tagRomanceA Single White Rose

A Single White Rose


He looked down where she lay, looking so peaceful and serene in the soft light. In his hand, he held a single white rose. His eyes misted over as he silently acknowledged her beauty. Even at seventy-four years of age, she looked just as beautiful as she had on their wedding day fifty-six years ago today.

Elizabeth had been a beautiful bride, both inside and out. Robert had wanted to get married as soon as he'd asked her on Independence Day but she had stubbornly insisted on a Valentine's Day wedding. Those five months had seemed like an eternity to him, but he would have given her the world just to be with her. She had often said he did just that.

Robert smiled to himself as he thought someone should have warned him about this woman. Elizabeth was a stubborn woman, and though her stubbornness was often thoroughly frustrating and the cause of many an argument throughout their lives, it was one of the charms that had pulled them together. She was a strong, independent woman who had high ideals, yet she had always found a way to keep him blissfully happy without giving up on her cause at the time.

Robert closed his eyes and was instantly transported back to their wedding day. His breath caught in his throat as he watched her walking down the aisle toward him. "My God, she's gorgeous," he thought to himself as Elizabeth grew nearer. She was dressed in a simple yet beautiful hand-made gown that she and her mother had toiled over in the months following the proposal. Her hair was pulled back and laced with a ring of wildflowers. In her hand, she held a single white rose.

The rose, through the years, had become a private message between the two of them. Elizabeth had always loved white roses because, as she described it, they were a symbol of pureness. Because of her reasoning, the rose had come to mean so many things to the couple. It was first and foremost a symbol of the pureness of their loyalty and love to one another. On more than one occasion, it had become an apology for one of the many arguments that the couple had throughout their years together. Things weren't always perfect and there were a lot of ups and downs, but a well placed rose at the right time seemed to jolt the two of them back to what was important: each other.

They had never bought each other a gift for Valentine's Day or their wedding anniversary. Elizabeth said that each day together was a gift in itself, so it had become his tradition to give her a single white rose on that special day. She, in turn, had given him a love deeper than most would ever know in their lifetime. Even in the hard times, the rose became a simple yet strong symbol of understanding for a simple yet strong love.

Robert opened his eyes, looking at her once more. Lying there peacefully, she looked like an angel. How many times had he laid awake just watching her sleep and thinking the very same thought. How many times had she watched him without him knowing? Was he ever able to make her as happy as she made him? She would be upset with him for questioning that, he knew. She had made her happiness known years ago on their wedding night. He hadn't really doubted it since.

Their wedding night had been magic. The newlyweds had driven up the coast a short distance to a beach cottage for a long honeymoon weekend. Though it wasn't the first time they had been together, it was the first time as man and wife. The hours of that night were seared in his mind forever.

Robert and Elizabeth sipped champagne and danced in the silent room, needing no music. Their bodies moved slowly together as one, their lips meeting softly and slowly. Each soft touch and each meeting of their lips built their desire to a slow, deep burn. Robert breathed in the scent of the wildflowers in Elizabeth's hair as he slowly unbuttoned the back of her dress while their feet glided across the floor.

"I want to give you the world, Beth....the moon and the stars," he had whispered to her.

Elizabeth had stopped dancing and looked up at him. She was silent for so long that he worried he may have done something wrong. Tears filled her eyes as she tiptoed to place a long, sweet kiss on his lips. She looked at him with such love and devotion at that moment, that he knew no other doubts would ever fill his mind about her. Her words floated across his ears and pierced his heart, branding him forever.

"Don't you see, Robert? You already have."

Elizabeth's simple statement filled Robert with such love and need that his mouth descended on hers with a heartfelt passion. Elizabeth returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him deep into her embrace. As the kiss broke, each was in a frenzy to undress their mate. As the last of the garments fell to the floor in a sea of lace and satin, Elizabeth dropped to her knees. Robert's legs almost buckled as he felt the first soft touch of her lips on his stomach, just below his navel.

Elizabeth slowly moved her mouth down lower, swirling her tongue lower and lower yet never touching her desired treasure. Robert's fingers clutched at Elizabeth's hair, sending flower petals falling silently to the floor. Her tongue glistened over his balls before sucking the right one in her mouth. All the air rushed out of the room for him as she sucked his orb and let her tongue dance across the surface of it simultaneously. Just as he thought he could stand no more, she stopped.

Elizabeth looked up at him with lust in her eyes. Taking his shaft in her hand, she slowly licked from the base to the tip before slipping the head inside her warm, moist mouth. Robert's hips bucked, forcing his cock a little deeper in her mouth. Elizabeth moaned around his cock, sending vibrations skittering along his spine. Upon hearing his animalistic groan, Elizabeth starting bobbing her head up and down on his cock, making sure to take each inch of him as far as she could over and over again.

Robert tore himself away from Elizabeth's bewitching mouth. He picked her up and lay her on the bed. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside her tight, hot pussy, but he wanted her as ready as he was. He positioned himself between her legs, inhaling her scent and seeing that she was already wet with want. He pushed her thighs apart and slowly ran his tongue up her moist lips. Elizabeth's hips bucked off the bed at his first touch. Robert smiled to himself and started a relentless onslaught of sucking, kissing, and licking of Elizabeth's very essence that soon brought her to the brink of insanity.

Each time Robert's fingers or tongue would ever so slightly caress her clit, Elizabeth would moan his name, almost seeing stars. She was building closer and closer to climax when Robert suddenly slid his finger deep inside her. He almost came himself when her pussy tightened around his finger and her gasps and moans of pleasure echoed with each spasm of her body.

Robert slowly kissed up the length of her body, licking and nibbling at her nipples as Elizabeth came down from the high of her first climax. She could taste herself on his lips as his tongue delved into her mouth. She reached between their bodies and took his throbbing cock in her hand, stroking lightly then easing it up and down her lips. Elizabeth placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her dripping pussy and waited for him to move. He held her head in his hands, their eyes never breaking contact until Elizabeth gasped and her eyes closed in pleasure when he buried himself ever so deep inside her with one forceful thrust.

From that point on, the tenderness was over. Their need was so animalistic, so demanding, that Elizabeth could do little but hold onto Robert as his need was met with each pounding thrust of his body. Her legs wrapped around his waist, trying to pull him impossibly deeper and harder inside her. There was such a mixture of pain and pleasure that Elizabeth never wanted him to stop. His body melded with hers, merged into one over and over.

The silence of the room was broken only by their gasps of breath and grunts of exertion as the crashing waves of the ocean echoed in the background. Elizabeth's fingers dug into Robert's back, leaving their mark as he exploded in one more powerful thrust deeply inside her. Their cries echoed throughout the cottage, though neither heard as they were so drawn to the moment and the intense relief of release.

As their bodies settled, their breathing quieting, neither had the energy to speak. There was no need to speak, for their emotions had been expressed in the deepest, most simple way. Robert simply tucked Elizabeth in his arms, kissing her forehead tenderly, and held her protectively. This would be the first night of many that they fell asleep, still connected, on more level than one.

"Excuse me, sir. It's time to go. We really need to take care of things now." The young man looked apologetic and more than a little uncomfortable for having to break Robert from his reverie.

Robert smiled sadly at the young man in understanding. He turned to look one last time at his love. Leaning down, he placed a kiss on her forehead as he did every night. A solitary tear slid from his cheek and landed on hers. It would be the last thing they would ever share. He laid the single white rose on the bed with her still body.

"Happy Valentine's Day, love," he whispered to her for the last time, before quietly walking out of the hospital room.

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