tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Simple Once Upon a Time

A Simple Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time, there was a raven-haired warrior.

She was mighty and powerful but pushed herself too hard. She fell into a deep slumber. Her eyes fluttered closed, her soft, rose-petal lips relaxed and her body felt at ease. A warmth spread through her, a contentedness she'd not felt for many days.
Her breathing was deep and slow, and she let her mind drift to those things in the future that pleased her, that soothed her. She was able to relax for the first time in weeks.

She tumbled into a dream state, her body light and the world suddenly fluid and flexible. She fell and fell.

And she fell.

When she landed, she was nude, and her flesh glittered. The light was strange, a green tint and blue rays of sun streamed down through a canopy of emerald.
Taking a few tentative steps, she found a large bed hidden in a dense copse of exotic trees...
The bed was made of shiny black wood grown into intricate patterns. Wasting no time, the raven-haired beauty climbed into the bed and stretched . . .

She rubbed her feet together gently, ran her hands over her tingling flesh and sighed contentedly...

The bed was soft, unnaturally so. She glanced to the bedside stand, which was nothing more than a woven platform of vibrant leaves. On the platform was a box.
She lifted the box and examined it. There was a note, which read, "N, this is for you, for now."

She opened the box and found a giant, smooth phallus carved of ebony, marked with gold filigree. Immediately she felt that familiar tingle and warmth spread through her. It started from her center, between her legs and spread like a wave of heat...

Inside the box was a note that said, "With great love..."
Despite herself, the raven-haired warrior felt her nipples harden. The sight of the ebony phallus against her pale skin excited her. She brought it to her lips, compulsively, to explore how smooth it was, she kissed it and then parted her lips.

Without realizing it, she sucked the thing into her mouth, once, twice, and made it wet, slick. Her legs spread apart and she nudged her smooth labia with the object. They gave, her wetness visible to anyone watching... she slipped the purpose inside her.

Pleasure rolled through her, and she closed her eyes. She worked the thing back and forth gently but firmly, feeling it's unforgiving hardness deep inside her.

She started and jerked her eyes open when she felt another pair of hands on hers. They were larger and agile and took the object from her.

Standing before her was the Blue-Eyed Man whom she knew loved her with all his heart, though she'd only seen him from afar. She was suddenly unsure. What should she do?

She was unable to ask any questions as he leaned over her and kissed her deeply. He placed the toy on the platform next to the bed, and suddenly his hands were all over her. He cupped her breasts and kissed them, drawing each nipple into his mouth, one, then the other, lips on her neck, down to her navel, further, to her delicate center. She drew in a heavy and shocked breath as his tongue probed her most delicate places...

He held her like a chalice from which he would drink; indeed, she was as the fountain of youth to him, and he hungered for more and more. She gasped and moaned, and he brought her close to satisfaction but held back, teasingly. He kissed his way up her body again. Pausing for her breasts, then her lips.

"Taste yourself." He instructed in a whisper. She kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips. They kissed long and deep, each loving each other for their part, their play in this dance. She felt his hardness push against her, where the toy had been so recently. She angled her hips, and he slipped in as if he were designed to do so by some great agency beyond mortal ken.

Like this they made love... he drove himself into her with measured force and speed, the receiving, most feminine and both nearly divine in their pleasure... like this, they made love and explored one another, each hungry for the next moment of the dance, each fascinated by the one that had come before. Like this they made love...

Like this they made love, a measured rhythm and lips pressed to one another. He put his arms around her and sat back, lifting her up. She straddled him and sunk deep, his shaft filling her so completely...

He held her close and buried his head in her breasts while they rocked and writhed against one another. Her wetness excited him, drove him on, and his hardness made her wet. His hands were like snakes, roaming over the curves of her body...
In a single deep thrust, he lifted her so that she was entirely off the bed, he sunk deep into her, her breast in his mouth, one hand teased her anus, a single finger tracing delicate circles. His other hand teased her firm clitoris almost casually.
Again and again, once, twice, three times the thrust, lifting her up. He looked into her eyes, smoldering and dark, soft but heavy eyes that drank light, and she back into his.

She saw a powerful love there, something that might move mountains, or set forests ablaze. She saw devotion and happiness in those icy eyes; she saw her orgasm, a bursting flood of pleasure, a near perfect moment...

He whispered into her ear, "I-I can think of nothing but you."
His breathing was heavy and bother were covered in a thin sheen of shining sweat.
"Will you? With me? Burst with me? Flood over me..." He gasped as he fought back his own orgasm.

Again he thrust, regular and reliable, his arms around her, "I'm so... close... so nearly there... as one..."

Then he came. He gasped and groaned, moaned, and she thought he sounded like waves on a beach, tidal and deceptively strong.

She could feel as he spilled, propelled, his essence into her, he convulsed and pushed, and groaned. She gasped as that essence poured into her.

The realization brought her over the edge, she shuddered and convulsed, pouring more wetness, the water of her life over his hips, she writhed and moaned, and he thought of her like a rumbling earthquake, something terrible and potent.
And he loved her for it and held her close while she shuddered.

They collapsed and kissed in the aftermath. They held one another in the shafts of green and blue light, under the emerald canopy, in the strange black-wood bed. They kept one another, and everything was perfect, and everything was all right . . .

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