tagLoving WivesA Shoe Store Show

A Shoe Store Show


There are two things that are and absolute turn on for me. One is knowing my wife has a garter belt and stockings on under her skirt. The other is watching her let other men see her that way.

It started years ago when we went shopping on Saturday, just before going out to dinner. By this time, she was masterful at teasing me as we dressed. She would start with her garter belt, stockings and high heels. She wore nothing else as she finished her hair and makeup. She knew how much it turned me on, and she loved to tease me for the entire evening before we returned home. On this particular night, she said she needed some new shoes for work, and we should leave early enough for dinner to stop at a shoe store.

Going shopping with her was not something I looked forward to, but with her sitting on her makeup stool in just the hose and heels, she was very persuasive. She completed the outfit with a simple black dress the landed above the knee.

I should tell you she was 32 when this first happened. At 5-5, the combination of a very good figure, great legs and her ability to make it work for her always made heads turn when she came into a room. She was, and still is, a classic beauty. And she always dressed to impress, and tease just a bit without looking like a slut.

We had plenty of time to get in and out of the shoe store before our dinner reservations, so I agreed to go with her to the store on the way to the restaurant. As she got out of the car, she made a bit of a show in letting her skirt ride up to give me a good glimpse of her thighs and stocking tops. And that was when I realized she had removed her panties before we left the house. I could clearly see her well-trimmed pussy, beautifully framed by her black stocking tops and garters. Then came the question I was not prepared for. As we walked into the store hand-in-hand, she whispered in my ear. Would it turn me on if the shoe salesman saw her that way?

I really wasn't sure. Part of me thought yes. But I wasn't sure if I wanted strange men seeing my wife like that. I was sure she was just testing me, ramping up the teasing. Surely, she would never actually do that.

As we browsed the shoe department, a good looking young man asked if he could offer any service. My wife showed him some very sexy black high heel pumps with an ankle strap and said she wanted to try those in a size seven.

We took a seat as he went to retrieve the shoes, and she said it again. "He's cute, and I'm in the mood to show him my pussy." She asked if that would turn me on, and I told her I really didn't know.

"Well, we'll find out in a minute, I guess," she said. "If it bothers you, just get up and walk away, but if you like it, pick out another pair for me to try on. That will be our code," she explained.

The young man returned with the shoes and took a seat on the little stool in front of my wife. At this point, she had already repositioned herself so her dress was above her knee just enough to still be proper. She offered him her right foot, and he supported it under her ankle and removed her pump. Then he slid on the new shoe, and buckled the ankle strap. Nothing had happened so far. But when she switched feet, she did it in such a way as to let her skirt ride up a bit further, and he had a clear view of her garters, and stocking tops.

He tried not to stare, but the poor guy could not help himself, He fumbled with the buckle on the second shoe, which made her leg move a bit, and forced her skirt up just a bit more. I wasn't sure before, but now I knew two things. He could see at least part of her pussy, and I was getting a raging hard on. And so was he.

She stood and walked up and down the aisle a bit. The sexy high heels made her legs look great, and both the salesman and I could not take our eyes off of her.

That's when I knew. I did indeed like it when other men could see her charms. As she walked back, I remembered our little code. And when Chris asked what I thought, I said I liked them, but they looked a little tight. Maybe she should try the next size up.

I could tell she was overjoyed. "Yes, she said, bring me the next half-sized up, please. And also, see if they come in tan."

When she sat down, she didn't smooth her skirt. She left it to ride up her thighs a bit. The store wasn't very busy, and while he was gone, she told me how happy she was that I enjoyed it.

"Buckle in, honey," she said.

And before I could ask what that meant, he was back with two pair of shoes. She lifted her foot to his leg so he could unbuckle the ankle strap, letting her knee go higher than needed, and giving him a straight view into her pussy. She sat as though nothing unusual was happening, and to the passerby, it was just another transaction. But with each little move, her legs went further apart, and his view got better. He was anxious to help with the bigger shoes, and the next pair. Each time he changed her shoes, he got to see her stocking tops, her garters, and her pussy.

The poor guy had a raging hard on by now, and so did I. It had to be clear to him that it was no accident. She was flashing herself on purpose. And that's when she hit me with her next big surprise.

"Are you enjoying the view?" she asked coyly. He started to look a bit sheepish, knowing he was caught. "It's OK, " she continued. "I want you to enjoy it. I just want to know how much you are enjoying it."

Whatever made him seem embarrassed a moment ago was gone. Now he was bold and said he liked the view a lot, and turned to me and told me how lucky I was. I replied that I agreed, and then came the surprise.

She told him she would take the black pair of shoes, and that if he would throw in the tan ones, she let him do more than just look.

I was shocked. We had not talked about that and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But it didn't take him any time at all to agree. With that, Chris slid her bottom closer to the edge of the chair, which caused her skirt to ride way up. She told him to help her change back into her original shoes, and enjoy himself along the way.

With that, she put her foot in his crotch. He now removed her shoes, but took his time, running his hands up and down her calves while I watched.

"Do you want to touch me?" she asked.

He didn't answer. He just slid his hand comfortably up her calve, under her knee, up her thigh and reached for her sex.

Surprisingly, again, I was not mad. In fact, quite the contrary. I couldn't wait to get her home. I wanted to skip dinner and head for the house. But Chris was enjoying herself way too much to leave right then.

I moved to the chair across the aisle to both get a better view, and watch for oncoming customers. I could see him work a finger into her pussy, and then two. And then came yet another surprise. As he worked his fingers in and out of her, she reached down herself to play with her clit.

It didn't take long for her to slide further down in the seat and start to breath heavily. I could see the moisture building, and knew what was next. She managed to keep from screaming the way she does at home when she cums. But she couldn't keep from squirting, which took him by surprise. She drenched his shirt sleeve and part of his shirt. But he never stopped.

He continued to manipulate her pussy, giving her a second orgasm. By this time, it took everything I had to keep from pulling out my dick and pleasing myself.

After the second orgasm, she repositioned herself, in a way they let him know that was all the fun he was going to have. But as he stood, she reached out for his thigh, ran her hand up his leg and lightly cupped his balls and dick.

"Maybe I'll return the favor one day," she said. Then she looked over at me and winked. But she continued to stroke his dick through his pants. And as she stroked him with one hand, she pushed her skirt aside with the other to give him one more look.

We got both pair of shoes for free that night. He said he didn't have time to ring them up, because he had to change clothes, what with the giant wet stain on his tan trousers, the result of her stroking him to orgasm in his pants.

And that was just the beginning.

Over the years that followed, many a men got to see my wife's charms. And I never got tired of seeing her show off, and even give the occasional hand job. But more about that in the next story.

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by Anonymous07/17/18

Super Hot

Great story, my wife and I have done this a few times, and once she went in to the back of the store with the salesman and came back with a pussy full of cum, I loved it.

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