tagInterracial LoveA Slow Descent Pt. 01

A Slow Descent Pt. 01


G'Day readers,

Here is a little story I've been mucking around with for the last couple of months. It will be presented in a few chapters. A big thanks to VR Snow for editing.




I arrived for the meeting ten minutes early. In my job punctuality is important, client's time is more important than mine. I decided to take a quick look around the property before the potential tenants arrived to make sure everything was in order. Getting out of the car, I took a moment to look at the view over the town from this beautifully high vantage point feeling the brisk blowing breeze below the hem of my skirt against my bare legs.

My town, I'd been born here, gone to school here. Got married here, had my two children here, and now worked and lived here. It looked like any other sleepy seaside town. White sandy beach fringed by a road and a string of shops. Stretching back from the Main Street, rows of houses followed along ribbons of tar. Just past the main beach a break wall jutted into the sea where a river disgorged its contents into the sea. It formed a little harbor that had once bustled with fishing boats. Now only three remained, their nets had been cast aside in favor of seating for the whale watching season.

A multitude of smaller boats filled the spaces as recreational angling was still allowed but the commercial exploitation of the seas resources had been barred fifteen years ago. After that, many thought the town was doomed but it adapted. A new highway meant we were now only two hours from the city. The falling dollar encouraged many to avoid flying overseas. Instead they travelled to our area insearch of budget holidays in their own country.

So started the gentrification of Coloons Bay and early entrants into the property market made a killing. I was lucky enough to be in that first wave but only through tragic circumstances. Ten years earlier my mother passed away and left her house to me and my brother. I talked my husband, who worked in construction, into buying out my brother and fixing it up to sell. We took out a mortgage on our house and spent every weekend for three months making some minor modifications and cleaning it up. It sold at auction four weeks later and we had made twice as much as we paid for it.

In the next three years, we flipped seven properties and still owned another three that we rented out. We still didn't have much money in the bank as we had splurged a lot of our profits on a new home for ourselves on the south headland but we were comfortable. The housing market was too high now to make much from dealing so my husband went back to working for someone else. After seeing how incompetent our local real estate people were when we sold our first house, I did a real estate course and now ran my own business specializing in holiday rentals.

I'd realized early on the potential of the Internet and had set up a website Coloons Bay Holidays when I was still studying. As a result I am now the go-to person for vacation rentals on this stretch of coast. The big on-line companies like, Stays and Tripadviser, have taken some of my clientele but I try to stay on top by offering a complete service. If you go through me, then I can organize everything you could want or need to do while you're here. Well almost everything, one older gentleman recently requested some female companionship for a few nights on his holiday. I told him I couldn't help him, but I did supply him with a telephone number of somebody else who might have been able to do so.

I now ran a thriving little agency that employed two other agents and a receptionist. The two agents, Cindy and Annie, were married women like me with children so we had to be flexible and the three of us worked the equivalent of two person's hours. Our receptionist, Jane, was a young girl just two years out of school. I was putting her through a night real estate course and once finished, I hoped to put her on the road as well.

It had been a very eventful ten years. At times my husband and I had sailed very close to the edge, both financially and as a couple, but we survived and now I could see a future where we reaped the rewards. My melancholy reflections were interrupted by the appearance of a black BMW at the front gates. 'Damn' I thought to myself, 'I hadn't even got the front door open.

I retrieved a blue coat from the back seat and shrugged it on to ward off the brisk sea breeze as I walked towards the house. House was an understatement for this property, more like sprawling mansion. It was owned by the descendants of one of the pioneers of Coloons Bay. Their great grandfather had run most of the commerce in the original town selling the fishermen their supplies then buying their catch and sending it to the city to resell. He got a cut at both ends but the old guy had a reputation for being fair. His son trashed that and the fisherman formed a coop but by then the family owned all the businesses in town and ran the transport firm that took the co-op catch to market.

The house had been started by the first old guy and added to by successive generations hence its sprawling nature. The family no longer lived here having traded the sleepy seaside village for the bustling city many years ago. At the peak of the recent real estate boom they sold all their other properties in town an now only came back to the big house for two weeks either side of Christmas. I was in charge of getting some money in to cover the upkeep by renting it to holiday-makers.

I got the front door open and had a quick check to make sure there were no nasty little surprises in the rooms close by. You wouldn't believe what can be left by previous occupants. Leaving the door open, I returned to the three gentlemen standing admiring the breathtaking view next to their car. I had spoken to one of them, an executive from Sony Music, by phone but didn't know which one that was. As I approached them, I took a deep breath, put my smiley face on, and prepared for the pitch.

"Good morning folks," I chirped, in a provincial drawl. It always helps to be underestimated.

The tallest of the three, walked a few paces towards me his arm outstretched.

"Helena?" He inquired and I nodded shaking his hand. "I'm Jeremy, from Sony; I spoke to you on the phone."

He was about six three, trim, clean shaven, young, good looking and no doubt taut under an expensive wool suit. He indicated to his two companions, they were shorter and when I looked more closely at them I saw they were twins, identical twins.

"You'll have to help me here guys," Jeremy said to them, "now you're out of the car I don't know who is who."

The one on the left held his hand up, "I'm Jamal," he offered with a smile.

"And I'm Isaiah." The other one added.

"Together they are better known as 'II (two) by 9' the hottest dance act in the last decade." Jeremy beamed with pride.

To me they just looked like two black Ivy League college boys. They too wore smart suits, leather shoes, were clean-shaven, with clipped nails and short neat hair. When Jeremy had contacted me looking for a place for a group to record some new songs I was very reticent to discuss my listings. I thought all modern musicians were scruffy, obnoxious dickheads and wasn't keen to let them loose in any of the properties I managed, especially one as prestigious as the Tyler mansion.

However, Jeremy had been insistent. He'd seen the photos I'd posted on the website and wanted to come and have a look.

I showed them around keeping a close eye on Jamal and Isaiah. As my father used to say, "You can polish a shit but it still stinks." Anyway the boys passed all my tests, being polite and courteous for the whole time I was giving the tour. In fact, they were quite charming and by the finish of our inspection, our banter could almost have been described as mild flirting.

We finished in the ballroom on the northern end of the house. It had the three of them excited as they discussed the potential of it as their recording space. I explained the French doors that opened out onto a patio area in front of a pool were all triple glazed which would help keep outside noise from intruding. There were also heavy drapes that could be drawn to stop any echoing. Jeremy asked if they could bring in some carpet to put on the floor to soften it as well

It was time to talk turkey and Jeremy asked how much for eight weeks. Winter hadn't loosened its grip on the bay yet so we were in the off season but I added a bit to the usual off-peak rate as I felt Sony could probably afford it. Jeremy didn't bat an eyelid before he accepted the figure and I wished I had asked for more. After that we arranged the logistics of dates and times then they left.

Two weeks later I was back at the Tyler place again, opening it up for the advance party of technicians. A couple of trucks filled with equipment and carpet were wheeled in and set up in the ballroom over the next few days. I greeted Jeremy and his BMW again. Following him up the drive was a pimped up F 250 pick-up. Jamal got out of the back and Isaiah out of the passenger door. They greeted me warmly, coming close enough to air kiss my cheek.

My nose for trouble twitched when another person got out of the driver's seat. He was short and stocky wearing oversized sunglasses. In contrast to the others immaculate clothes he wore a hoodie with unruly dreadlocks poking out of it at various angles. When he walked around the pick-up the rest of his attire came into view. It consisted of a pair of oversized shorts then a small patch of bare black legs before some large basketball shoes with no laces.

Jeremy, sensing my hackles had been raised, stepped between us to introduce the newcomer. "Helena, this is 10K, he is a well-known rap artist and he is going to be producing and collaborating on II by 9's tracks. We are going to call the album II by 9 plus 10." He chuckled at his own cleverness.

10K stepped around Jeremy and looked me up and down. "Umm lady, you are fine. If the rest of the bitches in this town look as smokin' as you, we is going to have a good time here."

Without waiting for a reply he strolled past me continuing up the path and through the front door. I was stunned, Jeremy intervened again.

"Ahh, that is actually quite a compliment." He said, in a pathetic attempt to sooth me.

Jamal, I think, came closer and placed his smooth, cool hand on my arm. "We'll keep an eye on him."

He and his brother moved after 10K. I handed Jeremy the keys and walked to my car. As I drove away a feeling of unease swept over me. Firstly, because of the scruffy individual I had just let into a heritage listed mansion, and secondly, the tingle I felt when Jamal touched my arm.

I managed to put it all out of my mind and continue on. The next week I'd almost forgotten about the whole thing when I got a message. I was showing two prospective buyers around some houses and to give them my full attention I'd turned my mobile off. Just before I got to the last house I turned it back on, found and checked the message.

It was my receptionist Jane, Jeremy had contacted her from the city to tell her the toilet closest to the ballroom in the Tyler mansion was blocked. The smell was so bad they had to stop work. She'd got onto our usual plumber and was going to meet him at the house at two thirty. In our management contract we were allowed to authorize minor repairs, but I also liked to have someone there with the tradesmen to sight the problem and okay the expenses.

Jane had done well. That's why I liked the girl, she showed initiative. Rather than wait for me to deal with it, she solved the problem herself. Normally, she would have asked Cindy or Annie, but as it was our off-season, Cindy was on holidays and Annie was having a family day with a sick child. Consulting my watch, I found it was three thirty. As there were no more messages, I assumed the problem was fixed. I switched my phone to silent and continued to negotiate the sale.

At four thirty we'd been through three more homes and I realized my prospective buyers were perpetual lookers. They wanted five-star luxuries for a three-star price. I knew as we said goodbye and promising to be in touch, they wouldn't ring me and there was no point ringing them. I pulled my phone out of my bag to check for messages or missed calls before I turned for home. I had four missed calls and two new messages.

They were all from the one number, one of the property owners we managed bookings for. He'd taken a week off work to do some maintenance on his house. The last tenant we had let it to took off without dropping off the key so we changed the locks. He was at the office to pick up a new set and it was closed. I wasn't sure what had happened. Jane was supposed to be there until five thirty. I got to the office as quickly as I could, ringing the client and trying to ring Jane on the way.

After a groveling apology, I placated my owner and got him his new set of keys. I tried Jane again, but it just went to her voicemail. At five thirty, I locked up and went to the last place I knew she had been, the Tyler mansion. The gates were open so I continued up the driveway. Halfway up, I could see Jane's Honda Civic parked on the circular driveway at the front door. My anger mounted. What the fuck did she think she was doing?

I parked beside her car and strutted towards the front door. I was about to knock loudly when I noticed it was ajar. Pushing it open, I was immediately assaulted by a bass rhythm blasting from the direction of the ballroom. I stamped towards the noise, but on the threshold of the double entry doors I stopped abruptly shocked by the scene before me.

Through the partially open door I could see Jane, well, the lower half of her. She was on her knees on a lounge with her navy skirt bunched up around her hips. No underwear that I could see and I don't think there could have been any from the way one of the twins was stroking his cock in and out of her. He was completely naked and his lean, dark, surprising well-muscled frame glistened with a light sheen of sweat. His dark hands gripped her whiter than white hips as he counted time in and out of Jane like a demented metronome.

I hung back in the hallway, staying in the shadows, unsure of what to do. I changed my position slightly and craned my neck so I could see Jane's head. It was bobbing up and down in the other twin's lap. He was sitting on the lounge, one hand on the back of Jane's head, entwined in her flaming red hair. The other mauled her swinging breast that hung out of her open Coloons Bay Holidays shirt. All three were oblivious to anything else, beyond their own pleasure.

Jane's mouth lifted off the cock in front of her and groaned loudly above the thumping beat. Her body was shaking wildly as the twin behind her must have increased tempo of his assault. I shifted back just in time to see him back out and let his dick slide up between her ass cheeks. Just as the head appeared above her cheeks a thick rope of cum shot out onto Jane's back and shirt. He pulled back and thrust again sending another stream forward to splatter on her.

I heard Jane groan again this time in frustration. As her lover pulled back a third time, she moved forwards her small white hand appearing between her legs. She pulled his cock down so it re-engaged with her pussy and pushed herself back to meet his next thrust embedding him completely inside her. Now it was the guy's turn to moan as he emptied the last of his love deep inside her.

They stayed frozen for several seconds, his hands gripping her hips hard causing the flesh under his fingers to redden. Finally, he loosened his hold and sat back on his haunches and Jane slumped forward. Both were breathing heavily, but there would be little time to rest. His brother now stood beside his recovering brother, his cock jutting out menacingly, waiting for his sibling to move so he could get his turn.

I studied their bodies, so young, clean, hairless, and hard, oh so hard. I noticed they both had a tattoo, high on their bicep. It was the only difference I could find between them. One was a capital J the other an I. Jamal got off the lounge and Isaiah got on, kneeling behind Jane's prone body. He hauled her backwards impatiently, and then slipped his cock inside her. He started moving but Jane's hand shot backwards and she gripped his hip, holding him still.

Changing positions again, I saw Jamal sitting where Isaiah had been. He gently lifted her head, moved closer then let it rest on his thigh. Her head was turned towards me, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open and strands of red hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and cheeks. Isaiah was talking to her softly, pushing the errant hair back off her face. He pulled her shirt and eased it off her arms then undid her bra that was pushed down below her breasts anyway.

I thought Jamal was lightly rubbing her back but then I realized he was scooping up the remains of his ejaculation on his fingers. With his fingers coated he bought it close to Jane's mouth. He traced her lips with one sticky finger and her tongue flicked out to taste it. Obviously, Jane liked it and she sucked his finger into her mouth. Her body began moving gently, so I assumed Isaiah had started to fuck her again as she continued sucking all Jamal's fingers clean. Having cleaned his fingers, Jane pushed her body up slightly and turned her head towards Jamal's limp dick lying against his thigh. She ran her tongue along its length a couple of times before sucking the slimy head into her mouth.

My breath caught in my throat at the sheer insatiable urges I was witnessing. It was like I'd awakened from a dream as I became aware of the messages my body was sending me and my automatic responses to them. My nipples were hard, pressing against my bra. My left hand hovered over my right breast, my fingers softly stroking my stiff bud. My right hand was bunched into a fist and pressed hard against my crotch through my skirt. My hips were rocking in time with the movements of Jane's body.

I pulled my hands away in horror and shrunk away from the open doors, looking around to make sure I was alone. Leaning against the wall, I realized my face was flushed and my heartbeat roared in my ears. I couldn't go and confront Jane now. They would know, they could tell from my disheveled appearance that I had watched and enjoyed their decadence. I turned and retraced my steps to the front door, trying to time my footfalls with the bass beats. Closing the front door behind me, I hurried to my car and quietly rolled back down the driveway, relieved to have escaped detection.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Or so she thought. Unfortunately, for Helena I had seen everything from the moment she drove up the driveway. I'd stood on the first floor landing as she walked in, her anger obvious. Then the abrupt halt before she entered the open doors of the ballroom. I'd seen the shock turn to interest and then desire. The feelings mirrored my own, at first I was waiting for the confrontation as she stomped towards the doors. Then I was surprise as she stopped and peeked through the doors, and finally my cock had grown hard in my shorts watching her pleasure herself. I was almost caught as she had stumbled back looking around wildly, but luckily she didn't look my way first so I ducked out of sight. I slowly rubbing my dick watching her drive away from my bedroom window.

"I hope I see you again Helena, one day very soon." I thought as she turned out the driveway onto the main road.

* *. * * * * * *

Two kilometres down the road, I pulled over. I clamped my shaking hands between my legs and tried to calm my breathing. What happened in the previous twenty minutes had shaken me to my core. I wasn't a prude but I suppose compared to many of my friends, I was sexually in-experienced. My husband was the only man I'd ever slept with. He was my first boyfriend. In my speech at my wedding reception, I'd described him as my first and my last.

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