tagErotic CouplingsA Simple Arrangement

A Simple Arrangement


I got into the car and sat down excitedly, quickly turning the key in the ignition. I pulled out of the parking lot and started my very short journey across town to visit my relatively new friend. Grant and I had met online, and after chatting for several months, we had come to a very nice mutual arrangement. After our memorable first meeting, we had been getting together more and more often, sometimes at my place, sometimes at his. Today it was his apartment.

As I pulled into the guest space outside his building I could feel my hands trembling with excitement, longing to be wrapped around his warm man-flesh. I flexed my hands compulsively, my mind racing with thoughts of the pleasure to come. I walked briskly in from the cold and dialled up to his place. "Its me..." I said into the intercom, and he buzzed me in after a quick hello. I opened the door and continued my quick pace to the elevator.

I drummed my fingers impatiently on the handrail as the elevator ascended up to his floor. I my palms were moist with nervous excitement. My mouth watered, savouring thoughts of the flavours to come. Already my pussy was warm and drenched, I could feel my juices soaking my pink thong. I watched as the lights blinked upwards until the satisfying *ding* of the bell let me know I had arrived at my final destination.

I blushed slightly as I squeezed past the couple standing outside the doorway. Though it was completely absurd, I felt like they knew why I was here and were judging me for my actions. I was fulfilling my base instincts, seeking carnal pleasures in a way not socially accepted by the populous in general. I swiftly made my way to Grant's door, more excited than ever, the idea that the couple knew my dirty thoughts actually propelling my arousal.

I knocked softly on the door and was greeted immediately by Grant's smile and a warm welcome. He ushered me inside and locked the door behind me. Knowing the routine, I removed my shoes and jacket, and walked to the living room with him trailing close behind. We made our usual small talk, weather and such, and after a few moments of that, without a word I silently got into position. Grant's smile beamed as he undid his belt and walked forward. I was on my knees and removing my top, releasing my large breasts; my nipples plainly visible through my thin frilly bra.

Grant caressed my hair and the side of my face as I slid his pants to his ankles and he stepped out of them. This was a ritual now which we had performed numerous times, though the repetitiveness did nothing to reduce my joy on each occasion. That he was apparently as excited as I was became immediately evident, as his dick sprang to life before my eyes, growing hard just inches from my face. Though it had only been two days since our last encounter, his balls looked swollen with their contents, ready to drown me in his salty liquid. I smiled up at him and made eye contact, running my hands lightly up and down his thighs. I was such a tease.

His groan of pleasure was barely audible as I lightly flicked my tongue on the head of his cock. It jumped with a pulse as it continued to harden, and I followed its movement, all the while maintaining my eye contact. I licked him lightly, circling and flickering, my moist tongue coating his delicate head with moisture, my hands still caressing his legs. I ran my fingers up his inner thighs and softly cupped his heavy balls, rolling them gently in my hands while I continued to tease the tip of his penis. The taste of his dick made me moan aloud, and I sacrificed one of the hands on his balls in order to remove my bra.

I paused in my work to take it all the way off, and to caress my breasts, squeezing my hard nipples and pushing my ample cleavage together. Grant took over that job for me quickly, his skillful hands working my chest the way he knew I liked it. I sighed and began to stroke him lightly, feeling his dick pulse with excitement. My free hand traced a line down my stomach and into my pants, sliding inside to manipulate my clitoris. I let out a low, long moan with my breath; I had been waiting for this all day. Grasping Grant by the base of his shaft, I pulled him closer to me, using his erect member as a handle. I looked into his eyes, and smiled as I began to repeatedly slap his cock on my face with increasing force.

*Smack* *smack* *smack* his dick bounced off my cheek hard, leaving a slight red mark. I smiled throughout it as I continued to rub myself, feeling him somehow grow even harder in my hand. I felt his precum leak onto my face as I continued slapping myself, and I took the opportunity to rub him on my lips, using the lubricant to slide him back and forth as I pursed them. I opened my mouth and ran his cock head like chapstick around my lips in a circle, occasionally pausing to dart my tongue out and lash him. He groaned and placed his hands on my head, rubbing my hair and massaging my scalp. I began to gyrate my hips, now rubbing my pussy against my hand slowly and in a circular motion.

I took him into my mouth now, ending his torture. I drew him in half way, keeping my lips fairly loose to allow him to glide in and out of my mouth smoothly. With my saliva glistening on his shaft, his length moved into me like silk, and without even realizing it I was taking him nearly to the balls in no time. He nodded appreciatively and asked if I was enjoying myself in a gruff tone. I attempted to nod with his dick in my mouth, and moaned an enthusiastic "ummm hmmm" as I bobbed my head on him. I used my hand in conjunction, sliding it up and down his shaft in time with my mouth, the spit lubricating him and making the motion seamless.

This was our usual game, I pleasured him with my mouth, loving every minute of it. As he got closer to cumming, I would begin to taste him more and more, like a salty burning in the back of my throat. I loved that feeling and expected to get off more than once before he finally rewarded my efforts with a thick mouthful of his love juice. I moaned just thinking about it and picked up my pace as I felt myself approaching my own climax. I skillfully played my pussy like an instrument and within moments I was barely aware of his cock in my mouth anymore as I shook with waves of ecstasy. Luckily he took over where I left off, moving his hips and pushing himself in and out of my mouth, never even breaking stride. When I came around, I found myself gagging on his girth as it bumped into my throat over and over.

I broke the rules then. Up until that day, the rules of our arrangement had not changed; I sucked him off and we both gained pleasure from it. But this time something was different, and the feeling of his wet cock pumping into my mouth, lubricated by the thick saliva at the back of my throat, reminded me how long it had been since I had a cock inside me. Overcome with my own horniness, and to his surprise, I stopped sucking him and stood to remove my pants. He began to protest, and I silenced him with a finger to his lips. I paused and stood on my tip toes to plant a wet kiss on his lips, no doubt filling his nostrils with the scent of his own cock.

My pants off, I crouched back down on the floor, going on all fours and presenting myself to him. I could smell my own juices, the pungent aroma obvious but not unpleasant. My pheromones reached his nose and I could tell he nearly grabbed me and forced himself inside, but he stopped and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this. Grant... always the gentleman. "I need you inside me" was my husky reply. I glanced over my shoulder but closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his calloused hands running up over my hips, along my sides, and to my shoulders. After a strong squeeze, he ran them down to my hips, and griped me there, holding me in place.

I gasped as he entered me. There was no pain; I was wet as November and 10 times as warm. His cock was still slick from my mouth and he was able to slide deep, holding himself there and pulling me gently onto him. Oh my god it felt amazing. It had been so long and I was so ready for this, my breath came in heaving gasps as he began to thrust, slowly but firmly pushing himself inside me, squeezing my hips and ample butt with his strong hands. I became aware that I was moaning, but I felt detached, I was out of my mind with pleasure. I ground myself against him, encouraging him, revelling in having him fuck me. I felt a massive orgasm building, the kind that only a cock inside me can bring, and I moaned his name aloud.

I felt the contractions begin, and my pussy walls clamped down on Grant's cock, pulsing around him as my body rocked with my earth shattering orgasm. I yelled, and I'm sure the neighbours must have heard, but I didn't care and was barely even aware of it. The pleasure went on an on, as my orgasm lasted for what seemed like ages. Grant began to slow his pace and I felt him pulse inside me. I came back to reality and realized he was very close to cumming, and was trying to hold back, not sure what I expected from him. I made the decision easy for him, and after one more perfect moment of him filling me up, I leaned away and felt his soaking penis fall out of my now sore vagina.

I turned around, staying on my hands and knees. He knelt in front of me and I immediately took him into my mouth, deep-throating him and trying to simulate the feel of my pulsing pussy by gagging as I took him into my throat. My tits swayed as I moved my whole body to fuck his cock with my mouth. I felt his balls tighten and his laboured breath increase in intensity. I moaned around his cock and prepared myself for the deluge that was sure to come. And cum it did. His first blast was so massive I gagged on it and the force of it caused it to fly out of my mouth and dribble down my chin and his balls. I tried to swallow quickly, before the second blast hit, knowing I would have plenty to savour when he emptied the rest of himself inside my mouth.

He flooded me, and I honestly have no idea how I swallowed as much as I did. My mouth was full of the mixed flavours of his cock, cum, and my own juices. My nostrils were filled with the scent of myself, and his own sweaty man-smell. I couldn't have been more happy. I swallowed like a woman drowning, and couldn't keep up, his cum spilling out of my mouth as I gagged repeatedly. It ran down my chin and onto th floor. As his spasms subsided, I kept sucking him, draining

every last drop, and enjoying the taste of him. I cleaned him up and swallowed it all down, my mouth sticky. I even leaned down and licked some off the floor, I was so into the moment, and loving the salty taste.

We collapsed together, both utterly spent. I fell asleep for I don't know how long, and awoke some time later, his semen still sticky on my chin. I left the sleeping giant to his slumber, pausing only to give his flaccid cock a parting kiss as I dressed and snuck out of his apartment. I had to keep the arrangement at least semi-intact; it was too good to lose. Although we may not even ever do it again, I needed the sex that day, and I'm glad I broke the rules of our simple arrangement.

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