tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave under Contract Ch. 05

A Slave under Contract Ch. 05


Three weeks later, Eve came to pick me up from the poledance classes I'd been enrolled in. She watched as I and the other male slaves danced and gyrated, completely on show through the glass-fronted building that housed the academy. Hailey wanted to enter me into some amateur competitions -- I had no hope of winning, but I went along with it happily enough.

Spinning around the pole was the most liberating thing I'd ever done. The first time, in the club, the euphoria was down to the drugs my owners gave me, but in the classes it just came from the feeling of release. I was getting pretty good, flowing between the different positions, throwing myself into it, unlocking all the tension I usually carried in my body. Hailey had had a pole put in her room and I sent her into frenzies of lust with some teasing dances. She spanked me for the tease, but it was all part of the game -- it seemed to bring us closer than we'd been before.

When the class was finished, after a little applause, Eve locked my cock back up and leashed me, leading me along after her into an unfamiliar part of town. We'd partied all over Galos, taking in all kinds of clubs at night and unwinding on its beaches by day. Every so often, Eve took me to an art gallery or a museum, and we discussed what we'd seen over lunch. Hailey mostly went shopping rather than come with us, occasionally renting out a female slave so she could have some girly fun that way.

"Mistress?" I said, worried by the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Yes, slave?"

"May I ask where we are going?"

"You may. It's mandatory for you to have a medical once every six weeks. That's where we're going."

"Thank you, mistress," I said, relieved. I had nightmares where Eve suddenly sold me, and the slave markets were in this area somewhere. It made sense that slave medicals would happen around here too.

Slave medical centres are a little different from your average hospital. Like normal, this one had a large, gleaming white interior with nurses, doctors and porters going about their business. The building covered half the block, with all kinds of services on offer. There were different challenges in keeping different kinds of slaves healthy -- ponyboys and ponygirls needed footcare and muscle building, petmales and petgirls needed careful adjustments of the spine, while service slaves like me could need anything from branding to plastic surgery.

Eve took me to the reception and had them scan my barcode -- we were directed to a general waiting area in the main reception. It looked like I wouldn't need any of the clinic's more specialised services. I could see that none of the doctors were slaves, but a few of the more junior staff were -- men and women both. They wore clean medical uniforms but were collared and wore transparent skirts or trousers. Security guards stood here and there, keeping a wary eye on slaves like me -- patients who might protest if it turned out our appointment was for something unexpected.

Two such patients had been chained to eyebolts in the floor, their legs and arms shackled tight together. The slaveboy and slavegirl were both pale-skinned, with long dark hair and green eyes. They were pleading with their owner -- a temporary one, it seemed -- not to go through with the procedure she had planned for them.

"But mistress, please," said the girl, "I don't want to be a petgirl."

"You've got six weeks left on your contract with me and I'll do as I please with you. You never specified no petplay."

"I just didn't think to, mistress!"

"Nonsense, slavegirl. Your psychological profile is clear -- you'll make a fine puppy."

"I'm a human being!"

"You're a slave. My slave. You're doing this one way or the other, and you're already due a spanking for this show of disobedience. I can make it a whipping, every day for a week, if I have to."

"Please, mistress. Please let me at least be able to talk and use my hands!"

"Who ever heard of a petgirl who could do that? No, I've made up my mind. You'll be mitted and have your vocal cords altered. All temporary of course. No more protests -- slavegirl collar: mute."

The slavegirl suddenly found herself unable to talk, as her collar dampened down all the vibrations she tried to make in her throat. It seemed like the next time she heard her voice, the most she'd be able to do with it was bark or whine. My own contract means I can only serve as a fully 'human' service slave -- I didn't want to end up a petmale or ponyboy. The mistress looked down at the slaveboy she owned and tapped her foot.

"Well, slaveboy," she asked, "will you submit willingly?"

"I ... Do you really think I'll make a good pet, mistress?"

"A most excellent one, slaveboy. I'm going to have them lengthen your tongue, mitt your hands and even implant you a tail. Your knees will be altered so you can't stand and your back will be adjusted, just a little, so you can crawl comfortably."

"It's reversible, though, isn't it mistress?"

"Oh of course silly slaveboy. I'm paying upfront to have it all reversed in six weeks. I'd be breaking the law otherwise. Will you submit?"

"I ... will mistress. Will you still use my tongue as a petmale?"

"That's why I'm having it lengthened, slaveboy. You're going to learn all new things to do with it."

"Oh! Thank you, mistress," he replied, grinning now.

His owner muted him too and came and sat down by Eve. She looked me over with an appraising eye, her gaze lingering on my firm buttocks.

"Nice slave," she said, "had him long?"

"A little over a month," said Eve, "and thank you, he's been well worth what we paid for him."


"I own him with my sister, half each. He serves us both."

"Which of you does he submit more to?"

"I don't understand. We both own him."

"Yes, but, they can rarely submit equally to two women, it's a very uncommon trait. Does he favour one of you more than the other, obey more readily one than the other?"

Eve looked thoughtful but went silent; the other mistress decided not to press the issue.

"Why are you turning them into pets, if you don't mind the question?" said Eve.

"I want them to be pets and they belong to me. Their psych profiles say they'll do really well as pets, too. I'm doing them a favour -- they'd never have had the courage to try this without me making them, so now they get a few weeks to test out another way of life. Not everyone is so lucky, you know. And I'll take good care of them, don't you worry."

"I never doubted you would. Funny how you see things differently when you own someone."

"It certainly is."

A nurse appeared and called Eve's name, beckoning us to follow her through into the doctor's office. I crawled after her -- she had me on hands and knees again, and knelt down beside her while the doctor looked over my file.

"Standard slave check up?" she asked.

"Yes, please, and then one other thing," said Eve.

"OK, let's get these kneepads off, the gloves too, and please have your slave stand with his feet on the two red marks on the floor. Good boy, yes, just like that. Hands behind your head. Would you please remove his cage?"

I stood on display with an instant erection the moment the chastity cage was removed. The doctor flicked my hard cock, nodding to herself as my reaction met with what she'd expected. She took a quick medical history from Eve -- had I had any problems, how badly had they punished me, what kinds of wounds might I have suffered, how much stress did they put me under, how often did I go without sleep. Eve found some of the questions hard to answer -- she thought Hailey whipped me too much and kept me out too late.

While they were talking, the nurse took measurements with all kinds of instruments, feeding data back into a pad. She checked my body from head to toe, even looking in my mouth and running a finger around my anus. She presented the pad to the doctor then left the room, her part of the process over with. I carried on standing to attention -- I'd not been ordered otherwise.

"Don't worry about how hard you've been whipping him," said the doctor, "he can take it, and the nanites will heal him right as rain. There's no sign of permanent damage. Brain scan looks normal -- healthy and happy, no trauma. In fact he's in better mental health than his last checkups as a free man. Either he's a natural slave, you're doing something right, or his old life was really awful. Whatever you're doing, it's the right thing. Keep it up."

"What about endurance? Can we keep taking him out all night?"

"No reason why not. You're all young and fit. His health nanites will warn you if you push too far, but they'll cut in to stop that anyway -- essentially they'd sedate him. You're not in control of those -- your contract of ownership only goes so far."

"I see, I knew there were some safeguards, but thanks -- I feel better now."

"What was the other thing?"

"Oh, I'd like to increase his cock size, please. It's a 3 now but I want a 4.5. Here, I have consent from his other owner."

"No problem, I'll need to infuse some special nanites for this, directly into the area. Slave, lie down on the treatment bed on your back. Now put your arms in those shackles, and, good, you're locked down."

I was elated -- a bigger cock almost certainly meant Eve wanted to fuck me the old-fashioned way. I longed for her to take me inside her, to ride me to completion and then let me lick her clean. My mind was awash with images of me spread eagled and bound, while Eve towered above me, using me at her leisure or going as hard as she liked. I barely noticed as the doctor placed the hypospray on my cock, but I howled in pain as the special nanites infused through my skin.

"I'm sorry," said the doctor to Eve, "but you didn't ask for pain relief."

"I know, his other owner insisted on none."

"Well, the painful part's done now anyway. It'll grow over the next 24 hours, but please allow another 24 for him to heal afterwards. You can do whatever you like with him after that."

"Is the check done?" asked Eve.

"He's a fit and healthy slaveboy -- your contract is maintained and you'll need to get him checked again in six weeks or less. Will you be in Galos then?"

"I don't think so, but thank you. Come, Kier. Let's get your kneepads back on. Your cock cage too -- it still fits, but we'll get a bigger one later. Back to the hotel now, slave. If I can't have your cock I'll at least have your tongue."

"Yes, mistress!" I said. She walked us back so fast I could barely keep up with her.

In the hotel room, Eve slipped out of her clothes and I dived into her with my tongue. She shouted so loud when she came that I wondered whether the soundproofing would be enough. I pulled away but she brought my tongue straight back for a second helping. Something about manipulating my body had made her insatiable; it took three orgasms to calm her down.

"That was your best performance yet, Kier. Hailey and I are going out of town for a day -- we have university interviews. No slaves allowed -- we're supposed to show up and be judged entirely on our own resources. That means I have to leave you in the care of the hotel for a day. I'll be gone two days but Hailey will be back tomorrow. She'll fetch you then. Do be good for her."

"I'll miss you, mistress. But good luck. I'm sure they'll take good care of me here."

I wished she'd have warned me, but clearly I had to comply anyway.

"I'm paying them enough, so they'd better. I asked them to tell me all about how they store slaves -- you'll be paired up with one of the hotel's slavegirls overnight. Do what she tells you."

"Of course, mistress. The doctor said not to use my cock though?"

"Don't worry, slave. I'm keeping you locked -- no one will get near your new cock. That reminds me, Madame de Douleur had a new chastity cage couriered over. I'll have the front desk send it up and then we can take you down."

She drew me in close and kissed me softly, lingering over it for a long minute. Eve treated me in ways that Hailey could never imagine with a slave. She had tenderness where her sister only had demands. I wondered how they'd ended up being so different, then remembered my place. I was supposed to accept them both equally, as my equal owners. It wasn't slavelike of me to judge them. But then, I couldn't help it and every time I did, Eve came out on top. She was already my favourite owner.

Eve watched while one of the women who worked for the hotel locked me in their slave pen, in the basement beneath the foyer. She waved me goodbye and left me there, chained spread eagle to a wall. The room was lined with individual cages, large enough for a small bed, on which would sleep two slaves. They were placed all around the edges of the basement, with a separate bathroom to the side, and a large central area whose main furniture was cabinets full of whips and sex toys. Judging by the cameras in the ceiling, slaves held here were expected to put on a show.

"Slaveboy," said the hotel jailer, "while in the care of this hotel, you will follow the orders of staff or female slaves, subject to any limits specified in your contract. Your chains may be undone by any female but males will not be able to unlock you. Later today the slavegirls may use you sexually -- your owner negotiated a discounted storage rate by agreeing to this. Everything that happens in this room is recorded and available on our public feed -- if our viewers rate your performance less than three out of five, you will be caned. Any questions?"

"When do we get to eat?"

"When we bring you food."

"When will I be let down?"

"When a female chooses to do so."


"Slave collar: mute."

My jailer walked off without another word, leaving in me in the cells with a handful of other slaves. I watched a few of them fuck and play with each other, trying to distract myself from thoughts of Eve and Hailey. They had left me here, a plaything for strangers. Couldn't they have found someone they knew to take me? Did I mean so little to them? I tried to square it with how Eve normally treated me. Was this Hailey's idea -- a little cruelty just for the hell of it?

The slavegirls here seemed to have a pecking order -- long-term slaves on top and short-term slaves on bottom. Beneath those were all the males the hotel owned, some old, some young, but all lean and fit slaveboys with hard bottoms and nice cocks. A trio of slavegirls on a break sat on the faces of the slaveboys they supervised until they had each had their fill of orgasms; they didn't let the slaveboys cum, but they did give them points, which the slaveboys seemed pleased with. I watched enraptured as a young slavegirl, blonde, blue-eyed and innocent, took a flogger to an older girl, making her squeal deliciously.

The same blonde made her way over to me and introduced herself as Natalya, then without warning squeezed vicious clamps onto my nipples, added some weight to the chain that linked them, and walked away. If I hadn't been muted, I'd have screamed. The next half hour was excruciating as the clamps dug in and tortured me. One of the hotel cameras turned to me and zoomed in -- relaying my silent expressions of agony to anyone watching. I wondered if Eve or Hailey were even paying me any mind right now. I guessed they had other things to think about.

That half hour was amongst the longest of my life. I'd accepted being a slave by then, and couldn't object to my hairless naked body being locked to a wall, or to random acts of torture inflicted on me. But I was used to it being Eve and Hailey doing those things to me. They were who I'd submitted to, not some random hotel employees and the hotel's slavegirls. It stung me that my owners could just leave me like this.

I never even noticed a tall, curvy slavegirl approach me; but she got my attention by removing the clamps. Pain shot through them afresh as the blood started flowing again, but I mouthed a silent 'thank you' to her for taking the merciless things off. She smiled at me, a genuine smile of real warmth. She wore a corset with the hotel's logo on it, high heels, a collar and nothing else.

"I guess they muted you?"

I nodded.

"Too bad, I bet you have a cute voice. I'm Susie. I can't unmute you -- only the free employees can do that. I can let you down though, if you lick me in exchange. Would you like that?" I nodded. "You'll have to worship my pussy and arse in reverent silence, then."

Susie unchained me and let me get the feeling back in my arms and legs by doing some starjumps for her, giggling as my cock and balls bounced up and down. Clipping a leash to my collar, she led me over to some cushions on the otherwise bare floor and lay down on them, on her back. Spreading her legs, she clicked her fingers and pointed at her pussy. I needed no other orders, and planted my face in her hairless crotch. The hotel's slaves were all completely bare.

Susie grabbed thick handfuls of the hair on my head and held me fast against her, pressing my tongue and nose in deeper and deeper. All I could breathe was her. Moving me this way and that, she made my tongue work hard for her, shifting me quickly into new positions. It seemed like she liked it every way I could give it to her clit, and she could never settle on the best one.

I was glad of the distraction and hoped to please her, if only to avoid being chained up again. As I licked and sucked, she locked her shapely thighs around my neck, digging her heels into my back. The harder and faster I licked, the more she pressed her heels home. I wanted to shriek in pain and frustration, but no sound would issue from my throat. There was no time limit on muting in my contract -- I would be silent as long as a free woman chose to keep me that way.

The slavegirl had no such problem. She squealed and moaned as I brought her closer and closer to cumming, and bucked her hips into my face to bring my tongue where she wanted it. With her thighs wrapped tight around me, I had no way to sense what else was going on in the room. For all I knew the hotel's whole complement of slaves could be watching us.

As Susie did what she wanted with me, the realisation dawned that I had to give in to the experience. I started to lick the hotel slavegirl with fresh passion. She bounced and bucked on the cushions, until she finally screamed out a shattering orgasm that drenched me in her pungent juices. I kept licking, so she could ride the orgasm for as long as I could manage.

"Goddess, slaveboy, that was amazing. Clean me up and then you can get busy on my arse." said Susie.

After I licked her clean, she released my head and rolled over, spreading her perfect legs to make room for me to move in close. On her right buttock was branded the symbol of this hotel chain. They applied them the traditional way, with a heated iron. Nanite healing could erase the brand once the slave was free, but until then, she was as much the hotel's property as the furniture. Slavegirls like this were no-holds-barred fucktoys for powerful women. Using slaveboys like me helped them unwind.

I nestled my head between her buttocks and licked her with long, slow strokes. Just as I'd suspected, she wanted this much slower, more like a massage than for sexual pleasure. I heard her soft moans slip out as I caressed her arse with my tongue. She had a picture perfect bubble butt, juicy and spankable. Judging by the bruises on it, she'd had many punishments recently -- the nanites would heal her up, though.

"Oh, slaveboy, that's so good. Unf. Keep giving me those nice, slow strokes of your slave tongue. I make all the slaveboys do this but you might be the best yet."

I flushed with pride. More and more, I was getting in tune with the women who dominated me, piecing together all the little clues about how they liked to be served. I gave myself over to her, and found a languorous rhythm that made the tension melt out of her body. I lost track of time -- I was just a slave and my time was not my own. It belonged to whoever controlled me at that moment.

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