A Shy Wife


Jessica looked over at Jasmine hoping she would get some support but saw her friend leaving the booth and walking out onto the dance floor with Bob.

Ben asked. "Have you and your husband been separated very long?"

Jessica nervously replied. "Not long, we just aren't getting along right now."

Ben replied. "I've never been married myself but I guess its just breaking up from someone you dated for a very long time. How many years were you married?"

Jessica said. "We were married for seven years and just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary."

Jessica sat thinking for a few seconds before adding to her statement and said. "I spent our last anniversary alone. He didn't even remember what day it was. I was so upset and cried most of the day."

Ben put his arm up around the back of the seat behind Jessica and said. "I'm really sorry for you. How could a man be married to such a beautiful and sweet woman not remember about an important day like your anniversary?"

Jessica replied and said. "My husband hadn't taken me out in the last three years of our marriage. He can remember the birthday or an important date of one of his friends but he can't remember something as importantly as our anniversary or my birthday."

Jessica began to cry putting her hands up to cover her eyes as Ben reached over and gave her a napkin from the table and said. "I have a feeling that your life is going to take a big turn and your going to meet someone who will treat you as a very special lady."

Jessica wiped the tears from her face, her hand was shaking as she reached out and took a sip of her drink. Ben put his arm around her and gave her a gentle hug as she sniffled and gave Ben a smile.

The band began to play something slow and Ben said. "Why don't we go out there and enjoy that beautiful song they are playing?"

Jessica smiled and said. "All right."

Ben got up and took her hand as walked her out onto the dance floor near Jasmine and Bob and took Jessica in his arms and held her close to his chest. Jessica had got herself upset and felt vulnerable at the moment as she placed her hands on Ben's shoulders and got in step with the music.

Jessica could see Jasmine and Bob dancing near them and they seemed comfortable together as she herself felt the same with Ben. She felt embarrassed telling Ben her personal business just after meeting him. She didn't mean to tell him about her marriage but it just came out and she felt relieved along with embarrassed.

Ben was holding her tight as they danced to the music and Ben whispered in her ear and said. "Do you feel better now?"

Jessica nodded her head that she did as she tightened her hands on his shoulders as they danced.

The next song turned out to be slow so they decided to dance to this one as well as Jessica watched Jasmine walking back to the table with Bob. Ben was rubbing her waist just above her ass as they danced to the music.

Jessica could see Jasmine siting in the booth with Bob's arm around her and saw Bob kissing her on the lips as she felt Ben's hands tighten around her waist. Jessica was startled when Ben whispered. "Bob and Jasmine seem to be enjoying themselves without us in the way."

Jessica looked up into Ben's eyes as they quietly danced to the music. Ben unrespectably bent down and kissed Jessica on the lips while she responded by kissing him back. Jessica suddenly broke the kiss and said. "I can't do this. I'm still a married woman."

Ben was surprised as Jessica walked away toward the booth as he followed and sat down next to her. Jasmine was smiling and said. "Is everything all right with you?"

Jessica nodded her head that she was all right and looked over at Bill and smiled and said. "I really enjoyed dancing with you tonight."

Jessica seemed to be giving reassurance to Ben that he didn't do anything wrong to upset her as she gently put her hand on his thigh. Bob was sitting with his arm around Jasmine as she leaned her head on his shoulder and looked over at Jessica who was now smiling and said. "I'm really glad these guys decided to join us tonight. Are you Jessica?"

Jessica smiled back at Jasmine as she rubbed the palm of her hand on Ben's thigh and said. "Yes. Ben has been very nice and a real gentlemen and I feel very relaxed now that he's here."

Jessica moved her hand up and took a sip of her drink as she looked in Ben's eyes and smiled and said. "I really want to go out on that dance floor again. Do you want to join me?"

Ben replied. "It would be a pleasure."

Jessica knew that Jasmine wanted to be alone with Bob so she decided to dance with Ben as she walked out onto the dance floor and took his hand. Jessica was really trying not to feel upset as she began to dance with Ben.

The very next song went into the Salsa style again like she danced with Jasmine early in the evening. Jessica looked at Ben and laughed and said. "Come on. You can do it!"

Ben followed Jessica's steps and watched and tried to imitate her moves. Jessica had turned and was now facing away from Ben as she backed up against him, Ben placed his hands on her hips and watched Jessica as she wiggled her ass to the beat of the song.

Jessica moved herself back even closer rubbing her ass into his crotch as Ben wrapped his hands further around her waist until he was touching her belly as she danced. Jessica felt like a different woman out on the dance floor as she let her mind concentrate on the moment.

Jessica stayed in that position for several moments before turning around to face Ben and leaned up to let him kiss her on the lips again. Ben didn't hesitate as his lips met Jessica's as she parted her lips and felt his tongue began to enter her mouth.

Jessica sucked on his tongue as they remained locked in the passionate kiss for several moments. When the kiss had ended, they embraced each other and just swayed to the music until the song had ended.

Jessica's body was tingling after kissing this black man as he held her in his arms. Her mind was racing as she thought that this was the first time she had ever kissed a black man. The very first time she ever danced with a black man for that matter.

Jessica grew up thinking that interracial relationships were taboo and something that other people did and not herself. Jessica looked down and saw the contrast in there skin and it excited her as her body trembled in Ben's arms.

It felt like experimenting with something new and she liked the feeling it was giving her as butterflies swarmed around in her belly. The song was ending and Ben gave her another kiss on her lips as they walked back to the booth and sat down.

It was getting late and Jasmine was writing her phone number down for Bob as Jessica and Ben looked on.

Jessica smiled at Ben and said. "Let me give you my cell phone number." She wrote the number on a little paper and gave it to Ben.

Ben looked down at the note which had her name and phone number along with a smile and below that it read. "I had a very nice time tonight."

Smiling. Ben said. "Let me borrow your pen and I'll give you my phone number."

He wrote his name and number down and gave it to Jessica as she said. "I really did enjoy meeting you tonight."

The guys walked them to their car and both men kissed the women one more time before they got in the car and drove away. Jasmine looked over at Jessica and said. "I can tell you really had a nice time out there with Ben. Are you really going to meet him again?"

Jessica looked over at Jasmine and said. "If Don saw me out their tonight, our marriage would be over right now." Jessica sighed and said. "I really don't know what I'm going to do."

They pulled up into the driveway and got out of the car and saw Don's car parked in the driveway. Jessica said. "I better get in the house before he really gets furious." They said good night as the women parted and Jessica walked into the front door.

The light was on in the living room and Don was sitting on the sofa drinking a beer and said. "Where were you at tonight?" Jessica replied. "I went out with Jasmine to a club."

Don replied back and said. "I already knew you were out with her tonight. Are you going to tell me the rest of it or should I guess myself?"

Jessica put her purse down on the table and said. "We went out for a couple drinks and listened to some music."

Don leaned forward and slammed his beer can onto the table and said. "One of my friends called me about an hour ago and was down at that club where you and that woman were tonight and told me they saw you dancing with a nigger."

Jessica's legs went weak as she listened to her husband as he continued to say. "He also told me that he saw you kiss that man tonight. What the fuck was you doing out dancing with another man and kissing him. Were you out screwing around behind my back?"

Jessica was getting angry as she replied. "I wasn't out screwing anyone tonight. That man asked me to dance and I gave him a friendly kiss because he was such a good dancer and made me feel special tonight. You haven't even tried to make me feel special in years."

Don replied. "Oh. You weren't out screwing him tonight. What is the matter with you, I can't leave the house any more without you going out and cheating on me?"

Jessica picked her purse back up from the table and said. "You don't even take me out anymore. All you do is go out with your friends and get drunk and come home and go to bed. You didn't even remember our wedding anniversary the past three years."

Don was drunk as he stood up he could barely keep from falling as he said. "That doesn't mean you should go out and cheat on me with other men." Jessica replied. "The way you have treated me the last couple years has made me think about our marriage and maybe we should get divorced since you don't seem to care about me."

Don tried to walk toward her and almost feel as he reached out to touch her shoulders. Jessica backed away saying. "I don't want you to touch me while you're this drunk and in this kind of mode."

Don looked up at her slurring his words and said. "You must have got some of that black dick tonight. Didn't you?" Jessica looked at him and said. "I didn't fuck anyone tonight and I don't want you sleeping in our room tonight. Go sleep in the guest room until you are sober enough to talk to me."

Don Laughed as he held onto the back of the sofa and said. "Go ahead and fuck whoever you want because I already got even and fucked someone better than you."

Jessica stood looking at her husband in disbelief as he said he already got even with her and said. "You are nothing more than a cheating bastard. I want you to pack your shit up and get out of here tonight."

Don replied. "This house belongs to me too and I'm not leaving it." Jessica replied. "I'll put your stuff out into the hall and I want you to stay away from me from now on."

Don replied back with a smirk and said. "She's a better fuck than you are anyway."

Jessica piled all of Don's clothes in the hallway that night and went into her room and locked the door and cried herself to sleep.

When Jessica got up the next morning, she could hear Don picking up all of his clothes up off the floor. She just fastened her robe together when Don knocked on the bedroom door. Jessica walked over and unlocked the door and slowly opened it and saw Don standing in the hallway.

Don held out his arms and began to walk toward Jessica but she backed up and said. "Stay away from me." Don replied. "I didn't mean what I said to you last night."

Jessica kept her distance from her husband and said. "Do you mean you lied about telling me you screwed another woman last night?" Don looked down at the floor hesitating before he replied and said. "It only happened once and I promise it will never happen again."

Jessica pointed her finger at Don and said. "I want you to stay away from me from now on and if your going to stay in this house you better plan on sleeping in the guest room from now on."

Don looked at his wife again and said. "I love you very much and I'm sorry I forgot our anniversary and I'll make it up to you."

Jessica just starred at Don as she put her hands on her hips and replied. "Do you think that's all there is to it? You can go out and screw other women and come home here and tell me you're sorry and expect me to forgive you? Forgetting our anniversary may be forgivable but I don't think I can forgive you for cheating on me."

Jessica had tears in her eyes as Don stood there with a look of disbelief on his face as he said. "Does this mean you want a divorce?" Jessica was crying as she replied. "I don't know what I want right now except that I want you to leave this room."

Don walked back into the hallway and picked up the remaining things she had put out there and carried them into the guests' bedroom as Jessica slammed the bedroom door shut and began to cry.

Don and Jessica didn't even speak to each other over the next three or four days. Jessica had told Jasmine that they had a big fight and Don told her he was screwing around with another woman. Jasmine had told Jessica that she could stay with her if she wanted because she had two other bedrooms that she wasn't even using.

That following Thursday, Jessica told Don that she was moving out because she wanted a trail separation until she decided what she wanted to do. Don cried when she told him and told Jessica that he loved her and didn't want her to leave.

Jessica felt sorry for him and said that she would be right next door at Jasmine's house if he wanted to speak to her and wrote the phone number on a notepad. Jessica spent the day moving her things over to Jasmine's house and when she finished she looked out the bedroom window and discovered that the window was in direct line with her own house.

Tears began to form in her eyes as Jasmine walked over and gave her a hug and said. "Everything will work out just well over here. You have everything you need including your own attached bathroom with your own private door going out to the pool."

Jessica got herself settled in her new place over the next couple days. Jasmine had told her she was going out with Bob this Friday and would be in late and not for her to worry while she was gone.

Jessica lay on the bed that Friday evening reading one of her favorite books. Jasmine had already gone on her date with Bob and it was very quite in the house being all alone. She hadn't seen Don's car all day and figured he must be out with his friends again.

She was almost falling asleep and put the book on the night stand when the cell phone rang and she figured it was Jasmine checking to make sure she was all right. She was right as she answered the phone and listened to Jasmine on the other end of the line. Once she assured her she was fine, Jessica lay back down on the bed and started to fall asleep when the phone rang again.

Jessica answered the phone and said. "I'm fine Jasmine, now you go out and have fun with Bob and I will see you when you come home." Jessica could hear a man laughing on the other end of the line as he began to talk and said. "I'm glad to hear that you are fine and Jasmine is out with Bob."

It was Ben calling and Jessica felt excited but nervous as she responded and said. "Ben. I'm really sorry. I thought you were Jasmine calling to check up on me again." Ben replied. "I was calling to say hello and to see how you were doing tonight."

Jessica replied. "I guess I'm doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. My husband and I have separated and I'm staying at Jasmine's house" Ben replied back. "I'm glad you have a good friend who is looking out for you right now. Is there anything that I can do for you?"

Jessica said. "I'm doing very well and thank you for offering, it's very nice of you to think about me." Bed responded back and said. "I really had a nice time with you and if you would like to get together and have dinner sometime I would be most happy to take you out." Jessica replied. "Thank you and maybe I'll take you up on that dinner soon. I have so many things to think about right now and just need to sort out what I'm going to do."

Ben said. "Well. If you decide you would like someone to talk with and have a nice dinner than give me a call and I'll be Salsa dancing my way over to see you."

Jessica couldn't help herself as she laughed at Ben's comment as she replied. "Thank you for the invitation to dinner and if I do call I want you to keep your promise about that dance." She told him good night and hung up the phone thinking how nice it was for him to call.

It was three in the morning when Jessica was awakened by sounds coming from outside her bedroom door. She was still groggy as the noise kept getting louder and she thought there were voices in the front room. Jessica sat up in bed and noticed a dim light under the door and got up to see if Jasmine was all right.

Jessica walked out into the hallway and noticed the light was coming from the kitchen and when she started to turn the corner she saw Jasmine and Bob standing naked near the counter mixing themselves a drink.

Not wanting to be seen, Jessica backed up into the hall and started to go back into her bedroom when Jasmine yelled out. "Jessica. Come on out here, we won't bit!"

Jessica peeked around the corner and replied. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were all right." Jasmine said. "Come on out here. Girl. Have a drink with us."

Jessica replied. "No. Enjoy yours drinks and I'll see you in the morning." Jasmine cam running over to Jessica, her tits were bouncing with each step as she made her way into the hall.

Jasmine put her hands on Jessica's shoulders and said. "Girl. You come out here with us and have a drink with us before you go to bed all by yourself." Jessica was embarrassed as Jasmine took her by the hand and walked her out into the kitchen where Bob was waiting for them.

Bob was standing behind the sink and Jessica could only see him from the waist up and didn't know if he was wearing anything below. Jasmine said. "Come on Jessica. Don't be so shy with us."

Jessica finally seen that Bob was completely naked as she turned her head away and put her hand up over her eyes and started to turn away from them. Jasmine held onto Jessica and said. "Don't worry about Bob. He's not shy and you've seen naked men before so relax. It's perfectly natural for us to be naked." Jasmine laughed as she looked at Bob trying to get him to help her with her friend. Bob said. "That's right Jessica. Come out and join us in a little celebration and have a drink with us." Jessica replied. "What is the celebration all about?"

Jasmine laughed and said. "We're celebrating the fact that it's the weekend and Bob doesn't have to go back to work until Monday." They all laughed when Jasmine told her what it was all about.

Bob gave Jessica a drink and when she reached out to take it she gasped when she got a look of his cock pointing straight out. Jasmine walked over next to Bob and put the palm of her hand over his large cock and said. "Bob's a fairly good size guy and he scares a lot of women from time to time." She laughed as she gave Bob a kiss and took the drink and gave it Jessica.

Jessica took the drink from Jasmine and got another look at Bob's huge cock hanging between his legs. Bob was tall and built like a quarterback and his manhood matched his physic. They had a toast to the weekend as Jessica took a sip of the drink when Jasmine said. "You can do better with that drink than that. Go ahead and finish that one and I'll make you another."

Jessica finished her first drink and Jasmine gave her another in exchange for the empty glass. She may have drunk that too fast as she felt the burning liquor settling in her stomach.

They all walked into the family room and Jasmine waited for Bob to sit down before sitting on his lap and looked over at Jessica and said. "I'll keep Bob covered so he won't embarrass you."

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