tagIncest/TabooA Slip of a Razor

A Slip of a Razor


As a Paramedic I am accustomed to dealing with situations involving accidents with injuries. I have been working for a metro fire department since I got my license over 5 years ago and have seen pretty much anything you can imagine, until today.

Having just finished a 24-hour shift, I was just walking into my apartment around 7am when my cell phone rang. It was my sister and she was frantic. "I cut myself and I can't stop the bleeding," she cried, "I need you to come over right away." As I only live a few blocks from her I said I would be right there. And with that I ran out to my car and sped off to her apartment.

Now for a little background. I am 26 years old. I went to a local community college after high school and got my associates degree in Emergency Medicine and then completed the Paramedic coursework. I got my license by the time I turned 21. I workout on my off time and am in pretty decent shape. I have to keep up my physical abilities to maintain my employment with the city. I lift weights and run a few miles whenever I can. My sister, Tina, is 24. She was Miss Popular in high school and it was because of the twins (her boobs). She was blessed with a very perky set of 36 C's by the time she was a freshmen and by her senior year they had blossomed into D cups. And she had the looks to go with the boobs. She had an athletic build with long lean legs and beautiful green eyes hooded by natural blonde hair. After graduation she decided to take some time off and just enjoy life before going to college. She was living in an apartment with 2 other girls who, at the time, were out of town on a ski vacation.

It only took me a few minutes to get to her front door. She opened the door before I could even ring the bell. It was evident she had been crying. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were red. She was wearing her bathrobe and slippers and her hair was wrapped in a towel like she had just gotten out of the shower. She grabbed my hand and ushered me into the bathroom. "I was shaving this morning and cut myself," she said fighting back the tears.

I am sure she thought I was insensitive ass because the next words out of my mouth were "How bad can a razor cut be?" I am sure that over the years she has nicked herself quite a few times, never requiring expert medical attention. "And if it is so bad, why didn't you go to the ER?"

"The cut is on my privates and I was too embarrassed to show anyone." And with that she untied the belt on her bathrobe and sat down on the counter. Much to my surprise she was wearing absolutely nothing under the robe. In her haste to stop the bleeding she had forgotten to put on any clothes. Taped to her labia was a wadded-up piece of tissue.

The sight of her naked body was almost too much for me to handle. There was a definite movement in my pants as I took a deep breath and tried to maintain my composure. On one hand I am a professional, trained to set aside personal feelings in order to treat patients. On the other hand, I am her brother and my sister had been the star of quite a few jack-off sessions. I had seen her naked a few times when I was still in high school but let me say there was quite a difference in what I remember versus what I was seeing.

We had always been close. Our parents were constantly busy with their careers and friends so they were never around when we needed advice. So when one of us had a problem the other was there to lend an ear. Even though our parents lived about as close to her as I did, it didn't surprise me she called me to help.

After the initial shock of seeing her nakedness, I snapped back to reality and started to soothe her. I explained that since the tissue was not soaked in blood the cut could not be too bad. She seemed to be a little more optimistic about her situation. I told her I needed to examine the wound up close. With that she leaned back and spread he legs open. I knelt down in front of the counter, not only just to get a better look at the cut but to hide the massive erection trying to escape my pants. Since I still had my uniform pants on I had a pair of latex gloves at the ready. As soon as I pulled them out Tina said they weren't really necessary since we were family. I tossed them aside and leaned in for a better look.

Knowing this was my sister made this situation delicate. Normally I would dive in and take charge of a situation. Being the ranking member on my crew I was usually the lead on a call. But today I had no back-up; no partner to help treat the patient. With shaking hands I gently reached up and removed the tape from her labia. The cut was about a centimeter long and barely visible. I am sure at the time of the injury the cut seemed humongous and life threatening. I looked up at my sister and could see the fear in her eyes. Having comforted her over the years I was at a loss over what to say to her. The cut was no worse then a paper cut and would heal up very quickly with no scar. But to my sister this was a debilitating injury that could linger for a long time.

With all the potential words of comfort rolling around in my mind I couldn't believe what I did next. I was mesmerized by the sight of these two luscious lips just inches away from my face. Perfectly symmetrical. Freshly shaven. Without thinking I leaned in and gently kissed the cut. I don't know why I did this. But for whatever reason I felt it necessary to kiss her "boo boo". As I leaned back reality hit and I realized what I had just done. I had just kissed my sister's pussy. I could feel my face getting flush and I was afraid to look up. Just as I thought I had done the worst thing imaginable, my sister reached down and lifted my chin. "That was so thoughtful," she said, "would you kiss it again?" I was dumbfounded. Instead of being called a pervert or worse, Tina actually liked what I had done. And before either one of use could come to our senses, I leaned in and kissed her "boo boo" again, this time taking my time to let my lips linger on her lips. The scent of her jasmine body wash was being replaced with the musk of her sex. I could tell she was becoming excited. As I gently kept kissing her pussy, she reached down and held my head close to her body. My hands had gone from the edge of the counter to the roundness of her ass. I worked my kisses up her taught stomach and found my way to her breasts. I sucked her nipples feverously and took time to give them equal attention. As she became more excited, Tina gently pushed my head back down to her dripping pussy. I lapped up her juices having never tasted anything like it. I continued kissing her pussy lips as she crept closer to orgasm. My gentle kisses morphed into suckling on her little cherry clit and probing the depths of her lips. I could feel her heat increasing as her lips became engorged with blood. Her labored breathing changed into low moans as she moved towards her climax. With a few final licks to her clit her body tensed and she screamed out in ecstasy.

Tina grabbed my chin and lifted me up to meet her in an embrace. Before I knew it we had moved to her bedroom and she was tearing my clothes off. She pushed me onto the bed and straddled my legs. She leaned over and gave my rock-hard cock the same attention to which I had given her pussy. As she licked and sucked I laid back and tried to last a long as I could. My sister evidently had practiced sucking cock and was very good. I could feel my balls tighten as she engulfed my entire cock bringing me ever closer to blowing my load. She looked up and shook her head indicating she didn't want me to cum yet. Believe me it was all I could do to hold back the tide of semen. With one last lick she released my cock from her mouth and started kissing her way up my body. By the time she reached my neck she had managed to position her pussy lips over my cock. She whispered in my ear that she had always dreamed of fucking a man in uniform. And with that she plunged down on my cock taking it all the way to the hilt. Our lips met in passionate kisses as she rode me. Having been at the edge all the while she sucked me, I knew I wouldn't last long in the depths of her tight pussy and I told her the same. With that she increased the intensity of her gyrations and whispered in my ear "cum with me." That is all it took to push me over the edge. I could feel my balls empty my seed deep inside my sister's love hole just as she reached her climax. Her pussy tightened up and milked every last drop of cum out of my cock and with that she collapsed on top of my chest.

Having spent the past hour fucking, Tina was already going to be late for work. She called her boss and told him she had sustained an injury and was being "treated" and would be unable to come in that day. As she hung up the phone I already had my tongue back in her pussy and spent the rest of the day "healing" my sister.

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