tagInterracial LoveA Slow Seduction Ch. 01

A Slow Seduction Ch. 01


I'm Mike and here I' am living upstairs in the upper flat of an old once broken down duplex once owned by my wife Stacy's grandfather. Oh, I need to correct that statement. Stacy is my ex-wife now.

Let me tell you a little about this old place I live in today. It's one of those typical old Victorian style homes that have been converted into two living areas. A large living area on the first floor where my wife, I mean my ex-wife Stacy lives now and this upper flat I now call home.

When Stacy's grandfather died four years ago this place was a dump until I got my hands on her and fixed her all up. She became my pride and joy and thankfully, Stacy gave me some recognition for my achievement with the place. She's a fine looking old painted lady now with the most modern updates.

When our divorce was finalized last year, I got half of this old place. That's the way we agreed. I guess you could say I'm now the maintenance man, gardener and whatever else I need to be around here. That's enough about the house.

Now, let me tell you about my ex. Stacy is a gorgeous blonde. Nice full natural breasts, a small thin waist. Long shapely legs and nice hips. I guess you could say she was my trophy wife and I like to think of her in that way to this day.

We got married fresh out of college. Our marriage lasted eight years. I guess your wondering by now what went wrong. I'm going to get to that in a minute. Actually I still wonder what all went wrong in the first place.

You see, it started about three years into our marriage. We were trying to have kids. I mean we tried like hell for a long time. We tried different methods and finally went to a doctor and I found out I was the problem. I started blaming myself and began drinking.

I'd come home late from the bar several times a week. What wife is going to put up with that shit? I really felt bad we couldn't have kids. Stacy was going to find a donor but I objected to the idea. We argued a lot and the next thing I knew was we were in divorce court. Stacy had enough!

I moved up here and Stacy and I stayed real close like we were still married. I mean, she'd have me down for dinner or we would go out on Friday nights and even spend the weekend together. It took us three months until Stacy finally allowed me to have sex with her again. Yeah! No shit!

That lasted several months until Stacy put a stop to the free sex one day. I don't know if one of her close friends gave her advice or what but I sure miss banging my beautiful blonde bride.

God, Stacy acts like such a prude until you get to know her and she's naked in bed. It's like she turns into this wanton whore once she has her legs spread and I have my cock inside her.

I'll let you know right now I'm not the stud you may think I'm. I barely measure five inches in length but that sure kept Stacy satisfied or at least I bought her those life like dildos to play with a while back.

Yep, you guessed it. Those dildos cost me the free sex I was getting on a weekly basis. I bought them for her birthday and thought she might get a thrill out of using them when I wasn't around. Little did I know they were going to be my replacements.

I mean, these things are around nine inches long and thick and feel like the real deal. One even rotates in every direction. Stacy loves them I even saw her use them a couple times. Than she gave me this lecture one day about how we shouldn't have sex since we were divorced.

It's been four months now and I'm getting tired of using the hand if you know what I mean. I have plenty of photos back in the bedroom I took of Stacy in her bikini. Sure gets me by on those rough days.

I think I opened up a whole new can of worms last night when I almost pleaded with Stacy to have sex. I tried to convince her that she should have a real man rather than playing with those silly vibrators. We even cuddled while we talked last night. I knew that I was getting close to having sex with Stacy again. Things started going sour after I touched her crotch.

She started pushing me away, telling me that I should find someone else to have sex with. I told her I didn't want anyone else but her. She only got angry with me and told me to leave. I got up and started to leave but not until I got my two cents in.

I accused her of having a boyfriend which she denied and only got angrier. I kept up my nagging about how and why I thought she was messing around and she replied that she had a right to if she so desired.

Of coarse I told her to go ahead. I told her to see if I care! I did but I was really angry at the time. Somewhere during those nasty exchange of words I think she finally said she was going to start dating someone.

I was so angry I started drilling Stacy about men. I wanted to know if she had someone in mind and she kept denying that she knew anyone. I believed her but I had my doubts. I guess I'm extremely jealous at the thought of some other guy touching my......well.....ex.

I finally walked out and closed the door hard as I left. I laid in bed that night stroking my cock and thinking about Stacy with another man. I just couldn't explain it. I visualized Stacy in my head being screwed hard by a young stud. I could hear his massive thighs banging against Stacy's upturned thighs.

I got up this morning with a brain storm in my head. You see, I figured I'd find a man for Stacy myself. OK, I'm not that crazy. I figured I'd hook her up with someone she wouldn't be interested in the least bit. This guy named Dan who moved in next door would be perfect!

Dan was single. He was tall and muscular. He's had a few words with Stacy in the past so I think she'd at least buy into it. I'm grinning here as I write this. You see, Dan is as black as a chunk of coal. I'm laughing....

I'm not making fun of the guy. It's just that he has all the typical features of an African. You know, large lips, wide nose, kinky hair. Stacy wouldn't have any love interest in Dan. Perhaps a good friend, maybe?

Dan would buy that extra time I needed to work on getting Stacy back. It couldn't do any harm to hook him up with Stacy. How exactly I'm I going to arrange this one?

Dan was working in his yard later that morning. I approached him with small talk and complimented him on how well his lawn looked. I ran upstairs and got Dan a cold beer when he finished and we talked on his back porch for almost an hour.

I made up a few things about Stacy and told him I thought she was attracted to him. God, she'd kill me for this if she knew. Dan knew all about our divorce and I guess you could say he was a little hesitant to say anything sexual about Stacy one way or another.

I kept this conversation up and told Dan I'd run back to my place and get us some more beer out of the frig. He said he'd take a quick shower while I was gone. When I got back, Dan was wearing a pair of white boxers and nothing else. He had a towel wrapped around his shoulders. I couldn't help but notice how muscular he was.

The gleam of dampness on his jet black skin reminded me of one of those body builders you see during a competition. Plus, he looked like a giant peering down at me. Dan was at least ten inches taller than me.

I gave Dan a cold one and we sat in his kitchen as I continued my pitch. I wanted to make sure he was really interested in Stacy. I explained to Dan that all I wanted to do was find a nice guy for Stacy. Someone I could trust. He laughed when I said that one.

"I never saw a man so eager to get his ex hooked up with another guy! Are you sure your not playing games with me?"

I nervously responded. "I swear Dan, all I want to do is to make sure Stacy doesn't get involved with one of those jerks down at her office."

I went on to explain who shy Stacy can be and how I didn't want one of those hot shots down at her office to try and take advantage of her. We kept drinking beers and by the fourth beer, Dan was loosened up. So was I for that matter.

"Why don't you and Stacy get back together? You two seemed like such a happy couple together and still do."

I took another swig of my beer and prepared myself for an answer to Dan's question. "You see, it's just not the same, Dan. Stacy doesn't want to get intimate with me anymore."

"Have you thought about moving on? Find yourself a girlfriend?"

"It's not that easy. I still care and love Stacy. I don't want to see her get hurt."

I don't know why I told him I still loved her. I guess the beer had more of an effect on me than I thought.

"If you love her than why don't you tell her. There's always a chance you guys can work something out."

I kept spilling my guts out to Dan. "I want Stacy to experience what it's like with another man. You know, the whole package."

Dan busted out laughing as he replied. "The whole package, huh?"

My head was spinning from the beer. "Dan. Stacy is a good person. She is a little shy and old fashion. She'll never find a guy acting like a spinster. Stacy needs a guy who will charm his way into her heart."

There I go again spilling my guts out to Dan about Stacy. I couldn't imagine what he was thinking.

Dan laughed as he sipped on that beer. "So you think she needs someone who can wine and dine her. I don't know if I'm the right guy for that job, Mike. What you need is a guy who can win her trust, take it slow. It'll take some planning on my part I suppose and......"

I interrupted Dan. "Are you going to help me or not?"

Dan laughed again. "I'm game, but are you sure Stacy is attracted to me?"

I looked Dan square in the eyes. "I'm sure Dan. Stacy really likes you. She always makes wonderful comments about how well you keep up your place here."

Dan grinned as he sipped on his beer. "How we gonna get this thing started?"

I had an idea. "Stacy loves football and there is a game on this Saturday. Why don't I tell her I've invited you to a backyard barbeque. Just the three of us!"

Dan really busted out laughing this time. "Just the three of us? You want me to try and get intimate with your ex while your watching?"

"Dan, it doesn't bother me. What happens, happens!"

"OK, but I'm going to warn you ahead of time. I don't want no trouble if something happens between Stacy and I. Do you understand?"

I gulped. "Yeah, sure Dan. I understand where your coming from."

We went through that eight pack and Dan brought out another round from his frig. I stood up and held up my finger.

"Wait, Dan. I'll be right back."

"Where the fuck you going man?"

"I got something I want to show you."

I walked back to my place and fetched a photo album I kept hidden in my closet and returned back to Dan's place. I sat the album on the table and smiled at Dan. "You know what this is Dan?"

"Your baby pictures?"

I grinned as I flipped open the first page of the album. Dan leaned forward and starred at the photos on the first page.

"Holly shit, man. This is Stacy?"

I had collected a bunch of nudes of Stacy during our marriage. It took me three years to finally get her to pose naked for me. Here I was showing another man the most intimate pictures of my lovely wife. Well, huh....ex-wife.

Dan's eyes were straining as he starred at Stacy's rack.

"Look at them nipples. What did you do to make them that hard Mike?"

I laughed as I flipped the page. These shots had Stacy laying out on the bed modeling her lovely body for me. A nice shot of her blonde patch and pussy slit in a couple shots.

"Holly fuck, look at that pussy." Dan caught himself and apologized.

"Sorry, Mike. I forgot."

"It's alright, Dan. It's nice isn't it?"

"Sure is nice."

I flipped another page showing Stacy playfully flashing out in public.

"I can't believe this is Stacy. The way you talked, Stacy was ready to join a convent!"

I smiled. "Stacy is hot once she opens up, Dan."

"I see that, Mike."

I kept thumbing through the photos showing Dan everything I had. Some photos were really intimate showing Stacy on the bed with her legs spread wide. Her pussy looked so inviting.

I was seated only a couple feet away from Dan. I don't know why I looked down but Dan's cock was pressed straight out from those boxer shorts. I couldn't help noticed how far it stuck out or why I made a comment.

"Looks like we're a little excited!"

Dan laughed out loud. "Sorry man, I can't help it. You showing me all these pictures of Stacy."

Than I got personal. "How big is that thing anyway?"

Dan grinned at me. "Why, you think I'll scare Stacy with it?"

Dan stood up and walked over and opened a drawer near the sink. I guess we both had too much to drink to care about what we were doing. Dan had a tape measure in his hand. He dropped his boxers revealing that huge black snake to me.

He measured ten inches in length and over eight inches around the girth. It was the thickest cock I had ever seen. I've seen a lot of porn in my life but this thing Dan was carrying was thick and long!

"Still want to hook me up with Stacy, Mike?"

Dan couldn't have put it so bluntly. I gulped as I replied. "Yeah, sure Dan. You know I do."

"Listen Mike, I'm not bragging or nothing but I could put all those dick heads to shame down at Stacy's office. Stacy gets use to this she isn't gonna want no other dick."

I thought to myself how right Dan was in his statement. I sure hoped my plan was going to backfire on him. Stacy wouldn't even touch something that big! I started to wonder if she would.

I had trouble sleeping that night. I kept thinking about what Dan said about Stacy. I had visions of Stacy's thin white fingers wrapped around that giant black cock. I could see Dan's cock slipping deep inside Stacy's tight white pussy and touching places I never could.

I could even hear Stacy screaming out for more big black cock as I tried to roll over and get some sleep. I kept hearing a knocking sound. I suddenly woke up half dazed and looked at the clock. It was after two in the morning. Someone was knocking on my door. I got out of bed and walked out front.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's me, Stacy."

I got all excited. I quickly opened the front door and found Stacy standing outside my door wearing just a tiny black nightie.

"What's wrong? Is someone trying to break in or something?"

"No, Everything is fine. I need to talk to you." Stacy invited herself in as I shut the front door. I turned around to see those perfect ass cheeks swaying with each footstep she took. How I wanted to touch that sweet little ass again.

"What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream or something?"

Stacy plopped down on my sofa and took a deep breath. "I'm fine, Mike.....Your not going to guess in a million years who I just got off the phone with....."

I couldn't even try to guess who Stacy was talking to but took a quick guess. "One of your relatives from back east?"

"No, honey.....It was Dan!...You know, Dan our next door neighbor?"

I looked like a cat who just ate the canary. I was kind of nervous to see what she was going to say. Did Dan spill the beans on my plan?"

"Oh God honey, I spent almost four hours on the phone talking to that man."

"Really? What did you talk about?"

"First. He invited us over to watch the game Saturday. We got to talking about different things and I guess we started getting a little personal....you know....about things going on in our lives and....."

I abruptly cut Stacy off. I guess I was nervous and excited to know what they talked about. "What did he say?"

"Honey, I'm getting to that, please let me finish."

I sat down next to Stacy on the couch. "Honey, did you know Dan is attracted to me?"

Uh.....no....I had no idea! Is that what Dan told you?"

"Yeah, plus.....huh.....I told him.....huh...I found him attractive too......"

My heart sank. My body was in shock. This wasn't suppose to happen!

"How or Why did you tell Dan you were attracted to him?"

"Honey, I just didn't blurt that one out. We'd been on the phone talking about different things and I guess I told him I was. He was really surprised to know it too."

"I bet he was."

"Mike, your not going to get jealous on me now are you?"

I felt my chest coming up to my throat as I tried to reply.

"No, not at all baby. You know how much I care about you. I just don't want to see you get hurt or anything."

"Mike, honey....we've known Dan for sometime now. He's always been really nice to both of us. Wasn't it you that said I should start seeing other men?"

"Yeah. I guess I said that.....but I never expected you to start seeing our neighbor!"

"Mike, it's not like we're going on a real date or anything like that. Your going to be there too."

"So I get to watch another man seduce you, is that it?"

"So it, Mike....Your jealous of Dan and I want you to stop it right now."

I just noticed something on Stacy's left ring finger. It was her diamond engagement ring and wedding band. I reached over and took her hand.

"What's this? Your wearing your rings?"

Stacy sort of blushed and replied. "I was feeling a little lonely this evening...Before Dan called and I just put it on. I don't know why."

"You still love me don't you?"

"Mike, you know I love you!"

I gripped Stacy's left hand and held it tight. "Than why are we still divorced?"

"Mike, lets not talk about that right now. I better get back downstairs and get some sleep. I don't want to be at Dan's place tomorrow all sleepy."

Stacy stood up and I gave her a big hug. Gosh, feeling those huge breasts pushing into my chest again and the softness of her skin just drove me wild. I wanted to take her right there but I let her walk out. It gave me one last glimpse of those round ass cheeks bouncing with each step she took. Than the door was closed and I was starring at the floor.

I arrived at Dan's Saturday afternoon with two twelve packs of beer tucked under my arms. I rung the doorbell and you'd never guess who answered the door? Yes, it was Stacy! She had arrived early. She grabbed one of the twelve packs from under my arm and gave me a little peck on the lips.

"Hi baby, Dan's on the back porch cooking."

Stacy looked hot to say the least. She wore this sheer red top which allowed her nipples to poke though and point straight out. She also had on a black mini skirt with high heels. I had to admit it was hot out today and Stacy was sure dressed to combat the heat.

"I didn't expect to see you here so early?"

"I thought I'd come over and help Dan with a few things."

I walked in carrying the other pack of beer under my arm and followed Stacy into the kitchen. I could faintly smell her sweet perfume. Her ass swayed as I followed her into the room. Stacy hollered out to Dan. "Mike's here!"

Dan poked his head inside the door. "Hey, man. Come on out, you can watch me cook."

Stacy opened a beer for me and I went out to check on Dan. He had a small LCD television on the deck with the pre-game show on it.

Stacy popped the door open long enough to say. "I'll be out in a minute. I have to use the little girls room."

The door closed again and Dan winked at me as he flipped the hamburgers on the grill.

"How is everything going, Dan? I mean with Stacy here?"

Dan turned around and grinned. "Couldn't be more perfect. I want to thank you for everything."

Dan was thanking me already for something I hoped wouldn't work out the way he thought. I just acknowledged Dan with a nod.

Dan turned around and smiled. "Stacy's looking good today isn't she Mike?"

"Yeah. I'm a little surprised."

Dan laughed. "I told her red was my favorite color. I suppose that's why she wore that top today, don't you think?"

"I imagine it is Dan. Huh, how long has Stacy been here anyway?"

"She came over a couple hours ago. She wanted to help with the salad. We were able to talk a little more."

Dan got me curious. "What sort of things did you talk about."

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