tagBDSMA Slut's Mistakes

A Slut's Mistakes


"My, aren't you a pretty, lazy whore." Master coos to me as he walks into my room. I've been napping while He was away during the day. I snap to attention in bed, sending the sheets flying in my haste to fall to the floor at Master's feet. My naked body and face are flushed, both from the excitement of having Master home early, and from the dream I was awakened from: Master had His head between my legs, my dripping wet pussy completely exposed to his ravaging mouth. The orgasm that had been building as I slept would have been mind-blowing.

I kneel before my Master, legs slightly splayed, head tilted down at just the right angle, palms lying face up on my thighs. My ample chest is heaving in anticipation. Master will not be pleased to have found me sleeping during the day. Master will have to punish me. I so enjoy when Master punishes me.

Master remains silent, and my skin begins to tighten in goose flesh, starting with my breasts and moving outward. The cool air in my room creates such a contrast from the warm of the sheets and the heat of my dreams. I look up.

Master quirks and eyebrow. "Who told my slut she could look me in the eye?" This is my second mistake of the day. My pussy quivers in anticipation, wondering how Master will see fit to discipline me.

I jerk my head back down and stare at the space between my open thighs. "No one, Sir. Your filthy slut is sorry, Sir."

"Much better, cum whore. Much better." I can feel Master's gaze on my body as I continue kneeling before him. I know it won't be long before he notices the excitement building in my pussy. As I have this thought, Master bends down in front of me, and places his hand between my parted legs and begins to caress my right thigh. Master slowly works his way up to my slit, and rubs his hand across my entrance, gathering up my juices. "Someone has had quite the afternoon, haven't they?" He brings his fingers to my lips, and I automatically open my mouth to taste myself. I lick every drop, and it takes all my willpower not to look in Master's eyes.

"Yes, Sir. I was dreaming of you, Sir."

"I did not ask you what you were dreaming of, did I, cum slut?"

Strike three. " No, Sir."

"You know what happens to whores who speak out of turn, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And what is that, whore?"

"Their mouths must be filled, Sir."

"Right you are, slut. My cock should do nicely." With that, Master shifted a bit and undid his belt. He set the belt aside, and I had a suspicion it would be used later to make me pay for my sins. But for now, he simply finished undoing his fly and waited for me. It is a slut's job to take out her Master's cock.

I gently free Master's cock. I gaze lovingly at the thick shaft before placing a quick kiss on it's head. Then I take the tip of Master's cock into my mouth, and swirl my tongue around it, sucking on the tip. I then run my tongue along the bottom of Master's cock as I take him further into my mouth. My hand reaches up to cup Master's balls, as I begin to bob back and forth over Master's dick.

Master groans at the hot wetness of my mouth, and begins to lightly thrust with my movements. Each thrust sends his cock to the back of my throat, hitting it repeatedly. I gag a little with each thrust, but know better than to stop taking Master fully in my mouth.

Master reaches down, and tilts my face up so that my eyes meet his. They are a little watery from choking on Master's thick cock, but they shine with anticipation of what is still to come. I pick up the pace, moving back and forth along his cock. I begin to gently run my teeth along both sides of Master's cock. I know Master loves it when I do this. Master grunts his approval and closes his eyes. After a few moments of this, Master's eyes fly open and he grabs my chin to halt my thrusts. "Enough. I know you want to taste my cum, slut. But only good sluts are allowed to have their Master's cum in their mouths. You have not been a good slut, now have you?"

"No, Sir."

"Look at your Master and confess your mistakes to Him."

I do as I am told, quite contrite now for not having been a good whore for my Master. "I was lazy and slept while Master was away. I should be awake at all times while Master is away so that I may greet him when he arrives home. I also looked into Master's eyes, as though I were not a filthy whore for Master." I bow my head again and await Master's next instructions.

"Stand up, slut."

"Yes, sir." I stand before my Master in the stance that he prefers. My head is still down, but my arms come behind my head as I cradle my head in my hands. My legs stay open, about shoulder width apart. Master approaches, and turns me around to face the bed.

"Rest your hands on the bed, slut, and bend over." I move quickly to comply with Master's commands. I bend at the waist, my hands resting on the edge of the bed. My back is straight, and legs stay splayed, so that Master has an unobstructed view of my pussy and ass.

I hear Master go to the closet. The closet is where Master keeps his disciplinary instruments. My pussy gushes while trying to guess which tool Master will use today. A few drops of juice escape to begin running down my legs. Master walks back toward me and pauses for just a moment. I hear him lift his arm up, and my body tenses in anticipation of the coming blow.

"Count them out, whore!" Thwack. Master brings down the wooden spoon hard on my left ass cheek. I have a special fondness for the spoon. Master knows this. Master must not be as displeased with my behavior as I thought. "One, Sir."

Thwack. Right cheek. "Two, Sir." Thwack. Left cheek. "Three Sir." Master continues alternating cheeks as I begin to moan harder and louder with count. By the time Master and I reach ten, I can feel a hot sting on both my cheeks, which tells me that my ass is nice and red. Master takes a step back to admire his handiwork. I shake my ass a little, still bent over to show my pleasure with Master's attention. Master reaches down, and begins to rub my sore ass gently, giving equal attention to both cheeks. He gives my right cheek a light slap before he straightens up.

"On your hands and knees on the bed. Ass up in the air. I'm going to use that ass hard tonight. No lube. Filthy whores don't deserve lube. You may gather juices from your other fuck holes to coat your asshole, though."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." I lay down on the bed as Master has instructed. My pussy is well lubricated, so I plunge two fingers deep into my hole and coat them with juice. I groan hard. Master pretends he does not hear. He knows how turned on I am, and doesn't want to punish me any more tonight for the involuntary noises I make.

I take my fingers out of my pussy, and transfer the juice to my tight asshole. I work one finger in, and slowly move it around. I finally fit the second finger in, and begin to loosen my hole for Master's thick cock. I hear Master open a condom pack, and know that he is rolling it down his cock. I feel my asshole tighten around my fingers as I think about Master's thick cock.

"Enough," Master says. "Is my slut ready for Master's cock?"

"Oh, yes, Sir. This slut is always ready for Master's cock."

"See, you can be a good slut when you try." With that, Master lines his cock up with my ass, and slowly works it in until he is filling my tight ass. "Mmmmm." The moan escapes my lips. "Does my slut like that?"

"Yes, Sir. This slut loves the feel of Master's cock buried in her ass." I hear Master's breath quicken. Master loves how much I love anal. Master begins to move slowly in and out of my ass, making sure I feel every inch of his thick cock. Just as he is about to leave my ass, he slowly pushes back in until he is fully inside my ass. With each thrust, my ass closes around Master's cock. My ass milks him hard. Master shudders behind me. He picks up the pace, lightly smacking my ass every few thrusts. I begin to pant and groan into the covers. God, I love it when Master fucks my ass! I grab the sheets in front of my face and hold on tight, sticking my ass further in the air so that Master can fuck it deeper.

Master begins to pound my tight ass harder and faster, going balls deep with each thrust. My mouth is open, and drool is escaping my mouth as I feel him beating the fuck out of my ass. "Who is a filthy slut?" Master asks.

"I am, Sir."

"And whose filthy slut are you?"

"Yours, Sir."

"Whose fuck hole is my cock filling right now?"

"Mmmm. Oh, God. It's your fuck hole to do with as you see fit, Sir."

"Damn straight it's mine." He slaps my ass, and retreats fully from me.

"Turn over."

"Yes, Sir." I quickly comply. As I do, I hear Master taking off the condom he wore.

"Hold your legs up in the air."

"Yes, Sir." My legs spring up, almost before the order is given. My pussy has been waiting for this all day. I hook my arms around the backs of my thighs and spread my legs wide. I'm breathing hard, waiting for Master's thick cock in my pussy.

Master runs his left hand up and down my slit, feeling just how wet I am for him. Master nods his approval, and moves his right hand up to my tits. They are throbbing for attention. My chest lifts to meet his hand, and my nipples harden as his thumb teases my right nipple, then my left. His mouth then follows, sucking one hardened nipple and then the other. My body arches again, and a low moan escapes my lips. Master knows how sensitive my nipples are.

With his mouth still tugging on my nipple, I feel Master lining up his cock with my pussy. He finds my entrance, and with one thrust, Master fills my fuck hole with his thick cock. I catch my breath, and bite my lower lip to stifle my cries. Master retreats and thrusts hard again. "Tell Master how you want it, whore."

"Mmmm. Master, please fuck my pussy hard. Your slut needs you to pound this pussy. Please, Sir."

And with that, Master begins to pump my pussy hard. His balls slap my slit and my entire body is shaking with the force of each thrust. I feel as though Master goes impossibly deeper with each stroke. I begin writhing as the bed begins to shake.

I can feel my orgasm building within me. My hips begin to match Master's thrusts as I feel myself headed toward the climax I was dreaming of when Master found me. I lose grip of my legs, and my hands grab the edge of the bed as Master continues to plow hard into my waiting fuck hole.

"Please, Sir. May I cum?" I ask, my voice husky and my breathing deep.

Master continues to fuck me as he considers this request. He looks deep into my eyes. "Who does this pussy belong to?"

"You, Sir."

"Good girl. You may cum."

With that, I close my eyes tight and let go. There is a bright hot light deep inside of me that my body cannot contain. The edges of my world blur, and I am nothing but this light. My body tenses, and then suddenly the light explodes across my body, and I cum hard on Master's cock. My pussy spasms, milking Master's thick dick.

Master lets out a groan, and I can tell he is close to cumming. Master pulls quickly out of my pussy, and shoves his cock in my already gaping asshole. He grunts as his eyes close, his body shudders, and his thick hot cum coats the inside of my ass. I let out a soft sigh at the pleasure of having his cum inside me.

Master collapses beside me. He gently traces my cheekbone as he looks deeply into my eyes. He leans in and kisses me deeply, taking my bottom lip in his mouth and sucking gently. Then he kisses my forehead and moves back. With eyes still closed, he murmurs "You are such a good slut."

I let out a deep sigh of contentment. "Thank you, Sir. Only for you, Sir." And with that, Master wraps me in his arms as we both drift into the deep sleep of the deeply satisfied.

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