tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Shower with a Masseuse Named Eve

A Shower with a Masseuse Named Eve



This is my second submission, I hope you enjoy it. This is a direct continuation of my first story: A Masseuse named Eve. I will be messing with the format a bit, and I may end up breaking the series into smaller chapters. I am going to focus on this series as a way to develop my style, as a testing ground for future settings/characters. I may continue to grow it, or abandon it at some point due to the unrealistic proportions of Eve.

**WARNING: This story contains a hermaphrodite/dickgirl/shemale with an inhumanly large cock and lactating breasts. There's shemale on male sex, lactation, and unrealistically large cum shots. If that isn't your thing, don't read on.

**Constructive comments/criticism is appreciated.

Chapter 8 -- Late night to morning

"I love you, Thom." Eve said as she continue to look into Thom's eyes.

The earthy odor of body lotions and sex hung in the air of Eve's apartment. Lightning from the passing storm faintly danced outside the windows, twisting and accentuating the shadows across her room while the dim candle light faintly illuminated her loving expression.

Thom, secured to Eve's massage table not only by the nylon ropes tied to his wrists and ankles, but also pinned under the weight of her enormous breasts, could not manage a reply. He certainly wasn't avoiding his feelings, he felt the same way. He attempted to move his lips but no words came out. He labored and mouthed "I... love... you." He wanted to say it so badly, but still, he couldn't utter a sound. His breath was taken away, his eyes dilated, toes curled, jaw slacked from the tearing, hot, piercing sensation of Eve's unbelievably long and mercilessly thick girl cock writhing inside him.

His body convulsed in the pleasure and pain under Eve. She was nearly about to break into disappointment, but then realized her cock had literally taken Thom's breath away. Even in its flaccid state after the hard fucking she gave him, it felt so tightly packed inside him. His ass had absolutely no more room to give since she emptied her inhumanely massive load into his insides. Eve understood they wouldn't be able to talk anymore tonight, and that he needed to rest until the morning.

Thom, still clinging to consciousness by the electric pulsing he felt from head to toe, began to feel a pulling inside of him as Eve eased up off of him. Eve stood, and with one hand at the base of her shaft, the other gently planted on Thom's lube covered inner thigh, she half stepped back and began to pull out of him. As the blood coursed away from her shaft, it thinned from its previously bloated size, slipping slowly at first, and then quickly plummeting out of his abused hole. He winced nervously as he felt a knot nearing his exit, then it stopped. It was as if a plug had sealed him and halted Eve's withdrawal. The offender was the orbed head of Eve's cock, still an angry swollen monster. Despite having mercilessly stretched Thom's ass, her bulbous knob required an honest effort to pull from the grip of his loins. She bit her lip slightly. She knew this would give Thom a brief moment of pain, which brought an apologetic expression to her face.

Eve released the grip on the base of her shaft and planted both hands on Thom's legs, just below his knees. She gripped tightly, her toned arms gaining leverage as her elbows straightened and her knees flexed in kind. As she pulled her curvy frame away from his, her drooping cock uncurled and straightened once move by the pulling. It flexed like a mighty tree trunk in a high wind. It bent back and forth slightly, but would not release its root. Just as Eve sharply jerked rearward, letting out a high, girly grunt, the root gave way. Her almost spherical flaccid tip emerged suddenly with a loud, slick "pop". It quickly dropped away under its own weight and struck her just above the kneecap with a wet, fleshy "smack".

Thom's hole was agape, ravaged by Eve's womanhood even as she attempted to be gentle. The juxtaposed feelings of relief at her retreat, and the longing emptiness of her absence was maddening. His insides were never going to be the same due to her sheer size. He looked up at her through fluttering eyelids, trying to speak as she began to release his restraints. Eve softly hushed him.

"Shhhh... you need to rest now sweetheart."

Her words sent a shiver over him as the room got darker.

"I'll bring you a blanket for now, but I'll talk to you in the morning." She purred.

Thom's body relaxed. His arms and legs sank, released from their bindings.

"Sweet dreams lover." Eve whispered as she kissed Thom's head.

Exhausted from her complete ravaging of him, Thom slipped away from consciousness to slumber as a portion of her seed poured unrestrained from his gaping hole.

The sound of a hot shower sprinkling down the hall tugged at the edge of Thom's consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes and as the light of the morning shone in on him. Suddenly his senses came under assault. The room had a mixture of so many different smells; lavender from melted candles, coconut from lotions, and then something... musky. As he sat up on Eve's padded massage table, he could feel a sloshing in his insides and a slick, stickiness between his butt cheeks. Eve's cum was still painted to his backside from the night before, and he could still taste it on his breath.

He swung his feet over the side of the table and began to stand. He felt a little off balance with so much of her seed distending his belly and had some soreness in his ass from Eve's late night assault, but he managed. Wait, Eve! Then the recollection of the night before came rushing back with clarity.

"Holy shit, Eve has a cock! ...and she tied me up and fucked me with it for hours!" Thom could feel a little cold sweat forming on his back and neck.

"This is so weird" he thought. "I thought I might be able to go with it, hell, it was my ultimate fantasy... but that thing she has is just too big."

Thom was conflicted. As he began to walk, his face turned to the door. She must have just hopped into the shower. The noise woke him mere moments ago. He could gather his things on the way out without her noticing and try to forget this ever happened after escaping. Then the words they exchanged last night pawed at the corner of his mind. Eve had never had anyone stick around after her enormous "secret" was revealed. She had never even had sex with anyone. No one could take her enormous appendage until Thom.

Thom reasoned with himself for a few seconds, though the mental conflict felt like an eternity. He recalled how her pouty, concerned face regarded him with such care as she escorted him into this new world. He could feel his mouth begin to water thinking of her enormous breasts leaking her sweet, creamy milk onto him while her meaty shaft thickened during their escapades. His insides began to warm at the thought of her plunging impossibly deep into him, filling every remotely empty space he had to give. His face flushed thinking of her gargantuan balls emptying liters of her boiling hot cum onto and into him.

He stared again at the front door, clothes balled up in his hands. He knew what he had to do.

Eve kept her eyes closed as she tilted her head back, beads of the hot water getting caught on her eye lashes. Her thick, auburn-brown hair looked almost deep espresso when wet through by the steaming shower. She wiped over her body with a soapy wash cloth, stripping away the residue from the night before. As the water flowed onto the curves of her jiggling breasts, over her flat but soft belly, and down her drooping shaft before dripping to the floor from her dark, plum cock head, she thought over the events of last night. Her cock was big by any objective account, even when flaccid. She regarded its size, still baffling her after a lifetime of feeling its undeniable hunger... and her thoughts drifted to Thom.

Was she too hard on him? Did she go too far, too fast? Did she scare him away?

Eve's anxiety rose at the fluttering thoughts, but she didn't know what to make of herself. She was so excited at the fact she managed to cram all 16 inches of her python down Thom's throat and blast at least a gallon of cum into him over the course of the night, but she was worried her forwardness may drive him away.

Just as she was about to sigh in resignation, the door to the bathroom squeaked open. It was Thom.

Eve's eyes drank him in and her warm, inviting smile beckoned him.

"Mind if I join you?" Thom said with a grin.

"Make yourself at home, sweetie!" Eve replied, almost giddy.

Thom opened the shower and climbed in.

The steam wafting around them was soothing to soothing to some of Thom's aches.

"Eve" Thom started, "Whatever you intended with last night, it has me thinking..."

She looked slightly worried, but paid attention as he continued.

"I have never been with a woman like you, and, well, even though I'm pretty sore today, I want to keep whatever we have going."

That caught her off guard.

"You mean, a relationship? You want to be with me? Even after I..." Eve trailed off, faced blushing slightly.

"Even after you confessed that you love me?" Thom said sharply.

It felt good to know that didn't dissuade him, but the words still cut through Eve. What was she thinking, telling him she loved him? She must have been riding the high of her first time.

"Because I love you too." Thom softly said as he leaned into her, lips making contact with hers.

Thom passionately locked lips with Eve and his tongue teased at hers. Her face was red with embarrassment, but also excitement at the fact that the feeling was mutual.

Thom's hands glided across Eve's sides as he pulled her into an embrace. He gently glided his fingers up and down her back, delicately handling her as their hot, wet bodies pressed against one another. Eve's breasts prevented full, uninterrupted contact between them, as they mushed between them. Thom could feel the crest of one of them contact his chin from their displaced volume. He held her close, petting and rubbing her, eliciting moans and purrs while continuing their uninterrupted kiss, when he finally felt it. He could feel the shaft of her cock thickening slightly between them, the head moving down the length of his leg as her blood coursed to it, inflating it slowly to its full length.

Thom parted from Eve and regarded her sinister girl cock, pulsing in the hot water. "Before you get too excited, why don't I take care of that for you?" He said with a grin.

"You would... do that for me?!" Eve gasped.

"Of course. I am all yours now. I have to make sure my woman doesn't stay pent up in frustration." And with that, Thom slowly descended to the floor of the shower, tracing kisses down starting at her left nipple. He kissed across her stomach, her belly button, and shifted his weight, sitting down fully on the floor before starting on her member.

Eve's cock was firming up, but it still pointed at the floor of the shower. Thom began planting kisses at the base. He then traced down her shaft, covering every bump, contour, and vein in soft, deliberate kisses. When he arrive at the edge of her foreskin, he stopped. Her bulbous head was starting to bob up and down from her quickening pulse. Thom extended a hand beneath it and lifted it upward, like pulling a wine glass to his lips. It was throbbing harder now, Eve bit her lip as she gazed down at him. She knew if he teased her much longer, her cock would be fully erect and unable to fit in his mouth. Her eyes begged him to take it, and just as she opened her mouth to speak, Thom, maintaining eye contact with his new lover, lurched his head forward took the very tip of her head into his mouth.

Eve rocked back slightly, her back making contact with the wall of the shower, arm making a print as it pressed the glass door. Thom grabbed her shaft with one hand just behind the head of her cock while he worked the tip with his tongue. He was sure to roll it around in his mouth a few times to get a thick coating of saliva on it before attempting to swallow it down. Eve's cock head began to swell, causing Thom's cheeks to bulge out slightly. Her cock was beginning to rise, her erection growing, but Thom had her complete head securely behind his lips and kept her cock pointing downward, ready to enter his throat. Without Eve noticing, Thom shifted his legs under him so that he was no longer sitting, but on his knees. This gave him the leverage he needed. He reached up, tracing his hands up Eve's legs and around to her plump, doughy ass cheeks. He locked eyes with her once more, Eve's mouth dropped open as it dawned on her what Thom was about to do, and just as the realization hit her, her head craned back in pleasure, eyes fluttering, moaning as Thom pushed upwards, forcing the head of her cock into his throat.

A knot was visible in Thom's throat, it pushed down his neck, stopping just before his collar bone. He had half of her shaft buried in his throat, but still wanted more. He pulled her ass forward, and pushed again with his knees. Eve let out a squeal as she felt the thickest part of her cock pop into is throat, and like an expert sword swallower, Thom took her full length down in a flash. Thom could feel Eve's churning balls smash up against his chin. Her mouth was agape, shocked at how eagerly he went down on her.

Thom eased back slightly, and then bobbed on her cock about a dozen times eliciting additional moans of pleasure before backing down. Her let her grape fruit-sized head rise from his depths just far enough into his mouth to get a deep breath of air before plunging it back into himself. Using his arms and legs for maximum leverage, Thom continued to face fuck himself with Eve's cock. All the while, Eve buckled and writhed, softly holding Thom's head in her hands.

"Thom... you're... I'm going to..." Eve's breath was getting shorter, her body quivering.

Thom knew she was getting close, so he increased his speed and held her deeper, longer.

"Oh... Thom!" Eve cried out as Thom buried her in his throat one last time. He could feel her baseball-sized balls constrict on his chin and get tight. He clamped his arms around her ass, denying her any means to free her cock from the confines of his throat. He could feel her angry shaft and raging hot head swell impossibly large inside him. She gasped and then began to scream as quart after boiling hot quart of her thick load pumped into his guts, once again distending his belly.

Thom watched as the last inch or so of her exposed shaft thickened and pulsed as it pumped. He could hear it, her cum, flooding through her shaft like a continual swallowing sound. He could feel his stomach filling to capacity, and then the rest of his insides as she filled him to the brim. He could feel her massive balls pulse up and down on his chin in time with her heart beat. His lungs were starting to get hot from holding his breath, but she was still cumming. He was determined to consume all of her seed, but his determination soon met defeat as it ran out of places to go.

Thom could feel her shaft start to give, not from her orgasm subsiding, but from a wetness beginning to coat it. Her cum was coming back up his throat. Thom risked drowning on it now, and tried to withdraw. This made it worse as it pulled the source, her gushing cock head, up closer to his airway. Before he could get half of her shaft out, cum geysered up. Thom breathed some of it in, causing panic to set in. He struggled to breath, and then uncontrollable jets of cum gushed from his nose. Finally her bulbous head popped from between his lips like an oversized cork from a bottle.

Thom gurgled and gasped, then coughed raggedly. His vision darkened a little, but he didn't black out. Eve, very concern with what he just put himself through, panted through her afterglow "are you alright?"

Between wet coughs, Thom said "Only if I get to start every day like this."

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Should add veins to her cock for any future sketches you make of Eve.

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please write more stories, and longer too! The first eve chapter was damn near perfect, i cant wait to find out what else happens.

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Not bad.

Very interesting beginning. Though I would think for this to last Thom can't be the only one being penetrated. Seems only fair that she has to catch some too.

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Very good continuation. I'm loving this strangely sweet brutal relationship!

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Short and sweet

Love this one too. i would do anything to trade places with Thom.

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