tagNovels and NovellasA Slave's Story Ch. 04

A Slave's Story Ch. 04


Sunday Morning.

I woke to strange noises. Raised voices, indistinct, mixed with the noise of out-board engines and then a louder throb of a ferry. I was in his bed in another house, the big house by the water. His right arm was across my body I found the hand and pulled it to my breast. I drifted a little, comfortable and warm. His body fitted mine in a loving spoon position. I drifted some more. I needed to plan the day ahead. He was well and truly hooked, but I needed to take him places that I needed to go rather than go places he wanted to visit and more importantly at my pace not his. As to letting him have a rest, well that was a no brainer. Plan 'A' was to get him to fuck me. Just how many times I could get him to fuck me was the question. I decided that three was the target. Plan 'B' was to get him to transit the B&D into S&M. I made a plan of action.

The clock radio alarm went off quite a while later and my plan to entrap him further fell into place. I felt his hand move then squeeze gently at my breast.

"Good Morning Jessica." He said after a few seconds. I guessed he had to remember my name.

"Good morning Master that feels nice," I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, but kept still. "What time is it?"

"I set the alarm for ten, but that clock is a bit fast, so it's about ten minutes to ten. I think that if we want a big breakfast we will have to go to McDonalds again. I only have some cereals and bread for toast."

I would have to alter his shopping list now he had a grown woman to feed.

"Cereals and toast sounds fine Master." I adjusted my position a little and established that he had a morning erection.

"Master what should I wear on Monday evening when Mr. Smith and his slave come?" I distracted him a little.

"Something like you wore Friday, a formal business suit, a little make up, looking like a stern professional Lawyer would be just right Jessica."

He would get a professional all right. "How about my hair, I can wear it down in a pony tail, or in a braid, or up in a French bun. I will have to go home and set it this afternoon or it will be a wild woman, not a sophisticated one Mr. Smith will be meeting." I would look wild today as it was.

"Up in a tight bun then Jessica."

His erection was warm against my back. I kept very still, willing him to move first. I gave him some more line.

"Stockings and suspenders, or tights Master?" I asked sweetly.

"Stockings and suspenders are a bit saucy, but yes dark colored stockings."

"How about underwear, normal bra and panties or some sexy number?"

"Not sexy, just black, like you wore Friday."

"See through blouse or not?"

"Not see through."

"Buttoned to the throat and all done up?"

"Yes, like a mans shirt with long sleeves if you have one. White, crisp and looking starched."

I kept still, breathing normally while we had this bizarre conversation. I was sure his erection was hotter and larger against my back.

"Do you want to try out the things you have in the sail loft today. It would be awful if they broke." I gave him more line.

"Jessica they will take my weight so they won't break, but it would be an idea to check out the pulley system, it will only take a few minutes so there's no rush."

I gave him lots more line. "Master, I am getting turned on thinking about being strung up in front of another man. You can do it with me naked if you want." 'Sort the bones out of that master,' I thought.

"Are you sure Jessica? It's quite a big step to take and you have only been naked with lovers before."

There was a definite movement at my back his cock had twitched when I mentioned being naked. "Yes Master, I think that if you want to demonstrate the equipment then you had better order me to take my clothes off. The ball player was always having me do a strip for him, so I can do a good strip routine."

"Ok Jessica naked it will be, but only if he wants me to demonstrate the equipment."

The first fish had the bait now, I set the hook.

"Master, you can let him use me as well, if he asks nicely." I kept still, aware that his erection was now leaking pre-cum. He made no comment as he digested my offer to let Mr. Smith fuck me and perhaps more.

"What does his slave look like?" I let him have some line.

"She is a very small woman, about 30, a brunette, very pretty. The spreaders will have to be made to measure. The ones I had you in on Friday were a little short for you so I will have to make you a personal set as well."

I felt a cool wet spot run down my back; he was just about ready to fuck.

"Jessica you have been very good. You obviously know that I have an erection and probably have known since the alarm went off. I know I said I needed a rest and that you said you were getting turned on so I am going to give you a task."

'One million dollars for the answer; a fuck' I thought to myself.

"Your task is to persuade me to fuck you."

"Oh Master," I said. 'Well that is an original idea.' I thought, 'but easy to achieve.'

"There are some conditions though. You cannot talk, absolute silence, nor can you touch me."

'Want to play master.' I thought, 'well I play rough. Seduction 101 through to; well lets see you resist master.'

I rolled away from him and threw back the covers. His cock was hard and there was a bead of pre-cum at the tip. I tossed my hair back as I squatted beside him legs wide giving him a good look at my naked body. I ran my hands over my curves. I made a lewd grin and stuck my tongue out then into my cheek. I put a finger in my wet pussy then transferred it to my mouth. I put two fingers of my other hand into my pussy then put them under his nose. As close as I could without touching. I wriggled them about. I could smell me and was sure he could.

I pinched my already hard nipples. I slapped my haunches and again really hard making them red with handprints. I ran my hands up and down my body again. 'Ok Seduction 102' I thought.

I stood straddling his legs facing the foot of the bed. I flexed my ass. I rubbed the red handprints. I then did a backwards bend and flicked my hair so that it fell across his lower body. I was looking at him upside down. I ran my tongue round my lips and stuck it in a cheek making a blowjob imitation bulge.

He had said no touching, but hair did not count.

I put my hands either side of his body and walked them up the bed. My hair trailed over his cock. I walked back and trailed my hair over his now very hard erection. The engorged tip was inches from my face. I shook my head and my hair flew back and forth.

"Not yet Jessica, but very close. I did not know you were so supple."

'Supple, I will give you supple master, time for Seduction 103.' I thought.

I stood, turned, and indicated that he spread his legs. I then stepped back off the bed and put my forearms on the bed between his legs. I blew hot air and shook my head. I was very close to his erection, which had dribbled pre-cum, and it had pooled on his belly.

"Not yet Jessica." He was smiling like a drain. I looked him in the eye and I kicked back, up, and did a handstand. I wobbled a bit on the soft mattress but achieved vertical then past and bent my back in an acrobatic arch. My legs landed astride his body. He had a close up view of my wet cunt. My labia were wet and only inches above my head and open for view. I wobbled some more so straightened stood and then flopped back on the bed. 'How was that for supple Master' I thought. 'A bed is not stable enough for that sort of action. Time for advanced Seduction 105.'

"Not yet Jessica but almost." His cock was glistening and twitching.

I stood astride him very close. I bent my knees so that my pussy was right up close to his face. I put both hands and separated my labia and began frigging my clitoris. I went all the way to orgasm.

"That was very close Jessica."

I bent backwards and my hair was touching his cock again. I dribbled a gob of saliva slowly out my mouth aiming carefully. It hit the end of his cock dead on. I blew hot breath from less than an inch way on to his twitching erection.

"Ok Jessica you have persuaded me."

'Yes about time, it is up to you now Master.' I thought gloating at my success. I felt his hands at my hips, he pulled me forwards, and his hot tongue was flicking my clitoris. I opened my mouth and took his erection inside. I pushed his foreskin back with my teeth. I felt him flinch as I did this, but he continued to lash my clit nicely.

"Ok Jessica don't do your self an injury." I released his cock from my mouth and stood up then squatted put a hand to his cock and slid down, all the way in with one movement. I pulled his hands to my tits then began to bounce, flexing my legs, getting a rhythm going with the bedsprings. The bastard was not helping a bit, but I was in rapture. He began to maul my breasts. I was bouncing up and down and working hard. I was having a gigantic multiple orgasm. I was drooling, moaning, I was off the planet.

"James pinch my nipples while I come. Will you be long?" I knew he was close, but I was closer to unconscious.

"Now Jessica, I am almost there, in fact I am there..." He had my hard nipples between finger and thumb and was twisting them and pulling them. I screamed as I had a final climax. I felt him soften and fall out I fell to the side of the bed gasping for breath. He still had my nipples between thumb and finger.

"Don't stop I rather like that." I was still in climax mode.

I put my fingers to my cunt. I was so wet and the mixture of his and my cum was a glorious sticky mess that kept my high going and going.

"James that was just so good."

'Oops I just called him James.' I smacked my wrist for carelessness.

He gave my nipples a savage last twist.

"I will take a leak have a quick shower and make breakfast. How many slices of toast?" he asked me.

I rolled my eyes and grinned, but said nothing.

"Ok I will bring a mountain. Butter or margarine?"

"Butter." He knew that already. My fingers were moving faster across my groin and I was having more mini extended orgasms. I drifted, flushed with climaxes. I felt my nipples they were pleasantly sensitive, and as hard as rocks.

I hear him come back in the room carrying a tray of food.

"Breakfast is served Madam," He placed a bowl of cereal and toast on the bedside table. I reached out and cupped his scrotum.

"Thank you James, I won't be needing this for a while so you can put it away." 'Damn I had called him James again. Sloppy girl get it right.'

He climbed into bed as I sat up not attempting to hold the sheet to my body. I actually let it slid down revealing my hard nipples and red flushed breasts. I poured milk and ate the cereals, then set to on the toast and marmalade. I stole one of his pieces as He had one left after I had eaten all the ones on my plate.

I pushed back the sheet and straddled him gave him a sloppy kiss, careful to rub my breasts against his flesh. I went into the bathroom. I did not close the door, so he heard my noisy abolitions.

"I will go make a drink, Tea or Coffee?" He asked from the doorway.

"Tea please, do you have any green tea, or herbal?"

"Yes I have Lanchoo Green. That OK?"

"Oh yes my favorite." He left me as I washed my face and sponged my nether regions. I found a fragrant aftershave and dabbed a few drops across my body then went in search of the tea. I ignored the robe hanging on the bathroom door. There was a mug of green tea on the kitchen bench. Another change would be needed; I drank tea from a china cup not a porcelain mug. I slouched naked sipping the brew. My free hand wandered over breasts and groin.

"What shall we do for lunch?"

"Master if you have more of those frozen meals I could probably eat two." 'And soon,' I thought. 'But another fuck would be nice.'

"Done, I have roast beef, pork and I think some lamb. It is a bit potluck, as I never label them. I usually cook once a week, a big meal with lots of vegetables and a big roast then eat a normal meal, portion the rest, and freeze them. I can then have a good meal anytime using the Nuke-em box here. Do not know how people managed before we invented the deep freeze and the microwave. Lunch in then. They are better defrosted slowly so I will take them out now."

He was bent over the chest freezer and his rump was nicely exposed. I just could not stop myself. I landed a resounding slap 'Thwack.' He was so startled he dropped the pile of food cartons all over the bench and gave me a fierce stare. I scooted round the kitchen table easily avoiding him.

"I could not resist Master. You had me slap my arse, so one back seemed fair."

Time for plan 'B'

"Let's go try those ropes and things." I made a dash for the corridor and pulled the door shut behind me.

He did not chase me. So I sauntered to the front door. He eventually followed and looked hard at my nakedness. He had dressed in Pants and Tee shirt.


Author's Note.

Ladies please read 'A Master Story chapter 4' next. Already released.

Men should read 'A Masters Story chapter 5' next due for release soon, but as the entire novel is now in the final editing phase so you should be getting some regular hot bedtime reading as James and Jessica explore the world of BDSM with the help of lots of un-inhibited friends. It will be released in the novella section later this year.

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