tagBDSMA Slave's Tale Ch. 03

A Slave's Tale Ch. 03


Her Master walked swiftly over to where z dangled by her ankles, the rope through the ceiling ring holding her ass up off the mattress, although her head and shoulders rested upon it. Without another word, he pulled his leather belt free from the loops around his waist as z's pupils dilated and Molly cringed. His belt whistled and snapped, that sound blending with a shriek from z as a red welt formed on her ass cheek.

Her muscles must've contracted, because a further blob of Master Sven's semen oozed out of z's cunt. Perhaps because of seeing that, her Master gave her two more hits with his belt, raising a pair of welts. Untying her, he dragged her by her hair to a corner behind Molly's chair. Craning her neck, Molly was able to watch as z was unceremoniously stuffed into a tiny metal cage down on the floor, and locked in.

As he approached Molly, bound in that chair, she stammered out, "Ummm... my... my safeword is 'red' I think you should know."

He actually laughed for the first time since he'd arrived home. He chucked Molly under her chin, and gave her nipples some interesting tweaks. "I'm not going to do anything to you, Molly. Except maybe this." His hand went between her thighs to diddle her clit softly. "As a man, I have a difficult time not taking advantage of a bound, nude woman, you know." He seemed gratified by the sounds Molly was making deep in her throat as he caressed her. "But I assume you've been tied up long enough."

As he untied her, Molly was torn between feelings of relief, and feelings of disappointment. "What will happen to z?" she asked, as she stood up and stretched. She began dressing, and blushed a delicate pink when she felt Master Sven's card in the front pocket of her jeans. She pushed her still damp panties into her rear pocket.

He took her hand and led her back upstairs, leaving z in her cage. "That slut will stay in that cage all night as I set things up for her punishment." His eyes flashed in anger.

Molly asked, timidly, "Why are you mad? I thought you encouraged her to do self bondage during the time between her arrival at home, and your own."

"Exactly," he rebutted. "Self bondage. Not hiring some other Master to do things to her. Look what he sent me!" He held up his cell phone, and scrolled through images of Master Sven using z - doing things to her. Molly hadn't even noticed him making images of his activities with the slave girl. Actually, to be honest, part of the time Molly was busy looking at z's tits, cunt and ass, and part of the time she was looking at Master Sven's cock. The rest of the time, she probably had her eyes rolled back in their sockets as he pleasured her.

"Pardon me for asking a stupid question... but is that wrong of her?"

"Wrong? Wrong! Of course it's wrong. The fact that z did that indicates that I'm failing as a Master. That I'm not giving her enough punishment and humiliation to satisfy her. That she needs to drag in some other Master - and pay him - to get what she needs. Well, she'll soon get all the pain and humiliation that she craves. Just wait until tomorrow." He cleared his throat. "Molly, I know you personally don't like or seek pain, but you expressed an interest in trying to understand z and her needs. Do you want to come along as an observer tomorrow?"

"Gee, I don't know," she dithered."I'm curious of course, but still..."

"How about if I sweeten the pot for you?" he bargained. "If you come along, I promise to try to furnish you with at least two orgasms as we watch."

Molly's eyes threatened to cross as she recalled how her body had reacted to Master Sven's touch. Two orgasms? Maybe as intense as today's? "Ummm... would I be... I mean... could I be... tied up as you do it?" she squeaked.

He laughed even more wholeheartedly. "Certainly. If that is what you wish." They made arrangements for Molly to meet with them in the morning.

The next day, when Molly knocked on the door, it was answered by a woman who was definitely not z. The woman certainly looked like Molly's idea of a Mistress. She was dressed in tight black leather pants, knee high boots and a black leather corset. Molly was wondering if she might be the person z had called The Cleaning Lady, when the woman said, "Hello. You must be Molly. I was told to expect you. My name is anne." They shook hands.

"Oh, are you the friend z told me about?" Molly asked. "Would I be spelling your name with a lowercase 'a' when it's in print, anne?"

The black clad woman laughed, which made the upper part of her generous tits dance along the top of the corset. "I see z explained about me. Yes, it's spelled with a lowercase letter, except when I'm in the role of Mistress Anne."

"But I got the impression you're a submissive, like z is," Molly stated, letting confusion color her tone of voice.

"With my Master, I'm certainly a submissive, Molly. But if he orders me to dominate someone like z, then I obey. I guess I'm more flexible in these matters, sort of like a switch, if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do. Come to think of it, z mentioned that if you had to come here to bail her out of some self bondage predicament, you might take the opportunity to play with her first."

"Precisely," anne replied. "When z's helpless, I sometimes switch modes and Domme her a little. It's fun, once in a while." She reached out and touched Molly's chin, and gently turned her face from side to side. "Who knows? Maybe sometime I'll get a chance to Domme you a little, too." She grinned.

Molly was astonished to feel her pussy reacting to the woman's overtures. Certain aspects of this lifestyle were plucking cords in Molly's psyche that she'd not known existed. She blushed and actually lowered her gaze submissively, which made anne giggle with delight. "Give me your phone number, Molly," she commanded.

Molly opened her notepad, scribbled her number down quickly, lest she lose her courage, and gave it to Mistress Anne, who tucked it into her corset, giving Molly a flash of her nipple in the process. Molly stood slack-jawed for a moment, then swallowed hard. "Ummm... where is z, by the way?" she asked.

"I told the slut to go upstairs and bathe, put on a light, almost transparent summer dress, meet me back down here, and not to dawdle. She smelled pretty rank after being in that cage in the basement all night."

Molly was about to ask where z's Master was when he stepped into the room. He was carrying shackles and a leather hood, and Molly was praying he wasn't planning to use them on her. At least she thought she didn't want that to happen. "Hi, Molly. Welcome," he said to her. "Here anne, these should work."

Footsteps on the stairs signaled z's descent. Before she could speak, anne slipped the hood over z's head and secured it. She then shackled z's arms and legs, and led the slave toward the door. She had to guide z, because the hood only had a nose hole for breathing. "See you both soon," anne said. "I'll keep this slut in the back of the van until you arrive."

After they departed, z's Master said, "Let me explain what's happening. After you left last night, I called anne's Master and asked to borrow her in her Mistress mode to take z to the place where she'll be punished. They're going to an old farm owned by my friend, Master William. I must warn you, Molly, that he's very much a sadist and is feared by submissives for his harsh and brutal treatments. He's not interested in sexual humiliation, just sadistic humiliation. Since z's been to William's place before, she'd have resisted fiercely if she realized where she was being taken, hence the hood."

"Would she have used her safeword?" Molly asked.

"No. I doubt it. She's loathe to admit it to herself, but z craves exactly such harsh punishment at the hands of another from time to time. If she does safeword, everything will stop immediately. But I'll be surprised if she does." He went on to describe the place to Molly. "Behind his barn is a heavily wooded area, with a main path. That path has several branches that lead to his specially designed 'punishment stations' which dot the landscape."

Molly was trying to imagine an entire locale devoted to sadistic punishments when z's Master asked, "Having second thoughts? Still want to go?"

In truth, Molly was indeed having second thoughts, but her damnable curiosity rose up and demanded that she learn more about this. "After all, if things get bad, I can close my eyes and plug my ears until its over," she thought. Aloud, she answered, "No, I still want to go and observe. I'm still trying to understand z's psyche." Actually, she was also trying to understand her own psyche - why she was attracted to the offers of Master Sven and... well... she guessed she should think about referring to her as Mistress Anne.

"Do you have a voice recorder with you, Molly?"

With a quizzical look, Molly replied, "Yes, I do. Why?"

He held up handcuffs. "Master William instructs that you be cuffed while there, but you can record your thoughts." As Molly was digesting this, he added, "Oh yes. You also must be naked. Do you agree?"

Stalling for time, Molly said, "Errr... how could I run the voice recorder if I'm handcuffed?"

"If your hands are cuffed in front of you, I think you'll be able to manipulate it well enough," he replied. "And if they're cuffed behind you, then I'll be happy to turn it on and off when you tell me."

Molly felt her cheeks getting hot as she asked, "And I'd be able to safeword?"

"Certainly," he assured her. "However, if you do, you'll be allowed to dress, and then immediately escorted off the premises - taken home."

Gathering her courage, because she really wanted to see this through, for reasons she still didn't fully understand, she nodded. "Okay, I agree."

"Wonderful." He held out his hand, "Give me your clothes."

Molly's eyes bugged out slightly. "What? Now?"

He tapped his foot. "I don't like having to repeat my command. Now, slut."

Molly's cheeks burned as they turned crimson at his chastisement. But she stood facing him and didn't try to cover her body as she stripped off her dress, bra, and panties. For good measure, she stepped out of her sandals as well. After all, he'd seen... and touched... her body last night, anyway. She folded her clothes, placed her sandals and voice recorder on the stack, and handed them to him.

"Good. These will ride in the front seat of my van as we go to Master William's." He applied the handcuffs to Molly's wrists. She didn't resist. She just felt goosebumps as he restrained her. "Do you want to ride in the front seat, or in the back of the van?"

Molly gulped, imagining riding naked in full view of other drivers. "In the back, please, Sir," she answered meekly. "but Sir... would it be all right if... would you... can I be collared, so you can lead me on a leash?" she whispered.

He smiled. "A reasonable request." He produced a leather dog collar and leash, and buckled the collar around Molly's neck. "It's nice to see you getting into the spirit of the thing, Molly. I'd better check you for contraband, I think." Without discussion, he ran his hands through her hair, and then patted down her naked body from neck to toes. Returning to her pussy, his fingers entered her and rooted around inside her, searching. She was mortified at how wet this got her. "Turn around and bend over, slut."

She was thinking, "Oh my god... he wouldn't..."

He would.

His fingers, still wet with her cunt juices, carefully entered her ass hole, and he performed a thorough digital examination. She was almost sorry when his finger was withdrawn. "Very well," he said. "Come and get into the van." He led her, naked and handcuffed, outside, and helped her into the back of the van. Luckily, no one was around to witness Molly's nude ramble from house to van.

After an interminable drive, the van stopped, and he helped Molly out. Next to them was another van, with anne standing there, waiting. She held her finger to her lips, signaling Molly not to speak. The tall, muscular man next to anne must've been Master William, but everyone remained silent as anne opened her van and unloaded z from it.

Master William took control of z by silently taking her by her elbow. He removed her shackles and then her dress. When she was naked, except for the hood, he handcuffed her wrists behind her. He attached cuffs with a short chain to z's ankles, and then bound her breasts in a tight figure 8 rope pattern, making her tits bulge lewdly forward. He attached a leash to the center of her chest ropes, and pulled her down the path to the farthest punishment station. The other three followed, with z's Master leading Molly, using a leash attached to her collar. Molly realized as she walked that she'd appeared nude in front of Master William without giving it a second thought. That's how focused she was on what was happening to z.

The punishment station proved to be simply two trees about 12 feet apart. Master William released z's arms and legs and fastened them to chains, forcing her into a spreadeagled position. Since no one had spoken, z had no clue who had led her, or chained her up. Master William then removed her mask. After her eyes adjusted to the light, she realized who would be administering her punishment.

Wide eyed with fear, she began pulling and squirming to get free as she realized her Master was really going to make sure she was punished harshly. She began to protest and beg for mercy, but her tormentor merely laughed and fastened a large ball gag in her mouth. With a thick strap, he applied about a hundred strokes to her well padded ass and back as a warm up. The next set of strokes snapped painfully on her breasts and pussy as Mistress Anne watched with delight. When he felt satisfied, he attached weighted clamps to z's erect nipples, and he and anne sat on a bench and watched z hang there, suffering, for a while.

During this, Molly was astonished to see z take so much punishment, and not use her safeword either verbally, or by gesture when she was gagged. She suspected that some of z's quivering during the punishment was actually due to mini-orgasms. She was beginning to believe that z got 'high' on the endorphins her body released during such treatments. She'd been so focused on watching, she hadn't realized that z's Master had changed her handcuffs to behind her back. She found herself seated on his lap, facing forward. His legs had wrapped around hers, keeping her own legs pried apart. Her cunt and tits were therefore on full display.

William and Anne turned to look at Molly. He said, "So, is this the new plaything you've brought along?"

Molly flushed a deep red at being the object of scrutiny, as z's Master dipped a finger into her cunt with a satisfying squish. He twirled it inside her enough to make her moan and try to draw her legs together. Pulling his finger back out, he dabbed her juices on her tits. As the warm juices evaporated, the sudden coolness made her nipples spring to life. "She's trying to decide if she wants to be a plaything, but her wetness betrays her true nature," he answered. When he saw the gleam in William's eye, he added, "But she's not interested in experiencing pain. She's trying to understand why my z wants and needs it."

Mistress Anne stepped over close to them, and licked at some residual juice on Molly's tit, making her shudder with delight. "I think Molly's starting to get in touch with her inner slut. Look at how her pussy lips are throbbing now." She ran a delicate finger along their frilly edges, and laughed at Molly's aroused sounds. She and z's Master played with Molly in a distracted, desultory fashion as William watched and the three Dominants chatted.

After about an hour or so, z was shackled back up and taken to the next station, which was a large tree branch with a block and tackle attached to it. Removing the cuffs from her wrists, Master William bound her arms together behind her back from elbows to wrists. From a storage box, he retrieved two sticks. Molly judged these sticks to be about two feet long, and two inches in diameter, information that she whispered into her voice recorder. She watched as Master William positioned the sticks just above and just below z's breasts. Swiftly, he wound a rope around them, tying the sticks together so tightly that z's tits were squished near their base, horizontally flatted in an obscene fashion that made them seem to swell even more.

Lowering the block and tackle's hook, he attached it to the breast ropes near the center of z's chest. When he hauled on the rope, z was lifted upward, suspended by her breasts! The chain between z's ankles jangled as she kicked her feet. Molly couldn't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be lifted by her breasts - and didn't think she'd ever want to find out.

Once z was high enough, Master William moved a nearby saw horse under her feet. The expression on z's face turned to one of relief as she stood on the wooden horse. But that was short-lived, because he hauled on the rope a little more, so she could barely stand on her tiptoes. They all watched as z tried frantically to keep her toes in contact with the horse, to relieve a little of the strain on her breasts. Whenever she lost her footing, she'd kick and struggle to regain it.

Sometimes Master William would shake the saw horse if he thought that she was on there too long. He watched z with sadistic glee, laughing at her torment. Her Master watched with a stoic attitude, while Mistress Anne watched merely with interest. Molly watched, aghast. But then she noticed what appeared to be cum juices leaking down z's thighs, and wondered.

Finally, Master William lowered z until she stood on the ground. Removing the sticks, he let her fall to the dirt. She laid there quietly, allowed to rest a bit.

While they waited, z's Master whispered into Molly's ear, "Do you want to be my fucktoy for a little while, slut?" The fact that his hands were playing with the intimate area between her upper thighs made the question almost rhetorical. Molly nodded, biting her lip.

He scooped a hand under her ass, lifting her up off his lap while he opened his pants and freed his dick. The hand under her ass then lowered her. She felt the tip of his cock touch her warm, wet opening. Sliding down onto his dick was like sliding onto a greased pole - but Molly was providing the grease. Her cunt lubed his manhood as she enveloped it, and stretched to accommodate to his girth. "Ride me, slut," he commanded.

Molly started doing the equivalent of squats over his lap, basically using her cunt to masturbate him. She tried to contract and relax her cunt muscles to add a milking action on his dick, but she was out of practice. Also, her thighs began burning with her efforts, so she started slowing her up and down movements.

"I think this slut needs some incentive to speed up her fucking action," he told Master William and Mistress Anne. Those two smiled at one another, winking, and stepped over to Molly. Each grabbed one of her tits, gathering its areola and nipple with a pinch-like grip, and used them as handles to force her to lift and lower more quickly on the skewering cock.

"Owww!" Molly complained as she felt the pain. Weirdly enough, though, the pain coursed from her tits right into her core, deep to her cunt. It felt like her cunt was glowing, lighting up with an inner energy. That translated into excitement, and her cunt muscles gripped the dick and virtually sucked at its length. Almost as if a dam had broken inside her, Molly groaned, "Ooohhh fuuuck!" and started cumming. She was convulsing so much that she almost missed feeling his cock erupting, drenching her pussy with his seed as he joined her in orgasm. The pinching hands let go of her tits, and she actually regretted that loss of sensation.

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