tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Slumber Party

A Slumber Party


This story as well as the Hookers and Pimps story are mostly based on true events. We did have these neighbors and they did have both these very sexy parties and more. There was always lots of exhibitionism, groping and petting and even occasional public sex but that's where the similarities end and my wishful thinking begins. We loved these get togethers and always looked forward to them.


Another Saturday evening and Gina and I were getting ready to attend another theme party at our neighbor's house. These were always fun events and the theme tonight was a slumber party. Everyone had to appear in some form of bedroom apparel and the hostess, Cindy said there would be a little twist to the evening's festivities in case we got bored. Gina and I were excited at the prospect and had purchased new sleepwear for the occasion.

I had decided to wear a pair of black silk pajamas in the Hugh Hefner style that consisted of baggy log-legged bottoms and an equally loose top that closed with two buttons. I had just showered and stood naked in front of my underwear drawer. Pausing for a second I closed the drawer and slipped on the bottoms by themselves. The feeling of cool silk over my dick felt great and I became semi erect as I continued putting on the pajama top. The feeling was terrific. The soft slippery cool silk made my skin tingle.

Just then Gina entered the room and gave me the once over. Her eyes settled between my legs. "What's wrong?" I asked as she walked over to me with a sly smile.

"Nothing, just curious," placing her right hand between my legs. "You're not wearing anything under there, are you" she said as she grinned.

"No and it really feels great. I don't think people will notice unless they fondle my dick too."

"Well then no one had better notice," she replied with one eyebrow raised. "What would you say if I did the same thing?" she asked. My dick twitched as I pondered the question. "No need to answer," she said looking at the tent in my shorts.

She turned and walked over to her side of the room and shed her dressing gown. She stood in front of the large closet mirrors examining herself closely. Never missing and opportunity to watch my wife getting dressed or undressed I lay on the bed contemplating the vision before me. I never tire of seeing her naked. She has long blonde hair, stands about five foot seven and has what I call a long leggy look. She has beautiful long slender legs, a nice ass and perky 34C breasts. Her dollar sized areolas are deep pink and a little puffy and her nipples always seem hard.

She bent down and picked up a box that was lying beside her night table and placed it on the bed. Opening it she pulled out a beautiful sheer three piece outfit that consisted of a lacy bra and matching thong panties and a semitransparent baby doll top. "Wow," I exclaimed, "and you thought I was being provocative."

"Actually," she said "I wasn't planning on wearing this tonight but now I'm feeling a little excited and I think this outfit might be more fun."

"Are you sure?" I asked, "There'll be people there we don't know so well and this is pretty daring, especially if the bra and panties go missing during the evening."

"ooo..." she thought out loud, "That settles it then, I'm wearing this. When she donned all three items I looked her over. The bra and panties were not transparent but the baby doll left no question about what was underneath. Satisfied she had made the right choice she went into the washroom to put on her makeup. After a short while she emerged and came into the living room. "Ready?" she said. Her long blond hair careened over the white material on her shoulders. Her makeup was perfect and understated showing off her fine facial features and deep green eyes.

"Why go anywhere?" I said, "Let's just stay home and make love or maybe take some pictures?"

"Up and at 'em loverboy!" she laughed, "We've got a party to go to."

We both felt a like flashers as we walked up to Cindy's house in our trench coats and knocked on door. We could hear noise from inside with people laughing. The door flew open and there stood our hostess. Cindy was tall and shapely and stood in the doorway wearing a sheer floor length negligee with nothing but a minuscule bra and brief thong panties underneath. Gina and I immediately felt that we had dressed appropriately.

"Come on in," Cindy said, "take off your coats and get comfortable." As I took off my coat and handed it over she looked me up and down with a wink and a nod of approval. When Gina took off her coat it seemed like every eye in the room continued undressing her.

She looked back at me with a sheepish smile and said, "Let's go in."

Just a minute Cindy yelled, "It's my birthday in case you forgot and since you haven't brought a present I'm going to peek in your hubby's PJs and see if he's wearing underwear."

Gina looked back with a half-smile, "First of all I didn't forget because it's not your birthday, but if that's what you want to do then go for it."

"Wait a minute," I said, "don't I get a say in this?"

"No!" came the instantaneous reply from both women.

"You live for this kind of thing," my wife added, "just stand there and enjoy yourself."

Cindy reached over with both hands and pulled the waistband of my bottoms a full foot away from my body. Then bending over she stuck her head directly over the opening and looked in. Cindy is one of those people you give a lot of leeway to. She's a free spirit, gregarious and randy as hell.

"SHIT!" she yelled again, "I'll never get used to this guy shaving" and before I could react she pushed the front of my shorts down exposing my crotch to everyone in the room. This caused a few whistles and some applause. As I stood there exposed it was difficult to protest as my hardening dick gave away my excitement. I should point out that Cindy had ample opportunity to see that I shaved at earlier parties.

Pulling my bottoms back up I continued into the living room and joined Gina with the other guests. There were about six other couples sitting around laughing and talking. Most of the others were in normal pajamas or nightgowns. One couple had decided to share one pair of PJs. Gina and Cindy were definitely the most daring at that point. I sat down with Gina and we began to talk with another couple that we knew called Bob and Cathy.

"How come you shave like that Rick?" Cathy asked.

"It's really for me," Gina answered before I could say anything, "It's great for oral sex and it feels really nice to."

Cathy looked at Bob, "Maybe you should give it a try, might mean more blowjobs." With that little bit of incentive Bob seemed all ears.

"That's a nice outfit you almost have on Gina," Bob said. "You see hon," he continued, "the one I picked out wasn't too daring." He looked over at us and in a secretive voice he continued, "She's even wearing underwear."

Cathy was clearly vexed by his comments and pulled her arms inside her top. As she maneuvered around her bra fell out from under the top. Slipping her arms back into the sleeves she reached in front and undid the buttons half way down the front. "Better?" she shot back at Bob who looked on in disbelief.

"Way better," I answered for Bob as Cathy beamed with excitement.

We continued to talk and Cathy would deliberately reach over in front of me to get her drink or some chips. Each time her top would fall open affording me a great flash her breasts. They were nice at full and round. Her nipples didn't stick out much but areolas were very large and light pink. I was really enjoying the view but Gina wasn't. "Excuse me," she said getting up, "I need to go to the washroom."

I continued talking with Bob and Cathy for a few more minutes when I noticed Bob's gaze fix across the room. Turning around I saw Gina returning from the washroom but something was missing, her bra. Her perky 34Cs were now bouncing freely underneath her transparent top. Every eye in the room followed her as she walked back to her seat. Not satisfied with the reaction she got, she stood back up and swayed quickly from side to side making sure everyone could see her tits jiggle before sitting back down. Her actions were rewarded with wolf whistles and applause.

The evening progressed nicely with lots of booze, conversation and more than a liberal amount of flashing as everyone began to loosen up.

Cindy entered the room with two late arrivals. The woman was wearing a tiny not quite transparent babydoll with nothing on underneath. Her date was only wearing loose shorts made of some kind of fishnet material that was much more transparent. He was very well hung and muscular and she was equally buff and shapely. Cindy was ecstatic with her new arrivals.

"Look everyone this is Grace and John." After making some introductions, Cindy came over to Gina, "My aren't we getting daring as the night moves on? Good girl!" she said.

"Just keeping ahead of the competition," Gina replied. "What's their story?" she asked.

"They're a couple of Rob's new friends," she said, "pretty kinky eh? Just give me a few minutes alone with that cock boy and I'd..." She muttered without finishing here sentence. "Ooooh I'm getting so horny," she said with an almost crazed look in her eyes. "I can't take it anymore," she said moving to the center of the room. "Hey everybody let's get things rolling here. If you remember I told you all in my invitation there would be a little twist to the festivities. Well here it is."

Just then Rob walked into the room carrying a box. When he got to Cindy she reached into the box and pulled out a handful of black velvet strips. With a beaming smile she announced, "OK everyone, we're all going to wear blindfolds and here's how it works," she said. "I'm going to put a blindfold on each of you and lead you to another part of the room. From there you need to find your way back to your date. Talking and peeking are absolutely not permitted. Touching, however, is highly encouraged. Check out whoever you bump into on your quest to see if it's your mate. Once you're sure you've found each other stake your claim by giving each other some head but leave the blindfold on until I say to take it off. Now don't be shy here remember we're all blindfolded and no one will be watching. Is everyone game?"

Everyone just looked around with curious stares and slight shock but soon all nodded their approval. If you're not expecting something like this at one of Cindy's parties, you shouldn't be there I thought. After doing most of the guests Cindy got around to Gina and I. Slipping the blindfold over my eyes, she tied it securely in the back and led me over to the other side of the room, or so it felt. Before leaving me she whispered, "remember, you'll need to feel your way around," and with that I felt a hand sliding into my PJ, wrapped around my cock and began stroking. I had always wanted to get a feel of Cindy's beautiful tits and I jumped at the chance. With one hand rubbing and squeezing her shapely ass, the other hand slipped inside the front of her negligee and cupped her right breast. Her nipple was so hard it pushed against my palm as I squeezed and fondled her tit. All too soon she let go of me, I guessed to put on her own blindfold.

It was a strange sensation standing in a room full of people in skimpy PJs and not being able to see. It made my skin feel hyper sensitive along with all my other senses. I moved a few steps with my hands in a forward position. Almost immediately made contact with another body. "Oh!" came a strange woman's voice.

"SHHH!" I responded, as my hands made contact with two really large tits.

"Mmm" I moaned as I continued to fondle these beauties.

"SHHH!" came her response and I smiled. Then I felt her hand groping the outside of my PJs looking for an entrance. Undoing he button on the flap she pulled out my cock and started to tug on it gently. Just then someone bumped into us and I felt another hand on my cock. This was great. I felt around this new player and I guessed it was the woman wearing only the pajama top since I easily found her nice soft pussy. It was very wet and had a little tuft of hair on the mound. I slid in a finger and rubbed her clit. It was large, very large. It must have been too much for her because pushed my hand away and moved off. I let go of the woman with the huge tits and continued on my way feeling and groping as I went.

I hadn't moved too far when once again felt a hand brush against my crotch. I was hard and still sticking out through the button flap. The hand ran up and down my shaft squeezing the head and rubbing my precum all over. I was just giving in to the erotic sensations again when I thought I heard Gina moan nearby. As I turned away the hand lost its grip on my dick and I headed toward the sound. I kept bumping into people every few steps. I became more deliberate feeling around for interesting things to touch. Similarly, one hand after another would fondle then grab hold of my dick or my ass. Some would stick their hand in through the button fly and feel all around inside. It was incredible.

I was fascinated with way I felt. The sensation of sightlessness while touching and groping people without knowing who they were was almost intoxicating. I would bump into someone and casually run my hands around to determine the sex and if it was a woman I'd continue to fondle her breasts or ass or pussy. Sometimes it was through material and other times Tops or bottoms would be open and accessible to get my hands in and feel around. I even felt a few guys with really big fat cocks. I didn't set out to but once I was there, cock in hand, they didn't seem to mind and neither did I. It's all good.

Meanwhile, Gina was nearby surrounded by two men both stoking and probing her body. She wasn't sure about all this but it sure did feel nice. She had always been more of an exhibitionist but this was a new sensation. In this case no one could see her but they sure could feel her. It was so erotic to be sightless while strange hands roamed and probed her body. Somehow the fact that everyone was blindfolded seemed to remove the guilt and replace it with incredible erotic sensations. Someone stood in front of her while another stood behind. The guy behind her had his arms around her sides and was feeling her tits. His cock was out of his PJ's and rubbing the crack of her ass. Reaching down Gina found the guy in front's cock and wrapped her hand around it. This was a huge cock and right away she thought of John from the couple who had arrived late. With her other hand she twisted the cock head softly like a screw top on a bottle. His hand had slipped into her panties and he was massaging her clit using her ample pussy juices for lubrication. "mmmm," she moaned very softly, as she continued concentrating on his cock.

The other man soon moved on while the one in front stood his ground. Gina's pussy was now sopping wet. She was so turned on now that she had stopped thinking about right or wrong or anything else for that matter it was just the way her clit was being gently massaged and the way this huge warm throbbing dick felt in her hands. Deftly she rubbed and twisted the head and with her thumb she rubbed the sensitive under part of his head in an unrelenting motion that drove him right up to the edge of an orgasm.

Sensing his approaching climax Gina began the twisting motion again. She wanted to be sure that if he came it would be in her hand and not all over her baby doll. This proved to be a smart move because a few seconds later he came and filled her waiting hand with his cum. She continued stroking his dick rubbing the cum all over. He was soon limp and offered a silent thank you in the form of a gentle hub and moved away in search of his Grace. Gina groped around the coffee table and found a napkin to wipe her hand.

It was at this point that I fumbled my way up behind her. Feeling her soft little ass as she bent over I slid my hands in between her legs and found the wettest pussy ever. Still not sure if it was Gina I felt around to see if she was shaved. Yes, and as I moved my finger in between her pussy lips and felt the size and shape of her sweet little clit. I'd know that clit anywhere. I've touched it and licked it thousands of times. Recognizing my familiar touching technique she straightened up, turned and whispered, "There you are," as I ran my hands over her soft breasts pinching the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She shivered a little at the sensation. Then she reached down into my shorts and grabbed hold of my dick.

"Time to stake my claim," I said softly as I slowly dropped down to my knees. Reaching under her baby doll I clutched either side of her panties and pulled them down to the floor. Grabbing an ass cheeks in each hand I pulled her dripping pussy toward my mouth.

"I'm glad no one can see you," she whispered, "mmmmm, that feels nice."

I licked her gorgeous pussy for all I was worth. First I made sure to moisten her swollen lips. Then I collected her tasty juices with my tongue and savored the taste. She was really hot already from her earlier session so I concentrated my attention on her clit driving her towards her orgasm. All around us there were the sounds of lips smacking and sucking and moaning as everyone else was staking their claims. I slid two fingers into Gina's pussy and massaged her g-spot as my tongue dug into her clit. Gina was moaning more loudly now. Funny how the blindfolds really had a strange effect of providing a sense of privacy. With both hands I spread her lips and out popped her clit. Now I focused my complete attention on her tiny little clit as her hips began to move back and forth. In a few more minutes she was coming as her hands grabbed the back of my head pushing me into her crotch.

As I stood back up she was already on her way down to my dick. On her knees she began to softly stroke my dick, licking it now and then to keep it lubricated. Holding the shaft straight up she licked my balls all over sucking the sack into her mouth. Then she licked from the base of the shaft up to the tip of my cock and her lips engulfed the head as she washed it with her tongue. I was awesome. All around the sounds of smacking and sucking continued.

Suddenly a voice broke through, it was Cindy. "OK everyone, now for the really fun part. Everyone who is getting head, take off your blindfolds.

As I uncovered my eyes I looked down to see Gina continuing with her expert blowjob. Looking around the room it was almost surreal to see all the other couples engaged in oral sex. As I looked around, enjoying the sight, some things didn't seem right. On a closer look, a few of the couples were mixed. Apparently some partners had not correctly found their dates or had decided on alternates. By the surprised expressions it looked as though they had been unaware. One of them was Bob who was looking down in amazement at Claire who was enthusiastically giving him head. Then his gaze moved across the room to where his wife Cathy was showing off her expertise as she worked on Claire's husband Phil.

"Alright," Cindy said, "everyone who's getting head, remove your partner's blindfold."

As I removed Gina's covering I pointed her attention over to Bob. She quickly realized what was happening and smiled. Checking first with Phil, Bob reached down to untie Claire's blindfold. At the same time, Phil unmasked Cathy's eyes. As both women got accustomed to the light they each looked up to what they thought were their mates. The reactions were hilarious, first shock then amazement and finally hysterical laughter. At this point everyone in the room was laughing along with them and both women defiantly continued giving head to each other's husband.

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