tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Show For Holiday Neighbours

A Show For Holiday Neighbours


Daniela was 18. She was a pretty girl with a soft young looking face and a soft, slim body. Her medium sized breasts were still blooming. Her hair brunette hair was over shoulder length. Her skin was tanned a bit now that she had already spent almost two weeks in the South France.

She was home alone this afternoon in the apartment her parents had rent. She had taken a shower and only wore a morning gown made of silk. The window to her room was open to let the sun in. She stepped to the window an looked out. The apartment was at a corner of the big building and just some eight meters away was another apartment. A curtain shielded the window - but only a bit. She could still look into the room. A pair, man and woman, both at least in their fifties and quite overweight was sitting on the bed there. Both were naked, completely naked. She could even see that the man's cock was hard and pointing upwards. His hands were very slowly stroking his prick. The woman had spread her legs and one hand was resting at her thighs, her fingers gently moving. She had big tits, that were really sagging.

Daniela was shocked for a short moment. Did they think she couldn't see them? Had they watched her undress? Was she the reason for their obvious arousal. In some way the thought of having made these old couple hot, started to make herself hot a bit. She had always loved it, when she heard compliments on her looks and when she saw heads turning; and she loved teasing guys. She had never teased a woman before, or a couple this age. She wanted to know now.

The pretty 18-year-old girl opened the belt of her morning gown and the gown opened. Her naked young tits were visible now. Immediately she could witness the effect of her light striptease. The fat woman began massaging her big, sagging boobs with one hand and the other started caressing her dark triangle of pubes. The BBW-guy caressed his balls.

"They really must think, I can't see them," Daniel thought. The effect she had on this mature couple made her horny. She wanted to tease them more.

The young girl remained at the window and slipped completely out of her gown. She threw her head into her neck, displaying her chest and her young, blooming boobs even more. Her nipples were stiff a bit by now. Very slowly she let her hands go down from her neck to her breasts. Gently and very ,very slowly she caressed them, played with her nipples. She made them completely hard. She felt a wetness rising between her legs. While doing this she watched the couple opposite her. The woman had one hand now at her cunt and obviously she had already inserted at last one finger. Her hand was constantly moving in and out. Her other hand was still massaging her breasts. The man had both his hands between his legs now. With one hand he was playing with his big balls and the hand moved up and down his pecker.

Daniela had never done this before, but she loved what she saw - and she still wanted more. She took a bit of skin cream onto her fingers and she put one of her feet on the window-sill. Now all her erotic body parts were perfectly displayed. Her legs were opened and all must be seen clearly from the room of the old, fat couple; her mount of venus, with the curled brown hair and her wet and open cunt. Slowly she started to cream her leg, to caress the inside of her thighs.

The movements of both, the man and the woman, were fast now. Up and down the cock and in and out of the pussy.

Daniela changed her feet on the window-sill and continued creaming in her other leg too. She was completely wet now. She needed relief now, badly. And she wanted to go all the way now. Only two feet from the window was her bed.

She lay down on the bed and made sure that she could be seen from the other apartment. She could still see into the other room. She had never been so horny before masturbation. The exhibition she gave to that old couple and the masturbation scene she witnessed made her incredibly hot.

She put one of her hands to her breasts. She circled her nicely, shaped, still growing boobs with her fingers; first the left then the right one. Meanwhile her other hand was playing around her pubes. She loved to play with her pubic hair. It was so soft and she could feel the near wetness of her pussy. Also her mons pubis reacted very sensual to a fine soft massage. Her hand had was now fully massaging both her tits in exchange and her fingers were playing with the fully erect nipples. Daniela's fingers followed the line of her whole slit. She raised her hips to give an even better view and her finger played a short time at her anus before going up again to her clit. Up and down it went. Up and down like the old man's hand was going in the other apartment and finally in and out like the fat woman's hand were going. The 18-year-old teasing girl was fucking herself with two fingers now and her other hand was also down between her legs, playing with her hard little clit. Harder and harder became her movements and faster and faster were her fingers moving. Her whole crotch area was pressing against her hands and then the young girl came. Her head was thrown back, left and right. She came hard and long.

Daniela needed to relax, but she had to see what was going on with the old couple; and they too came. She could even see the man's cum shoot out of his big cock and land on his huge belly and the woman's voluptuous thighs were pressed together, covering her whole hand. The 18-year-old girl was wondering how many fingers the BBW-lady had used; or was her cunt big enough for her whole hand?

Daniela relaxed a short time. Then she disappeared into the bathroom again to take another shower. Now that her main arousal was gone, she still did not regret what she had just done. Just the thought of it made her hot again. When she came out of the shower the couple was gone. She almost regretted it.

When she walked out of the apartment building some time later she suddenly heard a male voice behind her.

"You liked your little show, didn't you? Do it again for us and a little strip in advance. A good slow show and you can watch us fucking and sucking each other later…"

She blushed in shock for a moment. When she turned around, she could only see the backside of a fat man walking away. Then she smiled and she felt something between her legs and at her nipples….

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