A Slave to the Servants Ch. 34


Evan's cock started to twitch on my tongue. Bane's thoughts were more than he could handle. The long shaft was pressed as far as it could go into my throat and I felt it start to pulse. I held my breath until Evan pulled back. I nursed the salty spray from his cock and tasted his essence with relish. Above me I watched his eyes almost glow as he watched me savoring him. No one else had ever done that for him and it almost made him hard again.

The mental masturbation Bane had started was pushing Kein over the edge, just as it had done with his Brother. Kein's strong hands gripped my hip as he allowed himself to peak. His fingers dug into the soft flesh, as he buried himself and moaned loudly. I looked back and watched him shudder.

Their pleasure was erotic and my pulse sped up as I licked the taste of Evan's cock from my lips.

"Do you want to come around my shaft?" Bane whispered in my ear as two of his thick fingers slid easily into my ass. "I want to bend you over and fuck you until you are stretched completely around my cock. My Brothers are going to play with your clit and twist your nipples until you scream for us."

The power of the joined mind was hypnotic and the picture Bane painted was too much. I slid off the rock and stood in the water as it lapped at my thighs.

"Take what you want," I told him seductively as I leaned over with my hands on the warm stone.

Bane moved like lightening. One moment he was beside me on the stone, the next he was behind me. The thick head of his cock prodded my wet cunt and then he slid home.

"You promised me an orgasm," I whispered in a moan as he slipped in and out of my liquid heat.

Breath on my ear made me squirm against him as he answered.

"I promised to make you cum around my shaft in your ass," he said slowly withdrawing himself, "and I can stay hard as long as this takes," he continued to whisper.

I shuddered as the thick head was pressed against the tight star. Bane was slick with the wet mixture his Brother had left. I felt him press into me until his hard pole popped inside. He went so deeply I felt as though I would burst. My eyes shut as I reveled in being filled by him.

A hand slipped over my mons and Christof's fingers started to strum lightly over my clit. My body was hypersensitive and any more pressure than Christof used would have hurt. These men, my men, knew how to please me, though. The light glide of fingers over flesh left me nearly begging him to finish me.

Kein's fingers began to fondle my engorged teats as Bane slipped into and out of my body. The light stroke over the firm flesh of my breasts, occasionally brushing my nipple was absolutely unnerving. It felt like I was drowning in sensation.

My hips started to quiver and twist in Bane's grip, but he wouldn't let me get far. Strong hands forced me to stay still and take him all with each plunge. He buried his shaft each time until his balls slapped my pussy with each thrust. Behind me I heard his breathing speed up as he sprayed himself deep inside my body.

I thought I had won the little contest we were having and then I realized I had not. Bane could stay hard as long as he wanted. He wasn't sensitive like Damien. He rested a mere moment before continuing to fuck me in the water.

"Don't hold back," Evan murmured in my ear before attacking my neck with his lips. "Bane won't stop until he sees what he wanted to see."

The image of me Bane had in his mind was absolutely out of control. Again I felt myself start to rise above the plateau, twitching against their relentless stimulation. In my mind I felt the pleasure Bane was getting slipping into and out of my loosened ass. He could spend all day with his cock wrapped in that hot channel. My own body tipped over the edge in response to him.

The tingling started behind my eyes as my body exploded around Bane. I would have screamed, but Damien's tongue in my mouth stopped me. Sucking madly at the lead Brother's tongue, I felt Bane withdraw and knew he was getting the show he had planned. My lower half was gripping futilely on air before Christof grabbed my hips and filled my gasping cunt with his staff.

My friend did not last long. He buried his face in my neck a moment later as he spasmed behind me. Watching his Brothers had made him nearly crazy with anticipation. His orgasm was short and powerful thanks to his Brothers' game.

Damien had also had enough of waiting. Once I was done with Christof, Damien asked that I sit on a low rock shelf. While the warm water soothed my messy lower half, I sucked Damien's long staff until he spent himself between my lips. Once he was done he virtually fell into the water beside me, panting.

All of us sat in the warm, dark area for a while recovering. This unplanned interlude had left us all breathless.

My family and I slipped out of the water after washing ourselves knowing we were going to be a little late for the morning meal. It had been worth it. I dried and dressed quickly, smiling at my family the entire time. I had truly enjoyed this stolen moment.

The dining hall was packed by the time we got there. We took our meal with Basin's family today.

"There is to be an announcement after the meal," Basin informed us.

Everyone at our table was already aware of what was going on. By the strange energy in the room, so was most everyone else. There were certainly no secrets in this camp and this was no exception.

We stood in the main hall after the meal, all of us, every man and woman in the camp was present. Hassar spoke and Gunth spoke and the story they told was terrifying, even though I'd already heard it.

The planet was going to be attacked, there was no question about it. Warships were waiting and hiding. Everyone that observed them was sure they were gathering their forces and planning an offensive very soon.

"They will steal from the land," Gunth said standing on stage and speaking into the thing that amplified his voice. "They will kill those of us that stand in their way. The weak will be taken as slaves."

The men in the hall called out loudly. The women made growling sounds that reverberated off the very walls. No one in this camp was going to give up if those were our options.

"We could hide," Gunth said and the room roared again as he smiled and raised his voice, "but we will not! We will fight for our rights to stay here and be free!"

"I will not be a slave again!" a man called out from up front. "I would die first!"

The room seconded that statement. Gunth raised his hands and asked for silence before he spoke again.

"We have great weapons," he announced, "but they will not protect all of us. Some of you will die, many of you will suffer. Is this the choice you all make?"

Had our home not been a literal mountain, the wall would have shook with the battle cry. That was the choice we made and we would see it through to the end. We would not give up.

Gunth had a plan already in the works. From what Tosu had said the women would not remove men from the compounds. They thought they could protect them. Gunth and his Brothers thought the men would need more help than that.

The male Administrators divided the men into teams as Hassar divided the women. We had to help defend the ore in the mountains and stop the massacre that was sure to happen at the compounds. This camp was near two different compounds and we vowed to protect them both. It would take careful organization to make sure that happened.

Damien and his Brothers volunteered to defend the Barnas compound. My men were put on the rotation roster and I was slated to stay here and help with preparation. I noted that both Hannah and Kennedy were assigned to stay close to the Barnas compound.

"Come on," Armant said walking by and getting my attention, "we need to get to work. If men are going to be living away from camp, we have to send them with supplies."

It was an insanely busy day. Damien and his Brothers packed bags and loaded a transport. They were gone with a large contingent of men by the time the sun was midway through the sky. They would sit in the caves beneath the land in preparation for an attack.

I barely caught up to my daughters before they left on their assignments. Hannah was still angry with me and only begrudgingly accepted my hug. I saw the anger in the fierce line of her brow and the thin line of her lips.

We stood in the garage and it churned with activity around us. This was not a good place for a long talk, but that was irrelevant. I had to let Hannah know I loved her, despite not understanding what had her so angry. If this world went to war, I had no doubt she would place herself on the front lines.

"Hannah," I begged, "forgive me for loving your father past all reason. I did not mean to upset you. I'm not even sure why you are upset. You know Damien cares for me. You told me you wanted us happy and together. I think your anger is misplaced."

Hannah's eyes darted left and right before she spoke quietly and in English.

"My Sister and I will be Administrators someday," she said without emotion. "I can't have everyone thinking I come from breeders that do not have good forethought. It would affect my selection. You act so rashly sometimes and you ignore the rules, they know I think like you do..."

I had not realized how driven Hannah was, but it made sense. She wanted to be in charge and take on leadership roles. I would never begrudge her those goals. I hoped one day she'd learn sometimes rules were meant to be broken, but I appreciated her conviction.

"You come from breeders that love each other very much," I said passionately while placing a hand on her arm. "Your parents are determined and nothing will stop them. We will not hamper your dreams, Hannah, I promise you. We just couldn't allow the Administrators' prejudices to continue to control us."

"The rules are important. Society's goals are important," Hannah said firmly and then looked at her Sister, "but I understand family must come first. I just wish you all had made your arguments, before..."

She wished we'd been up front with the Administration and I had to smile.

"Sometimes, Baby Girl," I said slyly, "it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Sometimes no one will believe the truth until they see it."

Hannah's face softened a little as she rolled her eyes and pulled me into a hug. "I love you, Mama," she sighed. "You are so stubborn. Now would be a bad time to further test the rules. Just please be careful. Try to stay safe."

Promising to be careful, I hugged my girls as I held back the tears. Kennedy and her Sisters approached and I was able to say good-by to them, too. In all honesty, both my daughters were as excited as their male breeders had been. None of them seemed that worried about what they were preparing to do.

"We all have communication pads, Mama," Kennedy informed me just before she left. "Use them sparingly, but contact us if you need to talk."

They were gone a moment later, springing into the air and flying off with bold strokes of their wings.

I couldn't stand and watch them dwindle to a speck as they flew boldly off. I turned away and hurried back to Armant's shop and found the Brothers just leaving. Today they would go to the fields and harvest. I would stay and do the work in the shop.

"You have become very slow in the fields," Armant informed me. "The other men thought you were merely getting larger. Now that we know you carry a new life, none of us want you beyond the safety of our camp. Females that are heavy with a child rarely spend much time outside the main camp. Their Sisters take up their responsibilities or they are shared by other females. You have no Sisters and you do men's work, so we will help you."

I had enjoyed the hard work in the fields, but the labor was quite taxing. Bending to pull weeds was very difficult and I was frequently out of breath. The inside work was still tiring, but it was easier to get done.

"If it is truly a female of T'vailk heritage," Reil continued, "that would be quite a unique thing."

The Brothers all agreed and I suddenly realized I had not asked Kennedy about that. In the rush to find out about the warships, I had not asked about the baby's parentage. My hands rested automatically on my large belly.

I smiled wondering if this was Kein's little one growing inside of me. Hannah had told us his line was from those strange, wild mountains. The girl in my stomach rolled under my hand as I thought about it. If she was his, I was sure this would be a wonderful, strong girl.

"T'vailk females are unique," Armant said knowingly, "we've never seen them, but we've heard about them."

The Brothers all agreed about the interest in my belly as they headed out. I wondered what that knowing comment referred to. I would have liked to have them stay and talk, but this was not a time for idle conversation. We had much to do and less hands to do it with. Taking my cue from Armant's family, I settled down to stitch as quickly as I could.

My family traveled far from me in the coming days. I felt the distance between us and it made me yearn for them. It was only the knowledge that they protected my precious boy that made it bearable. The little one inside of me craved contact with her male breeder. As the days passed I sensed her struggle to stay connected to him. Both of us missed them terribly.

Rose and I moved our things into the rooms our men lived in. Both of us worked to make the dwellings cozy for our families when they returned. We had faith they would come back to us. Even when our bond with them felt weak and fragile, because of the distance, our love for them was as strong as ever.

The little one in my belly was restless and upset with the loss of her male breeder. There were times we couldn't feel the men at all. She wanted him and his experiences, but that just wasn't possible.

I read all I could, whenever I could, but it wasn't enough. She wanted more than I could give on my own. I quickly found that while others could not completely satisfy her, it did tame the curiosity.

I sewed in the small shop all day, every day. When men came in I started to ask them for information. Anything would do really, it just had to be something I didn't know already. It quickly became a game in the camp to see who could give me the most amazing piece of new information. It was all I could do for my girl, but it seemed to partially satisfy her.

The men from the camp told me things I never would have thought to study. They taught me history and geography. Other days it was plant life and survival skills. It was all immensely interesting and I was grateful for the effort they put into soothing my growing daughter.

A moon passed and we knew the warships were still gathering above our heads. As a woman carrying a female, perhaps a very special female, I was not encouraged to go outside. Men and women talked about sightings of the crafts zipping through the sky. They may have been real or imagined, either way the stories were unnerving.

Everywhere I went, even though it was inside, I always went completely armed. The sword stayed on my left hip and the gun on my right. When we were attacked it would be everyone fighting. I was no exception.

I felt the men sometimes. My child and I relished the snatches of communication with them. They were restless and bored. Everyday they paced the underground tunnels keeping themselves ready in case of attack. As soon as the fight started they would spring from beneath the surface and protect the other men.

It was a long and frustrating wait and one day, it all changed.

The warships cut through the air on the day of the attack. We'd known they were gathered at the edge of our system of moons and weren't surprised when they blasted through our atmosphere. Still the sound was deafening and I cringed on the floor of the shop for a moment.

My training took over and I got up off the floor almost instantly. I had a station, just like everyone else. My job was to help any men that came back injured. I went to the area we'd set up and waited with Rose.

The "infirmary" was large, and took up a huge amount of space inside the mountain. The floor was covered in the raised warm stones the women liked to sleep on. Should a man be bloody or damaged it was believed the stones would be a superior place to put him and his family. The Healing devices were all set up and ready for us to use. The few men we had left here that were considered Healers were ready for anything, but nothing came.

The sound outside was distant and far away. I ended up sitting on a large warm stone waiting. There was no attack where we were. The aliens either had not noticed the rebel camps or planned to take out the compounds first.

Beyond the mountains my men were fighting for their lives. They had burst from beneath the ground when the warships approached and started to fight back. Legions of Paterian men soared through the sky intent on defending their home planet.

In my mind's eye I saw flashes of the fighting. The transports sent from the camps moved in harmony with one another. It was as though the separate Paterian families were communicating and moved as one being to fight the invaders. I mentioned it to the men around me and they bowed their heads to the Great Harmonious Spirit.

This was a fierce world. The men were trained to fight and raised to do battle. The weapons the aliens brought were quickly evaluated and strategy for defense was decided upon. The shields Rue and his Brothers had developed worked perfectly.

The aliens shot at us with some sort of beam. The thing would explode on contact with almost anything, except the shields. The men on the transports raised theirs and deflected the beams to hit harmlessly in the desert. There were very few direct hits on the compound or the village.

The weapons Rue had developed using the ore were also very effective. They couldn't seem to breach the armor on the sides of the warships without three or four direct blows, but they could down one by aiming for their engines. Once on the ground, the warships could be targeted and destroyed.

Rue had several cannons developed that could actually project the ore itself. That cannon tore open an alien ship in one hit. The men were hesitant to use this powerful tool. If they missed the ore exploded pointlessly on impact with the ground. It was wasteful. That particular weapon was preserved and used only when they were sure of a direct hit.

All in all, Rue's weapons were disastrous for the aliens. The defense had been totally unexpected and it was effective. However, that wasn't to say there wasn't any damage on our side.

The women that owned men had been waiting above ground in the land surrounding the compounds. They didn't understand what the free men could do. Unfortunately, they put themselves between the rebel men and the aliens. Many of them were destroyed by the alien weapons before they realized that the rebels could defend themselves.

Unlike before, the ships the aliens had brought would not be bested by the women's native weapons easily. The slaving women were almost helpless before the onslaught. Had the rebels not been present, the world would have fallen within the first day cycle.

I sat in the quiet room in the camp and heard the commotion as my men did. Just like them I experienced the screaming wail of the dying women and the panic from the shopkeepers in the villages. None of it distracted my men, we had a job to do and it would be done.

The damage to the women was immense and we knew what it meant. Gunth sent out a plea. A second contingent of men was sent to the mountains. The women could fight the warships, but many were being lost in the process. We moved to defend them when it became apparent they would need us.

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