A Sibling Love Story


She seemed to feel the same way as for a moment there was silence. Finally, I said, "We have a few minutes, Barbie Girl."

"We do?" she asked, her eyes big as a little girl on Christmas morning.

"Come on," I smiled, pulling her into the pink haven of a childhood past.

Once in the store her eyes lit up like the Fourth of July, her head ping-ponging from one crazy elaborate display to another.

I noticed a Grease Barbie doll display and reluctantly let go of my sister's hand and said, "I will meet you at the front in five minutes."

"Ok," she agreed, distracted by the overall girly ambiance.

I snuck away and grabbed two Sandy dolls knowing they were the perfect present. She loves musicals and her favorite movie as a kid was Grease. I have heard the soundtrack a thousand times blaring out of her room or in the car on road trips. I quickly paid for them and had them double bagged so baby sister couldn't see what I bought.

I was a couple of minutes late as the line of moms and daughters was long; I felt a bit strange being the only male in line and the only one without a daughter with me. I almost shit at the price, but figured it would be worth it to see the look on her face.

She was waiting for me at the door and teased me when she saw me with a bright glow in the dark pink bag. "Pink really is your color."

"I know, it really brings out my inner feminine side," I quipped.

She took my arm and I led her back out into the hustle and bustle of early evening in New York City. There were men in suits talking on their headpieces; there were ladies in dresses with bags from overpriced stores; there were teens with baggy pants with their underwear showing; tourists snapping pictures left and right; there was every race, every religion, walking side by side. If only the world could move with such smooth motion, such randomness and such multiculturalism.

A couple of minutes later, we reached the theatre. Suits and ties, dresses and heels everywhere, another smorgasbord of races and ages, waiting for a night of musical entertainment, waiting for a fun escape from their day to day lives.

We got into line as Jayda looked around star-struck. I let her look and just enjoyed the strange feeling of tranquility that washed over me just by holding her hand.

Finally, the doors opened to the theatre and we walked in together looking like a young couple to anyone looking our way.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked, after our tickets were scanned.

"It is even more amazing than I had imagined," she said, still overwhelmed by the sheer thrill of being here.

"New York City does go over the top better than anywhere else," I joked, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

After a few minutes of celebrity searching, Jayda said, "I really should go to the ladies' room before the show starts."

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze and let go leaving a sudden emptiness in me. As I watched my beautiful sister saunter away, I shook my head. What was wrong with me? Sure she was flirting with me. Sure she was the most beautiful person inside and out I knew. Sure she was the perfect woman for me. Yet, she was my sister. I could feel the internal fight between right and wrong, my head vs my other head, and yet I flip-flopped back and forth between the two extremes. I wanted nothing more than to make love to my sister, yet obviously that was wrong. Why did doing wrong seem so right? Why was the apple so tempting? Why was Eve so perfect?

"I'm back," she said, taking my hand and comfortably fitting back into me like the puzzle piece lost long ago and finally found. Seeing me lost in thought, she asked, again giving my hand a slight squeeze, "What you thinking, big brother?"

"Oh, nothing," I lied.

"Too bad," she purred, as if reading my dirty thoughts.

We looked at souvenirs; I bought her a t-shirt and a poster and got a quick kiss on the lips for my thoughtfulness. "Thanks big brother," she said, a sultry sweetness in her voice, another hint of her flirtation with me.

Hands again perfectly entwined like they were meant to be, we headed into the auditorium and to our seats.

She said:

Once seated, we were silent. I had given a plethora of flirtatious hints of my intent, my hunger to commit incest, yet I wasn't sure my sexy brother was catching on. I wanted to lose my virginity to my older brother. I pretty much screamed it to him with my words, my actions, and my dress, and he had responded in kind with his own flirtation, yet I wasn't sure if he understood my true intent.

I am eighteen; I am a virgin; I love my brother more than any boy or man I know. He is funny; he is sweet; he is drop dead sexy; he is compassionate and caring; he is perfect boyfriend material, perfect for anyone, but me...his sister.

Although my friends always talked about how lucky I was to have such a hot brother, I always disagreed. I had perfection in my reach, but was not allowed to touch it. I had the shiny red apple in my garden, but could not take a bite. I was completely handcuffed by society's draconian views of incest. I knew, even more as this glorious evening transpired, that I loved him, not only as a brother but also as a potential lover. I am determined to lose my virginity to him tonight, to give myself unconditionally to him. But how does one say such a thing to your own flesh and blood? What if he doesn't feel how I feel? What if he thinks I'm sick and twisted for wanting such a thing?

The idea of seducing my brother occurred rather accidentally while reading porn online. I had read quite a few stories online and had come to read a lot of one author's stories. Her stories of seduction, submission and stockings hit all my hot spots. Sadly, after reading all the lesbian, non consensual, mature, group and even gay stories, I craved more. The author had a variety of incest stories and hungry to submerge myself more into her words, I reluctantly clicked on an incest story.

After reading just one incest story the light bulb went on.

One story and a naughty, socially unacceptable idea popped inside my head. I tried to push it out of my thoughts and fantasies, but the more I tried to push it away the more I wanted it. I began fantasizing about seducing my brother; having him make love to me, take my virginity. I tried to shake the naughty, inappropriate thoughts out of my head, yet the dreams and fantasies only got more intense and more constant.

Becoming obsessed with my brother, I searched Andy's home computer which he had left,instead taking his laptop to college and learned of his fetish for pantyhose and stocking-clad feet. I always wore pantyhose and wondered if I had somehow triggered his fetish. I decided I would dress to tease him during the Christmas holidays even though I never expected for my fantasies to become a reality. Yet, then fate decided to allow the dominoes to all fall into place; the flooding, the play, a hotel alone and a night out in NYC all seemed to set the scene of seduction.

I put my hand on Andy's leg just as the lights went down and gave a squeeze. I exclaimed giddily, "This is so exciting."

"I can't wait," he replied, mocking my excitement.

My hand moved up just a smidge, desperately trying to say what I couldn't say with words. I noticed his eyes go big and it took all my internal strength not to go for broke and find out if my brief foot assessment was right, he is big.

Instead, I focused on the musical I had dreamed of seeing since I can't remember when. The next hour flew by as I immersed myself in the haunting love story of Christine and the Phantom. Their relationship was so complex and so taboo that I instantly made the parallel between their relationship and the one I was considering.

As the lights came up for break, I turned to my brother and said, trying to stir up the heat, "Well, first a chocolate climax and now I am near an oratory orgasm."

"This may not be the best place for that sis," Andy replied, always quick with a one liner.

"I guess I will have to wait until I get back to the hotel," I countered, literally throwing myself at him with innuendo.

I noticed him slyly adjust himself, using his program to attempt to hide the impact my words were having on him. I could also see he was trying to process my intent and I revelled in the thought that I was making him hard. I could literally taste the forbidden fruit, so tantalizingly close and I wanted to take a big bite. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, just for a second longer than a sibling kiss would be, before standing up and saying, "I need to powder my nose or whatever else these dressed up women do during intermission."

He laughed uncomfortably as he stood up too. "I will get us something to drink."

"Wine," I suggested, "I want to get a little wild tonight." I started walking through the aisle before turning around and adding, "Actually, I want to get a lot wild tonight." I saw his jaw drop just as I turned and continued down the aisle, leaving him little doubt of my intent I hoped. Was I crossing 'The Point of No Return'?

After my restroom break, which was tediously long (why are women's restrooms not bigger?), Andy was waiting for me with a glass of wine. I sauntered over to him and taking the wine I again pushed the invisible line we were seemingly balancing on, "Are you trying to get your sister drunk?"

"That would be fun to see," he replied, "I have never seen you drunk before."

Frustrated by his answer, I quipped, dripping with intention, "Well, you may see a whole new side of me before the night is over, BIG brother."

"I would like that," he smiled back, finally hinting he was catching onto my obvious flirtation. I was literally throwing myself at him (as I had I even did when I fell into his arms back at the hotel).

"I am not sure you can handle me," I retorted, moving in as if going for another kiss.

He stared at me like a deer in the headlights.

I leaned in whispering into his ear, making sure my hot breath lingered on his ear, "Do you think you can handle me big brother?"

He stammered, clearly surprised by how aggressive his sweet sister could be, "I-I-I can handle whatever you thrust at me."

Moving away, I retorted, making sure I had the final word, "I was hoping you would be doing the thrusting." I grabbed his hand, and led him back to our seats, assuming any last doubts of my intentions were hopefully gone.

Once seated, I could tell Andy was uncomfortable. I could also tell that he had a pretty obvious tent in his pants.

I considered just reaching over and squeezing my brother's cock, but resisted as the occupants of the seats beside us were both back now...but the temptation was becoming hard to resist, pun intended.

He handed me the pink bag and said, "One last gift for my adorable sister."

"You shouldn't have, you have already got me so much," I replied, taking the bag, giddy with getting another present. I opened the bag and pulled out the first of two boxes, a Grease musical doll of Sandy dressed in her Rydel cheerleader's outfit looking so sweet and innocent. I pulled out the second box which was of Sandy after her transformation, dressed in a black leather pants she wore at the end of the film. I looked up at him, giddy with the thoughtfulness of my brother and warmed by the thought that he remembered something from so many years ago.

He smiled, "In many ways you remind me of Sandy."

"I do?" I asked, curious where he was going with this.

"Of course," he explained. "You are sweet, innocent and beautiful like cheerleader Sandy and..."

He stopped and I pushed him on frustrated by his not finishing his thought, "And?"

"And," he continued, "yet, it seems, you are also naughty, sexy and drop dead hot like leather pants Sandy."

"Oh my," I gasped, my whole body melting by my brother's very accurate understanding of me. I was innocent like Cheerleader Sandy and yet I had a naughty side, a wild side, desperate to break out like Leather Pants Sandy.

"You are perfection, Jayda no matter what version of Sandy you want to be," he said, taking my hand and giving it a soft squeeze.

I wanted to fuck him right then and there, to give myself to him unconditionally and would have if I wasn't in the Majestic Theatre just about to watch Act 2 of my favorite musical ever.

As if on cue, to protect me from a growing hunger I was beginning not to be able to sedate, the lights dimmed and I was again pulled into the romantic world of over a hundred years ago. I again envisioned I was Christine and trying to balance the expectations of society with her own desires, my own desires.

As Christine loved the Phantom, I loved my brother; as Christine couldn't resist the temptation of the Phantom, I could no longer resist the temptation of my brother. As my favorite song of the play was performed, I crossed the last invisible boundary, my own Point of No Return, as I slyly moved my hand to his leg and slowly slithered up until my hand rested firmly on his, I was happy to find, fully erect cock. A slight gasp left his lips on contact, but he didn't move my hand away, instead, moving his right hand to my leg.

His hand on my leg had my pussy burning up and I wanted his hand to move further north, to touch my tingling pussy. Yet, as if he knew that was what I wanted and knew the power he had over me, he just allowed his strong hand to linger there...a tease...a temptation...a major fucking distraction.

Trying to imply my need, my permission, I slowly rubbed his cock through his dress pants, but his hand remained glued to my leg, his face remained stoic and unreadable.

Time could not move fast enough as I returned my attention to the play, trying to focus on the climatic ending, to the show I had wanted to see since I can't remember when...yet now I had a new climatic ending I wanted to see and, in this case, perform.

Once the play finale came to an end, we both stood up to give a standing ovation as the cast came out for their final bows. I took quick glances at my sexy brother and he seemed to be glancing at me as well, both of us assumedly thinking the same thing...what now?

Once the applause faded, I wandered if my Cinderella story would have a happy ending, but instead of my foot perfectly fitting into a glass slipper, I wanted my brother's cock to perfectly fit my pussy.

He reached for my hand and slowly, silently, we exited the theatre. Once out in the late winter New York evening, Christmas lights everywhere, Andy asked, "Would you like to go to Rockefeller Centre and see the Christmas tree?"

"Sure," I agreed, although my tone couldn't hide my disappointment. Before the past few hours, I would have been super excited to see such a popular tourist attraction, but now all I wanted was to finish what I had desperately tried to start.

He smiled, as if reading my mind, "We have all night, Jayda."

"Ok," I replied, shivering as the evening had cooled off dramatically while we were inside watching the show.

Andy took off his jacket like a gentleman and put it over my shoulders and took my hand and we began walking in the most beautiful city in the world, not as brother and sister, but as something undefined...something unexplainable.

As if on cue, the clouds began to drop the smallest snowflakes I had ever seen, a reminder that it was winter, it was Christmas.

TV does not do reality justice. Once I was standing in front of the massive Christmas tree, I was in complete awe with just how big and beautiful it was. Looking at Andy, he was staring at me and not the tree.

"Isn't she beautiful," I asked.

"Yes, yes she is," he replied, never breaking away from looking at me.

My face flushed and I felt a heat burn in my cheeks even as the cold breeze brought me chills.

Again, as if on cue, as if Cupid was singlehandedly making sure an act of incest was consummated on this glorious night, a man walked over to us and raised his hand over us, revealing a sprig of mistletoe.

Andy smiled at me; I smiled at him. We leaned towards each other in perfect unison, in perfect symmetry, the whole massive city going silent as the inevitable moment occurred. Our lips touch like a whisper as we gently allowed our lips to meet. At first the kiss was soft and tentative, both of us just allowing the kiss to elevate us to a higher plane. Once our mouths opened our tongues explored each other, the original tentativeness was replaced with a fiery passion I had never felt before. My body tingled, my mind went blank and my knees weakened, as I gave in completely to the simple sensation of a kiss.

The man chuckled, "Well, I guess I know what you two will be doing later."

Andy looked at me; I looked at him, we each blushed at the man's words, before without a word quickly heading back to the hotel.

As soon as the elevator door closed, like two magnets, we were pulled together as he pushed me against the wall with an intense urgency. His hands roamed my hips, my ass and my legs, purposely he avoided both my breasts and pussy it seemed.

The elevator slowed to a stop and as soon as it opened, he pulled me like a caveman to our room where he fumbled with the key before, we finally were alone. The door closed, both our breathing stilted, we froze in place taking a moment to take each other in.

Andy asked, "Are you sure about this, Jayda?"

Although cliché, I responded, "I have never been more certain about anything in my life."

"But I'm your brother," he said, as if trying to convince himself this was a bad idea.

"If I wasn't your sister, what would you be doing to me right now?" I asked.

"I would be doing naughty, nasty things to you," he admitted.

"Well, let's pretend for one night I am not your sister and you are not my brother. For one evening we are just two lovers who just want to be with each other," I suggested, as I slowly, moved my hand to my shoulder and teasingly allowed my dress to fall to the floor.

"Oh God, Jayda, you are so beautiful," Andy complimented, literally drooling at my now near-naked body, as he stared at my tiny thong that was the last line of defense from Andy seeing my pussy, suddenly wishing I had gone commando like I had considered but chickened out.

I sauntered over to him, and as I stopped directly in front of him and I quoted Grease, "You're the one that I want."

"Sandy," he whimpered, as my hand reached for his cock.

"Tell me about it, stud," I quipped, as I lowered myself to my knees.

"Oh God," he gasped, as I hungrily pulled his cock out of his pants.

His big stiff cock, eight inches at least, in my hand, I asked, "Is this hard because of me?"

"It is all for you," he groaned, as I slowly moved my hand up and down my big brother's cock as I had fantasied about so many times.

"You know I have never done this before," I explained, looking up at him, before adding, "unless the banana I practised on counts."

"Fuck, Jayda, I can't believe you," he grunted.

"Well, believe this, Andy. I want to suck your cock," I admitted, opening my mouth and leaning forward.

"Aaaaaah," Andy moaned, as my lips wrapped around his warm cock.

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