tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Sissy's New Daddy Ch. 02

A Sissy's New Daddy Ch. 02


I hope you enjoy this second installment of 'A Sissy's New Daddy'. I worked hard on it and hope that it brings all of you the same pleasure reading it that it has brought me writing it. There are some extreme moments in this chapter but also some very tender ones. There was a line in the first piece that gets expanded on at the end. I hope you enjoy what I have put together.


I was stiff the next morning but I didn't realize how bad it was till Daddy untied me. I don't know how long I was awake before he untied me, but I know he had replaced the batteries in my mother's vibrator, it was buzzing away in my backside. He untied my feet first and then my hands. I just laid there for a few minutes not moving, I told my arms and legs to move but they refused. And when I finally did get them to do what I wanted, they cried out in agony. I tried to stand up, or at least get up on my knees, but the pain combined with the vibrator kept me down. Daddy walked over to me and giving me a gently pat on the backside spoke to me for the first time that morning. "Would you like me to remove your Mommy's lover from your boipussy?"

My body may have been sore but my voice was as strong as ever when I spoke. "Yes."

Daddy was displeased with my response and showed it by giving a vicious smack to the vibrator. I let out a yelp that made me sound more like a dog then a boy. I didn't wait for Daddy to give me further instructions I knew what he wanted me to say, "Daddy, would you please pull my Mommy's vibrator out of my boipussy?"

"Of course I will sweetie. You know you should be careful leaving a vibrator in for that long." He said as he roughly yanked the phallic machine out of me, as if I had simply fallen asleep while pleasuring myself. When he was done with it, Daddy carelessly tossed the vibrator on the bed. Last night I would have been upset but I already realized I was going to need to wash the comforter. So what did one more stain matter? I could feel the streaks where Daddy's cum had dried across my face. I turned to find him rummaging through my mother's panty drawer. He would pull a pair out examine them and then add them to a growing pile atop the dresser.

I recognized the pair he settled on from across the room, in my mind I always called them the 'deliciously pink panties'. They were a pair of soft pink satin low-rise hipsters, with an ivory lace trim around the leg holes. They snuggled my little boi penis wonderfully. It was always a good day when I found those in my mother's hamper. Daddy tossed the panties onto the bed and then turned to face me. "Take off the bridal slut outfit, and put it back in the box in the closet."

My limbs had relaxed enough that I could move again, and with the vibrator removed I was now able to sit up. "I need to wash them first Daddy."

"No, you will wash everything else you have defiled this weekend but not those. Those you will package up, put them in the closet and never touch them again. If you do, if you pull them out again and wash them; I swear to you that the punishment I devise for you will scar you for life, no one will want you when I am done with you. Am I clear?" Daddy said as crossed the few feet to me. He took a hold of my chin and raised it till our eyes met. Sitting there in my mother's lingerie and covered in filth, I found it hard to hold his gaze, but if I tried to look away he pulled me back. "Now repeat after me -- I am a dumb sissy cunt who needs to stop pretending it can think."

I didn't want to say it I wanted to tell him to fuck off. I want to push him a way and push him from my home. Of course then I remembered that it wasn't my home, it was my parents. And if they found out what I was that I was a freak they would kick me out. How long would my friends let me live with them? I didn't want to find out, so I plastered a big smile on my face and held my Daddy's gaze as I said what would become a new guiding principle in my life: "I am a dumb sissy cunt who needs to stop pretending it can think."

Daddy smiled back at me as he slipped his thumb into my mouth. I sucked his thumb like it was a cock, hoping to please him. "Good now, find the bra that matches those panties. Get changed and pick another pair of panties from the ones on top of your mother's dresser. Then come see me in your room."

"Yes, Daddy." I said as he popped his thumb from my mouth and casually left my parents room. I sat on the bed waiting for the sound of his footsteps to fade. The busier and panties were stuck to me from all the cum that had soaked into the satin. I wasn't painful to remove them but it was still noticeable. I folded the lingerie and returned it to the box. I wasn't sure where it went in the closet so I left it on the bed. I remembered from the day before that she had far more panties then she did bras and I was worried suddenly that I wouldn't find one that matched. Would one the same color work, or would Daddy punish me? Thankfully I was able to leave that question for later; my mother indeed had a matching bra.

As I started to slip on the panties I realized just how nasty I felt after yesterday. I wanted to take a quick shower but I was afraid to do anything that I wasn't specifically told to do. I slid the panties up my legs and tucked my boipenis in. I couldn't help but caress it ever so gently through the panties. I stiffened up a little but I stopped myself before I got to hard. I wrapped the bra around my chest with the cups in back and clipped it closed. I had never seen a woman get dressed but I wondered if they did it the same way as I spun it around and slipped my arms in the straps.

Almost half of my mother's panties had been pulled out and piled on top of her dresser. I was surprised to find that most of them were cotton. I guess my mother went through a phase of wearing cotton string bikinis. I choose a white pair and turned to leave. I froze in place looking at the door. Daddy had told me to meet him in my room. I hadn't considered him being in there. So far all of this had been outside of my one place in the world. What was he going to do to me in my room, part of me didn't want to know. A large part of me just wished this would all go away. But I knew even then that I would never really be done with Mr. Morgan, Daddy. He would use me till he was either bored with me or I died.

Reaching the door it occurred to me that I was barefoot. Daddy hadn't said anything about shoes. But I imagined how pleased he would be with me if I came in wearing heels. I scurried to the closet and pawed over my mother's collections of heels. Most were short, no more than an inch or two. I wanted something with a high heel but more then that I wanted a pair that was pink. I grabbed a low heeled pair with a bunch of straps. Once I sat myself on the bed it took me a few minutes to get them on and strapped into place. With my shoes on and an intense level of false confidence I walked out of my parent's room.

Standing at the door to my room I looked at how, Daddy had rearranged things. My desk which had been on the far wall was now turned so that someone at the door couldn't see the monitor. My bed was moved so that it was under the window, the same window that Daddy could look in on from his house. My dresser drawers were pulled out with the contents piled in the center of the room. My Boxers, some older briefs, and all of my socks were in the pile. There was a second pile over by the closet only this one was shirts and pants.

Daddy was at my computer typing away furiously. I wasn't sure if he had noticed me enter but I was afraid to clear my throat or do anything else to get his attention. The longer I stood there the less I was able to faking being confident and in charge. Just as my ankles began to ache Daddy motioned for me to come over to him by pointing to the ground next to him. I rushed to his side and without giving it a second thought I dropped to my knees. Daddy smiled and patted me on my head as he returned this his work on the computer.

My computer was a few years old and I didn't do much with it beyond playing a few games I had gotten when it was new. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Daddy deleted all of the games. He cleared off almost every single program I had installed. Once he was finished deleting files he started downloading new programs. He installed a chat client that looked like it ran full time and wouldn't allow me to ever close it. He then tweaked my web cam so that it was on all the time.

Leaning back in my desk chair Daddy finally turned his attention fully from the computer and placed it square on me. He looked me up and down and smirked when he saw the heels I had put on. Daddy stood up and stretched his back, which gave an audible pop. He let out a deep breath, before reaching down and taking a hold of my chin. Lifting my gaze to his eyes he said, "Did you pick out a pair of panties like I asked you too?"

My hands were cold and I had honestly forgotten I was holding the cotton panties. I handed them too him and Daddy examined them closely. "Good choice."

Balling the panties back up Daddy reached down to open my mouth. Using two fingers he parted my lips and shoved the panties into my mouth. "These panties are no longer your Mothers', they are now yours. You will keep them on you at all times. Do you understand?"

I nodded yes. "When you start to moan, a man can shove these in as a gag. When a man comes on your face, you will use these to wipe it clean. If his cum is leaking out of your boipussy, you will plug it with these. Are you getting the picture?"

I nodded once again. "Good, now let's get started with this morning's activities."

Daddy unzipped his pants and took his flaccid cock in his hands. I reached up to take it from him but he shook his head no. My lips were still parted because of the panties and Daddy had an evil smile on his face as he placed the tip just past my teeth. "Don't spill a drop."

As soon as he was done speaking I felt a warm stream of piss splash first on the panties and then on my tongue. I jerked my head away sending the small pool in my mouth and the stream coming from Daddy's cock to the floor. I flinched and the flow of piss stopped. I looked up to him pleading but I could see that I wasn't going to get any kind of reprieve. I could see his jaw twitching and knew what I needed to do. Sitting back up I put my mouth back to the tip of his cock and closed my eyes. Daddy's piss is warm but acrid, burning my tongue. What doesn't soak into the cotton panties begins to dribble out of my mouth. It runs cold down my chest soaking into my pink satin bra. Daddy took a deep breath as he finished letting it out slowly. Once the powerful stream was done Daddy shook his cock flinging little droplets of piss across my face and into my hair.

Zipping up Daddy pointed to the pile of underwear "These here are unacceptable. A sissy should always be in panties. And after today you will be."

I cursed at him though the panty gag. Though it was so muffled I doubted Daddy knew what I was saying, but I was still terrified he would snap. When he didn't, I calmed down a bit and focused on what he was saying. "Also from now on you will not be allowed to wear socks. Only stockings we will get you some here in a bit."

"But first I want you to demonstrate your commitment to your new place in life."I must have looked confused because Daddy started to explain. "You will destroy all of your unacceptable clothes."

Daddy reached over to my desk and picked up a pair of scissors. They were a solid steel pair of sewing shears that I knew would make quick work of my clothes. Daddy handed them over to me before sitting back down in my desk chair. Leaning back he smirked at me as I picked up the first pair of boxer shorts. I slipped one leg into the sheers and looked to Daddy for a reprieve. He just sat there. My eyes started to burn as tears began to flow, I begged him not to make me do this.

"I can't understand what you're saying any more then when you cursed at me earlier. Oh yes I got the gist of that, don't worry. You will be punished for it. Later." Daddy said ominously as he folded his arms behind his head watching.

The sheers made a slick sound of metal on metal for a half second until it hit fabric and then the sound was gone. The quality sheers cut through the thin material easily and before I had even realized what I had done the boxers were split down the side. I started to set them aside but Daddy stopped me. He wanted them snipped into two pieces. Two more quick motions and the boxer shorts were nothing but useless fabric now. I hated wearing the boxers, I used to say to myself, that I died a little each time I put them on in the morning. But there was something about being ordered to destroy them that I didn't like. I finished the rest as quickly as possible and looked to Daddy for my next task.

Pointing to the pile by my closet, Daddy set me to work destroying more of my clothes. I wasn't really surprised what I found in the pile. Most of my loser fitting jeans didn't make the grade. And the only pair of my slacks I was allowed to keep were light cream colored pair of linen pants I had worn to a wedding last year. I hadn't worn them a second time because they were thin and you could easily see my boxers under them; Of course now I would be wearing panties and I imagine showing them off is exactly what Daddy wanted. All of my t-shirts and sweaters were piled high as well. I looked to Daddy pleading once again for leniency. Only this time I did not get a curt smile or a nod, his expression was blank and he simply looked at his watch.

A beep from my computer drew Daddy's attention long enough that I was able to sneak one of my t-shirts into the cut pile. I figured I would stash it away in the back of my closet when I cleaned up later. I cut through the rest of my clothes quickly hoping not to earn myself more punishment. When I was done I only had three pairs of jeans, one pair of slacks, five button down shirts and no underwear or socks, and of course the t-shirt I had hidden away.

Standing up as I finished the last shirt Daddy waved me over. "You can take those panties out of your mouth now."

I pulled the soiled panties from my mouth, and rubbed my jaw. Daddy stepped behind me and taking a hold of my hips pulled me close grinding his hard cock into my panty clad back side. His hands slipped around me one settled over my boipenis, and the other moved up to my bra. Daddy slipped his fingers into the cups and began to tweak my nipples. "I can't wait to watch you squirm today."

As much as I tired not too I couldn't help but stiffen up as Daddy massaged my boipenis. He didn't stop until it was hard as a rock. His tongue slipped out and flicked against my ear lobe as he whispered into my ear "It is time to please your Daddy. Beg me for some cock."

My voice was hesitant "Daddy... Daddy can I suck your cock?"

With a hiss, Daddy wrapped his hand around my boipenis and balls squeezing them till my eyes began to tear up. "If I wanted my dick covered in piss, I would go fuck a urinal."

Daddy kept the pressure on my balls and I just couldn't speak, the pain over whelmed every sense in my body. It wasn't until he started to squeeze harder that I croaked out a few words. "My ass, please fuck my ass."

The pain subsided some as Daddy loosened his grip, but he didn't release me completely. His thumb started stroking up and down my boipenis, as he whispered into my ear. "Closer."

It took me a second the pain was still quite over whelming, but I realized what he wanted. "Daddy, would you please fuck my boipussy?"

"I like that." He said as he tongue slid around my ear. "Are you going to be my little bitch."

"Yes." My voice was so quite I was surprised he could hear it. The gentlest increase in the pressure on my balls told me he wanted more. "Yes, I will be your little bitch."

"WILL be my bitch or you WANT to be my bitch?" Daddy had let up on my balls and his voice was sweet with lust.

I was so twisted inside. Here I was dressed as I wanted to be, as I saw myself, but I had chosen none of it. My boipenis stiffened from Daddy's caress which made it all so much worse. Part of me wanted to be submissive, yearning for a strong hand to guide me, even Mr. Morgan's hand. I just couldn't get past the blackmail and the degradation, 'Daddy' seemed to delight in. I twisted my head around straining to see him, and said. "I don't WANT to be anything to you."

Daddy flew into a rage; in all my time with him he was never angrier then at that moment. While holding my balls in an ever tightening grip Daddy grabbed the back of my head. He twisted his fingers into my hair before violently throwing me to the bed. I hit my head against the wall and everything went blurry for a moment. Next thing I knew I was laying face down on my bed and Daddy was sitting on top of me. Once I started to stir and Daddy knew I was coherent, he took a hold of my pink panties and yanked them hard giving me a wedgie. I could hear the tiny pops of my mother's panties ripping as they were held firm between my cheeks. I felt Daddy reposition himself just moments before my ass exploded in pain. The leather belt assailed my backside until it burned a bright red. Breathing heavily, Daddy finally stopped. The beating may have stopped but the pain didn't go away. I was bawling like a child.

After releasing my panties, Daddy just sat there on top of me with deep, winded breaths. As his breathing slowly returned to normal, Daddy said to me "You know, Sissy, I had a nice day planned for us. I was going to remind you of your place this morning and then take you to the mall and buy you some nice pretty panties all your own. But no, you had to go and remind me why Sissy's need real men in the first place."

Taking a deep breath Daddy climbed off of me and the bed. "Stop crying you little bitch, I will be back in five minutes I expect the sheets striped off your bed and you waiting on all fours facing the wall."

I curled into a ball as Daddy stomped out of the room. The heavy thumps of his feet faded quickly and I decided to run. And for a moment I saw it all in my head, a glorious life away from that place. My mind conjured up a beautiful life filled with happy things. Of course then I heard my father's voice in the back of my mind. My real father, mind you not that monster I now called Daddy. Son, education is your only salvation from hardship. Of course I realize now that had I run that day I wouldn't be in prison and my mother would still be alive, but I don't want to think about that.

I knew my time was short but I hoped Daddy was exaggerating when he said I only had five minutes. Standing up I gently un-wedged my panties from the crack of my ass. As sore and red as my cheeks were I was happy for the silk panties as they settled quite painlessly into place. I adjusted my bra back into place and quickly striped the covers from the bed. I wasn't sure if Daddy wanted the pillow cases removed as well, but figured it was better to be safe than sorry. I tossed the sheets into a pile and threw the uncovered pillows back onto the bed. Standing there waiting for Daddy to return my hand mindlessly drifted to my backside. The silk panties were cool to the touch but as my finger pressed forward even slightly, I could feel the heat coming from my burning cheeks.

The house was dead silent, so I could hear the back door opening and Daddy's heavy footsteps as he entered. I climbed onto the bed and got on all fours as ordered. As Daddy's footsteps grew louder I closed my eyes and an uncontrollable shiver flooded across my body and once I started shaking, I couldn't stop myself. I was trying so hard to get control of my body that I didn't realize that Daddy was standing right behind me. When his hand cupped my ass cheek I actually hopped a little on the bed. A firm squeeze sent a fresh spike of pain shooting up my back.

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