tagErotic HorrorA Simple Crime

A Simple Crime

byL.A. Wicker©

Hi, this is something new for me I hope you enjoy it. By the way, story feedback is at an all-time low. Myself and other writers (some are just jerks and don't give a shit) do enjoy hearing from you and as my long time fans and friends know, I write everyone that takes the time to write me. Thank you Zap for your help. L.A Wicker

Carla Wright was the top rated criminal investigator in San Diego. After finishing high school two years early she attended the local college and majored in criminal science. The day after she graduated college with a master's degree in criminal science, she applied to the police force crime lab.

It was nothing for Carla to spend 12 to 16 hours a day at work. With no real friends, no pets and no close family, Carla has devoted her entire life to her job. She's also spent many nights sleeping on a small sofa in her office.

Carla knew this was no way to spend her life. She was a beautiful 28 year-old woman with no hope of finding a good man and having a family. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep and wishing for someone to come into her life. She was a very sexual woman, but didn't find any joy in pleasing her own body. She burned 24 hours a day to have a handsome man put out the flames inside her body.

"Carla, Please come to my office." John Kellogg said with his very low, powerful voice into the office intercom system. He noticed that Carla spent another night on the sofa in her office. John loved Carla with all of his heart and thought it was time that the two had a serious talk about her life. John and his wife Sue tried everything they knew to find a good man for Carla, but she rejected them all.

Carla walked into John's office having a good idea of what he was about to say, "Hi John, I know I slept in my office again!" Carla grumbled as she flopped into a chair across from his desk "I was working on the Brewer kidnapping case and when I looked up at the clock it was after 3:00 a.m. I was very tired and didn't feel it would be safe for me to drive home," she added as she looked into John's stern face.

"Carla, I don't have any idea what I'm going to do with you? Sue and I've have tried everything we can to find a nice guy for you, but with all long hours you put in here, you always seem to run them away." John said in a fatherly voice as he looked into her deep, blue eyes, wishing sometimes that he wasn't a loyal husband.

She looked at John like a little girl being lectured by her father, "I know, but most of them don't even want to hear about my work, and nothing against you and Sue, they are dumber than shit!" Carla laughed and she pushed her short blond hair from her face.

John returned the laugh, "OK, I admit the last three have been pretty much dumb as rocks! I told Sue she needs to interview them first!" John laughed even harder than before watching a warm pink glow cover Carla's beautiful, thin face.

"Well as picky as I am it probably wouldn't help very much!" Carla laughed as she stood up and moved closer to John's desk. "I promise I won't sleep there any more, cross my heart." Carla said as she slowly made a x across her large and supple left breast, noticing John's were glued to her very thin blue summer blouse. Every time he would look at her, a burning fire would develop between her long slender legs. She needed a nice man that was just like John. Someone to draw her away from working so much and to give her the love every woman craved.

He managed to pull his eyes from her breasts and said, "You're moving this weekend aren't you?” He asked giving her breasts another look. “I'm giving you an additional five days off and I do not want to see you in this Office one time! If I do I will put you over my knee and spank that good-looking behind of yours." John said giving her a little wink and he could feel his penis coming to life in his pants.

Carla’s face again turned a nice shade of pink at his words, "Oh really now! And what would Sue have to say about that?" Carla giggled as she turned to leave his office and she made sure to give her ass a little more wiggle than normal. What she wouldn't do to have a man like John actually spank her behind?

John sat behind his desk watching the beautiful girl and her very sexy ass leave his office. He loved the very tight pants that Carla always wore; they looked as if they were painted on her body. She had the most eye-catching hips and behind John had ever had the pleasure of looking at. Although he knew it wasn't right, many times while making love to his wife he had thought of Carla.

Carla made her way back into the lab and began processing the evidence from the Brewer kidnapping case. Her two days off had now turned into seven thanks to her boss John. She knew he was right about her life, she also knew she desperately needed a good man in her life. Carla was fed up with the constant burning between her legs and needed a skilled man that knew how to pleasure a woman.


Carla left work early that day for the first time in 5 years. She made the short drive to her dreary apartment; all the way she wished and prayed that a nice man would come into her dull life. Box after box Carla into her car and drove across town to the nice house she had rented. Finally after five trips, this dreary job was complete.

Carla flopped down on the front stairs of her new place and began to look around for the first time. She watched two young kids riding bicycles up and down the street, thinking what a nice area she had found. She looked at her watch and saw that it was close to dinnertime.

"I guess I better be getting my butt up and start and looking for a grocery store," she mumbled to herself and she slowly stood up. That's when she saw him looking at her from the house next door. His eyes wandered from her supple breasts, to her very thin waist, down to her attractive hips and to her lovely behind.

Carla walked towards the man; she could see his long black hair lying across his shoulders. As she looked at his masculine face she could tell he was in his early forties. From the looks of his powerful shoulders, his very thick chest and strong arms, she could tell he loved to exercise.

"Hello there." Carla said in a low seductive voice, making sure she added just enough sway in her hips to keep him watching her. "Looks like you and I are going to be neighbors," she added, seeing that his eyes had moved to her breasts, making a warm rush run through her body.

The man looked at her with his dark brown eyes, "If that's the case, I've won the hot looking neighbor lottery!" He laughed out in a deep voice. "Have a seat, you’ve been working that beautiful ass of yours off all afternoon," he said looking at her hips as she slowly walked up the ramp to his porch. He reached into a large cooler sitting next to him; pulled out an ice-cold beer and handed it to Carla.

Carla reached to take the beer from his hand, as she took it her fingers touched his, she could swear a bolt of lightning hit her body. "Yes I'm pretty much worn out, as for working off my ass, I could afford to loose few inches!" She laughed giving her butt a good slap before she sat down across from the handsome man.

"I'm Buddy and you are?" He asked giving her thin blouse another look and this time he could see her nipples had gotten hard. Buddy hadn't seen a woman as pretty as this in a very, very long time. He was already looking forward to having her as a neighbor.

Carla reached out her hand; "I'm Carla Wright. Nice to meet you Buddy," she said in a soft, little girl voice. His massive hand covered hers with ease; she could only dream of what a big pair of hands like his could do to a woman’s body. For the first time in her life, a man was actually turning her on and she loved it.

"Why doesn't someone as beautiful as you have about 20 guys out here helping you?" He asked as raised his beer to his mouth and took a large drink. After setting down the beer, he shifted in his wheelchair and moved a little closer to Carla. "So, what does a beautiful girl like you do for a living?" He asked looking into her blue eyes.

Carla laughed at her new friend, "I hope this doesn't bother you, but I’m a detective on the police force. And as far as 20 guys, I don't have many friends," she said it in a sad voice reaching to drink her beer.

"You’re kidding me? Someone as hot as you doesn't have any friends?" Buddy asked with a shocked voice. "Well now, that will make things very interesting around here," he added giving her a little wink. How could a woman as beautiful as this not have a man in her life? From that moment on, Buddy knew what he had to do. He had to try his best to win her charms and affection.

Carla felt like she had swallowed a bucket of hot coal when she heard all the sweet things he said. She would be lucky if the wetness from between her legs didn't cover the front of her pants. His kind words turned her on more than anything she had ever known. Carla’s mind raced at what he had said.

"How interesting will they get?" She asked in a seductive voice making sure her arm brushed against her supple breast as she sipped from her beer. Her blue eyes watched this mysterious man as he gazed at her hard nipples, making the flames between her legs grow even larger.

Buddy reached to light a cigarette and offered one to Carla, but she shook her head no. "How interesting would you like it too get?" He asked in a low manly voice, sending chills over every inch of Carla. He could only hope that she did not mind a man being in a wheelchair. She looked better than that; she looked like a woman that loved an interesting man and didn’t judge a person by looks.

"If you're willing to have a friend that works 12 to 16 hours I'm your girl." Carla said as she drank the last of her beer. "I hope you don't think this is rude, but what are the chances of a girl getting another one of these?" She asked holding up the empty bottle.

Buddy reached into the cooler and pulled out two more beers. "There's nothing much you couldn't ask that I wouldn't give you," he said giving her another of his very sexy winks. He saw a very warm, loving smile fill her beautiful face.

Carla couldn't believe the wonderful feelings that were rushing through her body. She had very good feelings about this man; also, she had the next seven days off to get to know him better. "Mmm, I'll be sure and make a note of that," she smiled taking another big drink. "I haven't eaten anything all day, don't be surprised if I get very silly in just a few minutes." Carla added, feeling a nice buzz coming over her.

Buddy laughed at her words and replied, "As long as you don't pass out we should be fine. I might have a hard time trying to carry you in my chair!" He laughed, reaching to touch Carla's hand. Although, he wouldn't mind having her sit on his lap for a while. In fact, it sounded very interesting.

Carla had never drunk very much in her life and the feeling she had was pleasant. Maybe it was the beer or maybe it was her new friend she wasn't sure, but it felt good. "You never know, it might be fun to try!" Carla giggled like a young girl and could feel her face turning as red as a tomato. "It most definitely would be a new experience for me," she added looking at him with seductive eyes.

"I know it would be fun with you," he replied looking into her dreamy eyes and wondered if she kept them open to kiss a man. Right now, he could only wonder, but very soon, he would like to find out for himself. "I'm not sure if I should offer you something to eat or should I see how drunk you get?" He teased Carla noticing that the first two buttons on her blouse had came apart.

Carla quickly glanced to see that her blouse had come open, but didn't care. She enjoyed having her new friend looking at her and she was so very glad that she hadn’t worn a bra today. "I never drink, so it might be an ugly sight!" She laughed out reaching to hold his hand. Again, it felt like a bolt of lightning had hit her.

Buddy just looked into her blue eyes and thought of her wonderful looking ass sitting on his lap and felt blood rushing to his long manhood. “I’ll take my chances!” He smiled looking at her blouse and those big breasts that kept pulling his eyes to them.

Carla smiled watching his eyes. “See anything you like?” She whispered seeing a big grin on his face.

He just looked up and quickly replied, “Oh yes!” Buddy reached for his beer and saw her face turning red. “I can’t wait to see you in my pool,” he smiled more, as her eyes grew bigger.

“We’re sitting here burning up and you have a pool hid in your back yard!” She said in a firm voice as she rubbed her chin. “If it’s okay with you, why don’t I go change and we move our butts into some cool water?” Carla smiled and enjoyed his handsome eyes again locked on her firm breasts.

“I’ll be waiting for you out back!” He said with excitement in his voice.

Carla jumped up and started down the ramp. “Will I be safe?” She teased giving him a teasing look.

“I’ll have to think that one over,” he laughed when a shocked look covered her pretty face.

“I’ll bring my gun!” She giggled running to her house. “Oh shit!” Carla gasped falling against the wall with excitement in her voice thinking of the great looking man that had shown her more attention than any man she had ever known. “Mr. Buddy. I sure hope you are up for a horny, blonde raping you all night,” she laughed walking to her bedroom and started rooting in a box for a small bikini she bought to wear around the house.


“Hey!” Carla said in a soft voice letting the small towel that had been covering her drop to her feet, exposing all off her womanly gifts for Buddy to see. Her full breasts were just covered by the thin, white bikini top, giving a man, a full view off her hard, aching nipples. Carla was also glad she had taken the time to shave her most special place, because the small bikini also made sure a man could see everything a girl had to offer.

Buddy just sat in the small wadding pool looking up at the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. “My God!” was all he could say looking up to the wonderful, young woman. “You are beautiful!” He smiled knowing she was sure to see his swim trucks were growing. “Jump on in!” He laughed reaching up to take Carla’s tiny hand in his. “I hope you like the pool. It’s all I could fit in the yard,” he smiled watching her long, slender legs step over the side of the small pool, wondering what it would be like having them wrapped around him as they made passionate love to each other.

“This is great!” Carla smiled to Buddy, making sure to give him a quick glimpse of her ass before sitting next to him. “We can sit here and drink to our hearts content and not really worrying about drowning,” she smiled admiring his thick chest and the thin coating of hair that covered it.

He just returned her warm smile. “I’m glad you like it. I guess I should have told you it was so little,” he said with a grin. “I just had to see you in a bathing suit,” he smiled looking up and down Carla’s great body and noticed she had shaved in order to wear the small suit.

“I hope I meet your approval?” She said in a soft voice as her blue eyes looked to Buddy’s swim trucks. Her heart skipped a beat, blood rushed through her, and he was free to do anything he wished. She was his to use anyway that he wanted.

He moved closer to her, sliding his arm around her thin waist. “Everything looks great,” he whispered moving towards her panting mouth. His lips touched hers, gently giving her a soft kiss before pulling away. “You’re beautiful!” He said caressing her hair from the side of her face.

Carla felt as if she could have orgasmed right there. She was on fire and now she only hoped Buddy could fulfill her womanly needs. “Thank you!” She smiled to the handsome man. “Could I get another beer?” Carla said in a soft voice letting her arm move slowly around him.

“You can have anything you want,” he replied looking into her blue eyes as he felt for the cooler. “Here ya go,” he said handing the beer to her while still looking into her pretty eyes, not noticing he had pushed the ice-cold beer against her right breast.

Carla jumped and quickly grabbed the drink from him. “Shit that’s cold!” She laughed with a big grin, seeing a big smile on his face. “You did that on purpose!” She teased feeling her nipple had grown twice its normal size.

He slowly looked to her enlarged nipple. “This sure did like it,” he said moving his right hand across his body to gently caress the swollen bud of flesh with two fingers. She jumped at his soft touch and he knew this was going to be a night to remember.

Carla felt fire racing through her as his big hand remained on her breast. A smile filled her face and she knew this man was going to remind her that she was a woman. A soft moan came from her mouth as he continued to caress her swollen nipple. “It feels so good,’ she whispered to Buddy.

Buddy couldn’t believe this beautiful woman was with him and really seemed to be enjoying herself. He slowly reached back to the cooler grabbing a handful of ice. “I’m going to get you!” Buddy said reaching the ice to Carla’s excited breasts and pushed the ice into her bikini top.

“Oh shit!” She yelled out, quickly sitting up, shaking the ice from her small top. “Oh, I’m going to get you Mister!” She laughed moving on Buddy’s lap and shoved both of her hands into the cooler for ice of her own. “This will show you to mess with me!” Carla laughed shoving her hands deep into his shorts.

Buddy sucked in a deep breath of air. “Oh crap!” He laughed rolling on top of Carla. “I’ll show you,” he smiled knowing that soon the ice would melt and she too would feel it.

“No you don’t,” she giggled trying to get out from under him. Her long, slender legs lifted both of them off the bottom of the small pool and she managed to flip him over. “Now I got you!” Carla’s giggle turned into a lustful gaze into his dark eyes as she sat atop of Buddy. She felt his cock hardening under her lonely pussy and couldn’t help thinking of what it was going to be like making love to a man with no legs.

“Oh really?” He smiled flipping her back to the bottom of the pool. Buddy looked down to her pretty blue eyes as he lay against her most special place. His cock grew harder as he held her panting body down. “This is pretty hot,” he smiled, seeing that both of her gorgeous breasts had broken free from her small bikini. “It’s not every day I get a hot looking cop under me, half naked at that!” He teased seeing her pretty face turn red.

Carla was on fire feeling Buddy’s thick cock pushing against her pussy. “You do know it’s illegal to pull a deadly weapon on an officer of the Law.” Carla said in a firm voice as a lustful look filled her pretty face.

A shocked look covered Buddy’s face. “This…” he shifted his hardness closer to Carla. “Thing isn’t deadly, unless I was to make you orgasm to death,” he smiled leaning to kiss her.


“What the fucking hell is that?” Buddy asked pulling back from over top of Carla. “Sounds like a beeper from hell!” he yelled as he climbed into his chair then he saw tears running down Carla’s pretty face. “What’s wrong?” He smiled leaning to kiss her.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and returned his sweet kiss. She stood shifting her small bikini. She gave him one last kiss. “It’s my work, they tell me to take off a week and now they do this to me,” she said to the handsome man seeing the hurt in his sexy eyes and felt so bad. He was so wonderful and was so sure to give her so many pleasures.

“Why can’t you just turn it off?” He asked with hope that she would and stay with him, but he could see it in her eyes that she wasn’t or couldn’t.

She squatted down next to him and pulled him into her arms. ”Sugar, if I turn it off my boss will send two or three patrol cars over here looking for me and that will be worse than this,” she said. "I’ll be back as soon as I can,” she added with tears running down her face, kissing Buddy before she ran through the house and to her place.

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