tagNovels and NovellasA Slave's Story Ch. 02

A Slave's Story Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Jessica's Deception


Waking in a strange bed beside a man I hardly knew was a deliciously wicked sensation. He was still asleep. I carefully turned and slid the covers back a little to get a better look at him. Yes decidedly rugged, he has muscles where men should have them. He had a nice hairy chest, nothing gross, some hairs were definitely grey. The rest a strange mixture of brown and gold. I turned my attention to his face. Yes a sign of creases around the eyes, and the hair at his temple was grey with some white, over forty may be closer to fifty.

I lay on my back and I began to finger my clitoris, I was wet. I wondered if I dare look lower, no he would be sure to wake up. My fingers moved faster and my mind thought wicked thoughts as I bought myself quickly to orgasm.

He turned on to his back, and after my breath returned to a less obvious panting, I played with the hair on his chest, just touching the hair careful not to touch the skin. I pulled the sheet taught between our bodies and peeked below. His un-circumcised cock lay flaccid amid a tangled bush of hair. His scrotum slack and the testicles made egg shapes clearly defined in the hairy sack. I exhaled quickly blowing hot air in the general direction of his sleeping genitalia.

I changed hands just flicking the fingers of my left hand at the hair around his dark nipple, I began to touch the hairs around his scrotum. I saw his cock twitch. I teased the hair of his bush, the cock twitched again. I took a quick look at his face. His eyes were moving rapidly beneath the lids. 'Why do men often have such nice eyelashes?' I found myself thinking.

I looked back at his cock, yes there were definite signs of arousal. I ventured touching the shaft with my extended index finger, just running the nail up the pronounced dark line that ran from scrotum to tip of the now less puckered foreskin. Yes an erection was growing as I watched. I repeated the touch and the member grew almost as fast as my finger moved. It had been less than three inches the first time now it was definitely four and as I watched it became five then six. The bright red head was now visible, the eye glistening wetly. I felt his breathing change and watched him come awake. I took the now erect cock gently in my grasp.

"Master do you think that I could be so bold as to suggest that I, er, we make use of this." I squeezed his erect cock as his eyes opened. There was a flash of surprise, then a smile spread across his handsome face.

"Jessica if you made it, it's yours."

"Thank you Master. Can you remember making me wait, making me beg Master?" I asked in almost a whisper.

"Yes Jessica, I remember. I teased you for a long time, but you got what you wanted in the end, didn't you?" He stifled a yawn.

I moved my hand on his cock, I slowly stroked up then down.

"Oh Yes, Master, I got more than I wanted, but you took an awful time doing it. I had been ready to fuck for at least an hour before you even touched me."

I moved my hand slowly up and then down again.

"Well Jessica that was so that you could really experience the real effect of submission. You were under my control. You had to wait until I was ready to let you achieve your goal."

'Bull shit James, you did not know and were not willing to do anything until I asked you.' I thought to myself.

"Oh I know that Master, and it was so very good when I got there. Do men get the same effect. For instance if I just kept doing this." I squeezed his cock. "Say for an hour, just enough to keep you hard, not enough for you to ejaculate, how good would it feel when I let you cum?"

"Jessica, I cannot answer that question. The longest I have had an erection is about 20 minutes and that was after a long sexual encounter and after I had already cum twice. I am refreshed from sleep now so I expect I will cum quite quickly."

"Well Master, since I built this magnificent erection and you did tell me that it was mine if I built it, I will see just how long I can keep you from ejaculating." I kept my voice low, but with an edge to it. A small frown appeared across his brow.

"Jessica I am not sure that that, is a good idea. I would need to consult a doctor. The male ejaculation process is a violent cathartic event. I do not think that you can lead this particular horse to water and not let it drink."

"Master you had me at the water trough for hour's yesterday evening and although I was having mini-orgasms most of the time, I did not really cum until I felt you inside me; pounding away as you achieved your climax." I stroked his cock a few times. It was much harder now, I was very wet.

"Perhaps that's the difference between men and women then, females can achieve multiple orgasms, men cannot. Now please Jessica lets fuck and put this very stiff, very hard erection to good use."

"Master you said if I built, it then it was mine." I pumped once up and down.

"Jessica are you wet?" He asked.

"Very wet, Master."

"Well please climb aboard, or I will..."

"Oh Master, is that a threat, will you turn into a ravening beast and ravish me?" I pumped twice, up and down.

" Jessica I will count to ten and if you have not climbed aboard my cock by then, I just may have to ravish you. One, Two, Three..."

This was fun, I began to squeeze in time with his count.

"Ok it's all the same to me, I come all over your hand, or inside you. Four, Five, Six, Seven..." His voice was not saying what his body was telling me.

I burrowed down under the sheet and pulling back his foreskin took him in my mouth. I sucked like a quality vacuum cleaner.

"Eight; Nine..." He ejaculated before he got to ten.

I sucked and sucked and after a few extra pulses, felt the last of his cum in my mouth. I began to swirl the sticky sweet and salty load round and round the hot head with my tongue. Round and round, then sucked some more then round again.

"Enough, enough."

He took my head in his hands and lifted me off. There was just enough force to indicate he meant it. I released him with a final Plop. I swallowed the mixture, though I dribbled some. I was wiping my mouth as he continued to pull me back up the bed. He kissed me open mouthed and our tongues joined in a merry dance.

Our bodies were touching from lip to toes. I was aware of his heart beating fast against my breasts. I put a hand to his chest.

"Good heavens Master, your heart rate is through the roof."

"Yes, ejaculation has that effect on men, it's called 'the little death'."

"How many times did you come while you were doing that?" He asked.

"Well I had had one mini orgasm when I woke up beside you. I had two playing with my clit before I tried touching your cock. And I think about six, no seven mini's while I tormented you then a good one when you came in my mouth."

"I am coming back as a woman next time." He growled.

"Isn't sex wonderful!" I said. "How soon before you get hard again?"

He just groaned.

"No Master that's a serious question. I have not had much experience with men you see and I must learn all about you how to please you, how to make you hard and how often you can do it. I aim to please you as often as possible." I took his still slippery cock in hand and stroked it gently

"Well Jessica if you try too hard you will end up killing me. I am over 40, I do not have the recovery power of a teenager. It will probably take an hour to recharge the battery. Once a day, every day is probably beyond me. I can probably do it four times in one day and then need to abstain for a few days to recharge the batteries. It does depend on what I eat as well."

The talk of food made me realize I was very hungry. I stroked the growing member slowly.

"Master your cock seems to be saying that what you just said may not be true. Its only ten minutes and your getting hard already." I pumped a little quicker. "Would you like me to suck it again? Why is it called a blow job?"

"New situations can lead to extra vigor. We are experiencing the flush of a new exciting situation, so that is the reason my cock is getting hard so quickly."

"Oh so it's not me, just new?" I pumped with a firmer grip.

"Jessica it is very definitely you, you little minx. Now this time I will last a lot longer so if you want to get the full benefit name your position and lets go for it."

It took me a few seconds to straddle his body and guide the fully hard cock inside my wet cunt.

"Oh Master."

"Yes Jessica, I could say, 'Oh Jessica,' but I will just lay back and let you do most of the work."

'Cheeky Sod.' I thought.

"Typical Male. Play with these please." I lifted his hands to my breasts and began to grind my pelvic bone against his.

His hands were hard and rough with my tits. I held them encouraging more pressure. My nipples were like pebbles as his rough work hardened skin dragged across them. He began to buck beneath me and I realized he was not going to last as long as he had said.

"Master I am coming, you can come any time you are ready."

I put my hands on his shoulders for better purchase and ground harder I bounced as he bucked. I ground down hard. Rocking my pelvis back and forth. I was aware that my fingernails were buried in his flesh. I ground harder and although he was now arched upwards he was not going to buck this pale rider off.

"Jessica I am about there hold on."

There was a wet slurping noise. I ground my pelvis round this time. I held my breath as I began to orgasm.

I felt his cock jump and twitch inside me. Almost together in a grand climax.

His arched back dropped back to the bed. I was noisy and breathing hard when I flopped forward on to his chest. He was still inside me, but I could feel the hardness reduce. I clenched my internal muscles and held still.

I could feel him shrink and shrink. Then felt him shiver as he slid out.

He reached down and grabbed the sheet. I rolled off him and he pulled the sheet up to his chin.

"Can I finish my sleep now?"

Our faces were almost nose-to-nose. He kissed me again. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again about a minute later he was fast asleep.

I gave my clitoris one last finger lashing, then joined him in the land of dreams. I do not think I slept long. I had been awake for quite some time aware of hunger pains and a full bladder. I watched his face and willed him awake. At last his eyes opened, he smiled sleepily.

"Last one up makes breakfast," I said and jumped out of bed. "Ha, you get to make breakfast. Come on shake a leg." I grabbed the sheet and pulled it right off the bed. Then dashed into the bathroom. I did a quick clean-up job and splashed some of his aftershave on my body. I went hunting food.

When I got to the kitchen the kettle had just about come to the boil. I was searching for tea or coffee, I had found cups, when he came into the kitchen,

"Can we shower together please after coffee. Then I will help make a big breakfast or shall we make it a McDonalds!"

"What ever." He said and made me a coffee. I wandered around investigating the sparsely occupied cupboards. There was not much in them hardly any food just a few tinned goods, No cereals, No bread, the small fridge had an empty freezer compartment. Not even a biscuit. It looked like McDonalds was where we would eat breakfast.

"Shower then Mac's ." He said.

In the shower I was bold and checked him out examining every square inch of him as I soaped him and washed his body. He returned the compliment. And when he stood after washing my pussy I was happy to see he had an erection.

"It's just because this is all new. It will subside all by itself. We had better get a move on, before the breakfast menu is taken off."

I decided I needed McDonalds, not more sex, but it would have been fun to see how much he would have resisted.

We toweled each other down, he went to find some clothes and I found my crumpled blouse and skirt from the lounge.

"Is it far, can we walk there?

"Just two biggish blocks," He said and we left the little house.

As we reached McDonalds I whispered in his ear.

"I have not got any knickers on so behave." I stuck my tongue in his ear.

We had made it with 5 minutes to spare, I ordered a double bacon and eggs and coffee. James just had bacon and eggs and coffee.

I was ravenous and set to the moment we sat down. He ate more slowly. There was an announcement, Breakfast menu was off, lunch menu was on. I got up and ordered a large fries. He had the cheek to cadge some. I gave him two long chips.

"Jessica we must have a long talk about what happens next."

"Ok Master."

"That's the first thing we need to talk about. My name is James when we are in a public place like this, unless I specifically tell you otherwise."

"Ok James, shall we talk here or back at your place?"

"Well Jessica that is not my home as such, it used to be. I am moving into an old Victorian mansion that back's on to the harbor. It has a small factory in the grounds and I have to go check up on a machine that has been running all night. So if you do not mind we can talk there. Its about a 20 minute walk or we can get a cab."

"Oh that sounds so interesting and its a wonderful day lets walk." I would like a walk to burn off all that food.

He cleared up the mess of containers and dumped them, I gave him full marks for being tidy. He steered me out the door and down the road towards the harbor. He began to talk. He talked non-stop. Giving me what sounded like a life history. We had to wait for a walk signal at one set of traffic lights, so I took his hand. I listened as he told me his story. We turned down a side street that led down to the water.

We had reached a turning circle with parking space for ten boat trailers and the big 4WDs that towed them.

"Before we go inside there are just a few more things to tell you."

A big rig was launching a trailer sailer so we stopped to watch.

He told me about a client.

"Mr. Smith, I do not know his real name is bringing his slave over Monday evening to be measured for some of the equipment. I really need a female to be there to demonstrate some of that equipment. You won't have to be naked and there will be no involvement with Mr. Smith, or his slave, but he might make her strip off, he did when he came to the house when I taught him to use the ropes I made up for him. He could not tie a knot properly..."

The big 4WD was trying to back the trailer into a space beside us and there was a lot of noise. A man was driving, his head out the window, a woman was guiding him from the rear of the trailer and two teenage children were in attendance.

" Oh Master.." I began and started again raising my voice above the noisy diesel engine, which promptly stalled. "Oh Master..." I stopped

I saw that they had all heard me call him master. He tugged my hand and pulled me into a driveway. I heard the biggest child ask the rig driver "What did she say Dad?"

The house looked impressive, but he led me to the large wooden clad building. He fiddled with keys and opened the door.

"Sorry Master, but yes of course I will be your model slave Monday. What time do you want me here?"

"Oh thank you Jessica any time after 6 will do Mr. Smith won't be here until Seven. Now how about the guided tour."

"I glued this up Friday afternoon. It should be dry now. I just have to put a coat or two of varnish on it and it should be ready for delivery by next Friday $400.00 cash Plus delivery for less than $40.00 of materials, and about two hours work."

"The office suite is through there. With a separate entrance. I keep those doors locked. Only Ebenezer, the man who taught me, with Uncle Josh, how to work all this and I are allowed in here. The office girl Jane just does the books takes telephone calls and orders stock and keeps an inventory. She knows more about the boat side of the business than I do and is a treasure. A girl Friday to the business. Ok up stairs to the old sail loft."

"You have made all this and fitted it out in Four months?"

"Yes I have been working my butt off. Mr. Smith will be the first client of many I hope. I have several bookings, but not until next month. Anything else you need to know?"

I shook my head.

"Ok let me show you the old pile then."

He led me to his front door. A run down columned grand entrance. A huge reception. A double curved stairway with an open balustrade linking the two halves, a hallway leading off left, right and centre. There were a few doors

leading off the reception area on the ground floor.

"Wow master you could remake 'Gone with the Wind' here. It needs a lot of TLC though."

"Yes tell me about it. The troubles of the landed gentry, taxes and repair bills. If it was not for the factory I would probably make more money, just selling the place for re-development trouble is it is a scheduled building so even that is not really an option. Uncle Josh has lumbered me with a white elephant. The house from Hell. Ok up stairs first, or this floor, or can I tempt you down stairs?"

"Oh Master what have you got down stairs?"

"Well a lot of space and nothing yet, but as soon as I can there will be a rumpus room and as there are two rooms beneath that, one was a wine cellar the other a storage room of some sort. I will have a proper dungeon sound proof of course down there."

"Ok the ground floor is in pretty good shape. Uncle Josh had a modern kitchen put in some years ago it's a bit retro 80 style, but I could cook for 40 in there no trouble."

"This is the place to be when the Tall ships are in." What a view, just a few trees but Sydney harbor bridge was almost in full view.

He continued to rave on about his plans for this room and that as he showed me around.

"Come on look at Uncle Josh's rooms, the views from there are stunning."

"You should change rooms." The view was stunning.

"When its all finished, not before. I would be tempted to let the rest languish so its an objective to get it all done then move in here."

"Can I use the toilet?" I asked.

"Better use the one in my room, that one has not been cleaned recently. I employ a house keeper one day a week, she tidies the main living rooms the kitchen and does one of the other rooms a week, and it's been quite a while since she was in here."

I took my time in the bathroom, and then crept into his bedroom. I removed my clothes lay back on the bed hands holding the headboard and waited for him to come and find me.

He was a bit slow. Eventually the door to the sitting room opened and he saw me.

"Have you ever tied a woman up to this Master?" I gave him my lewdest look.

"No Jessica and I do not have any rope here, but I will rectify that before you come here again."

"There are some neck ties you could use though."

I had two of his ties one round each wrist.

He was pulling his clothes off looking a fool as he hopped around pulling his socks off. 'Why bother,' I wondered. He straddled me and tied my wrists. He fell upon me and was inside me at last and moving vigorously. I did not help other than lift a little. I was having a climax within seconds. I felt him ejaculate and it was all over.

"Thank you master for a wonderful story and thank you for a glorious fuck. I was coming from the moment your cock entered my cunt. Can you let me down now and I will tell you my story while you recover."

He undid the ties, flopped down on the bed. I lay beside him.

"Well master my story is quite simple, I come from a strict protestant family I grew up in Perth, went to a grand girl's school. Lost my virginity when I was 15, went out with the same boy, he was two years older than me, until he left to go to university. I have never seen or heard of him since, not one letter."

"I got straight 'A's, but the only law college I could get into was here. Mom and Dad scraped every bit of cash together to buy me the apartment I live in. I tried to share a few times while at uni but it never worked out. I had a disastrous affair with a football player, he was all testosterone, when I was twenty. There have not been any permanent relationship since then though I have been with four partners all one-night stands three their choice one mine."

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