tagNonHumanA Slave for Halloween

A Slave for Halloween


Christina had this fantasy for years about being gang-banged on Halloween by a Satanic cult. She wasn't sure exactly how or why she started having this fantasy, but she was attracted to the darker side of life, although her life was anything but dark. Christina was a librarian at the library in her hometown. She was about to turn 30 and lived alone with her cat--black, of course--named Damien. Christina didn't date very often and she didn't have a steady boyfriend. It wasn't that men found her unattractive as she had a number of men tell her over the years how good-looking she was. Her problem was that she was painfully shy and she didn't know how to break out of her shell. But soon, soon all that would change on Halloween.

Christina had heard a rumor floating around town about a Satanic cult that would meet periodically at this old, abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. Christina wondered if this Satanic cult would be meeting on Halloween which was just a few days away (if there was such a cult in town, that is).

Tired of being a "good girl" and always playing it safe and by the rules, Christina decided it was time for her to break out of her shell. So, on Halloween night, she planned to go to that old, abandoned mansion--which was also rumored to be haunted--and find out for herself if there really was a Satanic cult in town that held regular meetings there. Like she did when she was a little girl, Christina bought a costume at the local costume shop to wear on Halloween night. When Halloween finally approached, she excitedly put on her costume in her bathroom with her cat Damien watching her every move.

The costume was, appropriately enough, a little girl's outfit complete with hip-hugging shorts, knee socks, white girlie tennis shoes, and a white short-sleeved top with little pink bunnies pictured all over it that left her midriff exposed. She tied her long blonde hair into two pigtails that stuck out on the top of her head and penciled in these little freckles all over her cheeks with her eyebrow pencil to make her look more like a little girl. She slipped on her black wire-rimmed glasses and checked herself in the mirror. She smiled when she saw how cute and sexy she looked in her little girlie outfit. She turned to her cat who was still watching her every move as she held out her arms to the side and said, "So, Damien, how do I look?"

Her cat just stared at her gazingly and let out a tiny meow in response to her question.

"Yeah," she said, gazing at herself in the mirror one more time and nodding her head, "you're right. I do look sexy, don't I?"

Damien was quiet as a church mouse as his master skipped into the kitchen to add the finishing touch to her costume. She opened the door to her refrigerator and grabbed the lollipop she had bought to go with her costume. She unwrapped it and began sucking on it to make herself look even more like a little girl. She headed for the door, said bye to her cat and walked out to her car.

After waving and saying hi to her cranky elderly neighbor Jim who was out walking his dog to try to scare the trick-or-treaters away, she got in her car while Jim stood in his front yard lewdly gawking at the way she was dressed like he really wanted a piece of that fine young ass (if he were only a few years younger, that is!) and drove to the mansion to see if all the rumors she'd been hearing were really true (and hopefully maybe get a chance to live out her gang-bang fantasy!).

The streets were littered with young trick-or-treaters with their frustrated parents in tow as Christina drove out of town. She pulled up in front of the supposedly haunted mansion and switched off the car ignition. Before getting out of her car, she gazed up at the old, spooky-looking mansion. A chill ran down her spine as she started having second thoughts about going into the mansion. No, she decided firmly, she was going into that mansion the way she had planned regardless of how scared she might have been. She reached into her purse and took out the small flashlight she had brought with her. She then slowly, frighteningly, got out of her car and started creeping towards the mansion. She held the flashlight in one hand and her lollipop in the other as she shined the flashlight around to see if there were any other cars parked outside. There wasn't. Strange, Christina thought to herself. Maybe the rumors she'd heard about there being a Satanic cult in town really weren't true after all.

Feeling somewhat disappointed, but still a little frightened, Christina boldly decided to go ahead and venture inside the mansion to see if the rumors about it being haunted were in fact true, which they probably weren't, so the night wouldn't be a total bust. She opened the huge front door to the mansion and nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard it creak loudly open. She shined the flashlight in the darkened mansion and ventured inside.

"Hello?" she called out in the darkness, hearing her voice echoing as she was walking around inside, "hello, is anybody in here? Is anyone home? Hello!"

When she was certain there was no one else in the mansion but her, Christina decided that maybe it would be a good time for her to leave and not press her luck any further. However, as she began to turn around so she could leave the mansion, the gigantic front door closed without her touching it or even being near it. In a moment of panic, she accidentally dropped both the flashlight and her lollipop on the floor where they both busted into a million pieces. She was now standing frozen in fear in the middle of the completely darkened mansion.

She thought that perhaps she could feel her way in the dark to the front door that had inexplicable been shut seemingly on its own, but she was too scared to move or to even breath, for that matter. Then suddenly, as if she wasn't terrified enough, a bright light shined down on her from the ceiling. She looked up and squinted her eyes to see where the light was coming, but she couldn't see any kind of light fixture anywhere on the ceiling. It was as if the light was coming from nowhere, but that couldn't be possible, Christina thought. Or could it?

Christina's heart was thumping inside her chest as she gazed around her in terror wondering just what in the hell was going on here. Suddenly, as if things couldn't get even more horrifying for her, a group of hooded men wearing long black robes appeared from out of the darkness and stepped into the light. They formed a circle around her and stood away from her as if they were waiting for a command from some higher, eviler power. Christina tried, but she couldn't make out any of their faces. It was almost as if their faces were a blur like they didn't have faces to begin with. Could it be that they were the Satanic cult she'd been hearing so much about in town? Christina wondered as she stared around in horror at the half-dozen or so hooded men who were encircling her.

"Wh-who are you?" she managed to say to them despite of her overwhelming fear.

The men continued to stand in silence, neither of them answering her question. Then suddenly, as if on command, they opened their robes and exposed themselves to Christina. Christina was both surprised and shocked--not to mention a little turned on--to see that none of them were wearing anything underneath their robes. Their penises were already fully erect and throbbing as their bulging organs were sticking out of their lengthy robes.

Another thing that Christina couldn't help but notice about these men as they were standing before her was that they all smelled of . . . brimstone. But how could that be? she wondered again, though she didn't have too long to dwell on this as the group of men quickly approached her and descended upon her, tearing her clothes right off her body until she was completely nude. The masked cultists were touching and grabbing her all over her body. Christina shrieked and yelped as she felt a series of hands and fingers groping every inch of her now-nude body and probing every orifice. Christina's fear soon changed to unbridled lust, however, as she felt fingers and tongues inserting into her vagina, making it wet and swollen in the process.

She clutched at the faceless men who were feeling her up and inside her body and moaned with an immense pleasure she had never known before. Next she felt their teeth biting and nibbling at her flesh, paying particular attention to the soft, tender flesh of her small, pert breasts and nipples, which had become as erect as their penises. Christina was in sheer ecstasy for this is what she had been wanting, what she had been lusting after, for so long. She wondered with great anticipation what they had in store for her next.

Then, as if they were reading her lusty thoughts, all of the men backed away from her. Christina watched them back away from her with a bewildered expression on her face wondering why they had suddenly stopped what they were doing. But then she smiled wantonly as she watched every man reach down and grab their erections, pointing them directly at Christina. They still uttered not a word, but Christina knew what they wanted her to do. She knew.

Christina got down on her knees in the middle of the circle the men had formed around her. They stepped forward and thrust their exceptionally long and hard penises in her face. Christina grabbed the first two cocks she saw and put a third one in her hungry mouth. She took turns sucking each one of the masked men off and the ones she wasn't sucking off she was taking turns beating them off with a cock in each hand.

Christina had never given a man head before--much less a whole group of men!--but one couldn't tell by the exuberant, passionate way she was blowing each man standing before her waiting their turns for their slave to suck them off. While she has never given out any blowjobs before, Christina had had sex before but only with a handful of men. However, she would more than make up for lost time on this Halloween night!

Like they had done before, the men stepped away from Christina while she was still blowing and fisting them. Christina wondered once again why they backed away from her so unexpectedly and abruptly, especially since neither of them had orgasmed yet. She was perplexed even more as she watched all but one of the men step out of the light and back into the darkness.

The man who had stayed within the light with her laid down on the dirty wooden floor on his back, pointing his mammoth erection up in the air. He continued to remain silent as he and his fellow cultists had been doing since the moment they had joined her in the light, but, judging by the way he was holding his dick upward, Christina again knew without him having to say a single word to her what he wanted her to do. She smiled another wanton smile as she got up from the floor and walked over to him. She lowered her body down and straddled his cock. This man had by far the biggest prick of all of them, which was more than likely the reason why he stayed behind so he could fuck her, or, rather, she could fuck him.

In any case, she was having some difficulty sliding his massive schlong into her still-tight vagina, though, with a little extra effort, she eventually managed to get it all the way into her pussy without too much trouble. She placed her hands on either side of his hooded head and gazed down at his well-covered face and rode him like a horse. He was certainly hung like one! Christina thought rather amusingly to herself. However, her amusement would be short-lived as she immediately felt something poking her anus. She looked over her shoulder and saw one of the other hooded men on his knees behind her attempting to penetrate her rectally with the bulbous head of his cock.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she frantically asked the man, feeling the fear rising up inside of her once more.

The man was expectedly silent as he thrust his prong all the way inside her rectum with one quick jab. Christina cried out as she felt his cockhead pushing down her colon and past her sphincter. She had never been ass-fucked before, and this was definitely not part of her fantasy. She was even more horrified when she gazed behind her a second time and saw the rest of the men lined up behind their companion waiting their turn to fuck her in the ass. Christina didn't know how she was going to be able to handle all those cocks in her ass, but she realized that she didn't have any choice in the matter. As she kept riding the one man who had remained remarkably hard in spite of the intense pussy-beating she was giving him, she felt the other men pounding her ass harder and harder until it felt like her entire body was literally going to break in two.

She did feel relief, if only for a brief moment, whenever each man removed his rod from her intensely burning asshole so the next man could have his turn. The next man would get on his knees behind Christina once his companion stood up and got in back of the line to have another turn then he would practically ram his dick all the way up her ass. One by one each man took turns sodomizing Christina's virgin ass brutally and repeatedly. Some of the men grabbed and held on to her pigtails as they unmercifully sodomized her. However, much to her own surprise, Christina quickly found herself enjoying the immense anal assault these hooded men were giving her.

"Fuck me in the ass," she heard herself begging them. "Oh please, fuck me in my ass. Oh please, I'm begging you, fuck me. Fuck me!!"

Each man took many turns pummeling her asshole while she continued to sit and ride on the other man's cock before they finally, mercifully, stopped. Two of the men reached down and grabbed Christina by her arms and lifted her up off their companion's cock. They brought her back over to where she had been standing previously and made her lie down on her back. They all stood over her and proceeded to masturbate above her, aiming their flushed, engorged cockheads directly at her face.

Christina was amazed at how none of the men standing above her had made a sound of any kind the whole time they were gang-banging her just as she was amazed that she was never able to see any of their faces. They were even eerily silent now as they were beating themselves off as they still didn't make any noise, not even when they finally shot their loads down on her face. Christina closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to welcome their onslaught as gobs and gobs of thick, hot sperm covered her face and hair, a few stray drops hitting her neck and shoulders. By the time they were finished raining down their come on her, her head, hair and upper body were literally drenched in semen, making her look almost as white as a ghost from the neck up.

Christina, when she was no longer being pounded in the face by their jism, opened her eyes but found not only had the light disappeared but also found no one, not one single man, standing above her. It was as if they had simply vanished into the darkness from which they came. But Christina didn't mind for she was no longer afraid as she laid there in the darkness, come-soaked and blissful. She let out her tongue again and licked off every drop of the jizz that was plastered around her lips as she massaged her tender cunt with her fingers.

She laid there on the floor of that dark, abandoned mansion until she lost track of time. She wasn't sure if what had just happened to her on this Halloween night, the intense gang-bang she had just endured from the masked Satanists, had actually taken place or if it had all just been a figment of her oversexed imagination and if she had really let herself be gang-banged by a group of strangers who were checking out the mansion like she was and she just imagined them to be the Satanic cult she'd heard so much about and lusted after in her mind for so long.

As she was still trying to figure it all out, she decided it was time for her to leave the mansion and go back home, so she started to stand up and try to feel her way in the dark out of the mansion when she felt something lying next to her on the floor. She clutched it in her hand to try to make out what it was when suddenly the enormous front door of the mansion opened for no apparent reason, allowing Christina to see not only her way out but also allowed her to see what she was holding in her hand.

It was a long black robe with a hood attached to it.

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