tagBDSMA Slave To Politics Part 8

A Slave To Politics Part 8


God I need this vacation. It’s been almost three years since my last, and to quote the rock band Boston, "It's been such a long time, I think I should be going', yeah!"

The relationship between Brittany and me seems to be taking a turn for the better. I believe that under the super-smart, manipulative veneer is a lonely little girl whose maniacal behavior is merely a coping mechanism. She still toys with me at will, but I feel her expressing more compassion and tenderness recently, which I desperately need after all I have been through.

All day yesterday I was allowed to catch up on my sleep (though I was locked to the bed with a collar and chain), as Brittany shopped for new clothes for both of us. We went out for dinner without any teasing or sexual behavior what so ever. This morning she even packed suitcases for both of us while I relaxed in a hot bath.

We rushed out to the airport without eating breakfast. I knew we were going to a resort, but she waited until this morning to pop the surprise. We are reclining in our first class seats on our way to a secluded (and expensive) Mexican Spa. It is extremely hot there this time of the year, so we are both dressed in short, yet respectable sun dresses with 2 inch heeled sandals. Of course, I am completely naked underneath, which I have never really gotten used to.

As we clear the clouds and jet through the bright blue sky, I feel Brittany’s breath on my ear. “Lift up your dress and sit your tight little naked bottom on the seat.” I look over to see a wry little grin on her face, and I know that the game is on. Already feeling a surge of sexual lust, I do as she requests.

“Play with your cunt, my pet. I want to see you get steaming hot for me. You do not have permission to cum. Here is a blanket,” she whispers as she covers me from the hips down. As trained, I immediately reach down and play with the naked lips of my sex. I tickle my labia and draw light lines from my cunt to my puckered hole. I touch my clit and rub it in light, slow circles. It has been a few days since I have had any sexual stimulation, so I am surprised by how powerfully my sexual need has hit me.

My nipples become little bullets tenting my dress. My breathing becomes a little ragged and my body temperature warms dramatically. As I build up to orgasm I realize just how much higher I must now climb to reach the peak. My entire body is shaking as I reach the fine edge of a climax. I am even a bit dizzy as I reluctantly move my hand away from my clit and down to my drenched lips. I toy with my ass, as Mistress has taught me, helping me maintain most of my lust while allowing me to back off the edge just a little. My hips rock in tiny thrusts as I reach for my clit again. I can feel the sweat bead on my forehead.

For over two hours, I repeatedly bring myself to the edge of orgasm. I know the seat had to stink of sex; thank God the blanket was there to mask most of the odor. I was so preoccupied that I skipped lunch. When nobody was looking, Brittany would occasionally reach over and pinch one of my incredibly distended nipples, causing me to stifle a squeal. The denial was torture, but it was a familiar place that felt strangely comfortable.

“You may stop now. Go freshen up and find a way to clean your smelly seat. And put these in your cunt,” she whispered. She hands me a set of ben-wa balls. It is these demands that bring back the feeling of humiliation and submission. Somehow, I had to clean up the drenched seat without being noticed, and slip these devilish little balls in my vagina.

I lean forward and use the blanket to dry off the seat, as well as my drenched thighs. I tuck the blanket under the seat and walk to the restroom. The mirror tells me the truth. I look like a horny slut, dying for a chance to orgasm at the whim of my Mistress. Feelings of self-pity mix with my extreme lust to cloud my head. I squat down and roll the balls into my sopping cunt. All I can truly concentrate on is the throbbing of my swollen clit. I press down on my nipples to try to relieve the swelling, but without luck.

After landing, we are met at the gate by two distinguished gentleman in chauffeur uniforms and a lady in a professional business suit. With the greetings out of the way, we are escorted to the baggage claim, where the two men grab our luggage and lead us out to the stretch limousine. They stare at my large nipples pushing out the fabric of my dress. I have to squeeze my vaginal muscles to keep the balls from falling out, which only causes them to hit each other and vibrate. I am in a daze, fighting to keep this orgasm from washing over me in front of these people. As we drive towards the coast, the woman pulls out her clipboard and starts asking me a series of questions.

"Have you had anything to eat since midnight?"

"No," I say. I feel the feathery touch of Brittany’s finger on the back of my neck.

"Are you allergic to any medications?"

"No," I say distractedly.

"Are you taking any medications now?"

"No," I frown. What's with all of these medical questions?

"Who should we contact in the case of any medical emergencies?"

Brittany pipes in, "The will be me."

"Please sign the consent forms," requests the lady.

Brittany whispers into my ear, "Don't worry, my pet, I forgot to fill out your medical history for the spa. It’s just a formality. Just sign the forms and we will be set."

I try reading the forms, but they are written in Spanish. Besides, all I can think about is how these balls vibrate every time we hit a bump, pushing me a fraction of an inch closer to a mind-blowing cum. I look at the comforting smile on Brittany's face and I sign the forms.

30 minutes later, we pull up to a luxurious building, set on a hill overlooking the ocean. I can feel the warm ocean breeze blow up my dress and onto my wet pussy as we step out of the car.

"Shall we get started immediately? Please follow me," states the woman as she walks elegantly down a series of hallways. Brittany explains that we must take a physical before we can take part in any activates. We enter a plush room, were the woman signs us in and escorts us to an examination rooms. She instructs me to take off all of my clothes and put the gown and slippers on. She tells me to drink the little cup and to lie down on the gurney that sits in the middle of the room. She leaves as I change into the gown.

Brittany instructs me to remove the ben-wa balls, lick them clean and place them in her hand. I am so horny that I can barely think. I remove the balls and pop each in my mouth, tasting myself in the process. I dab my hairless pussy with tissues, then down the contents of the cup and lay down on the bed.

Within a few seconds, I am woozy and I can't find my speech. I try picking up my arms, but I find them extremely heavy. My head keeps twirling, faster and faster, and I feel like I am falling into a hole. I finally black out.

When I wake up, I am lying in a private room with large windows overlooking the shore. As I gain my senses, I witness the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. My body is sore, as I start moving a bit. Brittany sees me stir.

"Nice to see you back, pet. I bet you are wondering what happened."

I nod my head.

"I love you so much that I wanted to give you a gift. Let me explain. You have been such a good little slave, working so hard. It was inevitable that when you lowered your body fat, you would lose some of the mass in your breasts. So I did you a favor to remedy the problem," she says as she approaches my bed. Her hand cradles the back of my neck and she lifts my head up, while her other hand pulls my blanket down to my waist. I gasp at the sight.

"I have bought you breast implants. Almost a full DD. You can't see them now because of the bandages. They will take several weeks to heal. But we can take off the dressing tomorrow."

I am dumbfounded. My gown tents up into a mountain of material on my chest. She changed me! Without my permission! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider getting implants. My C-cups have always been large enough, and if anything, looked larger against my newly conditioned torso. But this? My God, DDs are huge. What will people think?

Brittany is apparently enjoying my expressions of astonishment and anguish. She gently lowers my head back to the pillow and strokes my hair as a wave of tears roll from my eyes. The feeling of humiliation and helplessness roars like the winds of a hurricane. I slip back into sleep from exhaustion.

Waking up hours later, I am lying in a private room, with Brittany working on a laptop. I am groggy and sore. I look down at my huge chest and my heart falls again. I can't control my thoughts as I picture myself walking around on extremely high heels in skimpy little outfits, with my breasts sticking straight out. I will look like a fuck toy. I have been able to hide my new life from everyone so far. But I can't hide these. What am I going to do?

I notice that my pussy is getting moist again. I am such a slut, getting wet with the thought of me being a fuck toy. Brittany sees me move and immediately jumps to action. She reaches under my blanket and inserts the balls in my pussy again.

“There we go. With no TV, we need to keep you entertained, don’t we. Remember, you are not allowed to cum without my permission. I have set up the camera on this laptop, which will keep tabs on you while I go for dinner. Be a good girl and you will be rewarded.”

She emerges from the bathroom dressed in an evening gown that hugs her every curve and makes her look amazing. My pussy stirs as I see her prance around in front of the mirror, knowing the effect she is having on my libido. Then she is off, and I left to stew in my juices and stare at the mountain that sits upon my chest. I sleep on and off throughout the rest of the day and night, and well into the next afternoon.

Brittany wakes me up, takes out the ben-wa balls and forces me to lick them clean. I eat the lean lunch provided while she instructs me to be a good girl for the Doctor or I will be punished. My chest feels heavy and a bit uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as yesterday. I get dressed in my robe with nothing on underneath but the bandages and the thong panties that my Mistress gave to me. The robe can’t even close around my cleavage. I am mortified.

A very distinguished looking English doctor visits with me. I remove my robe, leaving me nearly naked as he removes my bandages. I turn to the mirror and am amazed with the size of my breasts. Although my old breasts never really sagged before, these new ones sit up perfectly on my chest. They look huge on my strong, slim, fit body. I look like a life-sized Barbie doll, but with two melons for breasts. I am some kind of living, breathing wet dream. I run my hands over the tender flesh.

"We went through your belly button, so your are left with no scars. Your breasts will be tender for another few weeks. I want you to wear this special support bra, but if you don’t, make sure you where something with substantial support for the next three weeks. Your breasts will feel hard right now, but will soften and feel much more natural as the swelling subsides. Do you have any questions," The doctor asks as he finishes his examination.

As my fingers run over the surface of these large globes, I notice that my nipples are hard. "When do my nipples lose their erection?" I ask.

"They will stay like that," he says with a puzzled look.

Brittany interjects, "Don't you remember, dear. You love the look of erect nipples so much that you requested that they be modified to remain erect at all times. And it was explained in the consent forms that the side effect of the nipple modification is that your nipples will be hypersensitive, 24/7." She shows me the consent forms, written in Spanish, with my signatures and the signatures of a third party.

My eyes become wide and I was about to yell out my protest, but the look in Brittany's eyes told me to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I gently touch the nubs. A bolt of electricity shoots straight from my nipples to my clit, making it throb. God, they are hard and sensitive. I heart sinks as I realize that my nipples will poke through any shirt or blouse that I wear.

The Doctor helps me into this massive post-surgical support bra. However, once the Doctor leaves our room, Brittany orders me to take off the bra and put on the half-cup bra that she has in her hand. The cups are huge, yet they barely contain my swollen tits. My nipples are fully exposed over the edge of the cup.

"Vacation is over for you. It's back to work. Remember the rules, slut. Now stand still, with your hands locked behind your neck. Let me play with my new toys."

She uses that vaunted feather-like touch to feel up the swollen mounds, occasionally brushing over my extremely sensitive nipples. I moan like a whore and become wet quickly. She takes her time, fascinated with her new playthings and examining them with a child-like glee. I feel a wave of humiliation wash over me as the thought of being her lesbian fucktoy slut rolls repeatedly through my mind. My panties become soaked as she keeps toying with my nipples. Being fully erect, they are finally in proportion to my breasts. But they seem much more sensitive, which is not necessarily a good thing. Each touch sends signals straight to my growing clit. My excitement is nearing its peak, and I am amazed that I am close to cumming from nothing more than nipple-play.

After more than hour of this teasing, she is ready for more. "On your knees, pet. It is time for you to start paying back the favor,” she coos as she pulls open her robe to expose her naked body. The workouts have done wonders for Brittany. She now has a hard, lean, smoldering body that is completely hidden in her everyday outfits.

I drop to my knees and give her wet little pussy a lick. She stops me. "You will be punished. I did not give you permission to lick me. Grab hold of the bed while I administer your spanking."

"Please don't. I will be good. I promise," I beg, even while I bend over as I am told. It has been 8 days since my last spanking, but it feels like a year. I quiver in fear as she grabs the brush from my bag.


"One. Thank you, Mistress"


"Two, Thank you, Mistress"

The smacks keep coming. I start to cry from the pain at number 20. I am a blubbering idiot by number 60. I collapse on number 73. Brittany allows me to recover, then orders me to kneel in front of her again.

"Lick me, my fuck toy. Now!"

I go to work on her shaved slit. I pay special attention to her asshole and her clit, swirling my tongue in little circles and slowly bringing her to the crest of her orgasm. Then I eat her to another. And another. My own pussy is screaming for attention and throbbing in pure need.

After catching her breath from her last orgasm, she gets up and walks to one of the suitcases. From my knees I see her displaying a bikini, with a full support bra and a tiny, tiny thong. I catch my breath as she hands it to me and orders me to get up and put it on.

The bra is white and reinforced with an underwire support. My new, swollen tits spill out over the top and I struggle to it to try to hide my areolas. The bottoms are also white and are so small that anyone who has not completely shaved their pussy would show pubic hair. You can clearly see the outline of my engorged labia. She tosses me a pair of high-heeled platform sandals to complete my outfit.

I can't help but marvel at Brittany in her sleek leopard-skin tank-top bikini with thong bottoms. Brittany turns me towards her and slides her hand under my bottoms and rubs my bulging clit. She keeps this up until I am whimpering in need and close to the edge. She then stops, pulls her fingers out of my wet snatch and feeds me her fingers.

I catch a glimpse of the two of us in the full-length mirror, which is attached to the door. My breasts look monstrous. They are bulging obscenely out of my top and my nipples are prominently on display. My bottoms are so skimpy that I can see a little of my moisture seep through. Brittany's manipulations caused the bottoms to move down a little, exposing the top of my slit. I pull up the strings on my hips to stretch the fabric to cover my charms.

"You look smoking, pet. You look like the perfect bimbo fuck toy," She smiles as we leave the room.

(To be continued)

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