tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 04

A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 04

byNikki H©

Kim and I are really thrilled to receive so many emails of encouragement about our life story. Please don't stop sending them and we promise to try and reply personally to some of your messages this time. The more we get, the more we will tell!

The next part of our story will be about our escapades in Germany and maybe even France if we have time, but only of course if you all want to hear about them!

Love and Hugs to you all and we hope you enjoy this chapter, read on!


Did we say Sweden in our last chapter? So sorry, I'm sure you will all of realized that we meant Denmark, unless of course Copenhagen has moved recently?

So many countries, so little time, so little brain!

* * * * *

Our next port of call was Copenhagen (Denmark!). We left London early one wet afternoon and flew across to Denmark's capital, which was also wet! The flight was relatively short and when we arrived we caught a taxi to our city center hotel. We had 5 full days here and were intending to enjoy each one of them. For this trip Kim had worn an elegant navy blue jacket and skirt suit with sheer black nylon stockings and black 4 inch heeled pumps. I had chosen to a silky peach dress that was midi length with a split up the rear. It was fitted to hug and flatter my flat stomach and breasts and the soft cool fabric felt luscious as it brushed against my warm skin. I was also wearing a pure white tailored jacket, sheer white nylons and white 4-inch heeled pumps. We both had our hair brushed in a long sleek but elegant style. After checking in at our hotel we could see the bellboys staring at us and fighting over who was going to help. They eventually settled their squabble and one of the young guys came strutting over. He took our luggage trolley and followed Kim and I to the elevators. I could feel his eyes burning into our backs as he stared at our wiggling butts, long legs and lithe bodies as we strutted along in front of him.

We entered the elevator and Kim moved over to stand really close to him, making sure her sexy body was pressing against his. She leant over him and whispered sexily;

"You look like a nice young guy, tell me, where's the best place to go for a night out around here?"

His English was good, certainly better than our Danish! and he delighted in telling us of the good bars and restaurants to try.

I walked over and stood by his other side, also making sure my body was pressing up against him and I could feel my breast pressing against his trembling arm. Kim glanced at me and gave me one of her cheeky smiles. At that we both wriggled in closer and tighter and he quickly became the meat in a Kim and Nikki sandwich!

"What about other night life?" I asked.

"What do you mean, clubs and dance bars?" he said.

"Yeah, but I was thinking more about sex clubs? Can you recommend any?"

He blushed really deeply and said;

"Sorry, I don't really know about those"

"What, a young guy like you, you must have been to some with your friends!" I breathed sexily into his ear, still pressing my lithe body and breasts hard against him.

"Well, we have, once or twice" he replied still looking down at the floor in embarrassment.

"Where do you recommend then? We want somewhere where we can watch some live sex shows, are there any clubs like that?" I asked him.

"Sure" he replied, and started to reel off a few names.

"Thank you" breathed Kim sexily in his ear as she leant forward and planted a huge kiss on his cheek, her red lipstick leaving a sexy bright red lip shaped mark. I leant forward and did the same to his other cheek, leaving a beautiful pink lip shaped mark on that side. He blushed even more and was fidgeting around as he tried desperately to hide the bulge starting to appear in the front of his pants. We stood close, making sure we were touching him on each side as we carried on up to the top floor. He must have been really uncomfortable as he pushed the trolley laden with our luggage at the same time as trying to hide his hard cock. When we were inside the suite he unloaded our luggage and we gave him a tip and another kiss on each cheek, this time swapping sides so he had a huge pink and red lip shaped mark on each side.

He quickly scurried out with the empty trolley.

"I wonder if he'll wash that off or go back down to show his friends?" I asked

"That's his trophy!" giggled Kim "He won't wash that of until he's shown it to all of the other bellboys down there!"

"Yeah, I guess so" I agreed.

We had a quick look around, inside and on our balcony, and decided to spend the first evening settling into our hotel, unpacking and relaxing. After unpacking we decided to make ourselves comfortable for the evening. We showered, slipped into our satin wraps, ordered a pizza and bottle of wine through room service and stretched out on the large comfortable sofa. We ate most of the pizza and drank the full bottle of wine and were feeling very relaxed on content as we flicked through the channels on the hotel TV. I was sat in the corner of the sofa and Kim was cuddled up to me. We had both dried our hair after the shower. My long sun kissed blonde hair was just hanging loose, cascading down over my shoulders and laying gently across Kim's head. The difference between my bright blonde and her glistening deep mahogany color was luscious to see. I moved my hands down and gently started to plait a small curl of my hair with hers. The contrast of blonde against deep mahogany looked spectacular together as I slowly intertwined our curls of hair. Kim sighed contentedly as I gently played with her hair and she cuddled in tighter to me. As I fiddled she eventually became intrigued and turned her head to see what I was up to;

"Ohh, that looks pretty, we do have such lovely hair don't we Nikki!" she exclaimed when she saw what I was doing

"Just soooo pretty!" I replied as I finished my little bit of braiding leaving Kim and I gently joined by the hair!

Kim had the TV remote and was flicking through the channels, one at a time. We couldn't understand most of them, although they did have some English satellite channels. We eventually stumbled across some blacked out adult channels. We knew they were adult channels as the sounds were still coming through and they were unmistakably the sounds of sex! We were both more than a little curious.

"Ooh, should we watch one of these?" she asked

"Yeah, lets!" I said excitedly.

We pressed the button to purchase the movie and the blacked out screen burst into full color showing a beautiful blonde being serviced by five young hunks.

"Jeez, I thought yours was big, just look at the size of that one!" she gasped as the pretty girl struggled to get the tip of a monster cock in her mouth, while at the same time having a cock buried in her love box, another deep in her butt and jacking off two other guys.

"They have some pretty hot movies here!" I remarked.

"No Kidding!" said Kim, not taking her eyes of the screen.

She cuddled in tighter to me and rested her head on my breasts, the smell of her delicate perfume and freshly shampooed hair was wafting over me and what with the images on screen and her delightful aroma teasing my nose my soft cock soon started to get hard inside my satin panties.

The blonde on screen switched partners, the guy with the huge cock changed places with the guy who had been screwing her butt. She was only a small girl and she yelled as he pushed his monster into her butt, the tight hole stretching achingly wide to accept it. It was so big that he could only get half of it in before she wailed her submission.

"My god, I bet that hurts!" gasped Kim as we both writhed in pain just thinking of it.

The guy who had been screwing her butt walked around and she greedily took his cock into her mouth.

I put my arm around Kim, gently caressing her body through the slippery satin material and pulled her tighter into me. Her hand was resting in my lap and she could feel my cock growing harder by the second. She slid her hand under my wrap and gently caressed my cock through my satin panties. I allowed my hand to slip down to her breast and caress her hard nipples through the soft satin fabric.

On screen the blonde was grunting with delight as the monster cock ravaged her butt hole. She took this assault for a few minutes then they all changed positions again. The guy with the huge cock sat on sofa and the other four guys lifted her high in the air. They spun her round so she had her back to him and held her up with her legs and pussy spread wide, but with her butt hole directly above his huge swollen member. They lowered her onto it and her face grimaced as it slowly penetrated her. The guys then pushed her down hard onto it, until her butt was resting against his groin. Her face was contorted into a mixture of pain and pleasure as she took the monster completely into her butt hole. One of the other guys knelt between her legs and filled her love box with his hard cock, another stood on the sofa next to her and she took his cock in her mouth and greedily sucked it all in. We watched spellbound as she took the full thing in her mouth and slowly swallowed it down her throat until his balls were resting on her chin. This girl was a deep throat expert! Her mouth juices were running wild and it looked like she already had a mouthful of cum as she deep-throated the guy and waves of her saliva dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and down from her chin. Kim was transfixed by the antics on screen. She continued to massage my hard cock but her other hand slipped between her legs and she started to rub herself through the satin wrap.

"Jeez, this really is hot stuff" she panted.

Finally the blonde was lifted off the huge cock and she knelt on the floor with all of the guys surrounding her. One at a time they stepped forward and she sucked greedily at their cocks until they exploded into her mouth and over her face. One by one they delivered their massive loads until her mouth and face was awash with cum, she must have swallowed at least five or six times as load after load was pumped over her face and into her waiting mouth. Her face and hair was splattered with cum as the blasts sometimes missed her mouth and splashed over her pretty face, eyes and hair. The guy with the monster cock was last. She knelt with her mouth open wide, waiting for his load. Her mouth was already full cum, but she still waited patiently, slowly twirling the cum around with her tongue. She didn't have to wait long and he finally blasted spurt after spurt directly into her waiting mouth and on her now outstretched tongue. As he finished the camera zoomed in and showed her mouth as she played with what looked like at least a quarter pint of slimy white lumpy cum. She closed her mouth and made a big deal out of swallowing the lot in one go, then opened her mouth to show the camera that it was empty. She had huge dribbles of cum dripping from her chin and cheeks and started to clean it up with her fingers, pushing it into her mouth and eating that as well.

As the credits rolled Kim turned and kissed me so hard and passionately that I thought she was trying to suck my tongue out, the effects of a half bottle of wine and the movie had certainly gone to her head. As she jumped up and twisted to face me our braided hair slithered easily apart. Her hands were all over my breasts and cock and she was clearly in a heightened state of excitement. We fell back onto the sofa and I slid her panties off. She opened her legs and I could see her pussy was swimming in juices. As I pushed my face down between her legs my long blonde hair fell forward, caressing her legs as it fell. She shivered in anticipation as my face got nearer and groaned when I finally buried my face in her slit and pushed my tongue hard in to her love box. I licked and sucked on her pussy for all I was worth, drinking her juices as they flowed freely into my mouth. She was writhing in pleasure as I carried on eating her pussy. She eventually started to grind her crotch onto my face and I could tell she was going to cum. As she orgasmed she groaned louder and her juices flowed even more, meaning I had to swallow more and more as she bucked her hips hard against my face and thrusting tongue. As she relaxed afterwards she sat up and leant forward, pulling my wrap to one side and taking my hard cock deep into her mouth. I felt the tip touch the back of her throat as she tried to deep throat me.

"Nikki, I want to deep throat you just like that girl did in the movie!" she cried, and again planted her lips around my cock.

She slowly slid down until she had half of my 8 inches in her mouth then readied herself to take a little more. I placed my hands on her head, my long and shiny pink nails looked so sexy in her dark mahogany hair as she attempted to take my cock down her throat. She swallowed and took about another inch before gagging and pulling back. This didn't put her off and she kept trying, taking a little more in each time. As she tried to deep throat me her mouth started to become really wet with saliva as her mouth juices flowed by the bucket load and were soon dribbling from her mouth and running down my balls.

"Oh Kim, that's so good!" I gasped "but are you sure you want to do this?"

She just nodded as she tried again to take my full eight inches. I looked down over my pert breasts and hard nipples and could she that she had about three-quarters of it in now. The feeling of my cock pushing into her tight throat was wonderful, and it was taking all my efforts to stop myself from cumming on the spot.

I used one of my hands to massage my own breasts as Kim worked on my cock.

"Nikki, I'm determined to do it!" she cried resolutely as she again slid her mouth back over my hard cock. This pleasure had me highly aroused and I was now really close to an orgasm.

"You'd better be quick girl" I gasped, "I can't hold back much longer!"

"Uh-Hu" she grunted with a mouthful of cock as she again let it slide into her opened throat

Try as hard as she could, she just couldn't do it. The most she could take was three quarters of my 8 inch hard length.

"Oh my god, that amazing!" I said as she continued to hold me in her mouth with the tip and head down her throat. She started to push her head back and forth allowing the tip of my cock to fuck her throat! The sight and feeling was out of this world and had me so aroused that my cum immediately started to boil. I sent my first spurt deep down her throat. She quickly pulled back and let me fill her mouth with the rest of my load. When I was done she came over to me and opened her mouth to show me the mouthful of cum she had, just like the blonde in the movie had done. She had quite a mouthful but nowhere near as much as the porn star had. She swirled her tongue around in her mouth, moving my hot slimy cum from side to side and then closed her mouth and swallowed it all!

"That was the coolest thing!" I said to her as she opened her mouth to show me that it was empty.

"It was so difficult. I wanted to take all of you down my throat but I'm sorry, I just couldn't do it!"

"Oh Kim!" I replied giving her big hug, "don't apologize, its fine. I didn't expect you to!"

Kim just sighed contentedly as we cuddled on the sofa, in a sticky but sexy mess from cum and mouth juices! We decided to crash into bed and fell into a dreamy sleep, looking forward to our next few days in Copenhagen.

The next morning seemed to come around so quickly and we rose to the sound of room service delivering our breakfast. We ate, showered and prepared to get ready for the day. We were going to spend the day looking around town and doing a little shopping, our favorite pastime, except for sex of course! We had decided to dress elegantly and I chose a dress made from navy blue georgette material with large white polka dots. It had a sweetheart neck that showed a fair bit of my chest and neck but did not drop down far enough to show any cleavage. The skirt was cut in a full flair style and was about a midi length, somewhere between my knees and ankles. I had a thin white cotton tailored Jacket to wear over the top which fastened in a very flattering way around my waist and hips. As always I decided to wear the sheerest stockings available, and had picked some sexy and very sheer black nylons with a Cuban heel. For my feet I decided on some navy blue 4-inch pumps with cut out toes and little bows attached on the front. Kim was also dressing elegantly for the day and had chosen a white suit with a short flared skirt and tailored jacket, and sheer natural stockings. She also had a lovely pink satin blouse to wear with a large collar that turned out over her Jacket collar. For her feet she had chosen some white 4-inch pumps with a gold inlay pattern on them.

Kim and I chatted continually while we fixed our hair and makeup for the day. I first of all let my satin wrap slither to the floor and sat naked in front of the mirror. I still like to look at my reflection in the mirror and this morning was no different. My beautiful breasts and slender waist looked really sensual and I couldn't resist sliding my hands down my silky smooth skin, down to my slender waist and around to my flat stomach and large breasts. The sensation was yummy as I cupped my breasts, one in each hand, and gently tweaked my nipples with my long pink nails. My cock started to stir so I quickly turned my attention to getting dressed. I had decided to wear my hair down today and started to slowly brush and dry all 18-inches of my long blonde curls until they were straight and dry. I then used heated tongs to put some big bouncy curls just at the end of my long hair. As usual, the sensation of the big curls of blonde hair bouncing softly against my skin was thrilling and my cock continued to rise even more. I was soon finished with my hair and started with my makeup. I applied some light daytime foundation and then some subtle green eye-shadow to my eyelids, complimenting my green eyes. I then applied a single coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes, combing them to get a delicate feathery look. I then applied a little rouge powder and some luscious pink lipstick. That completed my elegant daytime look, all I needed now was some jewelry and a dab or two of perfume. I selected a stringy white necklace made from 2 or 3 rows of small beads, a pair of white button earrings and a chunky white gold bracelet. I then dabbed on a little perfume and walked over for my clothes and shoes. The delicate aroma of my fresh perfume filled the air around me as I walked causing my cock to become fully hard.

I picked up my black satin bra and panty set and first of all slid the bra onto my shoulders and pulled it tight around my breasts. The cups gathered up my ample breasts and the resulting cleavage was stunning. I slipped one of my slender fingers in between my breasts and wiggled it around. My breasts bounced around and the sensation of the heavy orbs jumping around on my chest was really sensual. I took the matching suspender belt and fastened it snuggly around my slender waist. Next came the best bit, my sheer stockings! I gathered up the nylon on the first one and leant forward to slowly slip it over my foot. My long blonde tresses fell forward and brushed against my naked thighs causing me to tremble as I reached down to my foot with the stocking. I pulled the sheer nylon up my leg, working my way higher and higher up my long leg. The sensation was purely electric as the smooth nylon slid against my smooth skin and caused me to slow down as I reveled in the sensations. I eventually got the first one on, and then did the same with the second. When I had them both on I stood up and fastened them to the suspender clips dangling from my belt. As usual, this caused them to tug a little as I adjusted each one to the correct length. My hair was still bouncing and brushing against my naked shoulders and back, and all of these sensations together were just amazing and had my cock raging hard!

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