tagBDSMA "Shopping" Day

A "Shopping" Day


- Hey Midori, I've decided I'm going shopping!

-Midori, Atsuko's roommate, faced her with surprise expression: Really? Wouldn't you rather ski today?

-No. Yesterday in Kicking Horse I enjoyed myself but today I'm a little tired, so I'll take a day to relax and do some shopping.

-Ok, it's up to you, Midori answered putting on her ski pants, but you will still have breakfast with me, won't you?

-Of course, she answered while taking off her ski suit and putting on workout clothes. Give me a sec.

Few minutes later, still chatting, they took the elevator down to the restaurant at the hotel where they were staying. This ski trip to Banff was a present that Atsuko and Midori had decided to give themselves after several years without vacations. Two weeks in one of the most famous Rocky Mountain ski resorts...but their time there was almost up.

When she stepped out of the elevator, Atsuko saw him. He was talking with the desk clerk, a tall, blonde girl with deep blue eyes. And she was smiling at him. Atsuko had liked her because she was very helpful, but in that moment she hated her.

He was a tall man, athletic, always smiling with black curly hair. Very different from Japanese men he was a 'gaijin'(a foreign devil) who always greeted them politely although they had not spoken to them for more than a few seconds at a time. Just enough contact to make Atsuko think it a pity to leave without knowing him a little more. Whenever they met he always opened doors or stepped out of the way which seemed funny for them, because in Japan the women always went after the men.

-I would eat him, Midori whispered to her friend with a giggle.

- I would let him to eat me, answered Atsuko covering her mouth and chuckling.

The girls gave their names to the restaurant clerk and they served up a delicious breakfast from the buffet.

After breakfast, they went up again to the room and brushed their teeth. Midori dressed in her ski boots and anorak then slipping on her backpack she departed.

-Don't do anything that I would not do! Midori joked.

I promise, nothing you wouldn't do! I'm thinking about going to the gym and using the Jacuzzi while I wait for the shops to open.

-OK, I'll see you at seven then.

Atsuko, gathered her stuff in the room, slipped into her bikini (she had been told by the travel agency that the hotel had a Jacuzzi, gym and sauna for free use by their clients), put her sweat suit back on, grabbed her towel and after a quick glance in the mirror she left the room.

In her early thirty, Atsuko still looked a lot younger. She was in good shape, because she went to the gym three times at week and went to hiking on the weekends when she could. She was carefully with her diet, drank alcohol sparingly and avoided smoking. Her lifestyle was reflected in her body: fit and lean with gentle curves, she was just about five feet and weighed 100 lbs dripping wet. In addition she had a pretty face. Fully dedicated to her job for an American multinational since she had finished the university, she had never married although she had not problems finding suitors. But the man of her dreams had not yet appeared.

The gym was empty when she arrived and Atsuko put in the earphones of her MP3 player, climbed onto the bicycle and begin to pedal. Soon she was sweating and took the jacket of her sweat-suit off. While placing it in the back against the wall, the door opened. A slight airflow caused her skin to prickle. He entered. And Atsuko's breathing deepened. She didn't expect him to be there. She had assumed that he would be skiing... He smiled and greeting bending his upper body like the Japanese at the same time he told 'konichi-wa' with a barely discernible accent.

-Konichi wa -. Atsuko answered, bending also. Startled, she looked down and realized that she was showing her breasts, only covered as they were with her very small bikini, but barely hidden from view.

- I don't speak Japanese, he admitted, and only know this greeting and four more words. Would you mind if we speak in English?

< < Hmmm. What should I answer now? > > Atsuko asked herself. < < If I act like I do not understand him, it will definitively be good bye, but if I answer him with a yes, maybe it will give him a nudge to go...further > -Of course. We can speak English, she responded nervously.

-My name is Daniel. Pleased to meet you.

- I am Atsuko. It is my pleasure. Silently she was giving thanks to God that working in an American company made her used to direct dealings with Occidentals. She had learned to understand the meanings of gestures that often, for Japanese people, bordered on the rude. Nevertheless Daniel had not made the move to shake her hand and had bent again. She imitated him.

- You bend like a Japanese man, she noted pleasantly surprised.

- Years ago I was practicing Japanese martial arts and I learned to greet Japanese-style. Do you still plan on going skiing today, Daniel said while he stepped up to the bicycle next to hers.

-No, I'm thinking about shopping instead. You?

-More or less the same. Today is my last day here in Banff and I want to buy something for my family and some souvenirs for myself. If you want, we can go together.

-Hmmm. I don't know...

-We would enjoy ourselves for sure. Just think about it a little, please...and then tell me yes... His smile could melt the winter snow of the Fujiyama.

Watch Daniel pedaling near her wearing only an athletic t-shirt and shorts made Atsuko feel the presence of his masculinity, although she hid her response by accelerating the rate she was pedaling.

- Well, that's enough for today, she told him while slipping off her pants and approaching the shower near the Jacuzzi. I need to rinse off...

-I'll leave you be in a second. I only wanted to stretch my legs and get them moving. They were getting pretty tight after almost two weeks of skiing.

Daniel's eyes took in and quietly absorbed Atsuko's dance-like movements. Her ivory bikini almost disappeared against her pale skin and look of near-nakedness sent intense awareness through him. At the contact with the cool water of the shower, Atsuko's nipples hardened and peaked, pressing against the thin material of her bikini. Daniel took off his t-shirt and strode across the room to enter the shower.

Atsuko smiled nervous as he asked smoothly: May I soap your back?

-Please, she murmured quietly glancing up through shy eyes.

He was a very strong man, around six feet tall with a fit physique. Although he was in his forties, he moved with the grace and feline agility of a much younger man. Masculine was a word used frequently to describe him.

-I do not mind helping at all. On the contrary it will be my pleasure, he reassured her. He stood before her, reaching around as was his preference. His hand scooped a little soap from the dispenser and began to rub her back smoothly.

Atsuko felt the Daniel's hands caressing her back and realized that she had hoped for such from the moment they're eyes met by the elevator. Purring like a kitten, she stood pliant before him. When she realized that Daniel's hands had not left the limits of her back, she turned slowly, took a little soap and with her gaze still lowered placed her hands over his chest. The reaction was instantaneous. Daniel's pants tightened in an unequivocal way and Atsuko realized that there are no stepping back...nor did she want there to be.

Daniel took her little hands in one of his and pulled them above her head, making her breasts stand out more, and with the other hand he tipped up her chin and began to kiss the lips gently, without hurry, without letting her move, as if she were tied before him.

- I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, he whispered. And I have been waiting to meet you alone since then. His voice and breath drifted over her earlobe sending shivers down her spine. I want to make love to you here and now.


The hands of Daniel caressed over the sensitive points of the Atsuko's body and his tongue eased deeply into her soft open mouth. She surrendered totally to this man. Her submissive nature and upbringing in a society where men are dominant, carried her far beyond her usual limits, but she realized that she was going exactly where she wanted to go.

The top of her bikini was pulled fully open, and pearly breasts spilled out, hard like stones, the pinkish nipples puckered, inviting, delicious, made to be sucked. The bottom of the bikini fell to the ground an instant later, alongside Daniel's pants. His member, hard and veined, fully aroused, scared Atsuko a little, but his gentle caresses made her so hot that she was already panting to feel it deep inside. He crouched and dipping his head between her legs began to pass his tongue over her pussy, pink, salty, wet...till he touched the central spot of pleasure, taking her clit between firm lips, caressing it gently with his tongue until she started to bend and quiver in pleasure, making noises like sobbing whimpers, faster and faster until she gasped and groaned in pleasure.

When he felt the shudders pass through her body, Daniel, unable to wait a second longer, stood and plunged into her, grabbing her ass with both palms and lifting her easily to fuck her against the wall of the shower. Sobbing and cumming almost continuously they both felt his seed coming out with a rush deep into her pussy. A few more pumps and the languid relaxation that follows numbing release gripped both of them. Daniel slipped out slowly from Atsuko's wet cleft, then kissed her on the lips and told her:

-Let's go my room. We can continue there.

Docilely, Atsuko left him and wrapped her towel around her hips, along with her bikini top and watched how he covered himself with a towel and gathered their garments from the floor of the shower.

He kissed her smoothly and taking her hand in his, locked her wrist into his large hand, as if she was a prisoner or the trophy of a conqueror.

- Leading her out of the room Daniel told her, there's still a while until they open the shops and I want to take advantage of this time with you.

Feeling the essence of Daniel run down her thighs, she followed him with the realization that never in her life had she felt so defenseless and yet safe as she did in that instant.

-Ok, Daniel-san.

Carrying their clothes in one hand and Atsuko's wrists in the other, Daniel headed straight for the elevator. They were a strange couple. A beautiful little Japanese girl and an athletic European a head taller than her, both nearly nude. Atsuko seemed be the delicate prisoner of a Barbarian warrior. And although she had her face lowered, fearful of meeting somebody in the corridors, she felt happy. She had often dreamed about something like this and now she was seeing her more intimate dreams fully fulfilled.

They stepped off the elevator on his floor and went to Daniel's room. Near the door, they saw a housekeeper cleaning who seemed surprised, watching them pass with a startled expression. Daniel smiled, Atsuko blushed and lowered her head still more, and both entered his room.

It was a single room, a little bigger than that of Atsuko and Midori.

Daniel guided her to the center, to the foot of the bed and raising her chin again, he kissed her softly on the lips. Without releasing her hands, he removed her towel, dropping it to the floor as well as his and they both were naked. Dominating her with his stature and strong body, watching her full of joy at the fresh beauty of the woman in front of him.

-Atsuko-san, now you've got to make a decision: we can have straightforward sex or you may choose to be my slave for a day.

Atsuko only doubted a second before answering: today I will be your sexual slave.

-Will you submit to me without restriction?

-Yes, Daniel-san.

-You will be my slave for a day. Are you sure?


-Today I will make you feel more womanly than you ever have before! Close your eyes now...

Atsuko obeyed and when he released her hands, she felt let down but that was soon replaced by an enormous sense of expectancy. She heard him open the closet, sensed him coming back towards her and then felt the smooth caress of silk over her skin when he blindfolded her eyes and tied her hands with a pair of foulards, large soft scarves he explained. She was intrigued by this... Silk foulards? She yielded docilely when he pushed her towards the bed and asked her to on all fours. Two more scarves secured her feet, separating her legs a little and leaving her totally exposed. Through the thin band covering her eyes, she noted the flash of a camera << Oh, my God!>> she thought.

- Don't worry, these pictures will be for my eyes only! He reassured her.

She did not dare to answer, feeling exposed, very naughty, and very desired...

He set down the camera and began to caress her again. Exploring each corner of her body, setting her nerves to tingling still more, making her wish that he were inside her.

-Fuck me-. She dared to say.

- Shhh-. He whispered smoothly onto her neck. Let me, my little one. I know what you want, but I will mark the rhythm.

-Please, Daniel-san...

-Shhh, he shushed her again.

And the hand that was caressing her ass spanked her, restrained but firmly. Atsuko was surprised, but she didn't move.

- I like you this way, like that you are disciplined. - And he spanked her again on the other cheek.

Caresses and spanks were being alternated, and Atsuko's ass was slowly glowing a pretty pink color. In her position on all fours her breasts hung down and shivered with every spank. Her pussy was wet, dripping. Atsuko moaned, that mix of pleasure and pain driving her crazy. She wanted more. A lot more.

-Harder, Daniel-san, please, spank this slave harder.

- Yes baby. I will please you in this, he said, and taking the belt from his closet, he continued whipping the beautiful butt that was compliantly offered to him. Every few hits she saw the flash of the camera. - You are ready, he murmured after a while. -- Let's see what that pretty little mouth can do...

And moving before her, he held his member out, just touching her lips. She began to caress the tip in her mouth, tracing across the big glans with her tongue and sucking smoothly, causing Daniel a shock of pleasure, taking more and more until he had to use all the self-control he possessed not to cum inside the mouth that was sucking him so well.

Caressing her neck, he took himself from the little mouth and kissing her gently he moved back behind her prostrate form, penetrating her again in a single movement and making her shout. Atsuko felt impaled by this member deep in her pussy and when he began to smoothly rub her asshole with a finger wet with his saliva, she could not wait. As if someone had opened the floodgates, she began to have orgasm after orgasm as Daniel filled her with his seed and collapsed over her consumed by pleasure.

- Damn this has been...wonderful, Atsuko-san, he said while he began to untie her. But it will not finish here. Now we will go shopping, have lunch and later we'll return. I still have a few desires to satisfy with your beautiful body before we separate. Let's have a fast shower and then we can pass by your room. I want to choose the clothes you will wear today.

- Yes, Daniel-san, she said again lowering the head in submission gesture, and smiling with inner radiance. It had been the most intense session of sex in all her life.

After a shower, with Atsuko undressed and kneeling Japanese style watching, Daniel got dressed. He wore soft boxers, trousers and a black t-shirt and jacket. Trekking shoes completed his attire and in a couple of minutes he was ready.

- Let's go sweetie. I want to see which kind of clothes you have, he said putting his jacket around her shoulders and closing the zipper with her arms inside. It was too big for her and large enough to cover her to mid-thigh, while she remained naked underneath.

He took the sleeves and she followed him wearing only his jacket through the corridors of their hotel.

-The number of your room?

-317, answered Atsuko.

-Alright, come on!

They took the lift without meet anybody and went straight to the third floor. Daniel, without hesitation, took the correct corridor and arrived at the door of her room. He took the key-card from the pocket of Atsuko's trousers, opened the door and he handed the pass to her with a smile.

- Feel like you're at home, he told her jokingly.

He stepped into the room after her, closed the door, and opened the anorak's zipper.

- Beautiful. You are Beautiful. I want you to choose from your closet. I'd prefer a skirt if you have one and a blouse that opens in the front. No underclothes in any case!

-Yes, Daniel-san- <>

From Midori she borrowed a fairly transparent white blouse, a black skirt, and a couple of wool stockings just long enough to be covered by the hem of the skirt and an anorak. She put on a pair of cute ski boots and looked up.

-I'm ready, Sir.

Beautiful. He insisted. C'mon.

Holding hands and ignoring the desk clerk's whisperings (-I think that the housekeeper was here before us, whispered Daniel teasingly) they took the road to the main street.

They visited all the shops, bought cowboy hats, Navajo tomahawks and peace pipes, bears fishing for salmon carved in beautiful white marble from Rocky Mountains, and maple syrup. Daniel bought a book of recipes from the local restaurants in the Rockies... walking like a pair of lovers an hour passed quickly and they decided that it was time to go for lunch.

They went to The Keg and Daniel booked a table for two, ordering mushrooms Neptune to share, rare teriyaki sirloin for himself, and (as she told him she preferred fish) a seafood club for Atsuko. They also had a couple of glasses of wine while they waited at bar. Atsuko took it easy though...

They ate from each other's forks, laughed and touched beneath the table, making a few of the midday customers smile at them.

When they were finished, Atsuko and Daniel returned to the hotel, leaving the things they had bought at the front desk and departed again to continue shopping.

-Time to shop for some clothes, sweetie!

And off they went to Banff Avenue again.

The first place they went was a lingerie shop and it was he who requested from the salesgirl a nearly transparent black bra and thong set, garters and a garter belt. Holding on to her hand, Daniel guided Atsuko into the fitting room, and after closing the curtain, began to undress her. Once naked, he put on every garment, looking at her. Half opening the curtain again he requested another set from the salesgirl: this time red. He slipped it on her again, enjoying himself. Then he began to undress her again. When was taking off the panties, he began to lick her pussy while stroking her legs, cheeks and tits until she came right there in the dressing room. Once dressed again, they left the fitting room, paid and left the shop and the salesgirl with a look of amazement on her face.

The next stop was at a ski shop. Daniel a pair of pants into the fitting room and of course asked Atsuko to come in with him.

-I want you to suck my dick, here and now, he requested firmly.

Without any doubt, she knelt down before him and began to open his trousers and boxers. She took him into her mouth and began to suck, to lick, to bite... until Daniel spilled in her mouth, continued sucking until she left it perfectly clean, then looked up into his eyes and smiled.

- You taste very good, she said to him while she gently closed his zipper.

Daniel paid for the trousers, and they left the store hand by hand.

The rest of the purchases were a little more conventional, although at each shop Daniel entered the fitting room with Atsuko or it made her enter with him.

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