tagNovels and NovellasA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 07

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 07


Her blonde hair flailed about as she wielded the large Cat 0' Nine Tails. It was designed to inflict minimal damage and leave few marks, but Kim Prentiss knew that with each lash, Dee's flesh stung just a bit more. It served the little black slut right, as far as Ann was concerned. She watched with great interest as she enjoyed seeing her best friend punish the young black woman in her stead. It was hard to believe Dee had been having sex with them for months now; it seemed like only yesterday that all of this had started. Kim's mind drifted back to their first time and her nipples stiffened at the thought.

Dee was the lesbian sex slave of Ann Taylor, Kim's sorority sister. Ann was Kim's lover and her first instructor in the Sapphic Arts. Ann had been her first girlfriend all those lovely years ago, showing her the lezzie slut that lurked beneath her housewife façade. These days, tall, elegant, newly-separated Ann ran one of the most successful beauty salons in the area. There were two reasons for its success. The first was Ann's cuts always made the client look beautiful and they didn't leave the Salon until Ann herself was satisfied. Word got around that if you wanted to look your best, Ann or a few of her girls would make sure that happened for you.

The second reason was that if Ann got that "vibe" from you, the Salon would satisfy you in other ways, all of them carnal. The upstairs of the Salon was as large as the bottom, totally soundproofed. Up there, Ann or one of her personally trained sluts would make you cum, fuck you, massage you, be with you as long as you wanted; all they asked in return was equal satisfaction and a small donation to the fund for the mortgage on the property. As several of Ann's clients were wealthy, bored housewives with strong bi-sexual or lesbian streaks, Ann's mortgage was nearly paid. Her salon had not yet been open 10 years.

Dee Harrison had been one such client, a 22-year old, tiny black woman who had married young and regretted it immediately. Her husband, a successful athlete, was away a lot and Dee got bored. She came to Ann's looking to change her look, but left with more than her looks changed. Ann saw something in the petite girl's dark eyes, a hidden streak of heat that Ann fanned into a flame in just one afternoon. The flirty little blouse, the miniskirt, the stockings and high, high heels ... Dee knew she was hot, but what she didn't know was that other women would find her attractive, women like Ann. Women who could see that Dee needed to be shaped, molded and turned into the perfect lezzie slut for their own enjoyment. Ann made Dee her personal project. She pampered and fussed over the sweet young thing the entire afternoon, giving her the full treatment at a greatly reduced price. Once Dee was totally relaxed and her guard down, Ann unleashed her formidable lesbian talents and by 5 PM, Dee was hers, body and soul.

"You don't belong to that oaf you married any more, do you?" Ann said as she lapped Dee's horny black cunt and pinched her nipples, hard.

"God, NO, I'm all yours Ann!" Dee gasped. In one short afternoon, Ann had made her cum 6 times. The most Reggie had ever managed was 2 and that was partially because they hadn't fucked for a week prior.

"Unless I tell you otherwise, I'm MISTRESS Ann, you little slut," Ann barked out, turning Dee around. "Now, lick my body, start with my neck and work your way down. We're going to turn you into a pussy-eating slut."

They had succeeded beyond Ann's wildest dreams. Ann had only to pick up the phone and Dee was there in 15 minutes. To help her train and "break" Dee, Ann had enlisted her friend's help. Kim wasn't nearly as bossy as Ann, but she was lush and blonde and curvy and loved being with women almost as much as Ann herself. Ann told Dee that she was to observe and she moved to her girlfriend, who had worn a tiny denim mini and halter. She lifted the skirt and slid the thong Kim wore underneath down to the tiled floor. Kim kicked it aside with her high-heeled shoes. Ann pressed her lips to Kim's newly-shaved cunt.

"B-but I'm still in the room!" Dee protested.

"We don't care about that, do we Kimmy?" Ann sneered, and turned to Dee. "We're both hot lezzie sluts at heart and you are too. When I'm done pleasuring my friend and being pleasured by her in return, you will eat her cunt and make her cum. Do a good job and I'll give you a reward!"

Dee watched with shock and horror as the two highly-sexual women sank to the floor, clothes and heels flying in every direction. Totally naked, the curvy blonde and her brunette sorority sister ate pussy like they were starved, but also moved their hands all over each other, appreciating the other's body, lovingly touching, despite the incestuous perversity, Dee was getting very turned on. Ann ... no, MISTRESS Ann, she corrected herself ... had been her first lesbian lover, now her friend ... would she be MISTRESS Kim ... would be her second. Her pussy began to moisten at the lewd thought.

"This is positively EVIL, lez-fucking you with her watching," Kim giggled. "But I'm really getting off on it!"

"Whore," Ann hissed, then added "Me, too!"

The two women went on longer than they normally would have, just to mess with Dee a bit, make her yearn for it more, make her more eager. Once they broke apart, Dee began to move towards Kim, nearly running, but Ann wagged her finger at her new toy.

"Uh-uh-uh," Ann admonished her. "I am your Mistress bitch, you do NOTHING unless I give my consent, which I have not yet done. Do you want to have sex with my girlfriend?"

"Oh yes, Mistress Ann, very much!" Dee said, her body shaking with desire.

"Is she as pretty as I am?" Ann put her slave to the test.

"Oh Mistress, I ..." Dee stammered.

Ann chuckled. "Relax slut, we're cool. Kim's a gorgeous blonde whore, even I can't resist her. I know you love my leggy, hot body, now go over there and make my bitch of a girlfriend cum!" She swatted Dee's ass as the younger woman practically flew to Kim's side.

"I-I hope that I please you, Mistress Kim," Dee whimpered softly. Kim ran her fingers through the girl's long, dark hair.

"That's my friend's trip baby, not mine ... you can just call me Kim. Mmm, you are a sexy little whore though ... lick my pussy, if my baby trained you, I bet you know how a girl likes it!" Kim sighed.

Dee was eager to prove to Mistress Ann's girlfriend that she could be just as attentive to Kim. Tom prove her point, she made slow, sensual love to Kim, but made sure to use her hands and tongue and fingers to get Kim off. She didn't even allow herself to achieve her own orgasm until Kim and Ann told her it was all right. Then the beautiful black girl came so loud, Ann wondered if the customers downstairs might have heard them, although she knew that wasn't possible, of course. She paddled Dee's ass for that and the nasty little bitch came again!

"I do believe our little whore likes that, don't you, slut?" Ann continued.

"Yes Mistress Ann, my bottom stings, but it feels so nice, in a way," Dee moaned, her pussy leaking. Ann swatted Dee's bottom until it was almost hot, when she was done, Dee had cum 3 more times.

Nothing mattered more to Dee from that night on than pleasing Ann. Ann wanted to make sure Dee knew the score; she couldn't allow the girl to think she had special privileges, even though Ann secretly adored the little minx. She allowed her girlfriend to borrow Dee whenever she asked; most recently, Kim had recruited a friend of hers, a little pixie named Marcie, into the lesbian ways. The sorority sisters had a get-together and watched Marcie get eaten by Dee, then the little redhead had her first taste of black cunt, licking Dee until she was overcome and weak. She did her best to please Ann, but fell short of her usual passions, for which she was paddled, then beaten diligently with a riding crop Kim had brought with her. Marcie also gave the girl 5 solid whacks, followed by Kim. Being a Dom wasn't really in Kim's personality, but she could play-act if necessary. Dee was jealous as she watched Ann play with Marcie, so she did an extra-special job of pleasuring Kim after she recovered from her discipline. Ann wouldn't have admitted it to Dee, but she was actually quite proud of her little nymph.

Kim had heard from Ann earlier in the day and she could tell from her girlfriend's tone that something was amiss. As she had no plans for the day, she let Ann describe in detail what had her upset. As she listened, a warm sensation came over her body. She knew that Ann wasn't really "angry", she was just working up a head of steam for later that day. Kim told her lover-friend that she'd be more than happy to help and hung up the telephone.

What had brought about Ann's ire and had led to Dee's latest round of punishment was something simple. First, Dee had canceled an appointment with Ann at the last minute, something the brunette would simply NOT tolerate. Then, a few days later, out of the blue, she announced to Ann that she and her husband were going out of town. Ann was furious and demanded that Dee come over immediately and take care of her, but Dee demurred by saying she couldn't get away from Reggie and she would take extra good care of her Mistress when they got back.

That wasn't good enough for Ann. With her friend's help, they began planning Dee's punishment, knowing all involved would love it. What Ann hadn't planned on was suffering from a bit of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, so she couldn't wield the new whip she had bought just for the occasion. She begged her girlfriend to do the honors and convinced her with a hot lezzie dildo fuck that left the best friends weak. Of course Kim agreed, Ann always did get her way.

Dee returned on a Friday afternoon and was told to be at the Salon for 4 on Saturday. The Salon closed at 3, so they wouldn't be disturbed. Both women put on leather, lace and heels, looking very powerful and intimidating. The second Dee walked into the Salon, in black PVC pants and a silver silk blouse, she was afraid ... and very turned on. Ann walked over to her and gripped Dee's face in her hands.

"YOU ... have done something unforgivable, you left town without satisfying me first," Ann snarled. "For that, you must be punished, sadly, I am unable to do the honors. Kim will be tying you on the massage table and whipping you until I say stop, then you will eat my cunt until I have cum, then hers and ONLY then may you cum. Do you understand everything I've just told you, lezzie slut queer?"

Kim found that whenever her girlfriend was in Dom mode, she got hotter, nastier. Dee nodded, the women bound her to the table and Kim got to work. Her tits bounced as she whipped the black girl's flesh, Dee didn't even cry, just moaned and finally, Ann signaled "enough".

Kim's experiences with women weren't as vast as her friend's, but as she watched Dee pleasure Ann, she didn't think she'd ever seen anyone that skilled before, not even Ann herself. It was as if Dee took pride in her work and she made Ann cum in minutes, then devoured Kim until she too, experienced bliss at the black girl's hands and mouth. Then, showing a little mercy to the young girl they both enjoyed, Ann and Kim both enjoyed a sixty-nine with her and made her cum, then put on a hot lesbian show for Dee's benefit. They finished up their sexual romp around 6, then decided to go for dinner.

"I'm paying," Dee sighed. "After an afternoon like that, it's the least I can do."

"We accept," Kim smiled, hugging the girl as they all got dressed. Ann insisted on helping them all get made up again, it was nearing 7 when they left.

"Don't make plans for next weekend, whore, you either Kim," Ann told her sex-toy and her sister.

"Why babe, what's going on?" Kim asked.

"Some of the girls have commented on how pretty my girlfriend is and they're pretty sure what I'm doing with you as well Dee, so we're having an orgy next weekend. You two will be the star attractions. Dee, you are to make sure everyone has a very good time, understand?"

Dee nodded her head eagerly as they got into her car and headed to the restaurant. As far as she was concerned, next weekend couldn't come soon enough!

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