A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 02

byNikki H©

I looked up into his eyes and saw for the first time that they were deep blue. A funny sensation came over me and I quickly looked away, trying to catch Kim's attention.

"Powder room break?" I asked Kim.

"Sure" she said and stood up saying, "excuse us gentlemen, we won't be long"

We swayed off in the direction of the ladies washroom, talking as we went.

"Nikki, I'm a little tipsy" slurred Kim,

"Me too" I slurred back "that champagne is really good!"

"How are you getting on with Tim?" asked Kim.

"Ok" I said, "I think its going a lot better than earlier"

"Good" she said as we went in and split up to have a pee.

I could hear Kim relieving herself in the next cubicle. Her flow of pee was splashing away as she emptied her bowel. I struggled since my cock was still hard. It took ages, but eventually I managed and joined Kim to freshen up.

"Usual problem?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye, looking down at my crotch.

"How'd you guess!" I replied

"Oh Nikki, I wish I could suck it dry for you, right here, right now" she whimpered, looking sexily into my eyes.

"You and me both" I replied as I applied some more bright red lipstick.

As we walked back the dinner-gong was sounded, so we met up with the guys and found our table.

Kim and I were sat opposite each other and we constantly rubbed legs under the table. The feeling of our nylon-clad legs swishing together excited us both. The meal went well, and we had a lovely time. The guys were just as attentive although, with the seating plan, they couldn't get too close. We did manage to finish off another bottle of champagne between us all during the meal.

As the meal ended we all adjourned to the ballroom for the dancing, the guys went to get some more drinks and Kim and I went outside for some much-needed fresh air. By this time both Kim and I were starting to feel more than a little drunk and as usual, as horny as hell. We sneaked behind a wall to a really private alcove on the terrace and fell into each other's arms, kissing passionately, our lips sliding together as our lipstick covered lips met. She tasted wonderful as my tongue probed her mouth and hers mine.

Her hands went straight down to my cock and she broke the kiss saying,

"Oh Nikki, I've got to taste you now!"

She slid down and lifted my dress and moved her head underneath it. I felt her quickly prise my hard cock from my panties and start to eagerly suck on it. She had her hands on my butt cheeks, massaging quite hard as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. I knew she wanted it so did not hold back and my orgasm hit me quickly like a tidal wave. I had been building up to it all evening and the relief was huge. I sent spurt after spurt into her pretty little mouth and could feel her gulping and sucking for all she was worth. As I continued to spurt I heard her start to groan gently and start to shake as she orgasmed herself. When I had finished she tucked my cock back inside my panties and stood up to face me. I could see traces of my cum on her lips and eagerly kissed her, lapping up what she had missed, the smell and taste of my cum still on her breath.

"Oh Nikki, I needed that so much" she gasped "I wanted to go under the table and do that during the meal but thought we might get thrown out!"

"I wouldn't have cared" I said to her "I'm yours anytime!"

She looked really dishevelled now in her post orgasm state. Her hair was ruffled and both of our lipsticks smudged all over our faces. We sat and tidied up each other then shared a cigarette.

"Nikki?" said Kim "are you enjoying yourself with Tim?"

"Its ok" I slurred "but I prefer being with you."

"Yeah, I know" she slurred drunkenly "but he's a nice guy, don't you fancy him a little? After all you are really a beautiful girl"

I thought about that for a minute and said,

"I did feel sort of funny earlier on, but I don't know what it was? Anyway why do you ask, do you like Rick?"

"No, not really" she said "you know I love you, but you've never felt a real cock inside you and we have two nice guys tonight who could give you that pleasure, would you like to do it tonight?"

"What do you mean" I stammered, "sleep with Tim!"

"No, not just Tim," she giggled "all of us together, I bet it would be fun to try a group orgy for just one night. I'm sure the guys would be up for it!"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked pointing down between my legs.

"No, once we get them worked up, most guys will screw anything. In any case if they don't we haven't lost anything have we?"

"No, I suppose not" I heard myself say, "Ok then, if you want to, it could be fun, but if I don't like it can we stop straight away?"

"Of course we can" said Kim "but don't forget that you're my girl. I don't want you running off with a new boyfriend!"

"Likewise for you" I said, "I don't want to loose you either"

"Agreed" said Kim "Its one big experiment then, Ok?"

"Ok" I agreed. I couldn't believe what I had just agreed to. I was going to get screwed by a real guy, what was I thinking! We staggered off, giggling on our way back to join the guys.

"What have you two been up to?" grinned Rick wickedly.

"Oh nothing" I lied, smiling and playing up to him "why, have you missed us?"

"You bet," said Rick as he grabbed Kim's hand and led her to the dance floor, Tim and I followed close behind. It was a quickstep and I quickly fell into step following Tim's lead. Kim had taught me how to dance like a lady and I felt at ease in Tim's strong arms.

Now that Kim and I had agreed to screw these guys tonight I felt that I needed to flirt and tease him a little.

As we swirled around on the dance floor I could feel his strong muscles through his jacket. As I looked up into his eyes that feeling came over me again and I trembled slightly. I made sure that my leg was pushing tight against his groin and could feel his cock start to harden.

The music changed to a slow smooch and Tim pulled me closer. I could see Kim and Rick just near us and smiled across at her as she let herself be pulled in towards Rick. She gave me one of her most sensual and smouldering smiles as we started across into each other eyes.

"Are you Ok?" I heard Tim ask.

"Fine, I said a little surprised, "I'm having a wonderful time"

With that Tim pulled me in closer and I could feel his hard cock in his pants pushing through my dress against my leg.

'He's ready for it' I thought to myself. I kept my groin area away from Tim as much as I could, as I knew he would do a runner if he found my cock and didn't want to spoil our planned fun.

We all danced and chatted together, enjoying each other's company for the next half-hour.

"Nikki, do you want to join me for a cigarette?" asked Kim a little later on.

"I'll come," said Rick, jumping up before I could answer.

"Oh, Ok then" said Kim, a little surprised.

Tim and I danced again as we waited for Kim and Rick to come back.

Within a minute Kim wriggled back into the hall and pointed excitedly towards the powder room. I excused myself and followed Kim down to the washroom. I was about ten feet behind her as she walked down the corridor. Her sexy butt was wiggling from side to side and her seamed nylon clad legs looked stunning as I kept getting glimpses of them through the split in her dress.

I joined Kim in the ladies washroom and she was all excited.

"What's happened?" I asked

"Rick knows about us two" she blurted out. "He sort of guessed"

"How?" I gasped, not believing we had been found out.

"Well you know earlier, when we were out on the terrace?"


"Well, he came out to find us, and saw me doing it to you!"

"Oh my god!" I said, "what are we going to do now!"

"Well, as it turns out" she said "they're both completely up for it. I mentioned our plans to Rick and he said they would be definitely up for it and that we should all leave now. He was going to speak with Tim, but said that it wouldn't be a problem and that we should get ready to go!"

My heart skipped a beat at this. When we discussed it I had sort of hoped that the guys would do a runner when they found out, but now I was completely committed. We fixed our faces and returned to the ballroom.

I saw Tim look over as we walked in. He gave me the biggest smile of the evening and held out my seat for me to sit down.

"Well Nikki" he said "I hear your hiding a little secret from me" He placed his hand straight into my groin and found my hard cock.

"Woah," he laughed "although its not that little!"

We all laughed together as Kim said, "You'd better believe it!"

"One last dance?" said Tim pulling me to the floor.

It was a slow smooch and Tim pulled me in close to him as we danced together. This time I let my groin push into his and I felt our cocks rub together as we moved.

"Oh Tim" I gasped "that feels so good"

"Just wait till we get back to the hotel," he said as I looked up at him. He moved his lips down onto mine and before I knew what was happening I felt for the first time ever what it was like to kiss a man. I felt his manly stubble against my silky smooth skin as we very gently kissed. His tongue was starting to explore my mouth and gently trace lines around my lips. It was nowhere near as good as a kiss from Kim although it wasn't too unpleasant.

"What are you two up to!" I heard Kim say as she and Rick danced closer to us, "don't forget she's my girl"

"I just want to share her with you for the evening" said Tim seductively.

"That's Ok then" whispered Kim as she gazed straight into my eyes.

I couldn't believe that they were talking about me like that, but loved it anyway. By now all of my inhibitions had gone and I was putty in their hands.

We left the ball in our limo for the return journey to the hotel. The drive took about 30 minutes so I sat with

Tim and Kim sat with Rick. I cuddled into Tim's strong chest and could see Kim look up and seductively kiss Rick. Her hand slid down to his cock and started to massage it through his pants. I glanced down and saw that Tim's cock was bulging against his zipper. I had never touched another mans cock before but let my hand slide down till it was hovering over it. My fingers looked really feminine as my long red nails gently caressed his cock through his pants. Tim started to groan and push his groin out harder. I lifted my head to his and let him kiss me again, his tongue immediately invading my mouth. I broke away and looked across at Kim. She had stopped kissing Rick and was also gently caressing his cock. She gave me a sensual smile and said, "Go girl" as she started to unzip Rick's zipper. She pulled out his cock and slowly started to rub it. She lowered her head and started to kiss and lick the large bulbous end. I could see her lipstick traces around the shaft as she slowly pumped her head up and down on it. She then sucked it all in until she had all six inches of it in her mouth. Rick was groaning at this and had his head tilted back and eyes closed. It was fascinating watching Kim give head, but I was feeling a little jealous at this stage.

Kim lifted her head and looked over at me.

"Well then Nikki" she said, pointing at Tim "what about Tim, aren't you going to blow him?"

I looked down and unzipped Tim's pants, reaching in to pull out his cock. He had quite a big cock, probably around seven-inches, and it felt so smooth to touch. As it sprang free from his pants I could see it pointing straight up at me. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started to wank him. I moved my head closer until the tip was just inches from my face. I carried on slowly wanking him and could see a small drop of pre-cum starting to form and glisten on the shiny red end.

"Nikki, What are you waiting for?" asked Kim as she looked over and saw me staring down at Tim's cock.

'Its now or never' I thought to myself. I lowered my face right down to the tip and slowly licked it like a lollipop, tasting another guy's pre-cum for the first time in my life. Tim's groaning told me that he was enjoying this, so I licked my lips and lowered my mouth slowly down onto it. It slid in very slowly until I could feel the tip touch the back of my throat. This was just like the games that Kim and I played with her special dildo, so I pulled back up then started to slowly bob up and down, holding his cock tight between my lips and slurping and sucking as hard as I could. My bright red lipstick was starting to smudge up and down the length of his shaft as I sucked greedily on it.

"That's it girl, suck him dry" whispered Kim as she turned and started to do the same to Rick again.

Sucking Tim's cock was different to the dildo that Kim and I played with. His cock was hot in my mouth and I could feel him throbbing as I sucked harder and harder. I looked across at Kim and saw that she was already looking over at me. We never took our eyes of each other as we both sat there in the back of the limo sucking on the guy's cocks. I could taste more pre-cum in my mouth as Tim started to groan louder, so

I guessed he was getting near and started to bob my head up and down faster and harder. Kim started to do the same to Rick so I guess he was close too. I put my hand around the base of Tim's cock and started to wank him whilst sucking greedily on the top half of his manhood. Tim's cock started to throb and twitch as he ground his cock deeper into my mouth trying to push it down my throat. I knew he was about to cum so started to gently massage his balls at the same time as wanking and sucking him. Kim and I were still staring into each other's eyes as both guys started to spurt their cum into our eager mouths at the same time.

My mouth was flooded with spurt after spurt of Tim's hot cum. I swallowed hard, trying not to waste any.

As I looked over at Kim I could see she was struggling too. She frowned slightly and her eyes glazed over as her mouth was filled with spurt after spurt of Rick's hot slimy cum. We both carried on swallowing until the guys were empty and then, letting their cocks slip from our mouths, Kim and I met for a deep passionate kiss. I could taste both Tim and Rick's cum as Kim and I swapped what was left between us. We kissed and cum swapped for ages as the guys watched.

"How did you enjoy giving your first proper blowjob?" whispered Kim, nibbling sexily at my ear.

"Good" I said. "Although it tastes different to mine, and a lot hotter straight from the source!"

"It all tastes different" whispered Kim "but like I've said before, yours is the sweetest I've ever tasted"

"I didn't know it was going to be so hot, and as I swallowed it was a little lumpy" I whispered.

"Well not everyone can have perfect balls!" she sniggered.

Rick interrupted us by saying, "If that was just the warm-up I can't wait for the real event"

"Nikki, where did you learn to blow like that?" asked Tim.

"Oh, I had the best teacher in the world" I said smiling at Kim, who was now sitting back next to Rick.

When we got back to the hotel the guys followed us into the lobby and to the elevators. We went in a pressed the button for the top floor. Kim came over to me and we started to kiss passionately as Kim's hands massaged my hard cock through my dress. The guys were just staring at us, probably not believing their luck this evening. We went into our suite and told the guys we were going to slip into something a little more comfortable. I followed Kim into the bedroom and we collapsed on the bed together, hands all over each other.

"Let's give the guys something to remember," she said as she stood up and slipped of her dress and panties.

I climber out of my dress, but also took of my panties and bra so I was just stood there in my stockings and shoes. Kim went to the closet and picked out two beautiful pure white negligees. We slipped them on and, leaving our shoes on, walked back into the room to see the guys. By now they had both stripped down to their briefs and stood nearly naked before us.

"Wow" they both remarked together as they saw us emerge. We could see the bulges in their briefs grow at the sight of us walking out together, hand in hand.

I tottered over to Rick in my high heels and Kim went to Tim. I pulled his head down to mine, kissing him hard on his lips and letting my hand find his hard cock.

"Right boys" said Kim unashamedly "Nikki here is a virgin, she's just tasted her first real cock, but needs more. Isn't that right girlfriend?"

"Yes, I want to be screwed!" I said wickedly.

"A pretty girl shouldn't have to ask twice," said Rick as he scooped me up in his arms and carried me over to the sofa.

He put me down and I sat in eager anticipation. Kim knelt in front of me and opened my negligee to reveal my hard eight-inch cock.

"Jeez, that is a big one!" said Tim

"Yeah, and its all mine, so don't get any ideas!" said Kim as she started to suck on it again.

I was like putty in their hands as all three of them kissed licked and felt me all over. I didn't know what to do as I felt myself being lifted up. Tim sat back on the sofa and his big hard cock was sticking up in front of him.

"This is just for you sweetheart, come and sit on it!" he said wickedly, pointing at his cock.

I walked over to him, straddling his legs as I sat on his groin. I could feel his hard cock pressing between my butt cheeks as he started to gently massage my breasts. The feeling was amazing as his hot hard cock pulsated between my cheeks.

"Are you ready for this?" asked Tim

"Yes" I gasped.

"Not quite yet" said Kim as she and Rick lifted me up again. I could feel somebody's face bury itself in my butt, his or her tongue licking furiously at my bum hole. I looked back and saw that it was Kim. She started to fuck my butt with her tongue, loosening up my muscles ready to accept the large cock. She continued to lick and fuck me with her tongue until my butt was relaxed and covered in her saliva.

"There, that's got you ready" she slurred wickedly.

I slid back a little and wriggled about until Tim's cock was positioned once again between my butt cheeks and pushing right up against my hole. I could feel Tim's shaft start to penetrate me as I lowered myself slowly down onto it. It slipped inside me and I could feel my muscles being stretched further as it penetrated me further and further until he was fully inside me. I was now impaled on Tim's hard cock and could still feel it pulsating through the walls of my butt. I felt so full, like I was going to be split in two.

"Oh, that's wonderful, harder!" I gasped as Tim started to slowly pump his cock back and forth into me.

I lifted myself slightly so Tim could have a bit more room for his thrusts. He was now banging his cock hard into my bum hole. It felt so good to be getting screwed like this, and by a real cock. I bent my head down to Tim and started to kiss him hard, playing tongue hockey as he continued to fuck my butt harder and harder.

"Come on you two, we want to join in," said Kim excitedly.

With that Rick and Kim lifted me completely off Tim's cock and told me to kneel on the floor.

Tim went behind me and lifted my negligee up to insert his cock in my butt again. He pushed it in slowly but firmly. I felt my muscles relax to accept him. He then started to fuck me hard again and my boobs were swinging freely back and forth as he rammed his cock repeatedly into my butt. It felt so good that I almost came on the spot.

Rick sat on the sofa in front of me and offered me his cock to suck. I greedily took it in my mouth. As Tim screwed my butt my head was being forced back and forth onto Rick's hard cock. I looked up at Kim who gave me a huge sexy wink as she slid under me and took my hard cock in her mouth to suck me again.

I was in pure ecstasy as I got a sexy blowjob from my girlfriend at the same time as having both of my available holes filled. I started to groan as my orgasm built up. The guys started to pump harder as they also neared their orgasm. I was being pleasured so much that I couldn't hold back anymore and started to cum in Kim's sweet mouth, filing it with my slimy cum. More or less straight away the guys also started to orgasm, Tim first, and I could feel his cock throb violently as his hot cum flooding deep into my butt. At the same time Rick's cock started to twitch, then fill my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed greedily not wanting to spill a drop. We all collapsed in a sticky, sweaty heap and lay there panting. My senses were running riot. I had been pleasured so much that I didn't know what to do. My butt was throbbing from being screwed so hard and I could feel Tim's cum squishing around inside it. My own cock was still semi-hard and sensitive after Kim's blow job, and my mouth and lips were still coated in Rick's cum.

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