tagNovels and NovellasA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 04

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 04


Kim had been feeling more sexually voracious than ever and the last few weeks had been amongst the happiest of her life. Something had stirred up similar desires in Keith. Just a few nights ago, he had sent beautiful flowers and when he got home, he announced they were going out to dinner -- later.

In a move most unlike her handsome-but-boring husband, he had swept Kim up in his arms and carried her upstairs. Her appetites still stoked by the recent adventures with Skarlett, Julie and Ann, Kim was most receptive to Keith's sexual overtures. It was nice to be desired by the man she loved again. The dazzling blonde felt an overwhelming surge of love for her husband as he undressed her tenderly and began to kiss her body. She felt her body responding and she saw appreciation for her new lingerie in his eyes. Had she underestimated Keith all this time? Had she failed to ignite a spark in him and was this what they had needed to add some fire to a slightly-stagnant marriage?

Kim's fingers trailed through Keith's sandy hair and she wondered what had gotten into her husband. She knew they both loved each other, but Keith was sometimes reluctant in his sexuality. If she initiated sex, Keith would look at her like she had grown horns. Kim had to wait for him to bring it up and honestly, he kept her waiting far, far too often. It was these long delays between sexual bouts that had caused Kim to seek out other opportunities. So far, all of her flings had been with other women. She tried her best to confine them to the softness and intensity of lesbian pleasure, but one of her recent visits to La Vie En Rose had yielded the phone number of a young salesclerk and her very willing boyfriend. Had it been just the girl, Kim would have succumbed by now. She was a gorgeous black honey and Kim had always enjoyed the beauty of a black woman. She had "borrowed" Ann's playmate, Dee, on a few occasions. For now, Kim was staying away from the clerk and the temptation she provided.

However, if Kim thought Keith's ardor was a promising sign, those hopes were swiftly dashed. Yes, Keith had a renewed passion for his wife and he was giving it his best efforts. It was simply that his best efforts simply weren't that good. Keith was many things but a good lover was not one of them. Passionate, yes ... but without the requisite skills to back up his desires. He ate pussy grudgingly, he didn't touch Kim enough, kiss her enough -- it was all about getting to the act and that's not what Kim needed at this time.

Kim did what she always did at times like this -- she faked her way through it, thought of other playmates and lovers and decided that sooner or later, this was all going to change. She wasn't going to end her marriage, but she wanted a much-improved marriage. As her husband thrust deep inside her body, she vowed that her affairs were going to lead her to work on the marriage she desperately wanted to bring back to life. Somehow, her dalliances were going to work in her favor -- they had to, for divorce was NOT an option!

Keith was pleased that his wife reacted so well to his advances tonight, at times he wondered about her affections. He felt a bit guilty about the fact that it wasn't Kim who had inspired his desires, but the beautiful Carly. He pushed those feelings away, because he had only been unfaithful in fantasy and fantasies would remain that -- right?

Kim was not going to sit around playing "Mommy" for the rest of the week and letting her sexuality be defined by where or when Keith decided to make advances. She had come too far to regress now. She sucked in a huge lungful of air and called her mother. Her mom was only too thrilled to take MacKenzie and Jillian for the afternoon, thus freeing Kim up for the day to indulge herself.

She called Marcie.

The minute she heard Kim's voice, Marcie was almost beside herself with happiness. Kim felt sorry for her younger playmate; Marcie was in an arranged marriage that brought her very little happiness. Marcie's husband was very successful and not cruel, but he was 20 years older than Marcie and not particularly attentive. Fortunately for Marcie, her husband had a lot of money and he was away a lot. That gave the lovely Chinese woman lots of time to play. Her favorite playmate was Kim, so when the phone rang and she heard Kim's sensual tones on the other end of the line, Marcie was thrilled.

"Do you have time to play this afternoon, baby?" Kim asked her, knowing that Marcie would drop almost any plan if she asked.

"No, my husband's out of town," Marcie told Kim. The older blonde could almost sense her lover salivating on the other end. "What did you have in mind?" Marcie's question set off a new train of thought in Kim's head.

"I thought we might go on a little shopping excursion, just the two of us," Kim told her friend. She knew that Marcie would go along with any suggestion she made and where she intended for the two of them to shop would be a lovely surprise for Marcie. She checked her own bank account, saw that she had more than enough to indulge herself again and went upstairs to shower and change. When she saw Marcie in a few hours, she wanted her friend to know that she had more in mind than a mere shopping excursion. Everyone was going to be smiling by the end of this afternoon.

Kim made quick work of her shower and primping and then she got the kids ready and packed them off to her mother's. They were ecstatic because they knew that their Grandma would spoil them rotten. Kim had no problem with letting her mother indulge the kids because her own grandmother had spoiled her rotten and she'd turned out fine. She drove a bit quicker than necessary because she wanted to reach Marcie as fast as she could and to get their afternoon underway.

She arrived at Marcie's door and was greeted with a warm hug and a quick peck on the lips. Normally the kiss would have revealed the promise of the afternoon yet to come, but Marcie's neighbors were busybodies and she wanted to keep up her respectable appearance in the community. Still, as she slid into the passenger seat beside Kim, her skirt rode up and Kim saw her friend was wearing stockings and garters. Marcie had received the message, loud and clear.

They lunched at a café that was co-owned by one of the members of their little circle. Claire sat them in a discreet booth near the back so that they could be a bit more affectionate if they chose to be. Claire was a recent inductee to their circle and Kim had been with her but once, but Claire was a very sensual and decadent lover. She checked in on the pair periodically and made sure her staff gave them some breathing room. Their "quick" little lunch lasted 2 hours and Claire was able to join them for coffee and "dessert" for about 30 minutes. The three women were smiling happily when Kim paid the bill, leaving a nice bonus for Claire and her accommodating staff.

Kim thought it was time to spring her surprise on her little friend, so she took her the few blocks to the mall, hoping Skarlett or Julie -- or both -- were working. As it happened, luck was in her favor. She saw Skarlett's face beaming at her as she walked in, holding Marcie's hand. She squeezed it gently, indicating to Marcie that a fun time was indeed in the offing. Julie came out of the back room a moment later and her beautiful young face also lit up when she saw that Kim had returned and with a beautiful companion as well.

"This is my friend, Marcie. We've been out shopping and we were wondering if you two had time to take a - coffee break?" Kim asked, knowing the girls would catch on she wasn't talking about coffee. Marcie squeezed her hand back and the look on her face indicated to Kim that she was thrilled with her little surprise.

"Actually, we were about to go to a movie," Skarlett said, smiling at Kim and grinning over at her sister-in-law. "We both have the afternoon off, would you like to join us -- or do you have a better idea?"

"We have lots of ideas, don't we, Marcie?" Kim grinned, feeling the heat of desire surge throughout her body.

"We just love women with ideas, don't we Julie?" Skarlett smiled, knowing the four of them were on the same page. "My husband is out of town for a few days, so Julie and I are inviting you to my place for an afternoon of drinks and fun, if you'd care to cum," She teased.

Cumming was high on Kim's list of priorities this afternoon and she could see the expression on Marcie's face. She knew that her little friend was going to drive the sexy redhead and the younger brunette wild once unleashed. Marcie might look demure, but it was all a façade. Marcie had an incredibly diverse personality once in bed. The foursome took a cab to Skarlett's home and no one said a word. It was as if they were afraid that conversation might break the erotic spell.

Skarlett's home was surprisingly lovely for someone so young, Kim noted. She complimented her friend who beamed happily. "There are perks to having a successful business and a husband that doesn't mind spending money," She told Kim. "He wants us to have a lovely home and he didn't mind my hiring a friend to help decorate it," Skarlett told her.

"She was cute," Julie added.

"Did you do anything?" Kim asked both women, her curiosity piqued. They shook their heads.

"There was no opportunity, although she gave off a -- vibe -- I didn't want hubby coming home early and catching me face-down in the decorator's box," Skarlett giggled. "I've just had to make do with Julie here," She teased.

"I haven't heard you complaining so far," Skarlett's sister-in-law laughed. Skarlett hugged her and the two of them went into the kitchen to prepare snacks for the four of them. Despite their having eaten only a hour or so before, Kim thought a small drink of wine and a tiny bite might just set off the rest of the afternoon nicely. The wine got Marcie nicely loosened up and soon she was overtly flirting with the younger Julie, leaving Skarlett and Kim together again. Kim decided that for a change, she would let another person be the aggressor. Skarlett did not disappoint.

The green-eyed redhead reached out and pulled Kim close, running her fingers through Kim's long, blonde hair. "I'm glad you decided to come and visit us again," Skarlett breathed. "Julie and I haven't been able to stop thinking about that afternoon; it was so sensual and naughty!" She enthused as her lips moved against Kim's. It was moments like this that Kim forgot the fact she was betraying her marriage. Her body began to heat up as Skarlett's gentle hand brushed her blouse and lightly fondled one of her breasts. If Keith was half this skilled, she would have been a very satisfied wife. She kissed Skarlett back hard as she looked to her left and saw Julie eagerly tugging Marcie's sensible skirt down her legs. Kim grinned as she saw the pleased expression on Julie's face as she saw the frilly, ultra-feminine lingerie Marcie wore. Some of it had been purchased at Skarlett's store, before Kim had become "intimately" acquainted with the owner.

"Come on, you gorgeous bitch, get naked again!" Skarlett panted, trying to unbutton Kim's gauzy blouse. "I haven't been able to get the image of your body out of my head since we had our three-way, you're so fucking sexy!"

"Patience beautiful," Kim grinned. "You'll get to see it soon enough!"

"Fuck patience!" Skarlett hissed as she shucked her tight black skirt and blouse to reveal her own perfection. "This girl wants some pussy, look at how far ahead of us Julie and Marcie are!"

Kim looked over and saw that the situation had changed. Now it was the sexy, golden Marcie who was between Julie's legs, showing the teenage girl all her innate lesbian skills. Julie was loud and very vocal in what she wanted Marcie to do to her young, gorgeous body. Kim watched for a minute or two until she felt Skarlett's hot breath on her neck. She would have a chance to party with Marcie and Julie later; it was a bit rude to be neglectful of Skarlett.

The two of them moved from where they were and on to the floor. It was covered with thick, comfortable carpeting and Kim was on her back. Skarlett began kissing her near-naked body and Kim remembered their previous encounter, so soft and naughty. Her body immediately began to respond and her breathy little sighs joined in with Julie's.

It was time like these that Kim didn't know if she should be grateful to Keith or if she should curse him. She was thrilled to have discovered that part of her sexuality that responded so well to another woman's intimate touches. However, she had been raised with traditional values and she knew that no matter how she justified it, she was still committing adultery. At this point in Kim's life, she wasn't prepared to make a choice one way or the other.

Skarlett was really treating her blonde lover to a wonderful session of girl-on-girl sex. She was even better than Kim remembered and it had only been a few weeks since she'd been with Skarlett. Her mouth was soft, skilled and attentive and her hands were moving all over the parts of Kim's body that her lips were not touching. Kim was almost whimpering with pleasure and she could see from the corner of her eye that Marcie and Julie were already engaged in sixty-nine. Kim knew how good at that position her lover was, when Marcie was totally wrapped up with another female, she went ape-shit. Her sexual skills went into overdrive and Julie would not be turned loose until Marcie was done with her.

Kim decided that it was time to remind Skarlett who was the naughty lady here, so she flipped the redhead over and went to work on her sexy body, still dusted with those adorable freckles. Skarlett groaned loudly as the slightly-older blonde worked her over, a tongue dipping deeply into Skarlett's cunt and seeking as much of the sweet flow as she could grab. Kim could feel two sets of eyes watching them and saw that Marcie and Julie were watching them now. Kim had become quite the exhibitionist over the past few months, so she decided to give them a show to remember. She inserted one finger into Skarlett's eager cunt and then another, crooking them slightly so that she could heighten the fucking sensations in Skarlett's pussy. It worked and the redhead howled loudly before she came.

"You two were fucking gorgeous," Marcie grinned. Kim held out two cream-soaked fingers to Marcie, who licked them clean before she moved over to Skarlett. "You're delicious sweetheart, now I want some from the source," Marcie grinned as she climbed on top of the still-panting redhead. The contrast between Skarlett's pale, sexy beauty and Marcie's golden, sensual body was arousing to Kim. Skarlett's arms were already around Marcie's back, holding her close and their bodies grinding together while Kim moved closer to Julie.

"I hear you two were thinking of me," Kim teased, running her fingers through Julie's dark hair and nuzzling her neck. "I'm glad to hear that, I had a wonderful time with you both. Let's see if we can't improve upon that experience, all right?"

"That was one of the most incredible afternoons of my life, you're damned right I was thinking about it," Julie murmured as Kim's lips moved all over her naked flesh. "The fun I have with Skarlett always gets me off, but adding you to the mix made it extra-special."

"I'm glad to hear that, you're such a little beauty," Kim smiled as they both stretched out on the couch on which Julie had been sitting. They wrapped themselves around each other and began kissing, not in any hurry. "So what did you think of my little surprise, do you like Marcie?"

"Fuck yes, she's a golden honey," Julie sighed. "What a hot little bitch she is, you'd never know it from looking at her."

"She's an insatiable little slut too, you'll see," Kim grinned. "She doesn't get enough at home, so afternoons like this she really lets loose."

"Lucky us," Julie sighed and then she couldn't say another word. Kim pushed her down on the couch and spread her legs. Kim was still hungry for the sweet taste of pussy and she was thrilled to be enjoying this encore performance with the brunette teen. Kim's ears heard the lusty moans of Marcie and Skarlett as the lesbian lovers girl-fucked beside them, but this time she decided to try and give Julie 100% of her efforts. Her mouth moved all over Julie's body and the little mewls of pleasure she heard Julie making cued her in that she was in tune with everything Julie craved. She licked the teen's hard pegs and squeezed her tits and then she let Julie do her. She might have been young, but Julie's talents with a woman were the equal of her sister-in-law's. They tumbled around the limited space as best they could and finished their own bout of sex with a heavy session of tribbing that got them both off simultaneously.

They had all been sexing it up for a few hours and yet they still had more passions to let loose. Kim knew she had a few more hours before she would have to pick up the kids and if she was late, her mom would make sure they were fed. There was no reason to rush home, she needed this afternoon. She beckoned for Marcie to come closer and whispered in her ear. Marcie grinned happily and ran to her purse, coming back with a large, black, strap-on dildo that she fastened around her waist.

"She's going to fuck me with this thing, unless one of the two of you want it first," Kim grinned lewdly. The girls shook their heads and cuddled naked on the couch, intent on watching the two older women play.

Kim got back on the floor and smiled back at Marcie. Once again, the duality of Marcie's sweet, almost innocent-looking face and the perversity of her wearing the huge, fake cock made for an arousing spectacle. Kim braced herself because once Marcie took to fucking; she seemed to lose all control. It was no less true this time, the minute the fake cock entered her cunt, Kim heard Marcie shriek. The dildo rubbed against the user's clit and stimulated her as well, so she knew that Marcie was getting off as well. Her body began to respond as Marcie picked up the tempo of their fucking. Her eyes closed for a brief moment as she felt the huge rubber cock moving inside of her pussy. Again she thought back to Keith and was frustrated that a fake cock could thrill her more than a real one!

"God, this even sexier than last time!" Skarlett sighed. Watching the blonde get fucked by the sexy, delectable Marcie was making her pussy cream. She jumped off the couch and moved in front of Kim. "Eat me, bitch!" Skarlett snarled. "Eat my fucking cunt while that horny slut fucks you with her cock!"

Kim was thrilled to comply and began lapping the redhead's pussy once again. Not to be left out, Julie moved in behind Marcie and began playing with her tits and murmuring lewd words in her ears to spur her on. They fucked in perfect harmony and also orgasmed that way in short order.

The four of them got dressed after cleaning up a bit. As Kim still had an hour before she had to pick up her kids, they had a small glass of wine before Kim and Marcie had to be on their way. She told Julie and Skarlett that they'd see them again soon and she was contemplating inviting the sisters-in-law to join their little "club".

After she got Marcie home, Kim went over to pick up her children from their grandmother. Just before she got there, Keith's secretary Carly phoned to tell her he'd be a bit late getting home from work tonight. Kim had always liked the sexy, efficient brunette secretary and she had enjoyed more than one fantasy involving Carly and herself. Perhaps it was time to invite Carly to lunch and see if Carly could also be persuaded into a little girl-on-girl play?

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