tagNovels and NovellasA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 06

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 06


Kim Prentiss was enjoying her lunch with Carly far more than she had expected she would. It wasn't just the food, she often dined at this restaurant and the co-owner was someone she knew intimately - a close friend of both herself and Ann's.

The reason was Carly herself. How had she not noticed what a delightful piece of eye candy her husband's secretary was? Did Carly normally dress in this fashion, short black skirt, snug blouse and heels. Kim had noticed how the skirt had hugged Carly's pert little bottom when she walked in and when Carly took off her sunglasses, Kim almost got lost in the deep well of Carly's brown eyes. She had to catch her breath and not succumb to the temptation to put the make on Carly herself -- although she made no promises for another lunch with much different results.

She was sure that Carly had checked her out a few times during their lunch and to test the waters, she leaned a bit closer to the delectable, attractive brunette. Her blouse was low-cut enough that Carly could look -- which she did. Kim smiled a secretive smile and leaned back in her chair, letting her zebra-print skirt ride up her legs. Carly unashamedly looked at her legs too. Kim knew she would be having "lunch" with Carly again -- soon!

Kim tried to focus -- she didn't need to rush, it was a slow day at the office and Keith had given Carly the entire afternoon off. Kim's kids were with a sitter, so they could drink and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. Still, she would need time to convince Carly to go along with her plan -- it was pretty out there!

"I've had a lovely lunch with attractive company, thank you Kim," Carly smiled at her. "I still don't know why you invited me, we're not close friends, although I do love working for Keith."

"He's told me several times what a treasure you are and I thought you might like an afternoon off as a reward," Kim smiled. "We should be friends, you're lovely and charming. Keith couldn't get by without you."

Carly nodded and smiled. "He's a wonderful boss and we do make a pretty awesome team, even if men like Richard Stevens take too much of the credit." Carly said with the venom dripping in her words.

"I've spoken to Daddy about that," Kim sighed. "He knows all-too well that Stevens is full of it, but the agency needs him. He's always one step ahead of everyone else and the clients love him."

"That's because he can bullshit with the best of them," Carly commented. "He makes Keith's life hell, poor guy," Carly sighed. "He's a good guy Kim, Keith doesn't deserve all that, but he doesn't push back enough."

"I know, I've told him that as well," Kim smiled, sipping her coffee. "He could easily tell Richard to fuck off, they need him too much and Richard wouldn't dare fire him -- I think if he ever did, Daddy would send Richard packing. You're so loyal to my husband Carly, I appreciate that."

"He's a love," Carly smiled. "Although he does need to get tougher skin."

"Do you have a little thing for my hubby, Carly?" Kim asked, baiting the hook. "It's alright, I won't mind -- promise!"

Carly nodded, a bit of wine had loosened her inhibitions. "A little thing, yes -- he is so considerate, my boyfriend could learn a few things from Keith. Or rather, my ex-boyfriend if Matt doesn't smarten up!"

"I've heard Keith talk about him a few times," Kim laughed. "He doesn't like him very much."

"Neither does my girlf ... my roommate. Jackie thinks Matt is a gigantic shit and I'm beginning to think that she and Keith are right," Carly sighed. "Oh well, I know not all men are assholes -- I just happened to marry one and date another. Yours is pretty terrific!"

Kim swooped in with the intent of catching Carly off-guard. "Yes, he is. Tell me Carly, would you like to fuck him?"

Carly wasn't so inebriated from the wine they had enjoyed that she was caught completely unaware. "Kim -- my God, he's your husband! What would make you say such a thing? Why would you want your husband to have an affair with me even if I did have one with him?"

Kim leaned in and let Carly have another glimpse of her cleavage. "I would want that because you're sexy, loyal and I trust you. The other reason is that I think Keith should have an affair is because I'm having one -- well, several, in fact."

Carly leaned back. "You're cheating on Keith? I thought you loved him and that your marriage was rock-solid?"

"Yes to the first and a big no to the second," Kim sighed. "I adore my husband -- but exciting he is NOT. I would never cheat on him with another man Carly -- not ever -- but a while back, I discovered I like having sex with women. I like it a lot and from the way you keep looking at me, I think we're alike in that, aren't we?"

Carly nodded. "Yes. My roommate Jackie is my lover and has been for some time now."

Kim grinned. "I thought I caught that in your earlier comment. Keith can't give me the thrills I need and I have several gorgeous playmates that can." Kim licked her lips and told Carly "You'd like them all Carly, they're all lookers and they'd adore you. I'm going to introduce you to them -- soon -- but first things first. I want you to sleep with my husband and perhaps you can loosen him up."

"I have no objection to having fun with you Kim, Jackie and I aren't exclusive, but Keith has never expressed an interest in me that way," Carly replied.

"That's what you< /> think, sexy," Kim grinned. "My husband talks in his sleep -- and lately, all of his dreams have involved you. He's talked about your cute little ass -- and he's right about that, yummy -- and seeing you in a black teddy, to name just two."

"Wow," Carly sighed dreamily. "I can't say I've never thought about it, but you know Keith -- he'd never go for it."

"He would if I told him it was a special favor to me, a way to repay a debt to you -- maybe you secretly loaned me money and this is how you wanted to be paid back?" Kim tried to figure out an alibi.

"Do you play cards?" Carly asked.

"Yes -- not well, but I do play," Kim answered.

"Perfect. Last month, when Keith was away on business, we can tell him you came to one of my poker parties -- he knows that Jackie and I host them -- and you were losing big. We can tell him to cover your losses, you agreed to an `anything goes' bet and you lost -- I get him for one night."

"He might go for that, it might allow him to bend the rules just enough to give in to what he really wants to do," Kim grinned. "Even if it is only for the one night."

"Oh Kim, you need to get to know me better," Carly smiled, sipping her wine. "Once someone has shared my bed, they're never content with just one night."

Kim lifted her glass. "I look forward to finding out for myself."

Keith didn't know what had gotten into Carly today, but she was in tremendously good spirits. He was finding it hard to concentrate around her, she had worn a mini that hugged her buttocks so perfectly he kept staring at her ass every time she walked by. She was wearing brand-new stiletto heels and a perfume that was driving him crazy. She would brush by him every time she needed something and was overly attentive all day. The brown-eyed brunette had always taken good care of him but her behavior today bordered on doting.

In the crazy fantasies he sometimes allowed himself, he had met Carly years ago and they were a couple. The naughty little brunette would do things with him that Kim would never do. He was sure that Carly was a wild fuck and it always made him furious that she dated that lout, Matt. Carly deserved a winner and Matt was nowhere near that. He did like Carly's roommate, pretty Jackie was almost as much a love as Carly.

"Hey boss, I know that Kim's out with friends," Carly smiled as she entered the office. "Jackie's visiting her mom and Samantha is at her dad's for a few days, so it's just me at home. I don't feel much like cooking, so you feel like a pizza and some beer? My treat!"

Keith smiled and nodded. "Sure, sounds great." He enjoyed spending time with Carly; work was so much more bearable with her around. He was always telling Kim what a doll Carly was, he only hoped that she wouldn't become jealous. He doubted it would happen; Kim trusted him implicitly and didn't have a jealous bone in her body. He truly had married "one of the good ones". He grabbed his coat, turned out the light in his office and left, 5 minutes early. If Richard Stevens had seen that, he would have bitched for the next 10 minutes and Keith was in no mood for his bullshit. Sometimes he wondered why he took crap from Richard. Christ, his father-in-law co-owned the fucking company, he was senior partner. Richard had bought his way into the firm; he sure as hell hadn't earned it with hard work. He got all his little peons to do that for him -- Keith was growing dangerously tired of being a peon.

The pizza was great, the place Carly had picked served it fresh, piping hot and didn't skimp on the toppings. She ordered a carafe of wine for herself while Keith got a beer. They shared friendly conversation until Carly decided to follow through on the plan she had worked out with Kim.

"Hey boss ..."

"Carly, we aren't at work now, I think you can call me Keith, especially since you're picking up the check," He grinned.

"Okay then ... hey Keith, why haven't you ever made a pass at me? You must know I think you're gorgeous and I'd be more than receptive," Carly grinned.

Keith was glad he was eating at that minute or he might have choked. "Carly that's ... I mean ... I'm flattered, but I'm your boss and we work together ... it would be awkward. Or what if someone found out? Someone like Richard?"

"Only if I complained and I wouldn't complain ... I'd welcome your advances. Richard wouldn't find out either, he's dumb as a post," She smiled. "Next?"

"You have a boyfriend ... Matt."

"Please ... I know how you feel about him, keep trying."

"I'm married ... happily married and I couldn't cheat on Kim. Carly -- I'm flattered, believe me, if I was a single man and you made this offer, I'd jump on it. A man would be crazy to turn you down, but I don't cheat -- I never have and I never will."

"So Keith, you are saying to me that if Kim was okay with it, you'd go for it?" Carly taunted.

"No, because I don't think Kim would ever be okay with it and I ... hey, what are you doing?" He asked as he saw Carly take out her cell phone and dial a number. She spoke to someone for a few minutes and Keith couldn't hear what she was saying.

"Here, talk to her," Carly said, handing the phone over to Keith. He was stunned to hear Kim's voice on the other end of the phone, explaining her "predicament". Carly watched his face tell the story -- he wasn't amused by being put on the spot like this. He finished his conversation with Kim, little dreaming he was being set up. Keith handed the phone back to Carly who put it in her purse.

"So -- it seems that my wife played poker with you and some of your girlfriends last month," Keith said in a cool tone.

"She did."

"She did some wagering and fared badly."

"She did." Carly was trying hard not to giggle.

"You offered her a chance to recoup her losses on one last hand?"

"I did."

"She lost?"

"She did -- Kim's a terrible card player," Carly giggled, unable to restrain herself any further.

"Christ, don't I know it," Keith griped. "It's why we stopped playing Bridge with some of our couple friends, we lose every time."

"Well Keith, if she had to lose, you certainly aren't any the worse for it, are you?" Carly smiled, turning on her full charms. She wanted to see just how far she could push him and what Keith was capable of once he let himself go.

"No, I suppose not."

"Hmmff! Not exactly what a girl likes to hear, Keith. Be honest -- look at me. You aren't honestly going to tell me that you've never thought about fucking me -- not even once?" She smiled, leaning forward and letting him look as closely as he could.

Keith stared at the attractive brunette that he had known for so long. "Wellll ... maybe just once," He answered although in his mind he was thinking at least a hundred times, you sexy, gorgeous little bitch!

Carly grinned -- she had him! "All right lover, so here's your chance. We can go back to my place, Samantha's with her father and Jackie's out for the night -- and we can really go at it, tear up the sheets, fuck to our hearts content -- with no repercussions! What's wrong with that?"

Keith sat back. "What's wrong is that I will still have cheated on Kim."

Carly was a bit peeved by now. "Fuck Keith, sometimes you're too dense and too goddamn stubborn for your own good. It isn't cheating if your wife condones it -- and she's fine with it. Don't you want to be able to say you had a least a little adventure in your life, just one time?"

Keith looked at Carly and realized that he didn't have anything to lose. Kim wouldn't be able to throw it back in his face, it had been her that got him into this situation and he would easily be able to enjoy a night with Carly. He hadn't strayed, had never been with anyone since meeting Kim -- so why not? He reached out and took Carly's hands.

"Okay, you've sold me. Let's go back to your place and ... how did you put it? Oh yeah, let's go tear up the sheets!"

Carly linked her arm through his as she paid their bill. "Keith, it may be a cliché, but tonight, I'm going to rock your world!"

There was a huge part of Keith that didn't doubt that for an instant. Carly looked like the kind of woman who enjoyed sex. He was also fairly sure a lout like Matt wouldn't keep sniffing around if she didn't. Sorry jackass, Keith thought to himself
at least for this one night, she's all mine!

Carly's apartment looked exactly as Keith imagined it would, spotless and tidy with not one thing out of place. Even the magazines on her coffee table were nicely placed. That was Carly, efficient to the maximum. It was one of the things he valued most about ...

"Hey, what are you doing?" He looked down at Carly, who was unbuttoning his shirt quickly. He hadn't even realized she'd already moved his jacket, he was so lost in his own thoughts.

"Keith babe, have you forgotten why we're here?" Carly grinned, her dark brown eyes looking into his. "We're here to fuck stud! I have wanted this for a long, long time and I'm not wasting any more time with social amenities. I'm going to make you naked and you can undress me and then we're going to have ourselves a grand old time!"

Keith finally gave in entirely to what he was about to do. He found himself getting rather warm and before he knew it, Carly's soft lips were pressed against his own. He had wondered a few times what it would be like to kiss those soft, full, ruby-red lips and know he knew -- it felt wonderful, sweet and tender. Her tongue began moving around and Keith wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. His bare chest pressed into her body, he was very aware of Carly's sensuality as they both held the kiss.

"Okay, wow, we've established that you can kiss," Carly sighed as she moved away from him. Lucky Kim! Carly thought to herself If he's halfway decent in bed, maybe I can persuade her to let me have him again! She also sensed that for at least the first little while, it would be like leading a horse to water, but she did hope to make Keith drink.

Carly spun around and dropped her dress and blouse to the floor. There she was, standing in front of Keith in a gauzy black chemise, tiny black thong, real black stockings complete with seam and a pair of stiletto heels that accentuated two of the sexiest legs on God's green earth. She didn't turn around as she walked to the bedroom, she could almost feel Keith nipping at her heels and his breath as he allowed himself to experience pangs of desire.

Despite his initial reluctance, Keith pulled Carly close again and kissed her with as much passion as he had ever kissed -- anyone! Carly would have jumped up and down if she were not being ardently kissed, he was finally relaxing. She ran her fingers through his sandy hair as she guided him to her bed. "You still have the rest of your clothes on, handsome," Carly grinned. "I suppose we could work around that, but they'd get awfully messed up."

Keith actually laughed and removed the rest of his clothes. Despite his normally fastidious nature, he left them in a pile on the floor, a sign to Carly that he was as anxious to proceed as she was. Once she had him in her bed, Carly went to work.

She knew that rushing her boss would be a large mistake, so she got some lightly-scented massage oil and gently rubbed it between her hands, warming it. She began working her hands over Keith's chest and all over his body. She saw his cock twitch and it was gi-normous, perhaps the largest she would ever have in her! Her hands brushed over his exposed skin and then she whispered for him to roll over. He did as asked and she massaged his shoulders and back, using her fingernails to tease him. Most men liked that.

"Your turn," Keith said to Carly. "If we're going to have sex, it should be an equal partnership. Let me give you oral pleasure."

It was very in keeping with Keith's somewhat-stuffy nature to call it "oral pleasure" instead of saying he was going to "eat her pussy", but Carly didn't push it. His tongue brushed between her thighs and he shivered. She would give him points for effort and for not rushing, but his technique left a lot to be desired. He was nowhere near as good as Jackie -- or perhaps, Kim? This might be why she was having her fun, but for Carly, she wanted to fuck him. Just once, she wanted to feel her legs wrapped around Keith's muscular frame and see his eyes burn with desire for her.

"Okay Keith," Carly sighed. "You've got me all hot and bothered, let me suck your dick. I want to show you what you've been missing all this time."

Keith nodded, not trusting himself to speak. It was still hard for him to accept that Carly had been fantasizing about him for a long time. She was so lovely, she could have had her pick of suitors, all likely better than Matt. He watched as her slim hand grasped his balls and her mouth began bobbing up and down on his shaft. Her tongue swirled about from tip to stem and she didn't seem to be having any trouble breathing. Her mouth was warm and her full lips felt so good on his cock, he couldn't keep silent. "Oh fucking Jesus, Carly, that's amazing, but I'm close to the edge ..." He groaned.

Carly smiled and slid her lips from his shaft. He had a nice cock and she would have loved to continue sucking it, but this was their first time. She didn't know how much endurance or stamina Keith had and she didn't want him out of action. She removed her top and thongs, slid back on the bed and spread her legs apart. "Fuck me, you handsome fucker, screw me while I wrap my legs around your back. Give me a good pounding, you might think I'm delicate, but I can handle myself!"

Keith nodded and put her legs around his back. The stockings felt nice and smooth against his skin while the stiletto heels dug in deep, an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain. He was looking forward to giving her a real solid fucking. Keith was always a bit concerned with hurting Kim, but Carly had told him straight out to go for the gusto.

His shaft moved in and out of the pretty secretary with a nice, constant tempo. Her wet pussy clenched at it and she smiled up at Keith. He wasn't a bad fuck, he was considerate and he was doing as she asked -- but he was a long way off from being a great fuck. She sincerely hoped that she could give him some pointers so the next time she screwed him -- she hoped Kim would allow it -- they could be a bit more experimental.

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