tagNovels and NovellasA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 03

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Keith's Day

Keith wanted to kill his boss. He wanted to kill at least three of his clients. The only saving grace was his secretary, Carly, who had helped keep him calm for most of the last few days.

He had gotten into the advertising game a few months after he married Kim. Jack, his father-in-law, had offered to put him through school, seeing that he had a creative mind and wanting his daughter to have a great future. Keith had been sensible enough to take him up on the offer, and had worked at McMahon & Stevens for the last 3 years, rising quickly.

Most days, Keith liked his work. He liked thinking quickly, he liked developing campaigns and seeing them come to fruition. But Richard Stevens had been driving him crazy with the demands of the two latest campaigns.

One was for La Vie En Rose, the exclusive lingerie chain. Keylani Williams and her partner, Natalia Randall, were demanding and tough and he wasn't quite clicking on what they wanted. He'd talk it over tonight with Kim and see if she had any ideas.

The other campaign that was driving him insane was for a chain of Erotic Novelties & Books. He wondered why Richard kept giving him these kind of campaigns. Both Carly and Kim teased him unmercifully over this.

He tugged at his tie as he sketched a few more concepts for the lingerie stores. He actually liked wearing a suit and tie to the office, but this one his father-in-law had given him itched something fierce.

"Hey, bossman?"

Keith looked up from the drawing board to see Carly's smiling face in the door. "It's 12:30 chief, everyone's gone to lunch. Are you going?"

Keith hadn't been hungry until that second, now he was ravenous. "I guess I should grab a bit. How come you're still here?"

The pretty brunette smiled at him. "Matt was supposed to take me to lunch, but he's a no-show -- again!" Carly's shoulders hunched as she spoke of her most recent boyfriend.

"Come on, I'll take you to lunch!" Keith offered. "Why do you date that idiot anyway Carly? You're way out of his league!"

Carly looked up at her dapper boss with admiring brown eyes. "Oh yeah Keith, I'm a real catch. Lots of men are looking for 36 year-old women with 18 year-old daughters still at home."

Keith looked at the pretty brunette with his own eyes full of admiration. "Don't sell yourself short Carly. You're bright, attractive and sexy. You dress exquisitely. You helped me out more than you know when I started here, I would be lost without you. As for your daughter, Samantha is wonderful. If I weren't a married man, I'd give Matt a run for his money."

Carly felt her body tingle at Keith's admiring glances. Many was the time she wondered what it would be like to fuck her sexy young boss, but he was totally devoted to Kim. Rumor was though, that Kim liked girls -- almost as much as she loved her husband. Carly wondered if Kim would be willing to share some time?

Threesomes were nothing new to the attractive brunette. Her first sexual experience had been in a threesome, with her best friend and her fiance. Jackie had gotten Carly a bit tipsy, made a few sexual overtures at her and was in the midst of eating Carly's pussy when Mark "accidentally" walked in. His big cock moved in and out of Carly and Jackie for most of the following day.

Three weeks later, Carly found herself pregnant with Samantha. Jackie had been totally supportive, helping her through the pregnancy and getting her college equivalency. As for Mark, he visited a few times and then split for parts unknown. Samantha had never known her dad, she and Carly grew up together. Her daughter was Carly's best friend, next to Jackie.

She and Jackie shared a bed on occasion, in between Jackie's boyfriends. Carly knew that Jackie would never settle down, she got bored with men quickly. "If they didn't have cocks, they'd be useless!" Jackie giggled to her over drinks.

The petite honey-blonde then undressed and led Carly into her bedroom. She let Carly's skilled tongue dive between her bare pussy and suck her off. Carly was more then happy to do that.

"Godd baby, you still have the tastiest pussy!" Carly cooed between licks at the tasty treat.

"And just how many others have you tasted?" Jackie wanted to know as her girlfriend's tongue lathed over her pussy.

Carly kept her own counsel. She and Jackie shared most secrets, but there were a few things Jackie didn't know about yet and Carly wasn't sure she wanted her to know.

Her fingers slid in and out of Jackie's muff, she'd lick them clean lewdly in front of her lesbian lover and then plunge them back in again. This always excited Jackie, Carly knew how to incite her lusts, which is why she was the only recurring lover in Jackie's life.

Jackie had her orgasm shortly after that and then it was her turn to make Carly cum. She got out her favorite vibe and ...


"Huh? Oh, excuse me boss. Guess my mind was wandering."

The pair settled into a comfortable booth at the restaurant and Carly's skirt rode up high on her legs. She had great legs, Keith had noticed them many, many times. He'd often thought about what it would be like to fuck her, but he wasn't going to cheat on Kim. She was the love of his life and he wasn't going to be one of those cheating bastards.

There was nothing wrong with fantasies though, and Keith had lots of them.

His favorite involved them working late on a campaign. He was staying late in the office and Carly came to the door in her coat. "Time for me to go home boss!" Carly said to him. "Unless you have a good reason for me to stay?" She raised an eyebrow and walked towards him.

In his fantasy, Keith was bold and daring. "Well Carly, undo that coat and I might think of a few."

Carly did as she was told and was naked, aside from stiletto heels and black stockings. She sauntered over to the couch and reclined on it, crooking her finger at him. "Think of any, lover-boss?" she cooed.

"Oh, quite a few!" Keith said with a lewd grin as he walked towards the couch. "Undress me bitch, you know how I like it!" Carly sat up excitedly and moved behind him, arms enfolding him as she unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, nibbling his neck as she did. Her other hand would run down his pant leg and up, making his cock stiffen. In his mind, Carly knew all of Keith's turn-ons, almost as well as Kim.

Carly's delicate manicured hands reached inside his pants and drew his cock out. "Suck it, you cocksucking bitch!" Keith cursed at his secretary / sex-toy. She complied eagerly, slurping and gulping his meat. Carly was a great cocksucker, she adored her boss' big dick pulsating in her mouth. She lavished all of her attentions on the monster cock in her mouth, she couldn't wait to feel him fucking her pussy, hard and deep.

"Very good bitch, you're a good cocksucker!" Carly looked up at Keith with adoring eyes. "Can I have you eat my pussy, please?"

Keith grinned down at her. In his fantasy, he was her ideal man, commanding and caring. "Of course baby!" he smiled at her. "You know how much I love that hot little cunt of yours!"

She lay back down on the couch and spread her legs invitingly. Keith dove in to her wet pussy, kissing all the way up her legs and hearing her cute yelps of pleasure. Carly's legs were on his back, holding him within the confines of her wet cunt as Keith ate her out. Keith could hear her groans and the points of her stiletto shoes dug into his back, but he kept up his efforts. He started gently, but Carly liked it nasty, so he was soon chewing on her clit and stabbing his fingers in and out of her cunt. "Fuck, yeahhhh!!" Carly groaned as Keith lapped at her.

"Time to fuck darlin'" Keith grinned at her, face glistening with her juices. Carly put up no resistance and he slid his mammoth cock deep inside of her. He fucked her, hard and steady, while Carly's knowing body matched his, stroke for stroke, movement for movement. Carly took all of her boss' dick inside of her.

"More, Keith lover, please, more, fuck me hard baby, fuck me like a slut, I'm your slut, fuckmefuckmefuckme!!" Carly's pleas never failed to make him hornier and he rammed harder into her body.

He came a few minutes later, unleashing the flood inside of her hot pussy. The scenario changed from time to time. Sometimes, he came in her mouth, or her ass, or even her belly. Other times, she wrapped her beautiful tits around his meat and he gave her a pearl necklace. But Carly always ached to taste his cum.

"Keith, hey, BOSS!!"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry Carly. Oh, the food's here."

They ate their meal and chatted amiably. Carly was so tempted to take off her shoe and run her foot up his pant leg and see what would happen. It would have shocked her to know the lewd thoughts that had been running through his mind just moments earlier.

"Oh, by the way boss, I ordered roses for Kim. I knew you'd forget." Carly giggled.

Keith nearly had forgotten, he'd pick up a little something on the way home. Having lunch with the pretty brunette and thinking of fucking her had stirred him up. Kim wouldn't be getting a lot of sleep tonight, but he doubted she'd complain.

"By the way Carly, I don't think I'll be in tomorrow."

"I kinda figured that boss!" Carly said, sipping her coffee.

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