tagBDSMA Slave Meets his Goddess

A Slave Meets his Goddess


He awoke from his long nap when the plane touched down, and felt his stomach tingle. It wasn't from the landing, though: after several months of chatting with his Goddess, today was the day he would meet Her. He shifted in his seat, the butt-plug becoming uncomfortable after several hours' wear, and waited impatiently for the plane to taxi to the walkway which would connect it to the terminal.

He imagined Her waiting in a corset and thigh-high patent leather boots with a small white sign inscribed "SLAVE" with thick black capital letters, and chuckled a little bit at the ridiculous thought. It was a well-needed laugh. He had been on the new masturbation schedule for about a month, and had been commanded to mail his copy of the key before getting on the plane, so, for the next two weeks, She would own him.. Completely.

Because his job required random urinalysis, She allowed him to keep a copy of the key. The only catch being, of course, that his webcam must be on all day, every day, with the key in full view, never knowing whether or not She's watching. And even though he would never dream of using it without Her permission, he could already feel the desperation building. "What if the key got lost in the mail?" he thought. "Would She make me a copy of Hers? What if She didn't release me at all, for the whole two weeks? What if.."

"the temperature is seventy-two degrees here in lovely Toledo, Ohio. We hope you enjoy your stay here, and thank you for flying.." It occurred to him then that the plastic lock had saved him from setting off the metal detectors, and made a mental note to thank Her for letting him carry the metal one in his carry-on.

He pulled his backpack down from the overhead bin and hurried down the corridor, almost running, but stopping behind a few old people, not wanting to knock them over. As he stepped into the bright light of the terminal, he glanced around, searching for Her. She wasn't there. Restraining the impulse to panic, he turned his phone on, and it said, "1 New Message – Goddess."

"You've probably just arrived and am wondering where your Goddess is, aren't you, pet?" She laughed. "I'm in the parking garage, section 5B, in the black Cadillac with its parking lights on. Hurry here when you collect your bags, and don't bother calling me back: my phone's turned off. Mmm, I'll bet you wish My little cock could get hard now, don't you, slut? I don't even have to see you to know that you're touching your cock tube in public, and you'll be punished when we get home." Click.

How did She know that his hand had brushed the front of his jeans, palm feeling the curve of plastic that had held Her cock flaccid for two weeks? He glanced around, and everybody else at the carousel was intent on catching their luggage. But he was so distracted by Her message that he almost missed his bag, catching it as it had almost passed the man standing to his right. "Sorry, Sir," he apologized, glancing around for signs pointing him to the parking garage. There were none. He had to ask directions from the clerk at the information kiosk.

She was a pretty young woman with black, curly hair and an olive complexion, and had either had her uniform custom fitted, or just had the perfect body for it. As she turned to ask the other clerk, he found himself getting annoyed that she was taking so long, instead of admiring her body, as any man his age might. "Just keep going straight, take a right after the McDonald's, and.."

He hardly waited for her to finish. "Thank you," he mumbled, hurrying through the crowded terminal traffic, feeling his thighs bump the thick plastic tube and ring holding it in place, and blushed, pressing the elevator button several times after he'd found the "Parking Garage" sign. People slowly filtered out of the elevator, and he bit his lip, watching the round clear plastic button glow behind the black 5, and rushed out when the doors opened. "5D," he thought, staring at the pillar, and kept walking.

After a few wrong turns and feeling lost for a moment, he found 5B, and almost immediately afterward, the black Cadillac with its parking lights on. He hurried to it, and walked up to the passenger's side. Just as he began to bend to look into the car, the trunk opened. He rushed back and dumped his backpack and suitcase inside, and closed it, walking back to the window. She held up a sign and opened the trunk again. The sign said, "Pants and underwear, too."

Now, blushing deeply, he glanced around and stripped his pants and underwear off, leaned over to drop them in the trunk, closed it again, and stood beside the window. Another sign: "Present My body." He spread his feet so that She would have a clear view of Her property, encased in clear plastic and dripping on the dirty concrete.

She made a turning motion with one finger, so he turned and bent at the waist, once more spreading his legs, grasping his buttocks to pull them apart, a hot, fresh rush of blood flowing to his cheeks as the base of the butt-plug became plainly visible..


The doors unlocked, and he let himself in.

He opened his mouth to ask a question, but She grasped his balls before he was able to speak. Despite the slender elegance of Her fingers and the soft, supple skin of Her hand, She had a firm grip. "To Whom do these belong, pet?" She wondered aloud, staring evenly into his eyes, holding them, daring him to answer improperly.

"To You, my Goddess," he replied, biting his lower lip as She began to squeeze, shifting slightly against the cool leather interior. Her gaze gave him chills, and She could see it.

"Were you given permission to speak?" She demanded, though never raising Her voice, and squeezed as hard as She was able, bringing tears to the eyes of Her slave. "At least he shaved properly," She thought to Herself. "He's already earned one punishment, and we haven't even arrived home, yet."

He panicked, then. Was he supposed to answer? "No, Goddess," he replied humbly. She nodded, noting with some distaste that there was already a thick string of precum on Her wrist, just above the thumb, which She brought to Her slave's mouth and he, apparently worried that he'd made Her angry, quickly cleaned with his mouth.

"Then W/we won't be having any problems. Unless you get more of this," She pulled her wrist away and started the car. "On my clean leather seats. Which reminds me: your first assignment is to milk your prostate," She began, glancing at the mirrors before pulling out of the stall, cruising in the downward spiral that would lead them out of the garage. "You haven't forgotten how, have you, bitch?" She glanced over at him and smiled softly, a sultry smile which, She knew, would get him to do anything She pleased.

"No, Goddess," he responded, adjusting his seat so that he was almost lying down, legs spread as far as possible in the discomfort of the front seat, and he licked two fingertips and began to work himself, the other hand beneath the head of the chastity device, cupped, catching the steady stream of fluid as She drove..

The longer he fingered his prostate, the more precum pooled in his hot little hand. Occasionally She'd look over to check on his progress, simply telling him "Swallow, slave," whenever She felt he had enough in his palm to have a decent mouthful, and feel it run down his throat. She was immensely pleased, of course, when She saw the clear fluid streaming from the open end of his tube turn milky white, then opaque white: not only were they nearing Her home, but he was almost finished with his task.

She drove through the nameless suburbs, and turned a corner into what seemed to be a pretty nice subdivision, before telling him any more about the "date" She had planned. "I'm trying out a new sub this evening. He's going to take me to a nice restaurant, and when we return, everything will be set. There will be candles lit, a nice Chardonnay on ice—which you, by the way, will serve—and if you're very, very good, I may let you watch him fuck your Mistress. Would you enjoy that, pet?" She purred, glancing over at his hand as She pulled into the driveway, and pushed the garage door opener.

"Yes, Goddess," he moaned, piteously.

"Good. Swallow. Then pull your fingers out of your ass, and suck them clean. You have much to do, this afternoon." The Ohio summer sky and clouds faded to black as the garage door closed, and She waited patiently for him to finish sucking on his fingers, pinching his cheek playfully but hard, leaving a bright white mark on his hot red cheek, which She then slapped a couple of times. "Done?"

"Yes, Goddess," he whispered, his voice charged with arousal and frustration, turning his face toward Her slightly.

"Then, what does a good slave do for his Mistress?" She wondered coolly, smiling for a second as She watched him get out of the car and quickly walk around the hood, wiping his hands on his hips as he moved, and opened Her door, helping Her out of the car.

"Get the lock out of your carryon," She commanded as she walked toward the door, locking the doors and opening the trunk with the remote, and waited patiently for Her (almost) completely nude slave to open the door to Her house. She watched as he snapped the second lock in place on his chastity device, and laughed softly.

When he arrived near Her and opened the door, She spoke again: "Draw a bath for me, find my massage oil, and have it ready by the bed—third shelf down in the tall dresser, where you'll also find the collar and lead I've chosen for you to wear. Finally, when you're finished, come and present yourself, on your knees."

"Yes, Godd—" She snapped her fingers and pointed, indicating that he was wasting Her time.

"I'll be at the computer, chatting with my new potential sub," She added, watching with a smirk as he paused, registering Her words, and then understanding them, and hurried upstairs to the bathroom.


After a few seconds he'd figured out how to work the bathtub faucet, and after a few more, had a nice, almost-too-hot bath running. He glanced around at the objects in Her bathroom, noting the shampoo, liquid bath soap and sponge, the color of the towels, letting the hot water run over his hand, ensuring that the bath would be the proper temperature for Her when She was ready.

In the meantime, he ran to Her room and found the items She'd asked him to find, first taking out the massage oil, and darting over to place it upon Her end table. Next, the thick black collar with the heavy steel rings, at the end of which dangled a small lock, which he placed around his neck, and locked in place. "Another tool my Mistress can use to help me serve Her better," he thought.

With that finished, he returned to the bathroom to ensure that the bath was coming along properly, testing the water with his fingertips. "Almost too hot.. but not quite. Perfect," he thought, smiling to himself as he waited for the bathtub to fill.

After a few minutes of watching the water, he turned his attention to the clear plastic tube that encased his cock, and marveled at the sheer power of it. Even the butt plug he's been wearing for several hours could be easily removed, if he wanted to, but didn't dare. The bath was nearly ready, so he turned the faucet off, and ran downstairs to his Mistress, who was sitting at Her computer chair.


She was fingering Herself through the fabric of Her slacks, which caused him to blush as he knelt, presenting himself carefully, knees spread wide, hands on his thighs, pelvis and chest out, back straight, and letting the lead dangle against the plastic of his cock tube. "Your bath awaits, Goddess," he intoned, voice laden with submission to Her, but She didn't seem to notice at first, typing a few sentences here and there, and then caressing Herself.

After a long moment he began to worry that Her bath would grow cold, but She took the lead in hand, following it to the end, and spoke a quiet command: "Turn. On your hands and knees."

Only then did She glance down at Her slave, admiring the curves of his slender, graceful body, the way the black collar and plug stood in sharp contrast to his pale skin, the way he quivered with excitement. She smiled softly and brought a hand down on his ass, leaving a bright red hand print. "Thank You, Goddess," he murmured.

She pulled a face. "No more of that, for now. I'll tell you to 'mind your manners' when I wish for you to resume. Until then, you will only speak when asked a direct question, and end your answer properly." She waited for a moment to ensure that he wouldn't speak, and then spanked his ass a few more times before standing—as if to reward him for being obediently silent—and leading him up the stairs, giving the occasional tug when he began to lag.

She led him into the bathroom, noting with a small smile that the surface of the water was letting off a hint of steam, certain that he'd drawn just the right temperature bath. "Undress me, pet," She commanded, using the same maddeningly nonchalant tone that She had used to tease him in the voicemail.

"I'll bet you wish My little cock could get hard now, don't you?" he remembered Her saying. As if in answer to his thought, just as soon as he had pulled Her shirt up-up-up, and away from Her arms, She grasped Her balls in a dainty hand, smiling sweetly. He paused, and closed his eyes. She squeezed harder, and his eyes flashed open. "Did I tell you to stop undressing me, pet?" She cooed, giving a vicious twist and squeeze, still holding Her property in that vice grip.

"No, Goddess," he whimpered, wrapping his arms around Her to, for the first time in his life, deftly unhitch the hooks that held Her lacy black bra in place. She let him guide her free hand through the strap, but didn't release his balls.

Instead, She wrapped Her free hand around the back of his neck and pulled his face near Her breast, whispering, "Worship your Goddess, slave." A hot, moist breath fell against Her skin, just before his lips began to kiss the soft, yielding flesh, tenderly, at first, and then still tenderly, yet with the unique passion of an owned lover, desperate yet gentle; greedy, yet mindful of Her.

She wrapped the black lace of Her bra tightly around his balls, and hooked the free loops on edge of his plug to ensure that it would stay put. Even as his mouth and tongue welcomed Her flesh, generally skirting the nipple, his hands continued to undress Her, unzipping Her slacks, fingertips dipping beneath the upper hem of Her pantyline, carefully, almost too slowly lowering the garments.

Suddenly, She placed Her hand atop his head and pushed him to his knees, pulling his mouth forcefully against Her hot, moist sex, the points of a couple of chastity keys digging into his cheeks as his lips closed around Her clit,' but She grasped his short hair masterfully and took a half-step forward "Your tongue is my soap while you are here, pet," She stated coolly, feeling his understanding make long, hungry caresses along the flush folds of Her labia.

But before he knew what was happening, She had grasped his lead, stepped over it, and turned, half-sitting, half-resting Her beautiful ass directly on his face. He closed his eyes, simply worshiping Her, making the moment last as long as he could by making the absolute most of it, savoring the sharp flavor, tonguing Her as though possessed.

And as soon as She'd rest Her full and luscious ass upon his face, She pulled away, leaving him feeling empty and a little bit distraught. He felt as though he might be getting an erection but, of course, the chastity device prevented it completely. She turned and placed one hand on his head, using him as a point of balance as She climbed into the water, lowering Herself, bit by bit, into the heat.

"Perfect, pet. Now, remember what I said about that tongue of yours being My soap?" She lifted Her foot from the tub, and pointed at it, and he moved instantly to the edge, leaning toward the sole of Her foot, licking it sluttily, sucking on Her heel, and the ball of Her foot, and Her toes, licking between them. Her body shifted forward a bit, and he lapped the flat upper part of Her foot also, up to the ankles, before being presented with the other, and licked it clean just as fervently.

She then snapped Her fingers and beckoned him into the tub with a gesture. Her cock twitched inside the chastity device, and then again as he lowered himself into the water which threatened to overfill the tub. She grasped his hips and pulled his slender body against Her own, digging her nails into his ass cheeks, pulling the smooth, round tube against Her clit,' and began to grind Herself down on it. She lifted Her arms, and pulled his face into the hollow beneath Her shoulder, grinding his face into Her smooth skin and musk.

"Bathe me, slut," She purred, Her voice low with arousal as She felt his mouth open, channeling the lust She had decided to save for Her pleasure two weeks ago. He lifted hands from the water, getting Her neck and chest wet, his tongue a paintbrush gracing Her perfect pale flesh. He moaned every so often as She ground onto the cock tube, carefully washed the expanse of sweet skin between Her underarm and breast, which he again worshiped with long, loving tonguestrokes, lifting the mound of flesh tenderly to lap the lowest curve, making absolutely certain that She is, perfectly, clean. He lingered at Her nipple and began to suck, but She snapped her fingers, indicating that he should move on. And he lapped at Her collarbone and breastbone, not hastily, not missing a bit, feeling wholly owned as She grasped the back of his head, and forced his face into Her other underarm, Her soft scent very nearly driving him mad, not to mention Her soft moans, or the fact that the powerful, relentless grinding of Her sex was causing Her balls to throb with a dull, painful ache.

She lifted Her hips slightly and took the very tip of the chastity device into Her pussy, still grinding, but as he finished cleaning Her breast, Her hands clamped down on his head, shoving his face into Her, forcing Her nipple and breast deep into his mouth, gagging him, and murmured, "Suck hard, my little bitch," arching Her back as he filled his mouth with Her, basically gagging himself with Her, moaning desperately as She brought the ache in Her balls to a sharp throb with those incessant, powerful downward grinds.

After a moment of this, She dug Her nails viciously into his back, leaving deep red claw marks as Her long moment of pleasure came, and again, and again, until She seemed sated, and tenderly pushed Her pet's face away from Her breast, handing him the shampoo before ducking Her head and hair beneath the water.

He rubs quite a lot of shampoo into his palms, and then into Her hair, quickly but carefully, making sure to grasp Her dark tresses above the tangles before pulling them out, and repeating the process with conditioner. Once he had finished rinsing Her hair, She informed him that he had only earned twenty cracks of the crop for doing such a poor job with Her hair. He paled. "..but My balls will be nice and swollen, pet. It will make me happy that My balls are nice and pretty. And that will make you happy, won't it, slave?" He blushed, and nodded obediently. "Yes, Goddess."

She chuckled, caressing his face softly with both hands. "Go to the cupboard and fetch the towels, pet, you'll find three nice, thick bath towels there. Dry yourself, so you don't get my floor all wet."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied. He fantasized about drying his Goddess for a moment and hesitated. She caught the meaning of it instantly, grasping his chin in one hand to slap his cheek several times.

"That's forty lashes of the crop, my little slut," She laughed; her beautiful face lit with amusement and happiness, and slapped his cheek one more time. "Now go. You're wasting My time." He nodded, and he slipped from the bathtub, over the floor mats and tile, quickly opening the cupboard door to retrieve the towels. He dried himself quickly, and then the puddles he left on the floor, and knelt at the edge of the tub, so that She could use his shoulder--and then his head--to climb out of the tub. "Now, pet, dry your Goddess," She commanded, Her voice calm and smooth, almost cooing, yet infinitely commanding.

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