tagBDSMA Sinnndy New Year

A Sinnndy New Year


My boyfriend Billy always has a wild New Years party, I attended last years one and had a great time, the highlight of the evening was a group scene with 3 professional athletes who's names will not be mentioned. Billy and I have been together now for 20 months. At 32, he is 13 years older than me, he is about 6 foot, 190 pounds of solid, masculine man, he has brown hair and big brown eyes, pretty much my dream guy. It has been a while since I have written a story about a recent happening, and there are a couple of new people in my life, the main one is my latest girlfriend Jodi.

Billy and I went to a nearby club where there are dancers, they don't show any nudity, but they are pretty darn close. Billy is great looking and looking hot and ready for the evening. I was looking pretty good that night myself, wearing a tight leather black skirt along with a very tight leather top showing a lot of cleavage, making my boobs look bigger than they really are, I felt like I looked really hot. We both attracted a lot of the hot dancers to our table, they were almost fighting over us, wanting to give either or both of us lap dances in their private room.

Billy and I were enjoying the attention, we were playing hard to get. It was fun to turn the tables on the dancers, they usually can get anyone to go with them, but we were really nice about it. A really great looking dancer came over and sat down with us and started talking to us, she was hot, long straight dirty blonde hair, big beautiful blue eyes, and sexy pouty lips. She was 25, about 5-7 maybe 110 pounds, nice firm breasts, I guessed at the time that they were C cups, and she had the sweetest little butt, I love butts. We chatted for a little while; she had a regular job as a salesman and worked at the club on weekends.

She then said that she needed to get back to work and asked me if I wanted a lap dance. I was in lust with her and accepted. She took me by the hand into the private room and showed me to a chair, she then placed her legs over mine and wrapped her arms around my neck and started grinding her hips into mine. We gazed into each other's eyes and started kissing, lightly touching each other's lips. She smelled awesome, the aroma of her perfume filling the air as our tongues touched for the first time, lightly swirling around. We started petting heavily and our bodies were very close to each other. I grabbed her butt and fondled her sweet cheeks, it was a really hot scene, the guys in the room getting lap dances stopped paying attention to their dancers and were watching two hot women practically making love to each other. I knew that I could only go so far, so I kept my hands off of her breasts, which was hard, but then she slid her hand into my top and started fondling mine, mmmm, it felt sooooo gooood. I wanted this woman sooooo bad.

We played for about 10 minutes, she even rubbed my pussy through my pants and I even copped a feel of her breasts, we kissed for almost the whole lap dance. We both knew that we had made a physical connection and I asked her if she would like to come to my house later that evening. She told me that she couldn't make it that night, but that the next evening she could. We exchanged phone numbers and I promised to call her the next day to set things up.

I went back out and sat next to Billy and told him what had happened, his eyes lit up because he found Jodi just as attractive as I did, and I have shared my lady friends on occasion with him. I told him that she was bi and that she thought Billy was hot, but that tomorrow night was going to be one on one. Billy understood and told me he had plans anyways and reminded me that we were going to watch my ex girlfriend Mia perform at a bachelor party. The timing was perfect because it would give me something to do before Jodi came over, she didn't get off until 1 AM the next night, so I could even get a small nap in if I wanted to.

We stayed for a while, had a couple of beers, checked out the hot dancers, Billy even got himself a lap dance with a hot and tall brunette with boobs falling out of her too small top. As soon as Billy left, two guys came over to my table and sat down to talk to me. Unreal, I thought to myself, these guys have no morals, so I thought I would mess with their heads just to see how far these guys would take things.

Both were tall and good-looking, one a blonde, Doug, the other one had brown hair, his name was Peter. They asked me about Billy and myself, and I said, "oh him, he's just my boyfriend, no big deal." That brought a big smile to their faces. They asked me if I wanted to get out of there with them. I said, "what do you guys have in mind?" They looked at each other and smiled, I knew they were thinking that they scored big time.

I got up and sat in Doug's lap and placed my arms around his neck and stuck my tongue in his ear. I also could see that Billy was nearby and was watching the whole thing with a big smile on his face. I started rubbing his crotch and whispered in his ear, "my boyfriend is watching us right now, and he is a black belt in karate, don't you think it pretty low to hit on another man's woman?" I then smiled at Peter and got off of Doug's lap, the look on his face was priceless. Peter looked at him with a quizzical look as Doug got up and started walking away. Peter asked him what was going on, and they both walked away mumbling to themselves.

Billy was laughing, he knows I can handle myself and enjoyed my little show, it's nice to know that if I created a problem, that Billy can handle himself quite well physically. We then got up and left the club. On the way home, I started fondling Billy's cock through his pants. At a stoplight, I unzipped his pants and he helped me pull his pants down a little bit. He was hard as a light pole as I started to stoke him with a light grip, on the downward stroke I lightly scratched his testicles with my fingernails. I know that drives him crazy because his testies are really sensitive when we first start playing. I lowered my head and started teasing his peehole as my fingernails continued their teasing assault on his balls. I then started swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and started stroking his shaft with a firm grip. He was having a little trouble concentrating on the road, but we have done this often, so he is used to it. I then slowly worked his cock all the way down my throat, when I hit bottom, I started licking his balls with my tongue leaving his cock embedded in my throat. I then started sucking him like a woman possessed, sucking up and down while stroking his cock in a twisting motion. I could tell by Billy's moaning that I was having the effect that I was looking for as I continued my assault on his big thick cock. I could sense that he was getting close, so I eased back a bit, and started nibbling and licking his shaft all over, my hand cupping his balls, allowing him to catch his breath a little.

I worked my tongue up and down his shaft, teasing him with the tip of my tongue and slowly moved down to his balls licking them and nibbling at his pubic hair. I then popped one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked on it while licking it with my tongue. I then popped his other testy in my mouth and sucked a little harder, making him a little uncomfortable, just letting him know that I was in control. I then went back to sucking his cock, teasing him by grazing his cock with my teeth. He firmly grabbed my hair and started pulling up and down forcing my mouth to go up and down on his cock, to let me know who was really in control, can't get anything past him can I?

I started sucking him hard again like the porn sluts do in the movies, stroking him again while turning my wrists, sucking his cock for all I was worth.

We must have been at a stoplight because he started thrusting upward, driving his cock deep into my throat as I continued my hard sucking. He then pushed down hard on my head, burying his throbbing cock deep into my throat, groaning and then shooting his creamy dessert straight into my belly. He then released his grip and I got to taste his second load, mmmm, so yummmmmmmy, I love his taste.

I continued to stroke and lick his cock, he got hard really fast. I wasn't wearing panties, so I climbed on his lap and impaled myself on his 9" manhood, sliding down really slow, allowing us both to enjoy the pleasure of my tight and wet pussy. I then slowly started riding him as he was having a bit of trouble driving, but he is much taller than me so at least he could see the road. I reached behind and playfully clawed at his balls as I rode him nice and slow. When I would go down, I would grind my hips in his lap, his big cock felt so good, I wanted to fuck him all night long.

We pulled into his garage as I continued to ride him, he lifted me out of the car and carried me into the house, his cock never leaving my pussy. He took me to the couch and placed me down and started sawing his cock in and out of me with great speed and force. I wrapped my legs around his waist, I wanted to feel him drill right through me and he did as I wanted, our hips slamming into each other as he fucked me good and hard. I could see by the look on his face that he was getting close and told him I wanted to taste more of his juice. He pulled out of me and I quickly shoved his cock in my mouth just in time as he filled my throat with my tasty reward. I love the taste of his cum mixed with my pussy on his cock; it's like honey to me.

I was still horny, but I decided to give him a break, so we went to the bedroom and watched some TV, falling asleep with some movie still on. I woke up and looked at Billy's tasty cock, I couldn't help myself, so I started sucking and licking it bringing it back to life. Billy got up, grabbed my hair and pulled me over his lap and started spanking me, telling me what a bad slut I was and now I was about to be punished. He pushed me face down into my pillow and secured my hands to the bedposts with leather restraints. He propped a couple of pillows under my tummy placing my ass in the air, and then blindfolded me, which was followed by a ball gag that was placed in my mouth.

I was then told not to make a sound as he started spanking my ass with his bare hand. It was hard to keep silent, the first couple of spanks actually stung, but he eased off a bit and I just laid there and took it, what else could I do? Without warning, he got behind me, stuck a couple of fingers in my pussy and placed my juice on his cock, then popped his head into my asshole and then slammed it in. Even though I was blindfolded I still saw stars as pain filled my abused ass, but quickly that wore off as Billy fucked me hard and fast slamming into me on his downward thrust. He slowed down a bit and released my hands ordering me to play with myself. That was a big relief because I wanted to cum really bad. He started fucking me hard as my fingers did their magic, two deep inside me working on my g-spot while the other fingers rubbing my clit, occasionally reaching far back to play with his swinging balls. I started moaning, feeling that familiar feeling that I was getting close to orgasm, when Billy slapped my ass hard, "No you little slut, you will not cum until I tell you too," slap, another hard slap rang down on my reddened ass.

Orgasm denial is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are turned on like I was at that time, but I wanted to please my lover, so I did my best to delay my orgasm. Billy was really giving my ass a working out, slamming in and out with great speed and force while spanking me lightly. I could tell he was getting close; he was slowing down a bit and really grinding his cock deep into my ass. He grabbed my hair and firmly pulled my head back and told me, "now bitch, you can cum now." What a relief, I let go and came so hard, and as I did, I heard him grunt and felt his warm cum shooting into the depths of my bowels.

He stayed there for a while, slowly sliding his softening dick in and out, and then slowly pulled out. I could feel his juices sliding out of my ass and onto my thighs as he pulled off the blindfold and took off the gag. I reached for his cock and sucked on it, cleaning and tasting the mixture of my ass and his cum on his tasty cock. We then laid in bed for a while, talking about what whores we were, and fell asleep.

I had to work in the mid morning on Saturday, so I headed to the club and trained a couple of my favorite women, and then afterwards got in a vigorous workout myself. It was shoulders and legs days, I always mix things up so I don't get bored. I love working shoulders, legs are tough for me to get motivated sometimes, but I wanted to work hard so I would be ready for Jodi later that evening. I took a quick shower and headed back home. Mia would be at the bachelor party at about 9, so I took a quick nap and woke up at about 7 and got ready for the evening. I wanted to look good so I put on a short red leather mini and since it was pretty cold out I wore a black sweater which was short and showed off my midriff. I looked hot and was ready for the evening, all I needed was a splash of Candies perfume and I was ready to go.

Billy came home at about 8 with some sushi which we scarfed down, we both love sushi, he brought home some spicy tuna, California and spider rolls and a couple of pieces of eel and octopus. He also brought home some sake, which we shot down with some beer, just to get a good start on the evening. After our delicious meal, we headed out the door and off towards the bachelor party that Mia was working.

Mia was one of the first women I had made love to, we actually met at a bachelor party that she was stripping at with two other strippers, we ended up in a daisy chain as the party goers went nuts, it was the first time I stripped at a party too. I lived with Mia for about 10 months, we were lovers and she shared the bed with Billy and I a couple of times. We got along great, and then she met Billy's brother Jimmy, the two of them hit it off, I moved out of Mia's place into Billy's, with Jimmy replacing me as Mia's roommate and lover. We are still good friends, but haven't been together sexually in quite a while. Mia is Asian, very exotic looking, short and curvy, long thin black hair, a very stunning and sexy woman.

We got to the party before Mia did, Billy knew some of the guys there, I even recognized a couple guys. We had a couple of beers and I walked around and flirted with some of the guys, they were using their best lines on me, but I wasn't biting of course. Some of them asked if I was the entertainment, and I told them that sometimes I did entertain, but tonight wasn't going to be one of them. Mia and her bodyguard Ruben finally arrived and went downstairs to set up. Eventually, the crowd all moved downstairs to sit down and get a good vantage point of the show that was about to begin. I could tell by the way that Mia was dressed, that she was going to do a Dominatrix show, she was wearing black leather all over, and I saw some handcuffs and a cat-o-nine tails out.

Mia is a true pro, she knows how to play the audience, and how to get the guys to hand over their cash. She does whip cream shots on her pussy and tits, has guys lay on the floor and pulls bills off of their noses or their tongues, and really can shake it. She had Bill, the groom to be in a chair, blindfolded, with his hands handcuffed behind his back as she teased his nipples with her tongue and kissed and licked her way down to his underwear. She grabbed his balls tight, groans from the guys filled the room, but she really wasn't hurting Bill. She then uncuffed him and put him on his hands and knees and rode him, spanking his butt and whipping it with the cat-o-nine tails. She had the guys eating her show up and did her best to embarrass Bill, she even ripped his underwear off of his body.

She walked around the room giving whipped cream shots of her body, saving me for last. Of course, I went for her pussy, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head close as I licked all the cream from her wet pussy, mmmm. I love the taste of Mia's pussy, I really missed it. All of a sudden, she pushed me away from her and slapped my face calling me a fucking bitch. I knew her well enough that she was about to include me in her show. I of course played along, telling her to fuck off. She grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground. Now we both know that I can kick her ass, but I guessed that she wanted me to take a dive, so that's exactly what I did. She slapped me around a bit, and I pretended to fight back. She threw me to the ground and started slapping my face, she was pretty lucky, one more hard slap, and I was going to kick her ass. She turned me around, pulled my sweater over my head and pulled my skirt off, I was naked as a jaybird. Like a good actress, I pretended I was trying to cover up, the guys were going nuts, screaming cat fight and making cat noises.

She put the blindfold over my head and handcuffed my hands behind my back. The groom at this time was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, enjoying the show I'm sure. She led me over to him and placed me over his lap. She told him to spank the little slut, and he did, but it was a lame spank. She then told him, "like this," and smacked my ass hard. I thought to myself, there will be a payback bitch, but I played along pretending to try to get away, while really grinding my wet pussy into the bulge in his new shorts. He started smacking my ass pretty good, I'm sure my butt was a nice shade of red at this time, when she pulled me by the hair off of his lap. She then stuck her fingers into my wet pussy and announced to the crowd, "look at this slut, she's enjoying this, look how wet she is." I'm sure the guys were staring at my wet, bare beaver, the juices flowing from me. She then sat on my face and told me to make her cum, which was music to my ears. Since I was cuffed, I couldn't use my hands, but my magic tongue did it's job, teasing her clit and sucking on her labia. It didn't take long, I knew Mia well enough that I hit the right spots the right way and she ground her pussy in my face as I lapped up her tasty honey.

Mia took the blindfold and the handcuffs off of me and we both got dressed, I told her I would get her back some day, and that she owed me an orgasm. We chatted for a while and stayed at the party, but Mia had another party to go to and gave me a deep passionate kiss, and then left the party. The guys were now all over me, they couldn't believe what they had just seen. They asked if it was all planned out, and I lied and told them I had never seen her before in my life. They pretty much bought it, guys are so easy, but either way, they got their moneys worth and saw a hot show.

Billy took me home, I had to get ready for Jodi, I freshened up, put some more perfume on, and got ready for the first night alone with my new lover. I couldn't wait for her to show up, I was so excited and even a bit nervous, she was so hot and I wanted this evening to be perfect. Jodi showed up at about one thirty, I asked her if she wanted a drink and got her a gin and tonic, making one also for myself. We talked for a bit about both of our evenings, she was shocked when I told her about mine, she had no idea what a wild woman I was. She looked great, she had a multi colored tight sweater, and jeans that looked like they were painted on, and ohhhh did she smell good. I knew that she ran out of work, so I asked her if she wanted to take a shower together, that brought a big smile on her face, so I grabbed her hand and led her into my bathroom.

We tore each others clothes of and stepped into the steamy shower, we embraced and kissed like lovers who hadn't seen each other in years, it was so romantic and sexy, our hands groping each others wet and hot bodies. I went right for her pussy, sliding one, then two fingers deep inside of her warm slit, causing her to moan slightly and tilt her head back. I then started sucking on her nipples and licked her breasts while my fingers slid in and out of her pussy, searching deep for her g-spot. I then pulled out and we soaped each other up and then rinsed. We toweled off and I led her by the hand straight into my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and then crawled on, placing my legs on each side of her head as we both went into a hot 69, licking labia, teasing clits, fingers sliding in and out of each other's moist holes. We were moaning so loud that Billy told me the next day he woke up and masturbated because it sounded so hot in our room.

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