tagLoving WivesA Short Conversation

A Short Conversation

byParis Waterman©

Many thanks to "Techsan" for graciously giving his time and effort to me in editing this and other stories of mine.


"You're kidding!

"No, I mean it."

"She's really getting a divorce?"


"My God . . . they've been married how long?"

"Eighteen months or so."


"I mean . . . like marriages don't last long these days, but . . . isn't this her third?"

"At least."

"And him . . . how many for him?"


"I should ask if you know the reason. I mean, they seemed compatible enough."

"I thought so too."

"So what happened?"

"It would seem that our Evie is what used to be called a gold digger."

"That is an archaic expression...gold digger. I haven't heard that used since...God knows when."

"It's amazing how she goes through husbands."

"Yes, it is. You're on number two now, right?"

"Yes, but I'm happily married, thank you."

"So am I. And I'm also on my second. Roger, my first, was an asshole of mega proportions."

"So was Tommy. He thought he was going to be a rock star. Imagine, twenty-eight, and he was still trying to put a band together."

"But Steve was...is a nice guy. A good provider didn't fool around, or anything."

"How do you know?"

"I tried to seduce him at last year's New Year's Eve party."

"Really? What happened?"

"He laughed it off, told me I'd had too many drinks, and made sure he stayed close to Evie the rest of the night."

"So...were you really flirting?"

"I guess...I remember being pissed at my husband because he complained about the cost of my dress and accessories."

"That's always a good reason for a little hanky-panky."

"Oh, c'mon, I did have a few too many drinks."

"Well, the point is Steve didn't bite, did he?"

"Nope. He's pure as the driven snow."

"That puts us back to Evie, and her reason, or reasons."

"I'll put my money on his money."

"What? Say that again."

"I'll put my money on his money."

"Oh... you think she was after his money?"

"Gold digger...remember?"

"What did he see in her, anyway?"

"What I tell you is confidential...okay?"

"Cross my heart, and all that shit...c'mon, tell all."

"She told me, not a word to another soul, right?"

"Of course not."

"She told me she had him with the second blowjob."


"That's what she said. He was putty in her hands after that."

"She must be good at it."

"Some men are just easy."

"You may be right."

"Of course I am."

"So, it took her how long to figure out his net worth?"

"About a year. I mean about a year after they were married. He had some sort of business deal that she waited out. Then when the money floated in, she made sure she knew where it was, and how much it was before filing."

"What was her reason?"


"That's a laugh."

"Isn't it."

"And the court allowed it?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? She's been seeing the judge off and on... mostly on, I'd say for the last three months. She got a very reasonable settlement from her point of view."

"Any idea how I might make this judge's acquaintance?"

Both women laughed.

"Possibly... are you any good at sucking cock?"

"I've never gotten any complaints."

"Did I mention it's a black cock?"


"That changes things, huh?"

"No, now I have to meet him. I think I've already met number three. This sort of clinches things for me."


The End

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