tagRomanceA Ski Trip to Hell

A Ski Trip to Hell


Did you ever have the feeling you're making a huge mistake and yet you couldn't stop it? Those were my exact thoughts as I packed for our Christmas vacation to a remote ski lodge. My wife and I planned this trip with the hopes of reviving our shaky marriage. As the date neared, our relationship kept getting worse with the only good news being we'd stopped arguing because we'd stopped talking to one another. I kept telling myself that the trip was already paid for and I had to go through with it. This analogy is similar to saying you knew the Titanic was going to sink but since you already had the passage booked, you were going anyway.

Once on the road it didn't take long to notice that although my heater worked fine there was more ice inside the car than in the weather outside. I wish I could tell you that most of the ice came from the cold stare of my newly muted wife but I'm sure I had my own share of icy glares. With a sudden epiphany of undetermined origin, I decided to try to make the best of a bad situation,

"Gloria, we're going to be together for a whole week after Christmas, please let's try to make peace. I promise to do my best not to upset you and I only ask that you try to do the same."

I looked to see my wife crying and I was trying to decipher whether they were tears of sadness or anger.

"Rich look out," she screamed and I looked up to see a deer in the middle of the road just staring into our headlights. I know better than to swerve on an icy road but as my instinct took over, I turned to miss the animal. I'm sure the accident took mere seconds but in my mind's eye, it lasted a lifetime. First, we were spinning on the frozen road, and then we were over the side of the mountain. We now were rolling over and over down, to land overturnd against a tree near the bottom. It's funny but it wasn't until the silent aftermath of the crash that I noticed how noisy it had been.

With only the moonlight, I could make out Gloria hanging upside down still in her seatbelt but she was not moving and just as I feared the worst, I heard a slight moan from her. It was during those few seconds of panic that I realized just how much I still loved my wife and I knew right then that I never wanted us to part. I asked her if she was hurt, she said her leg must be broken for she couldn't move it. Upside down in the dark, I couldn't seem to find either one of our phones. I finally managed to get us free from our seat-belts, and then climbed out of the car and went to her side to help her. As I went around the car I noticed a cabin close by and after getting my wife as comfortable as I could I went to check out the cabin. I could tell it was empty but I hoped I could get us inside and out of the cold. With an urgency that left no time for finesse, I kicked the door in and then went for Gloria.

I found the breaker box by moonlight and soon we at least had lights. With her on one bed I took apart one of the small spare beds and then after breaking one of the slats in half I made a splint to immobilize her leg. I found a first aid kit with enough elastic tape to wrap the jerry-rigged splint. I gave her some aspirin from the kit and then took some myself as I noticed I was beginning to hurt everywhere. I told her as soon as it got light I'd find one of our phones and call for help.

I lay next to her and wrapped us both in blankets, then holding her tight I whispered encouragements that neither of us believed.

While lying there in the cold I remembered I had brought some Ecstasy to party with, apres ski. Thinking it might help with her pain or at least get us through the night, I dug it out of my coat and offered her one hit. After telling me I was crazy, she popped it into her mouth and then I took one. As we lie there waiting for the effect of the E, I told her my revelations after the wreck.

"Gloria I love you and I promise I won't give up on us and I beg you to try the same. What we had was special and I know we can get back to the way we were."

"Richard, would you shut up and just kiss me? No not here down here."

She gently pushed my head toward her crotch. I knew she had to be coming on the E and it must be working on easing her pain. Taking care to stay clear of her injury, I pulled down her clothes and put my face to her sex. She began to comb her fingers through my hair and when she would feel a climax coming on she'd hold me tight to her clit. After her orgasm, she would go back running her fingers through my hair. Then she started talking or maybe I should say the E started talking for her.

"Richard, do you know tonight is Christmas Eve? What do you want, I know what I'm gonna ask Santa for. Ah, ah, don't stop, right there that's so good."

I didn't think I needed to remind her that we were Jewish so I stayed at my duty of pleasing her orally as she loquaciously waxed on.

"Ritchie, when I see Santa, I gonna ask him, oh yeah don't stop, I'm gonna ask him, I'm gonna ask him to glue your lips to my pussy, Oh god that feels good. No, no I'm just kidding, I want Santa to put us back the way we were. Honey, we were so happy what happened to us?"

Meanwhile I could also feel myself coming on to the drug yet I only wanted to make her climax more. Even in my addled state, I knew that if Gloria was able to cum then she must not be in pain.

Those were my last remembered thoughts and I was surprised when sunlight woke me. I lay beside Gloria with my head on her breast as she held me there with her arm. She had her good leg stretched over me, and my softened penis was at the door to her womb. The dried semen coating both of our sexes gave evidence that some time during the night that we had made love but I had no memory of it.

I slowly disencumbered myself not wanted to wake her, then I got dressed and went out to find a phone. In the daylight, my car gave witness to just how horrific the accident had been,I looked up and saw the steep mountainside. How both of us survived the tumble down that cliff was nothing short of a miracle. It was obvious there was no way I could climb up to the roadside. I found Gloria's phone first and it was so dead it wouldn't even turn on, searching farther, I next found mine, but it was smashed to bits. I looked through our luggage that was strewn all over until I found her charger. I remembered she had packed some snacks so I grabbed those and two coats and went back the cabin.

Gloria was awake and sitting up in bed, I asked her how she felt,

"Very sore and pretty fuzzy but all in all I feel pretty good."

I found a plug for her phone and then we had a breakfast of chips and some mixed nuts.

"Gloria, I'm afraid we're stuck here at least until we can charge your phone enough to dial out for help."

"After last night I don't care if we ever get out of here. Rich, didn't you feel it? Santa came and granted my wish."

"Listen honey, I think that's still the E talking..."

"No I saw him he came to our bed and told me himself that my wish was granted. I know it's true because last night's sex was like we use to have it."

Now I was getting worried, maybe it wasn't the E but a fever or something. I sat beside her and she leaned over and kissed me,

"Rich, I missed you so much, thank you for coming back to me."

"Gloria, I always been here I haven't gone anyplace."

"You've been here but your heart left me long ago, and look now its back thanks to Santa."

I couldn't argue with her and I wouldn't dare tell her it was only when I thought she was dead that I realized just how much I loved her. Therefore, I just held her close and as we kissed, I told her I was glad to be back.

It didn't take long for the phone to charge and lucky for us the emergency operator recognized the cabin by my description and we had EMTs on the scene within an hour. They airlifted Gloria to the nearest hospital and I arranged to pay for the damages I caused to the cabin.

After our ordeal was over and both of us safely home, I had time to reflect on our ski trip. If I allowed myself to think of the reason for our excursion in the first place, then I'd have to say it was a success. We were no longer just married people we were back to lovers. Admittedly, our lovemaking was slowed down due to Gloria's broken leg but we were still like teenagers, we just couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

So, can we give credit to Santa Clause as my wife says or was that night merely the hallucinations of Ecstasy and trauma? If you think I'm going to argue with my wife you're crazy, still who am I to say whether we had a miracle on that cold Christmas Eve. No matter how it happened, I'm thankful for the result.

For all you people out there living in a loveless marriage wondering what went wrong, let me tell you not to give up. If you were happy at one time, there's a chance you can repair your relationship. The only advice I can give is not to let it go to a life threatening situation before you realize what you might lose.

As for us the one thing I can guarantee, is that we will now have a Christmas tree every season, oh yeah and no more ski trips.

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