tagRomanceA Short Reflection Ch. 01

A Short Reflection Ch. 01


Ever since the magic day when we first met on the Internet, I have been living my life in a dream world. It is as if the woman of my fantasies has suddenly come to life and entered the deepest regions of my soul.

You have become the absolute centre of my dreams and my waking hours and when we are together making love, it is paradise. Ever since we married – exactly a year to the day after we first met face to face – I have know without doubt that I am the luckiest man in all creation. God was smiling on us that day; our loving families came together as we celebrated our union and became man and wife forever. I have never regretted a moment of my life with you, my darling wife, since you never give me a moment of doubt that we were meant to be.

Our first time making love is one that I will never forget. We had known each other for about three months and had been almost inseparable during that time. However, both of us had been burned by previous relationships gone sour and wanted to try to take our time with this one. I think we both realized from that first contact that we had something very special between us; neither of us wanted to ruin the chances for a future together. It became an unspoken agreement that we would restrict our expressions of caring to holding hands and necking (however difficult I was finding it!)

Finally, on that fateful night, we had gone for dinner together at one of our favourite restaurants – very dark and romantic – and as we sat over coffee side by side in the booth, you leaned over to whisper into my ear "I love you, my darling" It was the first time either of us had ventured forth to utter those magical words and it had to be you who screwed up the courage first! I reached for your sweet face and, cradling it in my hands, I brought your lips to mine in a gentle loving kiss. Then, pulling the side of your neck to my lips and kissing my way to your ear, I professed my undying love for you.

After we exchanged several more kisses, we waked hand in hand out the door of the restaurant and stood outside in the balmy summer evening. It was still relatively early and we didn't want to part. If fact, our hands were so tightly intertwined, it was almost painful. However the pain was not a sad one but one of joy; we had finally reached a new plateau in our relationship and sealed it with a kiss. Now what to do?

We of course remembered the baby you had left at home in the care of you sister – Joy was only about five months old and the product of your last relationship. He had bailed as soon as you told him your were pregnant and you were left to go through the birth with your Mum and sister as your coaches. I had come to love Joy as much as I loved you. I also knew that you were very reluctant to get together with any other man after the last time and, as a single mom of a tiny one, you had to be sure before you jumped. You couldn't risk either your future or that of your child with another bad choice.

I think that is one only one of the reasons I had been so attracted to you from the beginning. When you shared some of your history, I saw not only a woman who was extraordinarily beautiful but also one who possessed great inner strength and resolve. And the fact that we fell in love so quickly was even frightening for me; I had been married once before and it had ended very acrimoniously. In fact, she and her lawyer had managed to clean me out completely even though it was her infidelity. At that point in my life, I worked long hours and neglected my marriage so she looked elsewhere. I suppose I was too tired to fight and just let it all happen.

Since then, I had taken stock of my life and knew that when the right woman came along, I would mend my ways – family was the most important thing in my life right now and here I was with a ready made one in my grasp.

Back to that evening - as we stood hugging outside the restaurant, we happened to glance at the same time across the street. There stood a small intimate hotel that had only recently been opened. We looked at each other and you put your hands around my neck as you reached up to whisper into my ear "Can we spend the night together, my love?"

As I looked into your eyes, I could see the nervousness there and realized that it was reflected in my own. I barely nodded and croaked "Are you sure, baby? I don't want to rush you. We are too important for that"

Your answer was to pull your cell phone from your pocket and I heard you ask your sister if she would mind staying the night with Joy. As you waited for her response, I walked behind you and wrapped my arms tightly around your waist and leaned my face into your sweet smelling hair. I heard you giggle and then sign off with thanks and a promise to call early tomorrow.

As you turned in my arms, you smiled and said "She said be careful, have fun and tell Bob that he better not ever hurt you! I assured her you wouldn't; was I right?"

I laughed as I grabbed your hand and we ran between the cars and into the small lobby of the bijou hotel. It smelled so new and was very quiet. When I checked at the desk, the clerk informed me that they were full but just had a cancellation for one of their king suites if that would do. I gave her my credit card as I signed us in as Mr and Mrs under my name and was handed the key cards for Suite 1204.

We walked had in hand to the elevator bank and into the waiting car. As soon as the doors whispered shut and we started our rise to the 12th floor, I pressed you against the doors and forced my thigh between your legs below the hem of your short skirt. You had such great legs, I always asked you to wear short skirts whenever possible so I could not only admire them for myself but also show you off.

I could feel the heat emanating from the juncture of your thighs as you rode my thigh and we kissed deeply. We barely got started when the car quickly slowed and the doors dinged open. There was no one in the hallways and we rushed to find our room. As I fumbled with the card key, it took about three tries before the green light blinked and we were able to enter the dark room. As I turned and latch the door, I felt your hands pulling off my overcoat and throwing it over the small table inside the door. I helped you with yours and then we walked together – holding hands – to the large window overlooking the city to admire the twinkling lights below us.

As we turned to each other and slowly held each other, we said almost simultaneously "Let's take this, our first time, really slow"

Then, piece-by-piece, we started to remove each other's clothes.

..to be continued

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