cameras. They looked like they were better than what he had but it wasn't what Ben was thinking of. He caught the eye of one of the hovering salesmen.

"Hello! My friend here is ready to upgrade to professional level Nikon equipment," Ben said emphasizing the word. Daniel looked back at him in surprise.

The salesmen smelled money and smiled smoothly. "I see. Then perhaps he might be interested in a full frame model." He led Ben and a dazed Daniel across to the high end cameras. "The D6 is new and it has the latest image processor chip."

Ben watched Daniel's face and with each technical phrase he saw the young man's expression twitch and change. So far everything Daniel was hearing he liked.

"It all sounds like noise to me. What do you think Daniel? Do you think this camera might meet your requirements?" Ben asked seriously.

Daniel seemed to come back to himself and straightened his posture as he turned to Ben. "Yes, uh, I've heard this model is good but as it's implemented a lot of new features there are some rather unfortunate bugs that will require a firmware update to address them. Also, some features from previous models have been removed to make room for the new ones and many professional photographers have complained about this. As I'm just moving into this level it might make more sense to look at a more mature model which has already been through that bug cycle and is at its apex of usability. I don't need the newest. The D4S perhaps?"

Ben smiled proudly at how brilliant Daniel's response was. He looked to the salesman who was staring at Daniel in surprise. Obviously, he thought he'd be unloading their most expensive camera on a newbie. "Do you have a D4S we might look at?"

"Of course, sir," the salesman said and put the D6 back in the case. He brought out the D4S and handed it to Daniel. The young man's eyes once more began to glow with excitement.

"It's currently equipped with the 50mm prime lens which comes in the kit," the salesman said trying to get the initiative back.

"Is that a lens you'd be interested in having?" Ben asked Daniel who looked back in surprise. "If it's not a useful lens to you then maybe we should look at a different lens. Are prime lenses good?"

"Prime lenses have one focal length and that means they can be sharper and faster. Zoom lenses are more versatile as they can cover multiple focal lengths but they typically aren't as sharp or fast."

"Fast?" Ben asked.

"Fast lenses have wider apertures allowing more light in which allows the camera to use faster shutter speeds in low light conditions.

"Wide apertures also lets you drop the backgrounds out of focus to emphasize the subject," the salesman jumped in, still trying to drive the sale.

"So, is a 50mm lens useful to you?" Ben asked again.

Daniel looked at him with wide eyes. "No, not really."

"Does this camera come in a body only configuration?" Ben asked.

"Yes but... you'll need a lens," the salesman uttered.

Ben looked back at Daniel. "What lens would be useful? What do you use now?"

Daniel lifted his camera and showed Ben. "It has a zoom. 30mm to 90mm."

"OK, which... focal lengths do you use most," Ben asked feeling rather pleased with himself for getting the term right.

Daniel was having trouble speaking as he was seeing the price of this camera begin to skyrocket. "I- I use wide for scenic so 30mm and the other end for portraits."

Ben turned to the salesman. "Do you have a prime lens in the 30mm range and a prime portrait lens in the 90mm range for this body?"

The man's smile returned twice as bright. "Yes sir, we do." He turned back to the case.

"Ben... this is really expensive!" Daniel whispered hoarsely so the salesman wouldn't hear him.

"Really good tools usually cost more. That's why you don't get them until you've proven you have the skills to use them. It's a universal rule. Listen Daniel, I'm not kidding when I say your photos are really great. A better camera won't make bad pictures better but it will make great pictures spectacular. I think you have it in you to take truly exceptional photos. I'd like to invest in that potential. However, if you aren't interested in investing your time, if photography isn't that important to you I'm ok with that too. We can look at a lower end camera. It's up to you."

Daniel was struggling not to cry. Having Ben's respect meant so much to him. Hearing that the big man believed in him to this level was almost too much for him to cope with.

"I'd- I'd like to get the D4S," he choked out.

Ben saw Daniel was shaky so he pointed to the wall of camera bags. "Good! Why don't you select a camera bag that will hold the camera and at least three lenses. Oh! And get one of those wide camera straps. This camera is going to be heavy."

Daniel smiled and stiffly walked away.

The salesman returned and frowned as he saw Daniel walking away with an odd look on his face. The man had the D4S body, a 35mm prime, and an 85mm prime. At Ben's questioning glance he explained the lenses. "These are the 'fastest' and sharpest lenses for this body."

"Great! I'll also need at least three batteries and a charger for them. I assume I'll be able to get a North American equivalent charger at home?" The man nodded. "And three large capacity memory cards for this camera body. Daniel is selecting the camera bag and strap."

"Will there be anything else?" the happy man asked.

"I don't think so," Ben responded.

"Excellent sir. I will meet you at the cashier's station." Ben nodded and the man walked away with the equipment.

Daniel met Ben at the checkout counter with a shoulder camera bag in grey and a dazzlingly colorful camera strap. Ben grinned when he saw the strap and Daniel grinned self-consciously. "I like it!" he said defensively and Ben just held up his hands in surrender.

As Ben stood at the counter making the purchases he felt Daniel leaning against him. It was Ben's turn to choke back his emotions. When he was done Ben and Daniel turned and spotted Gabriella standing in the aisle with tears in her eyes and a trembling smile on her lips. Both men groaned as it was hard enough holding back their own tears. They glanced at each other in surprise and snorted with amusement.

They collected Gabriella and Miriam and walked out of the store.

Once everyone was breathing easy again Gabriella looked at her son. "So, what did you get?"

Daniel looked nervously at Ben who smiled and shrugged. He reached into the bag and pulled out the box for the D4S body. Gabriella's eyes widened in shock when she saw the price tag on the box.



"How much did you spend?" She recognized the camera name and model from the photographers who worked with Brezza.

"Are you going to chastise me for how much I invest in those I believe in?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled to find an argument for that. Finally she just shook her head.

"Good because I think we've reached the place Miriam has been waiting all day to visit since we drove through it so quickly," he said with a grin as the young girl's face lit up. "Let's get you some pretty things to wear!" Miriam bounced on her toes and hugged Ben as she giggled.

Ben and Daniel had a lot of opportunities to sit and play with the camera while the two ladies tried on fashions. The young man got the new strap on it and quickly got the hang of the different modes on the camera. He was using the 85mm to do portraits. His subject matter was Ben for the most part since they were stuck together waiting but once in a while he snapped a shot of his mom or sister as they came out of the dressing rooms. When he had a number of shots under his belt Daniel proclaimed he was in love with the camera and gave Ben a big hug. He reviewed the shots with Ben and they both agreed the quality of the images was far superior. Ben wasn't too keen on the subject matter when it was him but he loved the candid shots of Gabriella and Miriam. He saw his investment was already paying off.

He lost count of how many clothing shops they visited but he was steadily collecting shopping bags around himself.

When they finally called it quits and returned to the apartment, exhausted from their full day they plopped down on the couches and grinned at each other. Miriam dragged herself to her feet and dropped down next to Ben with her mom on the other side. She reached an arm over Ben's broad chest and hugged him.

"Thank you so much Ben! The clothes are gorgeous and Karlene will love them too! She's going to look so nice in the white and grey dress!" she gushed.

"You are most welcome. Ask your brother to see the images he took of you and your mother today. They are amazing!" Ben replied. She kissed his cheek and pushed herself up and off the couch to drop down next to her brother who queued up the pics. Ooo's and ahhh's could soon be heard.

Gabriella snuggled in next to Ben and kissed his cheek. He turned his head and they shared a tender kiss.

"Hey! Get a room you two! Kids over here!" Daniel barked with a grin and got a smack from his sister. "Hey!" He smacked his sister back.

"Settle down you two," Gabriella scolded gently. She smiled as she rested her cheek on Ben's shoulder. "I'm too pooped to go out to dinner tonight. I can't believe we squeezed all that into one day!"

"Well, we only have the weekend so live for the moment," Ben sighed.

Gabriella didn't want to think about that. She was so happy right now. With her family all around her. "Can we just order in pizza tonight?" she asked as she snuggled closer to Ben.

"Do they have that here?" Ben asked seriously. She leaned up to stare at him and caught the impish smile on his lips.

Ben started to laugh at her incredulous expression as did her kids. She grinned at him. Happy was too small a word to describe how she felt.

Once they'd had their dinners and talked until every third word was a wide yawn Gabriella got her kids settled in for the night. Daniel was already snoring gently on the pull out bed and she'd tucked her daughter into her bed in the second bedroom.

Gabriella slipped into the bedroom she was sharing with Ben. He was already in bed leaning up against the headboard. The sheets covered him from the waist down. This meant she could clearly see his broad chest and strong arms. A thrill shot through her.

He was all hers tonight but they would have to be quiet as the walls weren't that soundproof and her kids were close by. That said she wasn't going to deny herself this treat she'd been craving for so long!

She took off her dressing gown and Ben's eyes lit up at the sight of the sexy black satin and lace nightie she'd purchased specifically for tonight.

"My god you're lovely!" Ben said, his deep voice rumbling with his desire.

She couldn't keep the smile from her face as she moved onto the bed from the bottom. On hands and knees she moved up the bed towards him, her heavy breasts swaying, barely contained by the satin. She held his eyes with hers and saw he was enjoying the show.

She stopped just between his feet and tugged the sheets down. Her eyes widened in surprise and joy as she saw Ben was naked under the sheets and he had obviously enjoyed watching her approach. His cock was rising to greet her and she purred with satisfaction as she pulled her nightie up and over her head. Now she was as naked as he was.

Ben glanced at the wall between the two bedrooms. "Uh, we're going to have to be really quiet," he whispered.

She grinned wickedly as she stretched out between his legs until her face was only inches away from his stiffening cock. She looked up at him and flicked her tongue along the head. He jumped and sucked in a sharp breath at the sensation.

"Shhhhh," Gabriella said as her lips pressed against his hard shaft. Ben moaned then slapped a hand over his mouth. Her eyes twinkled with happiness.

She ran her tongue up and down the underside of his cock and stopped to give his balls some loving attention. If she was honest she was a little obsessed with them. She loved their weight and how they felt in her hands. Mostly though she got a special thrill sucking them into her mouth, running her tongue over them and she delighted in feeling and hearing Ben's reaction when she did this.

He was struggling to keep his moans muffled as she stroked his cock and balls with her active tongue. It was pure bliss. When she finally took his cock into her hot mouth he threw his head back at the intensity of the sensations and struck it against the ornate headboard with a loud crack. He saw stars and held his smarting head in both hands.

"Everything ok in there?" Miriam called out through the wall.

Ben opened his eyes to see Gabriella's breasts in his face. She was up on her knees in front of him, moving his hands to see if he'd cut the back of his head. She didn't see any blood so she relaxed.

"We're good! Ben just bumped his head on the headboard when he was leaning back. Good night!"

She squeaked loudly as Ben sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her tighter against his chest as his tongue teased her.

"What was that?" Miriam called out.

"Nothing! Go to sleep!" Gabriella exclaimed as she clung to Ben's head. She bit her lip as he drove her mad with his mouth. He moved to the other nipple as his hands slid down to grip her ass cheeks. She gasped out loud once more.


Daniel's voice called out from the living room. "For Pete's sake Miriam, go to sleep and let them play!"

Ben pulled back to stare up at Gabriella in surprise. Her eyes were wide with surprise as well. They both burst into laughter.

Once they got control of themselves they realized the moment and mood had passed. A feeling of domestic bliss had taken hold and they smiled at each other happily.

They settled down under the covers and snuggled together after Ben turned out the light.

"I know it's interfering with our 'play' but I can't thank you enough for bringing them with you," she whispered to him.

"I love you Gabriella, with or without the 'play'," he said smiling back at her in the dark.

Her soft lips found his and they shared a sweet kiss that warmed them both. They snuggled against each other and let sleep take them.

Chapter 25

Ben, Gabriella and her kids were having lunch in the restaurant overlooking the plaza of Duomo di Milano where she'd met Catherine and Chanel Babineaux. They froze in surprise when they spotted the tall brunette striding towards their table. Ben was shocked by how gaunt the woman looked.

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